Tom Ellis Appreciation


Tom. Lucifer. Charming dude. Why do you love him?


"I am new to this ‘Tom Ellis’ guy appreciation. I am 3/4 through season 2, and I am loving it! There is no easy way to describe how much I love Tom Ellis and his Lucifer. He brings such depth and sensitivity to this character when it would have been so easy to play as just a braggart. He truly makes you CARE about Lucifer. I desperately want him to lean in and ask what I desire..." ~ @tmart444

"I love Tom because he loves the fans so much that he tries to interact with them as often as possible on Twitter even tho he has work to do. I love the way he brings Lucifer to life and i can't imagine another actor play the character." @Luciferpleas3

"Other than being devilishly handsome? He's a great performer and seems like an overall great person who I'd love to meet someday to thank for all his hard work!" ~ @QckslvrGrl1

"His spontaneity, it’s a really pleasure to listening him chatting about anything because his charming enfold you." ~ @dattrav1

"I'm simply blown away by his versatility. I don't think I've seen a character have to show the constant range of emotion in each episode as Lucifer does. And he makes this character so believable. His ability to ad lib like his "stay awake" scenes or even one liners like "Oscar Wilde was straight when I met him" which is one of the funniest lines I've ever heard, so much so that I won't forget it. That is the mark of not only a fantastic actor, but points to his intelligence as well. I simply think he's brilliant." ~ 


"Supremely talented actor who makes even the devil lovable. Giving up his valuable time to fight for the #savelucifer cause just shows the kind of person he must be in real life. I hope he knows just how many people he has touched with his portrayal. I hope to see much more of him for many years to come. No matter the #savelucifer outcome, he has earned the respect and admiration of #Lucifans everywhere." ~  @quojure

"Tom Ellis - amazing actor, father, wonderful human being. I absolutely worship the man. Nothing but love for Tom Ellis." ~ @Grvyrdmama

"There are too many reasons to list. But I will say this: His dedication to this show is amazing. He is sacrificing time with his family to fight, and I can only think of a handful of actors from other shows who would probably go to these lengths. He's a genuinely good person, and he deserves this win almost more than anyone else involved." ~ @PrettyxPanda

"Tom is a brilliant actor. He can go from comedy to drama in a matter of a few minutes and he does it perfectly. He is kind and thoughtful to fans, everybody who works with him says he is all heart (and that is something I can relate)... And, of course. He is handsome as hell...hehe 😏 #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer" ~ @youcantmakeme_

"He is sweet and kind to his fans. He always makes me laugh. He is charming and supportive. When I feel sad he is the perfect remedy. We may not know him personally but everyone who does, loves him as much as we do. Just ask the cast of Lucifer for some proof. He seems like an angel in real life but he plays the perfect devil. He deserves the world and part of the world is already his (us Luci-fans). I had never used Twitter before the whole #SaveLucifer campaign and I joined the fight with the one and only aim of showing him my support. Of course I want Lucifer back but my first goal is to make him smile again because his smile is so precious. I want to protect it at all costs. #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer" ~ @ElenaMikaelstar

"I mean, have u seen him? He’s gorgeous, can sing, can dance, he’s an amazing actor and he actually cares about his show. Oh and did I mention? He’s British." @f0china

"He is such a funny and lovely guy. Whenever you see him he is happy and would take pictures with his fans all the time. His acting skills are amazing, he can show so many emotions just with his eyes. His voice is lovely, I love the few private moments he or Meaghan shares with us. He is an amazing Dad and just one of the best human beings I've ever met." ~ @_Navaros_

"There would be no Lucifer with out him. He cares about fans and doesn't disregard them." ~ @HeretosaveLuci

"Well first off, when does this devil sleep? Lol. He seems to be going non stop, and wow, us Lucifans-no, LuciFAMILY, just adore his strength and pull in this time of fighting for what we DESIRE. Tom Ellis is a huge blessing in this #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer movement, especially with his interviews he is doing and I'm sure more than we even know yet. We all love you Tom! Every Monday evening my husband and I would be SO EXCITED to get our kids to bed so we could watch "sexy devil night" (as both my husband and myself would call it). It was our favorite show, and man, that last episode had me in TEARS, plus knowing it could be the last episode...devastating. We need the devils redemption story!!!" ~ @SJJanssen93

"Tom is a brilliant actor, wonderful in comedy but also drama. And he is so sweet to his fans!" ~ @MarijoCreations

"Because he plays Lucifer perfectly and is charmy, funny and care for others, especially Chloe!" ~ Anonymous

 "Tom Ellis just a awesome human being, not just his characters but in his everyday life." ~ @acdeponte

Tom Ellis Appreciation