Thinky Thoughts Thursday

Time to put your thinking cap on!

What's YOUR head canon? What specific piece of belief do you put stock in? For example: "Bad Thoughts Alert~it occurred to me “what if everything after Dean went to hell, is just that, he’s actually still there & the whole thing is One Grand Torture, fighting, loosing people, the wins~the best way to torture Dean is to torture Sam, and Sams gone/going through hell” ~ @AniRobb

(Here, have some Scooby-Doo to tide you over until tonight.)


Thinky Thoughts Thursday


" That maybe Sam & Dean aren't full brothers. John got another woman pregnant. Whose to say that he did it again & Sammy's real mom died before? & john brought him home to raise him. & Mary said yes?" ~ @bridgetlkeller

"I firmly believe the reason death has a soft spot for Dean is because when in Mystery Spot Dean died over a hundred times each time he and Death got more closer and became friends and that Dean doesn't remember it but Death does and that's why Death has a soft spot for Dean." ~ @tavia_alaine

"Whenever Dean and Death crossed paths they exchange lists of all their favorite meals and places they’ve eaten so the other one could try it when they got the opportunity." ~ @arsen_aleck

"When Cas became a human, a soul was formed inside him. I mean it makes sense. We’ve seen what happens to soulless humans and we know that fallen angels become human. I think it’s still in there, floating alongside his grace now that he’s powered up. It’s why he’s been so much more expressive with his emotions. And because he has a soul, he has a heaven in the “Winchester” section." ~ @chrisscross_87

"I believe that when the two hunters shot Dean and Sam and they went to heaven it was all planned by Chuck. He wanted them to meet Joshua and even though he then said that God doesn't care,he did but didn't want them to know so that they would loose their faith in him because he wanted them to rebell and make their own destiny because he wanted to see what happens when not everything is decided by him." ~ @Lythilia

"Sammy going crazy after Dean is trapped in Purgatory. Drunk driving, hitting a dog, bringing him to Vet and vet unable to save the dog, saying sorry, him leaving with hallucinations starting. He hallucinated the entire thing with Amelia. Then he healed himself with this unintentionally, never knew he actually went crazy and learned the truth, he ended up going the cabin without thinking much just the hope inside him to maybe he would see Dean again. If he didn’t find him there he would crack a bottle of whiskey and probably drunk himself dead or end up hospitalized or something. Yeah I am dark and twisted. Well, what you gonna do so.. 😂" ~ @SevalKilic1991

Previous week's question:

Where oh where has Gabriel been? And what has he been up to? I want to hear your theories on these two questions and how he'll get away from Asmodeous, in addition to if he'll last for longer than one episode! This question was suggested to me by @Detroit_Mommy (thanks!)

"I never really thought that Luci had killed Gabriel. I always thought it was an illusion and my headcannon is that Gabriel was very drained afterward. So he ran off to hide and during that time was captured by Asmodeus. Asmodeus kept draining his power and that's why he can do things with the snap of his fingers. I think that he's been somewhat recovering while there even though he looks beat up because if there is one thing that Gabriel is, it's that he is the Trickster and will not go down easy. I'm hoping that he comes back and helps TFW 2.0 take down the AU. But then that begets the question if that AU is destroyed, what kind of ripple effect will it have..." ~ @historychick29

"Crikey, that's a tough one!! Well he's been deep "underground" maybe in the dark corners of heaven lol or just away in some obscure American town living like a hermit!! From the state he was in when we saw that glimpse, I think he's going to need some help getting away from Asmodeous. Maybe Ketch will let on that Gabriel is trapped there and they'll get a rescue mission going for Team Free Will to save him and he could then help them with what they need. I can't wait to find out." ~ @harpo1981

"I think he got caught by Abaddon, when he was hiding as a porn actor, and he's been in a hell-prison ever since. I think someone will help him escape (spoilers) And CHUCK I hope we do see him in more than one episode!" ~ @kaeos_tennyo

"My rather sad theory is that somewhere between Hammer and Metafiction, he may have been resurrected through some means (my money is on Kali but maybe Chuck) but somehow got captured by someone nefarious and passed on from captor to captor to the point wherein Metatron ended up with custody of him, enough to at least use his powers and image to trick (ha!) Cas. He may have remained trapped (maybe actually held in Heaven) until Asmodeus either stole him or bartered for him, hence gaining Gabriel's powers as well as his blade. Gabriel is a trickster, an archangel to boot; he would never take to captivity well. He would have been resisting all the way through, hence his appearance. Best way to silence him is to, well, silence him, hence the lips. It's a terrible theory, I sort of hope it's not true. :(" ~ @Maeglinhiei

"I think Gabe was dead. Either Chuck or some powerful spell Asmodeus used brought him back, again. My theory on his escape is when Asmodeus tries to get him to kill Lucifer, Gabriel breaks his bonds and kills Amsodeus and hopefully Ketch. I REALLY want Gabriel to stay for the season as part of TFW 2.0, but I think he may go back to heaven to fix things." ~ @Detroit_Mommy

"After Asmodeus Ketch showed the Archangel Blade, everyone should have realized that Gabriel is still alive and not stabbed by Lucifer. After he was lured out of the reserve by the Winchester and given up his indifference, he will probably have been caught shortly after the incident, as he has not intervened in the major battles. I think Ketch will play a role in Gabriel's escape. Since Asmodeus Ketch seems to trust more than the other demons, Ketch will have an easier time getting at Gabriel. Since Lucifer mentioned that he did not give Asmodeus the ability to change shape, Asmodeus will have stolen this gift from Gabriel. So, I suppose, will he turn to the Winchester brothers to help him regain his powers (perhaps his stolen grace?). That should then take more than one episode." ~ @woelfin261172

"I think Metatron truly did resurrect Gabriel. After leaving Cas, newly resurrected Gabriel probably went into hiding again, but he was eventually discovered ( while Lucifer was in charge) and Lucifer caught him; caged him up, rather than destroy him. Crowley may not have known he was there, as his grip on hell was slipping away. After Asmodeus took over, he likely discovered Gabriel's presence. I think Gabriel will escape by persuading Ketch he can stop lucifer, au Michael, and even Asmodeus. Think Gabriel will definitely be around for a while; hopefully, into next season." ~ @BryDeborah

"I think he died as well and went to the land of nothingness where castiel was before Jack brought him back. Maybe Asmodeus brought him back to life because he knew he’d be useful to him somehow as leverage? Also I somehow think that in an AU, Gabe has been plotting this Scooby Doo crossover. It’s a trick of his in some form. I’m not sure how it all connects and I’m not sure how to explain it but... in my mind the possibilities of these make sense." ~ @stephaniejohn23

"Obviously Gabriel faked his death, we now know that there’s no way that Lucifer could’ve killed him, an archangel, with an angel blade. I think he really was hiding out in Heaven until all the angels were cast out by Metatron like he said when we saw him in season 9, I now think that was the real Gabriel (at least up until the gas station) and not a hallucination or whatever. As we all know, Gabe is capable of a lot of tricks. I’m not sure how he would’ve been captured by Asmodeus but as smart as he is, he’ll figure a way out. Maybe Ketch will even help him escape. And I think we’ll get to see much more of him, I’ll think he’ll end up helping with Lucifer and the fight against AU!Michael." ~ @Proud_Mother85

"I think he faked his death when Lucifer stabbed him, then went on the run even deeper undercover until he was caught by Asmodeus. Escape is somehow going to involve the Winchesters (maybe using one of them as a vessel?) We'd BETTER see him for more than one episode - I've missed him! #FreeGabriel" ~ @PlatinumRoseLady

"I think he did in fact die. But as with others in spn, that just means you have a chance of coming back. I asmodeous had him brought back somehow to play a role in his plans. Once the boys get jack and mom back, they may sense Gabriel is alive and rescue him. Or he is in fact the key to getting them back. So it's up to castiel and the boys to save Gabriel and then he can help them get jack and mom back here with us." ~ @skyboivin

"Well, the last we've seen Gabe alive was when Lucifer "killed" him, which we now know he couldn't have done because he didn't had the archangel blade, and then we've seen something that looked like him in season 9 when Metatron needed him to convince Cas to raise an army of his own to turn him into the villain of his delusional tales. I'm still unsure as to whether it really was Gabe or not, since he was pretty evasive about whether he was dead or not to Castiel, which sounds awfully like Gabriel. I think he sort of knew this would happen to him with Lucifer. In the end, he got the last laugh, since he's the one to give the Winchesters the right lead to get him back to the cage, regardless of the consequences and the sacrifice it would require. That kind of looks like a plan wicked enough to have been carefully crafted by him. I reckon he was in hiding, which he proved time and time again he was very good at. Something low profile, and away from his usual eccentric habits, I suspect. The real question is whether he kept an eye on the Winchesters, and whether they might have been helped at times by providential things that, maybe, weren't so providential after all... I reckon Asmodeus didn't had him that long. He need him to end Lucifer, and the return of Lucifer in full force has been known for a year tops, so I suppose that Colonel Sanders had him for a few months at best, probably less, maybe more. I think his presence in Hell's prison is directly linked to the moment Asmodeus understood that the Archangel blade wasn't lost, and that he could put his hands on it. From that moment on, he needed an archangel to use it, hence launching a man-sorry, archangel-hunt to find the nearest archangel available. If finding back Gabe was the easiest choice, it also means that Adam/Michael aren't that easy to free from the cage. Arguably, it'd require the same initial system to free them, if Rowena is not willing to do what she did in mid season 11 : breaking the seals, once again ? Anyway, Asmodeus has him locked for a little while, but I doubt he's been there since season 5. I'm not surprised he got him to shut up in the most violent way, because Gabe is a smartass and Asmodeus isn't exactly up to the challenge, so keeping him quiet forcibly is the only solution. What I suspect is going to happen is pretty grim for Gabriel. And keep in mind that it's in no way what I HOPE, but what I THEORIZE could happen. I think Ketch is going to make the right call to some extent (can he go all the way for the Winchesters ? Not sure about that one at all, but he's going to allow the brothers to get the info that Gabe's there) and Sam and Dean, and possibly Cas too are going to pull out quite the stunt to get him out, and I suspect that it's his grace they're going to use to bring Jack and (/or) Mary back. But in the end, even if he gets to defeat Lucifer, I'm genuinely concerned he's going to die for good this time. I do think that Lucifer's demise is right around the corner, but I don't see it happening from Gabe. I sort of expect it to be Sam's doing, one way or another. Can Gabriel survive it all ? I don't know. I don't think so. Maybe not in this current vessel..." ~ @Aaaahhhxy

"I think he's been laying low for a while, probably secretly preparing to try and defeat Lucifer. I think Ketch will probably set him free but it won't be just from kindness or wanting to do the right thing. I'm sure we'll see him a fair bit this season (I hope)." ~ @Steph_W90