by Carol Hansson

Lucifer. A show that just finished broadcasting it’s third season … a show that turns the idea of Heaven and Hell on its head, one that shows that even the most “evil” of us all deserves to have a little redemption.

Friday, May 11 – Fox announces that it’s not going to renew the show … and fans take to Twitter in droves to #SaveLucifer.

As of May 12, there were over a million mentions of #SaveLucifer. Multiple petitions were signed – one, hit 197,000 right this moment.

“It’s been so wonderful to see, it’s been amazing to see the outpouring of the #SaveLucifer campaign that the fans have been doing on Twitter. It has worked in the past for some shows … if there is any possibility for Lucifer, it will, because of this – the fans worldwide showing that there is a desire for the show. It all comes down to if there’s another place – like a streaming service, CW, or something like that – that has the right place for it at the right time. A lot of it is timing. Even if another network would like to pick it up, but they already have their schedule – they don’t have the hour to put it in per week – a lot goes into play. There’s a lot of factors that come into play. The fans have definitely made their voices heard, which has been amazing. If it can happen, I think it will.” Tricia Helfer

"I am grateful, humbled and honored that Lucifans all over the world are fighting for our show. My heart is full. We wouldn't be here without them. They are family." Aimee Garcia

“The fans have proven they are not going down without a fight. My sadness has been replaced with sheer astonishment. That our little show reaches and means to so much to so many is truly humbling. The power of fandom is incredible and whatever happens, I’m grateful for being a part of the huge Lucifer family.” Lesley-Ann Brandt

"I think the most exciting thing at this point, Friday, May 18th, is that our show was cancelled almost exactly a week ago and our fans are still on twitter using the hashtag SaveLucifer and are still as passionate as ever! As we go through this process we realize that it's extraordinarily rare to have this kind of support to keep going and have faith we will find a better fit than where we originally were. We feel passionately that we can reach more of our fans on a streaming service, but whether that can be done or not, is up to the Gods - pun intended! It's writers like you, who are still supporting our show, that are really the ones driving this. So thank you - from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!" Rachael Harris

Will Lucifer find a new home elsewhere? Well, as the devil himself says, that would be my deepest, darkest desire.



"'Lucifer' is as ground-breaking today as 'Star Trek' was during the 60's. We didn't realize it back then just how different an poignant the show was. Women (of different races) in strong roles, different relevant stories that fit the times. Same with Lucifer. Strong women, mixed races & LGBT in solid roles. Good over evil, Lucifer punishes the evil doers, emotional growth, inner struggles, the list goes on. The show should go on! What if Harry Potter stopped half way thru? Or Star Wars? Lucifer MUST continue!" ~  Lynette

"It's ironic that one of the friendliest and best fan communities is for a show with the lead character being the devil. #SaveLucifer #PickupLucifer Let's let Lucifer's being picked up be our heaven." Jen

"This show is absolutely amazing. It isn't even nearly time to say goodbye to this incredible cast and storyline. Please save Lucifer!" Sheri

"Lucifer is one of the most enjoyable, refreshing and entertaining shows that I have ever watched. All the actors and actresses were fantastic and each episode had a different message or view of good vs evil or how our choices define us and our belief in God or not, it was a lot of fun to watch. Better than the crap television shows that are usually on now." ~ Kathy

"I really like the show, its funny, charming, sexy and easy to love. we have great characters from the sandman comics (which im a huge fan) and also from the lucifer comics which i need to finish asap! it touches important things about human nature and many many times it makes you think and reflect. Also, we have a latina character who is not sexualized (i swear to god, i have never seen this before as a latina woman who's on the mathematics area myself its really important and means a lot to me ), People of color doing main roles (i dont really have an ethnicity defined but i personally love maze's character because she is so beautiful being a mixed color woman, i used to hate some traces of my face but then i realized that i kinda look like her when it comes to my face structure and it was the first time i've had a celebrity who i physically relate to and i know it sounds silly but she kinda made me love my mixed traces a lot better and I'm very thankful for that) , openly LGBT characters who do not die at the end of the story, a main character being a strong and single mommy, etc etc etc. The show represents so many people, its really an amazing show, with a great soundtrack and a huge story to tell, please pick this up!" ~ Mih S.

"It sounds trite but I have developed a deeper understanding of my character by watching the growth of the Lucifer characters. It allows my brain to “chill” and really understand we can all give ourselves wings or a devil’s face purely by what we believe to be true about ourselves. I want to see how the characters of Lucifer and Chloe grown beyond what they believe to be “true”." Donna

"I love the show!! We are a legion!! From uruguay! #SaveLucifer" Cynthia

"Lucifer is an amazing show!!! Between the depth of each character to each detailed storyline in every episode. The hard work and details everyone puts into this show from the creators, writers, actresses, actors and everyone that is involved with this show... It shows in every episode...100% ! This show has something for everyone. Comedy, action, romance and is very thrilling to watch! Did i mention best cast!!!! Lol so i do hope they find it a new home so we the Lucifans can enjoy many more seasons to come." ~ Danielle Hake

"Lucifer is a GREAT Show, how can it just end there! UNACCEPTABLE, BRING LUCIFER BACK! #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer" ~ IW

"I’ve been hooked on Lucifer since the first Episode ~ To me it’s the perfect mix of humour & drama telling the tale of our Lucifer and his self awareness and emotions while fighting his inner demons as he sees them) of self worth, humanity, affection, love and loyalty. Each episode deals with human fragitities like loss, ego, emotional pain, love, friendship to name a few, while giving us the drama of the crimes that Lucifer and Chloe and the team solve. Tom Ellis is the personification of this version of Lucifer, suave, cheeky, easy on the eyes and able to dish out the punishment with just the right note of terror! All set to a fabulous soundtrack too! There’s so much more of this story to tell that’s why we must #SaveLucifer" @AniRobb

"More than one season I pray. We all need this show. #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer" ~ G. Ferro

"Lucifer is unique , no other show compares , Lucifer brings happiness, heartbreak,laupher and redemption , best TV show I've seen and continue to re watch, The cast is awesomely incredible the story of Lucifer isn't over , I really hope Lucifer gets a second chance it's to AWESOME to end like this." ~ Karen Warren

"I think this show has great potential. Don't let It die now." ~ Elisa Taiana

"@TheCW @warnerbrostv @BRUCKHEIMERJB #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer🔥🗡🍩👨‍🚀🕰💃🔦🚪👍 I desire Lucifer for a fourth season and while I'm at it 88 episodes." ~ Richard Sharp

"Lucifer is truly the best television show I've ever seen, & I've been around awhile & seen a lot. The quality of the production & the genuine affection & affinity you immediately feel for the characters is amazing. And then there is the writing, which hooked me within the first ten minutes of the pilot, was the first thing I fell in love with about the show. It's truly been something to actually look forward to on Mondays, and the short-sightedness of cancelling a show of this quality with such a devoted following, particularly with such disregard for the viewer and crew, is appalling. I pray that Lucifer quickly finds safe harbor with another network that can recognize it for the jewel that is." ~ Annie Smith

"Save Lucifer, 1 more season at least, cannot end with that cliffhanger." ~ Jay