Throwback "Twitter"Thursday

Twitter is a black hole. We all know this. Recently, I got curious as to what was said about our Show back in the day ... and because Twitter has a handy-dandy search mechanism, look what I found! All of these are from April 5, 2009 -- nine years ago!

What were you doing nine years ago? What was your favourite show at the time? Let's reminisce!



Throwback "Twitter" Thursday

"I was juggling responsibilities as a critical care nurse in my (then) dream job in a trauma centre as well as trying to keep up with Supernatural. Those were ridiculously busy days." ~ Maeglinhiei

"wow 9 years ago. Had one kid just in high school and one who was 2 years old and was married. Really didnt know anything about SPN then or even have a twitter account. 9 years later now my oldest is married and has a 2 year old, my youngest is in 6th grade and I've been divorced for 7 years. Time flies. I got into SPN about 2-3years ago or so and have only had a twitter account for about 5-6 months now." ~ @PSchafhausen

"I was 7 months pregnant with my third son, Bryce Michael and I was nesting lol! Drove my husband and my other two boys nuts with all of my cleaning and organizing. I didn’t really have a favorite show back then because I never had time to sit and watch TV!" ~ @brown_kellym

"Working 12 hour shifts at NIBCO a injection molding plant in Indiana."  ~ @MaryRuthWeber2

"In 2009, I was ending my middleschool and I have discovery the fandom and the fanfics with the Rose of Versailles (it's a manga)." ~ @chiblilie

"I was not on twitter. But I was a big fan of #Supernatural nine years ago." ~ @SPNSandra

"Saving children, killing my own demons.." ~ Anntine thijssen

"Hadn't even heard of SPN yet. Worked at a marina, had given up writing years before, just started reading Harry Potter for the first time, and was living in MISERABLE conditions." ~  @Tenoko1

"9 Years ago, I was going through a Divorce, just started Seeing My Still Common-law Hubbie & SUPERNATURAL was My Favorite SHOW!!! 9 Years ago is also VERY significant because, this is when ALL the VERY REAL-LIFE Paranormal Activity, came to 'a head' & started getting CRAZY! My CL Hubbie was thrown 15 feet, for the 1st time, We started getting Scratched, Burnt, Pinched, Kicked, Etc. Things started flying off Walls, EVERYTHING in our home started 'breaking! When I say 'breaking' I mean, non-functioning! We'd have repairmen in replace the times, etc. but they'd ALWAYS either NEVER start functioning AGAIN or just as rapidly, stop functioning again! It was @ this time, I started looking for Someone to help Us! I remember thinking, VERY specifically " WHY, OH WHY; is there NOT a 'Team Free Will', in Real Life? To this Day, I seriously still think, after watching every Supernatural Episode & even the Wayward Sisters episode that: " Why are there NOT real Sam & Dean Winchesters, Castiels, Bobby Singer, Charlie, Sheriff Jody & Donnas; Claires, Heck the whole Waywards Sisters Team & Supernatural Team; in REAL life?| What They could do, with what's been going on in my home!!! This would've been over, before I knew it; ALL these Hunters/Supernatural Beings & Good Guys, they would've kicked ASS, with the Entities in My Home!!!" But, such is NOT the case; in real life!!! I know this sounds CRAZY &I've always said, Not only as a Registered Nurse & Human Being that: " I've NEVER< EVER judged a patient, let alone another Human Being; as that is not ' My Job' to judge others but; had I had a patient, 15 years ago; heck even 9 years ago, tell Me The Story that We've been living in REAL LIFE, for the past 9 years; I seriously would've called their Doctor & asked the doctor to order a 0 Day Psychiatric Hold & Evaluation"! Thanks so much for doing this; it REALLY resonated in particualr with Me, as to 'What were You doing 9 years ago"; as You can see by what I've written, 9 Years ago & Counting, up-to-this VERY Day;Our Lives in My Home; CHANGED FOREVER & I really don't know, if I/We'll EVER know what 'Normal Life' was like, prior to these past 9 years!!@!!! Happy Throwback Thursday, Luvs!!!!" ~  @Mystique1

"I was eight years old and I definitely had no clue about supernatural. In April I think I was moving with my mom and family into a new home after our old one had burned down. I can't remember much about then. I think I was prepping for a dance performance in May with my dance studio. Memory is fuzzy but I think the song for my performance was Celtic Woman." ~ @Tavia_alaine

"I was still figuring myself out. My place in the world, my sexuality. I was also on twitter rambling about literally anything. Back when I used my twitter for all personal stuff, like complaining about my roommate “exiling” me from our tiny apartment! I was a very innocent person then with less control over the things I say and put out there. I didn’t even watched Supernatural back then. It’s amazing how different of a person I was just 8 years ago." ~ @chrisscross_87

"Wow. Nine years ago, I was celebrating my (um, need to count down on my fingers...) 24th birthday with a bunch of friends from around the world at a special Muse concert in London for the Teenage Cancer Trust. And I was miles and miles and miles away from even imagining that this little show I heard about would somehow, a few years later, come to rock my world in a completely different way. Life...Is full of surprises !" ~ @Aaaahhhxy

"I was in school, tenth grade to be exact! :) (Didn't know about SPN back then.) Now it seems like a whole different life!" ~ @2357silver

"I was returning from Iraq! And not on twitter yet." @RosieTRiveter

"I had just recently returned from my second Creation Convention in LA and I was working on the course paper I was writing about them for the ethnography course I took in grad school. That paper is cited as a source in @Fangasm’s book “Fandom at the Crossroads”, which I tweeted about in a tweet that tagged my academic idol, @HenryJenkins, and he actually TWEETED ME BACK! It was amazing!" ~ @sinnerforhire

"It was last year of highschool. Although highschool was great in general that particular year was hard for me. 😂 I was out of 1.5 years relationship and first love and all that and I was depressed and lonely because I didn’t have a lot of friends because I was spending all my time with one person before. So that year was also the university exams took place. Weird enough I had a lot of dear friends by rebonding with many and although it was the worst year being depressed and all it turned out to be best year of highschool! 😂 I had a lot of fun, when I let myself go out from my shell! So take home message here is that let people be there for you and WATCH A LOT OF SUPERNATURAL in times of depression. Because supernatural was my favorite show back then too my boys always lifted my spirits, I loved Fringe too." ~ @SevalKilic1991


I was not on Twitter yet and I did not get a Twitter until my college professor encouraged us all to, at the start of the school year in September! And unfortunately I had not yet tuned in to Supernatural! (Okay, I had seen the first season with friends, but they stopped being my friends, so I stopped watching.. I am ashamed) I was still young, and figuring out who I was, and what I wanted to do with my life.. I had a lot of hope, and was still innocent to the world.