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“Let the Good Times Roll” -- 13 x 23

By @WyldeFandom

Well everyone here we are, we made it (barely) to the last episode of season 13.  Sending a massive thank you and standing ovation out to the cast, crew and everyone involved in the production of Supernatural.  Thank you.

Before I go into the episode, I want to take a minute to recognize Wayward Sisters.  By now we all know that the powers to be have decided to not go forward with the show.  Yes, this is upsetting and heartbreaking, however, it’s not over.  This is more than a show, it’s a movement.  Wayward encourages us to be fierce, strong and more importantly be our true selves.  To use our voices and fight for what we believe in.  These badass characters live in each of us.  We will see them again whether it’s on Supernatural or the eventual Wayward show.  It was really nice to see in the beginning montage all the Wayward ladies.  We will not go quietly.  We will not give up.  We will keep fighting.  And above everything, we will keep being Wayward AF!

Cue, Kansas “Carry On” montage.

Ok, let’s do this!

Right off the bat I couldn’t help but smile to see AU Bobby dressed like our Bobby.  It seems like the AU crew have been there a little bit, they all look pretty settled in and are getting lessons on our world from teacher Sam.  “That damn fool idjit from the apprentice is president and you call where we come from apocalypse world”. Oh, how I have missed your sass.

While not all of team free will appears in this episode we do find out what they are up to.  Ketch is off doing Ketch things, cause that’s not suspicious.  Rowena and Charlie are doing a road trip of the Southwest, or as Bobby points out, that’s ginger trouble.  Can we just take a moment and appreciate how awesome that road trip would be. Makes me wonder what music they are listening to and if they are getting along.  I was hoping for a clip of that.  Dean’s favourite Kardashian is Khloe, I could have gone without knowing that, but it was still funny. 

Bobby and Mary take a walk together alone in the rain, alone, there may have been a little flirting.  All I have to say to that is, YES!  While on their walk they see a blood trail that leads to Maggie’s body behind a big rock.  They call the guys to tell them. 

Sam and Dean are back at the bunker having a conversation about actually retiring, and Dean is all for it.  He even mentions being on a beach drinking and wearing matching Hawaiian shirts.  When these moments happen between the brothers all I want is for it to happen.  They have done and given so much.  At the same time, whenever they have said that, something end of the world happens and it becomes a dream that’s getting further and further.  When Dean is walking back to his room he hears someone having a nightmare.  When Dean opens the door, we see it’s Jack, so he wakes him up.  They talk about their nightmares being about the people they couldn’t save.  Dean and Jack have a chick flick moment where Dean tells him “You’re family kid, and we look after our own”. 

When they are trying to figure out who killed Maggie, because it didn’t look supernatural, they find out from her friend that she had a crush on a guy named Nate who worked nearby.  Jack goes after Nate and uses his powers against him.  Cas, Dean and Sam try to stop him, but he won’t listen.  What do you do to get his attention you may ask?  Well if you are Dean, you shoot him a few times in the back.  Nate is not the one that killed her, Jack says he’s sorry and runs off.    He is walking in the woods hitting himself over and over saying “Why do you keep hurting people?”  I just wanted to reach into the screen and hug the little nougat.  Alex was so wonderful in this episode, I can’t wait to see more from him next season.

Behind Jack we see Lucifer “Hi son”.  Oh, great him again.  This is where Sam lying to him comes back to bite them in the ass, Jack was told that he was dead.  “Sam is a big fat liar, bad person, and freakishly tall”.  Lucifer starts going on about he is there for him and they need each other because they are family.  Don’t fall for that Jack, we all know Cas and the Winchesters are your family.  He tries to lour Jack by talking Star Wars and saying he could get him a lightsaber.  I love how childlike he looked when he was pretending to swing one around.  Which is very convincing I will admit, who wouldn’t want a lightsaber?  Jack says he will go with him if he does something first.

While that was happening, back at the store Cas, Dean and Sam hear a loud ringing noise and the building starts to shake.  AU Michael is there and blows up the store.  Good luck explaining that to your boss Nate.  While Cas and Sam sort of just stand there beside the impala and watch instead of getting in the car, Dean runs to the trunk and gets the Holy Oil and throws it at Michael.  They all get in the impala and drive back to the bunker.

Jack comes back to the bunker with Lucifer because he wants him to bring back Maggie like he did Sam.  While I get that Jack was trying to do a good thing, you don’t bring Lucifer to the bunker.  When Sam, Cas, and Dean get back to the bunker they are surprised to see Maggie alive, but Mary tells them that Jack and Lucifer left.  Dean puts out an APB on Lucifer calling other hunters including Jody.  Cas tries to listen to Angel radio but it’s all static.  I can’t wait until next season for them to go more into the Heaven situation.

The bunker starts shaking, you know what that means, Michael is there attacking the bunker.  They send Mary, Maggie, and Bobby to the garage while they deal with him.  I get sending Maggie to the garage, but Mary and Bobby have gone up against him before.  Plus, they could use the extra man power, I also thought they went to easily.  My other question is, I thought the bunker was warded from Arch Angels as well?  Anyway, Dean and Sam start shooting at him as he slowly levitates down to them.  Unfortunately, Cas gets knocked out right away.  Michael is beating up Dean and choking him, saying the first life he will take is his. 

Sam prays to Jack for help and he hears him.  Why have they never done that before? Jack comes and saves Dean and attacks Michael.  Lucifer also came back to the bunker, with seeing him Michael lets it slip that they had a deal.  Jack uses his power to do something he should have done as soon as he met Lucifer, made him tell the truth, revealing that he is the one that killed Maggie.  “You’re not my father, you’re a monster”.  Lucifer throws a temper tantrum, who’s the kid again, and he says he just wants his power.  Lucifer cuts Jack and takes his grace then disappears with him and Sam, who jumped to get to Jack.  They end up in an old church.  I hope Lucifer didn’t take all of his grace and that he can get his powers back once he recharges. 

Michael says that Lucifer has won, that doesn’t help Dean since he is worrying about his brother and Jack.  Michael can’t do much because he is out of power and by the look of it dying.  “What if you had your sword?” Dean asks as we are treated to a season 5 flashback when they first found out about being vessels.  I loved all the flash back sequences this episode, brought me back to when I had seen them the first time.  Cas, sort of tries to stop Dean with a no.  Dean makes a deal with Michael that he will let him in if he stays in control the whole time.  Ok, have we really not learned by now that Michael can’t be trusted.  Do you really see this ending well? 

Back in the church Lucifer is beating up Sam and Jack.  He tells them that only one of them is going to walk out of there.  One of them has to kill the other, then he throws the Arch Angel blade to the ground between them.  Seriously! You are giving them the knife that can kill you, and they both want to.  Sam goes and picks it up, I was thinking yay stab Lucifer; but, he gives it to Jack telling him to kill him.  Really, why wouldn’t you pretend to go after Jack, then turn and kill Lucifer?  Jack looks at the knife, “I love you, I love all of you” then starts to stab himself.  Enter Dean in all his glory with wings!  It was my favourite part of the episode.  I mean just look at him.  Yes, if you can’t tell I am a Dean girl.        

I was also a bit upset at this part because yes, they told us that Jensen was going to be playing a new character.  So, I think we all were prepared for it.  Everyone was saying it was going to be Michael, it did seem obvious.  Then there was an article saying no it wasn’t going to be him.  So, when it turned out to be him, it wasn’t as big of a surprise I feel.

Dean/Michael and Lucifer start fighting, I always look forward to fighting sequences.  After a bit of ground fighting they are now up in the air fighting, Dean even did a little Superman flying.  One thing that was wonderful was they FINALLY killed Lucifer.  Yay, the moment so many of us have been waiting for happened.  As I have said before Mark is my favourite Lucifer, but it was time for him to go.  Even though Sam gave Dean the knife to kill him, I wanted Sam to be the one to do it.  But still he is gone.  The in-air fight looked a little awkward, even running up to jump into the fight.  It looked fun and hard to do, and I hope there is some bloopers of it on the gag reel.

When it’s all over, they look at each other with nervous laughs and smiles realizing that something they have been trying to do for so long, Lucifer was dead.

But, in true Winchester luck, it doesn’t last long.  Dean doubles over and yells “WE HAD A DEAL”.  When Dean stands back up, you can tell right away that it’s no longer Dean.  Its Michael in control.  “Thanks for the suit” and then he’s gone.  Leaving Sam and Jack behind in the church, unsure what to do and upset.

We see a sad and broken Cas in the bunker with Mary and Bobby, who all stayed behind for some reason.  At least they should have brought Cas to help.

The episode ends with us seeing Michael walk down a side walk in a very Peaky Blinders 1920 looking suit and hat.  He is even clean shaven.  You can clearly see it’s no longer Dean.  The last thing we see is a freeze frame and zoom in of Michaels glowing eyes.

I don’t think the zoom in was fully necessary, but I loved seeing him in the suit and the glowing eyes.  I hope Jensen plays Michael for a while, and not short like Demon Dean.  There wasn’t much of a death count this episode, really just Lucifer, the one person they knew that died got brought back.  I also thought we would see Billie this episode, she did say see you soon to Dean.  Was it because she knew he would become Michael, because I thought that when they are a vessel they are just trapped in their mind.  I think this is the first season finale where I haven’t cried either, and oddly that bothered me hahaha.  It was a great episode written by Andrew Dabb.

Thank you all for reading these reviews, I will see you all for season 14! Wow, season 14, I have been watching this for 13 years! Crazy.

Have a good Hellatus J

“Exodus” -- 13 x 22

By @WyldeFandom

This review contains spoilers and opinions, so, read at your own risk.

Guys, we are getting closer and closer to the end of season 13. I am both excited and nervous to see what’s going to happen.  Especially with Jensen’s new character coming up, among everything else.   But, before I get too ahead of myself let’s talk about episode 22 “Exodus”. 

This episode was written by Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner.  Which means, I am looking forward to some intense confronting feelings dialogue.  Especially now that pretty much everyone is all together in Apocalypse Universe. 

We start off right where we left off last episode, so we see a brief reunion where Sam tells them Lucifer brought him back.  Right off the bat when Lucifer tries to talk to Jack, Dean and Cas step in to try to stop it.  Dean even goes as far as to tell Gabriel to kill him.  I would have liked that to have happened, I actually found Lucifer to be more annoying then helpful this episode.  They showed him more than what I felt was needed, so I am curious to see where the Lucifer plot line is going.  Jack tries to get them to stop arguing and when they don’t he disappears.  I forget that he is just a kid, and all this is new to him, so he still gets scared and runs away.  Gabriel is the one that goes off to look for him. 

Lucifer says he is there to be a team player since he is a weapon they can use against Michael, so he wants respect.  HAHAHA no.  He also says the they have around 31 hours until the rift closes. Cas cuffs Lucifer in case he changes his mind on being helpful, Lucifer lets him to prove he is really there to help.  Later in the episode when Gabriel comes back followed by some of Michaels Angels, Lucifer snaps his fingers and kills them.  Which reveals that the cuffs do not work on him in this universe, he was just going along with it to make them more comfortable with him being around, “See, team player”.

We get a Sam and Dean moment.  Sam apologizes to Dean because he brought Lucifer back to the camp with him, Dean says “you got nothing to apologize for”.  We get a brother hug! The “I thought I lost you man” from Dean, was enough to bring tears to my eyes. 

I felt for Sam thinking that he had to apologize.  Him choosing to stay alive and reuniting with his family is not something he should have to be sorry about.  Lucifer is outnumbered, he will get what’s coming to him, Sam will handle it.  This is a win.  I love that Dean reminds him that he has nothing to be sorry about, he is alive and that’s all that matters.

Jack is out in the woods having flashbacks/memories of his mother, conversations with Sam, and all the times his powers were out of control and he hurt people because of that.  He comes back and wants to listen to what Lucifer has to say. 

When Lucifer starts to talk about his mother Kelly, that’s just a no, don’t go there.  Lucifer is stating/twisting facts to make him seem more of a victim to get Jack to feel for him and want to be with him.  Jack just wants to know about his powers and family, “we are your family” Cas reminds him.  Dean is upset that he is talking to him, which confuses Jack because he is cuffed, “His mouth isn’t, should have gagged him”.  Yes, you should Dean.  I think that Dean is so upset because he fears that Lucifer will get to Jack and corrupt him to go dark side.  Later, Mary tells Dean that he shouldn’t be so hard on Jack, that he will eventually see Lucifer for who he really is.  To me, Jack saying Lucifer is his father, as much as I didn’t like to hear it, was growth on his part.  He is admitting and coming to terms with his Angel side, that is tied to Lucifer.  Gabriel saying “He’s a kid, he likes shiny objects and magic tricks” is another great reminder that jack is in fact still a child in need of guidance.  I am conflicted about the scene between Gabriel and Lucifer talking.  Lucifer is saying that he has changed to Gabriel, “I have known you since the stars were made…you can’t change” is his brilliant response.  My conflict comes when we see Lucifer with what looks to be a tear, I admit I had a second of feeling bad for him.  Then I thought, is it real? I just can’t get onboard with the Lucifer redemption theory.  Sorry. 

We get an awesome moment of Mary punching Lucifer right in the face when he asks if she missed him.  Loved it.  Sam and Dean tell Mary that they have to get going before the rift closes, but you can see there is hesitation on her face.

She tells them that she is not going back with them, she understands what they went through but “you can’t expect me to abandon them”.  Mary says they need her, to which Dean replies with “We need you mom, we do”.  I was 100% expecting this and am glad it happened. In AU Mary feels like she has a purpose a mission, it’s what she has been searching for since she came back.  I think it’s also why she worked with the British Men of Letters, it gave her a purpose a reason to keep fighting.  I don’t think Mary is being selfish, she is trying to find her place, where she fits in.  Dean just wants his family to be together, it’s what he has always wanted, ever since getting Sam in season 1.  It is also why I wasn’t surprised when Sam gets that she wants to stay.  Dean’s more like his father, Sam’s more like his mother. 

Sam comes up with the solution of brining the AU people, about 25, with them through the rift to come up with an idea on how to beat Michael, so they can save their world.  Sam, Dean and Mary try to convince them to come with them, they aren’t sure if they should believe then since they don’t know Sam and Dean, but they know Mary, so they say they will take it to vote.  Bobby later tells them that they took the vote and it was unanimous they will all go back to the boy’s world with them.

I was thrilled to see that there is a Singer Salvage Yard in AU as well.  It is there that the boys are reunited with Bobby.

Bobby tells them that Charlie and Ketch are out on a mission together after some of Michael’s kills squads.  Later we find out that they were set up, ambushed and are now captured.  They are being tortured for information, Ketch gives out monopoly instructions saying that’s where they can find the camp, which was really funny.  Someone else is there to interrogate them, holy crap its AU Cas!  AU Cas looks like our Cas.  But he has a German or Russian accent, what, this does not compute.  But hey, at least he’s wearing a different colored trench coat.

Back at Singer Salvage, Cas, Dean, Sam and Bobby interrogate the person who told Charlie about the kill squads.  Dean just has to give Cas a silent glance for him to know when to start and end trying to get the information out of him.  They are now off to save them, Dean helping Ketch down gave us another brief “friend” moment between them.  I really like the Dean Ketch friendship.  Sam helped Charlie out of the chair and gave her a big hug, where she had such an awkward facial expression, since she doesn’t know who he is then slaps his arm.  

We get a Cas versus AU Cas short fight.  Au Cas says, “we are the same”, Cas agrees with him then kills AU Castiel.  I can’t help but wonder if that will come up again in the future.

When they all get back to Singer Salvage, Bobby tells the boys the he is proud of them.  Yup, I couldn’t help it, I teared up again.  I’ve missed the fatherly moments between Bobby, Dean and Sam.

With time running out, they fix up a bus that Lucifer is going to be the driver of.  Now, Andrew Dabbs Twitter post, the wheels on the bus go round and round makes sense.  Jack wants to go off and kill Michael before they go, amazingly, Lucifer was the voice of reason that Jack listened to, ”my father makes a valid point”. 

They make it to the rift, that we find out is being heled open and powered by Rowena.  But of course, before they can all get through it, AU Michael shows up.  It was a cool smokey entrance.

I don’t get why they all just keep standing there.  Lucifer tries to attack him with a blast, but it does nothing.  Michael fires back hitting and injuring Lucifer.  Why are they all still standing there? Gabriel says he will hold him off “I’m not running anymore”, and yells at Dean and Sam to GO.  Why are they still standing there?  Michael and Gabriel fight but Michael gets the upper hand and stabs Gabriel.  Noooooooooooo, you can’t give us Gabriel back after eight years and do this to us again.  If my Twitter feed is any consolation, there are a lot of unhappy fans with this move.

Dean (finally) runs through the rift, before Sam goes through he stops Lucifer from following “How did you think this was going to end?”

Back at the bunker we see everyone having a beer celebrating.  Jack is off to the side with a sad look.  Sam thanks Rowena, she’s the reason all of them could make it through the rift.  Bobby gives a moving speech and welcomes Dean and Sam to the family.

The episode ends with Michael and Lucifer making a deal to work together to get to our world.

I am left with some questions after this week’s episode:

Is Gabriel really dead? I mean he has died a few times

Will Michael and Lucifer get to our world?

Will we get to keep AU Bobby and Charlie?

Will Mary go back to the AU world?

Will Jensen’s new character be Michael? Or is that to obvious?

I can’t believe next week is he season finale!  I don’t know if I am ready for that. 

“Beat the Devil” -- 13 x 21

By @WyldeFandom

This review contains spoilers and opinions, so, read at your own risk.

This episode was written by Robert Berens who has written most of my favourite Supernatural episodes.  So, I knew from that it would hit me in the feels, be intense, and having me swearing at my TV. Spoiler alert, it really did.

It starts off with a relatively normal pizza dinner in the bunker, but, with the surprising additions of Jack and Mary.  Wait, what? I was confused and thinking ok, they are showing now then they will say (enter amount of time) earlier.  Like a time jump.  But, it turns out to be a dream that Sam is having. 

As Sam, Dean, Cas, Gabriel, and Rowena are gearing up and getting ready to go to Apocalypse Universe I can’t help but notice that Dean is wearing demon Dean styled clothing, makes me wonder if this is intentional like a hint at what’s going to be Jensen’s new character, or I am just being paranoid.  The rift is open and just about when they are going to walk through it, it starts to go limp, and fizzes out. Insert innuendo jokes here. 


There wasn’t enough grace to keep it open.  As they are trying to figure out what to do, Cas points out they do know another archangel, Lucifer.  Obviously, Sam is against it, but does eventually come up with an idea.  The banter between Rowena and Gabriel was gold, I crave more of that, seriously, give them a YouTube series.  You have probably the two most sarcastic characters in a room together alone and magic will apparently happen.  Both figuratively and literally.  The internal dialogue when they were checking each other out was great, “She’s so tiny and angry”.  When Dean, Sam, and Cas walk back in and don’t see Rowena or Gabriel, I have to admit, for a moment I thought they left.  But I am so glad I was wrong because what we got was perfect.  A dishevelled Rowena and Gabriel popping up from behind a bookcase after obviously having sex. I know right!

The guys reaction was priceless.

When we finally do get to see Lucifer in the episode he is in a bar drinking and Cats in the Cradle by Harry Chapin is playing in the background.  Does that song make anyone else tear up when they hear it? That was a perfect song choice for that moment, bravo Christopher Lennertz.  The reason is, Lucifer is talking about his son to the bartender, who slips up and says his name, Jack.  That is enough to make Lucifer suspicious since he never said his son’s name.  The bartender is actually Gabriel after trying to leave but not able to he also sees Rowena. “I killed you”, “I killed you too”. 

Don’t get me wrong, Mark is by far my favourite Lucifer.  But, that being said I think that the Lucifer story line is done.  At least for now.  I get his purpose for this episode, they need Arch Angel grace, but I think it’s time to wrap up having him around for a while.  I am hoping to not see Lucifer in season 14.

They bring the captured Lucifer to the bunker with only the magic energy cuffs on. They are going to bleed out Lucifer’s grace to open the rift and keep it open, leaving Rowena behind to watch him. Ok, I have another issue. Why would they not take any extra precautions in restraining Lucifer? They know what he is like, they have fought and tried to capture him many times.  Also, keeping the rift open long term, would they not be concerned about something finding the AU rift and coming through to only Rowena in the bunker to defend it?  Lucifer eventually starts singing Camptown Races to annoy and bait Rowena into a fight.  Great that’s going to be stuck in my head for days, damn you.  Rowena, don’t you know a spell to shut him up? Eventually, she does snap and ends up letting it slip that Jack is also in the AU world. That gives Lucifer enough to get mad and break free of the magic energy cuffs (see, I told you) and attack her.  She uses her magic to fight him off and ends up sending him through the rift. She does stay to try to find a solution to keep the rift open, so they can get home.

I like the little moment between Cas and Gabriel talking about Heaven.  Cas tells him that there are not many angels left thinking he can help, “Heaven is dying Gabriel”.   Gabriel doesn’t think he can do much because he sees himself as a screw up.  “Perhaps, a screw up is the change we need”.  I would like to see Gabriel in season 14 working with Cas trying to fix/save Heaven.

After saving two people from AU messed up vampires, they find out that the tunnel that is the quickest way has a nest of vampires in it.  So, what so they do? Go in it of course.  The tunnel had a Walking Dead feel to me, especially when they came upon the vampire sitting there eating.  As Gabriel and Cas where moving the rocks from where they wanted to go, and Sam wanders off to the side on his own to check it out, of course that’s when they are attacked by the nest of vampires.  As they are fighting Dean sees Sam being over powered and then getting bitten in the neck.  An actual waterfall of blood starts to come out of Sam’s neck, then he is dragged away.  WTF!  Cas runs after to try to get him but comes back alone.  Dean is about to go after Sam when Cas stops him, “We don’t have time”, “We can’t save him”.  So, they leave the cave.  Sam’s gone.  Dead.  Again.

I have a few issues with this part.  First, can they leave Sam alone.  It feels like this season he is getting knocked out or kidnapped almost every episode.  Sam is stronger and smarter than that.  I am hoping they will let that show in the last episodes and have him back to be his strong self-next season.   Next, Dean would NEVER leave Sam.  He would go after to either rescue him or to get his body.  Fun fact, according to this is the seventh time Sam has died. 

We see Sam laying somewhere in the tunnel covered in his own blood, obviously dead.  Then all of a sudden, he’s breathing, and enter Lucifer.  We find out that he saved Sam and revived him as a gift for Jack, that he wants Sam to take him to Jack and admit that he saved him.  If he doesn’t agree, he will drop the barrier that is holding all the vampires out and leave him to die.  Lucifer is not as drained anymore because he found some of Michaels Angels and “ate” their grace.

Dean, Gabriel, and Cas eventually do find Jack and Mary.  Mary is both happy and shocked to see her son, she hugs him and asks where Sam is.  Dean doesn’t say anything just looks so broken to his mother and starts to cry.  Jensen really has that single tear down, gets me every time. 

As Dean is getting ready to go back out to get his brothers body, which he could have done when they were in the tunnel, who comes walking through the gate but a bloodied Sam.  Soon followed by Lucifer.  Lucifer and Jack finally, sort of, meet.

After seeing the preview for next week’s episode, I can’t wait.

Final Thoughts:

  • Don’t get me wrong I really did enjoy the episode. Obviously, I have a few opinions about some things that happened.  But I am excited and nervous to see where these decisions will lead them in the last couple episode and into next season 
  • I am looking forward to Lucifer and Jack interactions
  • Jensen didn’t say a lot this episode, and what he did say were short sentences. But the facial and body expressions were phenomenal.  I am such a fan of Jensen’s acting.
  • Will Rowena find a way to keep the rift open?
  • Do you think anything will come through the rift into the bunker?
  • Who do you think will survive?

“Unfinished Business” -- 13 x 20

by @WyldeFandom

As usual, this review contains spoilers, so, read at your own risk.

If you were wanting to see Castiel or Rowena this episode, sorry, you have to wait until next week.  But, if you’re craving more Gabriel, then this is the episode for you.

I have to start by giving Richard Speight Jr. a standing ovation. Seriously, he was amazing.  This week he had three personalities on the show, Director, Gabriel, and Loki.  I mean how do you even go about directing a fight scene of yourself with yourself?

When they showed “THEN” montage at the beginning, it was basically a best of Gabriel highlight reel and it reminded me just how long we have been waiting to have him grace our screens again.

I’m choosing to believe that Gabriel playing the kazoo is a shout out to Louden Swain. While on the topic of music, it was like its own character this week, we usually get background music with some classic rock (which I enjoy), but this week it was loud, and Tarantino styled.  I am a big fan of Kill Bill, so I enjoyed the homage to the films.  From Gabriel having a kill list, the fight music, the samurai swords for each Demi-God, to Dean saying, “Kill Bill fantasy” and calling Gabe “Uma”. 

We first see Dean and Sam trying to locate Gabriel from a spell that Rowena did (that tasted like Haggis), they are obviously frustrated but when Dean kicks the bed it starts vibrating and we all know that Dean loves the magic fingers.  Gabriel knocks on their door, clearly injured from his fight, looking to see if the boys have any more of his grace left because he is running low. 


The other two Norse-God brothers breakdown the door looking for Gabriel to which he says “Raspberries” I guess that’s a swear now.  Sleipnir (who has a snazzy suit on) starts to whip at Dean who is using a chair like he’s fighting a lion.

We think that Gabriel is going to do what he normally does and leave, but he actually steps in and saves Sam.  But for obvious reasons the boys don’t trust him, so they use the angel cuffs to keep him from disappearing.  We get a more in-depth backstory to where and what Gabriel has been doing since he faked his death (where Dean reminds him of the porn stars he left out at first).   Gabriel saved Loki, so Loki showed Gabe how to be him.  So, there is still the original Loki out there.  We find out that the Norse Demi-Gods sold Gabriel to Asmodeus aka Kentucky fried b-hole.  He is out for revenge on those who are responsible for his torture, I can imagine that the Winchester brothers can understand considering all the tortures they have gone through as well.   Dean was actually the voice of reason against the revenge plan, “You’ve seen it, with me, with dad, revenge only ends one way, ugly”.  Dean had a lot of sarcastic attitude this episode, it was nice to see him not so angry and tense. 

I really like the use of light flashes when Sam, Dean, and Gabriel are fighting in the dark at the hotel when they go to kill Loki and his son Sleipnir. After the fight and the lights are back on Dean is missing, he went after Loki, alone.  Dean finds him (with his case of suckers) and Loki talks about his father, Odin whose death he blames on Gabriel.  “what would you do for your father” is all it takes to get Dean to attack him, never bring up John.  But who Dean is fighting is just a hologram, trickster magic that can hit Dean, but Dean can’t hit.  We get a great fight sequence of Gabe vs Loki, or Rich vs Rich where Gabriel kills Loki (anyone else thinks it was a bit too easy?). 

Gabriel agrees to help Sam and Dean in the fight against Michael and to get their family back.  Before they get into the Impala, Sam asks Gabriel how he is doing feeling after finishing his revenge (it was a nice moment), but I think that Sam was seeing for his own benefit as well.  Sam wants revenge on Lucifer, given the chance he would take it. 

Back at the bunker Sam calls Dean out on leaving them to go after Loki, and other times recently.  Dean doesn’t care what happens to himself, he cares what happens to Sam, he can’t help but think of what happened the last time they went up against Lucifer and Michael.  But really, that has always been Deans mentality since he was a kid when John would say “Look after Sammy”, Dean carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and puts people before himself, and we are not done seeing that happen.  Sam puts his foot down and says they are doing this together, “and if we die, we’ll die together too”.  Can I just hug them all?  group hug.

There was some good character growth this episode for Sam, Dean, and Gabriel preparing us for what’s to come in the last four episodes. 

An Arc-Angel, two Winchester brothers, an Angel, and a witch, sounds like a start to a joke that none of us wants to play out.  Can we just put them all in bubble wrap to protect them?

Meanwhile in the Apocalypse World Jack is over eager (and naïve) to go after Michael, he thinks that he is scared of him because they have been winning a lot of battles recently.  So, Jack, Mary and a group of people go to were Michael’s base was and they find a map with his armies all in one area, but why?

After searching the building, they find someone that was left in the dungeon, it’s the prophet Kevin. 

Kevin tells them that there is a veil in the south that is thin, so Michael is going to take his armies and go through to invade.  Jack immediately wants to go after and kill Michael, but Mary wants to wait a day until Bobby comes back so they can plan better. 

Mary is very motherly towards Jack.  “I can’t lose another boy”, I think Mary sees Jack as another chance to be a mother, he needs guidance whereas Sam and Dean need her but not as much as Jack does.  In the way she carries herself in AU you can see that Mary feels she has a purpose and is needed there.  Makes me wonder if she will actually leave.

Kevin is just so broken, he just wants to be reunited with his mom in heaven to forget everything he has done.  Michael obviously uses that and left Kevin there to be found, he was supposed to wait until Bobby was there as well, but he can’t wait anymore.  Kevin tells Jack that Michael doesn’t want to kill him he wants to break him and has a message for him “Even if you win, you still lose”. 

Taking a small detour, this is the one thing in the episode that I wasn’t a fan of.  “Even when you win, you still loose” was supposed to be said by Crowley when he sacrifices himself, but it didn’t happen.  And now to have it come up and be said, I don’t know if it’s going to mean something later or if I am reading too much into it, but I have mixed feelings about that line.   According to live Tweets I am not the only one.

Then Kevin activates the spell which gives off a big light blast that kills everyone including Kevin (again, seriously!).  Jack shields Mary with his wings and they are the only ones to survive.  

You can tell Jack blames himself for being too eager to fight.  “If I can’t keep them safe, then what’s the point” sadly, a sign that Michael broke him a little bit.

I am getting seriously anxious for the next four episodes to see what is going to happen to everyone.  Then to have to wait until the next season! Ugh.

Funeralia -- 13 x 19

by @WyldeFandom

This review contains spoilers, so, read at your own risk.

This week’s episode I found the Winchesters took a bit of a back seat.  The main focus being Rowenas journey with a side of Castiel.

So, let’s talk about Cas. Firstly, how cute is he being all awkward when Rowena flirts with him when the guys call her for help. 

Also, sassy Cas is back this episode with “You know she’s right, you never go to parties”.  While thinking of ideas on how to find Gabriel with Dean, he gets the idea to go to Heaven and ask the angels for help, to which Dean responds with “Just don’t get dead again”.  Castiel even throws in some sports metaphors (like ball handler).  After a brief interaction with a semi drunk angel, Cas discovers Heaven is basically empty.  While waiting in the throne room (umm, where’s Lucifer?) to talk to angels Cas takes the chance to lay on the couch (insert elevator waiting music).

Wait, I know that voice. Holy crap! Naomi is alive.

In talking with Naomi, we learn that there are only around 9-11 angels left (come on Chuck, time to intervene).  They are happy to hear that the arc angel Gabriel is alive, they need him in Heaven to keep it running (like a Duracell battery basically) otherwise Heaven will crumble and all the souls (like billions) will fall to earth as ghosts. Cas is determined to help keep Heaven from ending.  We are left with an ominous “Everything ends Castiel” from Naomi.

Oh Rowena, you made me feel so much.  It felt like this was her redemption journey episode.  Last we saw her she performed the spell to get her powers back with the page from the grimoire Sam let her take. 

We see Rowena dancing a tango with Bernard (who barely speaks) then killing a woman, is she back to her evil ways?

As she goes after another person we see her waiting to talk to that person’s reaper, she wants to talk to Death (who doesn’t negotiate with witches), so she kills the reaper trying to get Death to notice.  Rowena feels remorse for how she treated Fergus (before he became Crowley) she wants to try for redemption by getting Death to bring her son back.  Rowena meets the boys for a drink to explain what she’s doing.   Dean tells her that in her death book Sam is the one that kills her, so she kidnaps Sam (seriously, can he not get knocked out or kidnaped in an episode?) and plans to kill him, because then no one would be able to stop her plans.  The line “What haven’t you done for family, what wouldn’t you do?” Rowena says right before she attacks Sam was filled with so much emotion.  She accepts that what happened was because of her choices.  I also like how there seems to be a bond between her and Sam.

Death (aka Billie) shows up and Rowena recognizes her, they had met when Billie was a reaper.  She doesn’t try to stop her from killing Sam because she is “curious to see what happens” with the whole natural order of things effect.  We have a “it’s not fair” tantrum moment with Rowena attacking Death (is she crazy).

The interaction with Death ends with her breaking down and crying, our witch is so lost.  Death gives such an incredible speech (go watch it) it is filled with life truth. 

Our favourite guys, Dean and Sam are not the focal point in this story in my opinion, but still make an impact.  Dean trying to think of Gabriel finding ideas lead him to switch drinking coffee to beer.  While driving and talking about finding Rowena there is suddenly a third person in the impala.  Dean recognizes her as Jessica the reaper who tried to take him when he killed himself to talk to Death. 

They boys find out that since then she has been watching them like a baby monitor.  We even get some Winchester secrets from her, like Sam has an extensive array of hair products, and Dean has a 3-day-old burger and VHS porn under his bed (again with tentacles).  In their investigation they discover that Rowena is killing reapers as well as these immoral people.    Jessica tells them about the natural order or butterfly effect, to which Dean says, “Ashton’s second-best movie” (what’s the first Dean?).  This is also where Sam finds out he is the one who will be the cause of Rowena’s death.  I love Dean fight scenes, I’m also left wondering about that elevator couple having no reaction to the fight.  As Dean is fighting with Bernard, Jessica is watching saying he should hurry, also she can’t help because of Deaths rule of clean hands (don’t get involved). 


The episode ends with Dean, Sam, and Rowena sitting on the floor having a beer.  Dean thinks Rowena can be redeemed and says, “Every one of us has done something we have to live with, that were trying to make up for, every one of us”.  The scene ending with Dean asking is Rowena will join them.


Random Thoughts:

  • Where is Lucifer? Is the reason the lights are flickering because he left heaven?
  • So much Rowena emotions this episode
  • Can we please have Chuck come save his children
  • How is Heaven disappearing not a larger concern?
  • Is that really Naomi? Or a trick?
  • Why will death see Dean soon? Leave him alone!
  • So happy to see Ruth and Lisa share some screen time
  • Do you think Rowena will join Team Free Will 2.0

Bring 'em Back Alive -- 13x18

by @WyldeFandom

This review contains spoilers, so, read at your own risk.

This week’s episode jumped around between a few storylines, flashbacks and was full of emotions. So, let’s get to it.

First, we have Dean and Ketch in the Apocalypse Universe. Pretty much as soon as they start out they see some people being executed on a bridge for crimes against Michael.  They don’t execute the last person because she has been seen with Mary and Jack. You ready for this….it’s our girl CHARLIE!! (Excuse me a while my nerd heart explodes, and I scream). Yup, she’s back, and she is a beautiful badass.  (kudos on keeping this secret).

They are now on a mission to save Charlie. Ketch doesn’t understand why, he goes on about it being personal (well duh), Dean just brushes him off with “we’re running out of time, lets pick up the pace”.  A bounty hunter shows up and shots dean (the jerk), Ketch jumps in to help and now they have an idea of where to go to find Charlie.


After being shot, Dean isn’t doing so good. Ketch checks his wound and discovers that it’s a poison the Men of Letters use, and if an antidote isn’t given it could be deadly.

Dean is still weak from the poison bullet and collapses so, while they are taking a break Ketch brings up Charlie again. Dean tells Ketch that “Charlie was like family, she was a sister to me, she did more for me and Sam then I can even say, and she was, she was butchered. And we couldn’t get there in time” he feels like he failed Charlie (insert sad flashback that we will pretend didn’t happen).  Also, did we some Ketch/Dean bonding? (I kinda liked it) 

They are trying to get information out of Charlie, but our girl just tells them “Bite me”. (Oh , how I have missed you and your sass). How dare they try to execute Charlie when we just got her back. 


Enter Dean and Ketch to save her. Dean fills in AU Charlie about the other world and her.  When they get back to the rift to go get reinforcements for the search for Mary and Jack, Ketch says he will stay to see what they are up against, when Dean finds out Charlie is staying “I don’t want to lose you again” in true Charlie fashion “that’s not your call”.  I love how they didn’t change her name to Celeste and hint that this version of Charlie also likes girls.

Can we just take a moment and laugh at how done Cas is with everything. His reaction to finding out Dean is with Ketch in the AU is priceless. 


Back in the bunker we have Sam and Cas trying to help Gabriel. who was tortured for years by Asmodeus. It is really hard to see him so broken, he won’t speak, he won’t even take his grace.  When Cas goes to check on Gabriel again later, he discovers the room walls are covered in Enochian, its Gabriel’s story. We find out how he is still alive and some of what Asmodeus did to him. Sam gives Gabriel a heartfelt speech, go watch it if you haven’t already, seriously these Winchesters give good speeches that hit the feels. The end result, Gabriel’s first words are heard “porn stars, they were porn stars Sam”.  He’s coming around.

Basically, right after Gabriel takes his grace, Sam gets a phone call from Asmodeus who threatens to destroy the bunker to get Gabriel back.


Cue the red alert lights. Danger danger.  Asmodeus is in the bunker, Cas and Sam are held against a wall as they try to take away Gabriel.  Oh, but wait.  Gabriel uses his grace to heal himself and deep fry Asmodeus to save the day.  Sam and Cas tell Gaberiel everything that is going on and that they need his help.  But he says no, and leaves.


We also get to see what Lucifer and Anael are up to in Heaven. Anyone else kind of forgot about Lucifer? It wasn’t intentional. Just with them trying to get all the ingredients they need to open a rift, it slipped my mind. 

 We first see Lucifer sitting on the ground in the throne room playing solitaire. He has the angels looking for his son Jack, that’s his main focus. Jo or Anael is growing frustrated that Lucifer doesn’t seem to want to “change things, make heaven better, help the angels”. Eventually Lucifer puts on a nice suit, his shades and sits in the chair to listen to some prayers.  Of course, he finds an exorcism, shows up and sends the demon “Anthony” away, when he tells the priests who he is and that he is running heaven, they splash holy water on him and try to exorcise him.


After a brief outing, Lucifer is telling Anael he is going to refocus to fatherhood to find Jack and combine their powers. Anael then goes off on Lucifer about “making good on his promises, make angels and give existing ones their wings back”.  Lucifer tells her he lied, he doesn’t know how to do that.  I have to admit I was loving the lecture that Anael gave Lucifer, ending with “now you don’t have me”.


The episode ending is heartbreaking. Dean comes back to find out Gabriel is gone with his grace, so they can’t open the rift again to go back and get their family.  Makes me wonder if Dean still has faith?


 End thoughts:

-I found it hard to dislike Ketch this episode

-More Cas being done with everything please, it’s funny

-Have we seen the last of Anael? I really hope not I love Danneel

-With Asmodeus gone, who will be the next ruler of hell?

-Will they find Gabriel, and will he help them

-Someone please give Dean a hug

-Jensen is amazing, I love his acting. Seriously standing ovation.