SPN/LuciferFandom Awards

What do LuciFans and the SPNFamily have in common? We both have "Lucifer" characters, demons and angels -- and both fandoms are fervent, dedicated and enthusiastic.

There are certain journalists, websites and people that Changing Channels feels need to be highlighted. So -- let's honour them!

The fine print: All entries will be posted on this page for review, but the promoters reserve the right to promote only entries that fall within the guidelines adherent within the spirit of the awards.

As host and promoter, Changing Channels is not eligible for any awards.


SPN Fandom/Lucifer Awards




Award: Positivity

Group: @emumobbunker: @dean_67Impala; @SamSoGetThis; @Castiel_of; @JackLovesNougat; @M_Winchester54; @01AlphaOmega; @HRHLucifer; @Gabe_Sweets18; @IHateBanshees; @KingofIdjits01; @MegaCovenQueen; @char1ieBradbury; @AKetch74; @MillsSheriff; @DHanscum; @Alex_Joness98; @TheClaire_Novak; @Just_Patience_; @dreamwalker0117; @VeilCornerOfc; @JTRHandsClean; @SonnyHFBNY; @BeTheClarence; @Darkest_Sister

Reason: They are an awesome group of people behind the scenes doing role play on the twitter time line and in dms. Playing our favorite spn people. But they take the time to interact with each of us. And chat with us sometimes in private. They're supportive and caring. And always try to be positive esp during the notification ban that swept twitter! Lots of love to them.


Award: Inclusiveness

Fan: @DeanIsntFine

Reason: Jennie is warm and welcoming. She looks out for our "Winchester Army." If someone's having a rough time, she's there to help shine light onto said person's day. The SPN fandom is a better place because of her.


Award: Positivity

Group: #Lucifer

Reason:  I would like to honor the #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer Fandom. We have been tweeting for 4 weeks straight to save our show and have remained positive and supportive. I'm so glad to get to connect with people on the other side of the world!


Award: Diverse content

Person: @_KingBooks_ (Alana King)

Reason: She’s Wayward, super talented and unbelievably cute. She brings the hype.


Award: Inclusiveness

Page: @SPNCrossroads

Reason: Crossroads RTs and spreads general content from all corners of fandom. The only thing they DON'T spread is exclusive content. Every support campaign, every photo op, every positive note, they're there.


Award: Diverse content

Page: @Superwiki

Reason: This site is the go to site about any aspect of Supernatural with content for everyone.