SPN birthday project

When Axy (@Aaaahhhxy) first came to me with the idea for the SPN Birthday project, earlier this year, I was immediately on board. With the amount of hatred and negativity surrounding our fandom, especially lately, I thought the SPN Birthday idea wasn’t just a good idea, but a necessary one.

Axy and her team – Jennie (@DeanIsntFine); Kathy (@MOLBunker); Ellie (@HunterWhoLived); Mika (@SamuletKeeper); Doris (@Doris_Helmick); Carrie (@Mokiness099); @Taylor (@TeaTimeandBooks); and Gia (@Georgia_Heapyx) – have worked long and hard on this project, which is essentially a love letter to the characters of Supernatural – not the actors. (As an aside, Changing Channels does “love days” for each of the main cast: #MishaMonday, #MooseDay and #JenSunday.)

The awesome thing? It’s open to ALL SUPERNATURAL FANS – no matter which character is your favourite, who you ship, or don’t.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could tell Sammy how much you loved him? Tell Castiel how much you admired his strength of spirit? And Dean how much you enjoyed his snarky attitude? It’s not just the main three cast, either – the SPN Birthday project is accepting submissions meant for all of the characters of Supernatural – no holds barred. The only rule? No shipping.

The printed books will be delivered to the cast at this year’s VanCon in October.

Submissions, which can be sent to spnbdayproject2018@gmail.com until Sept. 10, can include art, pictures, letters, poetry – whatever strikes your fancy.