Super SPN Lovefest


Season 13 of Supernatural is now over. Let's tell our cast and crew what we loved most about this past season!


"I loved watching Sam & Dean parenting Jack. We got glimpses of Dean with Ben, but we'd never seen Sam as a Dad. I loved that FINALLY Sam got to express some of his anguish about Lucifer with Rowena. I liked the boys being somewhat back on the same page, having a mutual direction. LOVED Scoobynatural! I definitely appreciate that they have begun to show the mental & physical wear & tear the boys have suffered through all these years. I'm greatly looking forward to seeing Jensen stretch his wings with Michael at the wheel." ~ @AMckicat

"Season 13 gave us a picture of the evolving love, trust, and dedication to family, between the brothers, Jack, Castiel and Mary. It showed us an image of the darker side of *this* universe, buried under a rigid, religion based authoritarian weight..and how, in the middle of that darkness, hope exists. The theme of SPN laid out in every episode. Favorite scenes: Dean and Cas's reunion and Dean, taking time to be the Big brother/Uncle/Dad to Jack...'You're family, Jack, and we take care of our own.'" ~ @doris_helmick

"The things I loved most about season 13 was the honesty between the two brothers that you hadn't really seen in previous seasons. Also the relationship between Sam and Jack. Jack's character he is a great addition. I fell in love with Jack in the very first episode. Lastly, the return of Charlie and Bobby." ~ @jennafriedland

"Jared's heartbreaking, soul-lifting portrayal of Sam's standing up so strong to Lucifer "WHAT do you WANT!" "How'd you think this was gonna end?" "Kill me." Jared was just...incredible this season." ~ @Readstoescape

"I loved Jack. His relationship with Sam and Cas, then eventually Dean was so sweet. I was so proud of him when he stood up to Lucifer. And Alex is a lovely addition to the cast, he's so talented." ~ @Samikitten 

"I love the development of characters, especially Dean. At the beginning of the season we saw him devastated, losing Crowley, Cas, and his Mum in the counts of minutes. He hated Jack and practically blamed him for everything that happened. But he learnt to understand Jack better, he even became somewhat of - quoting Jensen - a stepdad to Jack, and it’s beautiful. Sam learnt to understand his brother and mother more, and he even more forgiving and caring to others (the way he mend Gabriel’s injury, after what the Archangel did at Mystery Spot?). Cas learnt to know that he belonged with the brothers, he’s more confortable with them (hence the sass), and the brothers included him in team discussions etc. And of course the surprises, the return of Bobby, Ketch, Gabriel, Kevin, Charlie (!!!), then Wayward Sisters and Scoobynatural. From a shipper POV: Dean and Cas’s improvement in communication is very pleasant to see." ~ @siriuslyelmo

"I loved the bond that Sam had with Jack, because I feel that he understood the most about what Jack was going through. I love the whole nature vs nurture theme this season. Like with Lucifer how he has been evil for so long that there is no redeeming him, but just because his dad was evil doesn't mean he has to be. I was so happy to see Gabriel again. Everyone of Rich's episodes that he is either in or has directed have always been favorites of mine. I could see a change in Gabriel from his time being held captive. He seemed darker and angry can't say that I blame him though. I would have loved to see him longer. I'm still sad and maybe in denial that they killed him off. Lucifer's death.. I'm happy with how it played out. I feel satisfied with the fact the Dean was the one in control and not Michael for his death scene. That look on Sam's face was worth it. I can't wait to see how Michael/Dean goes next season. Kudos to the writers this season. My only complaint about this season is they gave me Gabriel back then took him away." ~ @erinlelder1

"Honestly the Scooby Doo episode was an instant classic. The nostalgia hit home. Loved it." @Grvyrdmama

"The "family" feel of this season was AMAZING and played so well and so consistently, from the aftermath of Cas' death in the premiere all the way through the defeat of Lucifer in the finale. Thank you for that! Team Free Will 2.0 is amazing, and I'm excited to see all four of them again in Season 14!" ~ @beckstiel


Super SPN Lovefest