Supernatural Cookbook -- Part 1

Heavenly Pancakes

We may all be pissed off at Chuck nowadays (how about that ghost apocalypse, eh?) but dang, the dude can sure whip up some yummy pancakes!

The first recipe in Julie Tremaine's "Supernatural Cookbook" is Heavenly Pancakes -- and rightly so. I am extremely picky about my pancakes -- they need to be light and fluffy, but not too doughy -- and these fit the part perfectly.

Waffles are usually my go-to breakfast on the weekend -- I can never seem to get the right cook on a pancake -- but these are easy, as well, pie! The ingredients are simple enough -- the only replacement I had to make was olive oil instead of cooking spray -- and the instructions are very straight forward and easy to follow. I halved the recipe (which makes 12 pancakes normally) because it was only my husband and I.

I highly suggest making these pancakes, they are delicious!

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