Supernatural Superhero Award

The #SPNFamily is a giving bunch -- people buy photo ops for strangers, provide a place to crash during a con, gift T-shirts; and many, many, many help lift people up with kind words.

I want to celebrate these "Superheroes" of the #SPNFamily -- submit who you think is your "Superhero" in the fandom, and they will get a chance to win five prints from the fabulously talented @PaulaMould -- a prize worth $125!

Contest ends April 30.

Supernatural Superhero Award

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Person nominated: @PugfatherJeff

Nominated by: @AniRobb

I’d like to nominate the SPNFamilies AKFJeff, This kind soul is the epitome of what I believe is the SPNFamily ~ Love, Compassion, Understanding & Acceptance. Jeff constantly offers moral support to the family via his many mini recordings, offering empathy for those of us fighting our inner demons, encouraging words and support are his superpower. He is the humblest of men, not believing in his own abilities to make a difference, or to have a meaningful existence ~ even though he makes a difference & is meaningful to so many of us every single day with his avid & passionate belief in #OnlyLove and for us to #AKF This guy is also an amazingly talented artist and the SPNBike is a thing of beauty and love. For the guy who gives so many of us positivity and encouragement while dealing with his own demons, AKFJeff deserves some light & recognition to prove to him that he is living a meaningful and valued existence and that we appreciate all that he does and that we, and him, will Always Keep Fighting.