Rachael Harris Appreciation


Warm, kind and a wonderful sense of humour ... the perfect Dr. Linda.  What do you love most about Rachael?


"I am so incredibly thankful to have her with us Luci-fans. She supports us as much as we support her. She gives me the needed energy when I feel like giving up on the #SaveLucifer campaign. Did you see her Twitter page? Just how many times has she thanked us? It often feels like an eternal battle of thanks between her and us. She tries to lead a normal life outside of the show, which makes it easier for me to identify with her. She looks happy, she tries to stay positive and dear old Dad knows how much I need some positiveness in my life." ~ @ElenaMikaelstar

"She treats the devil...I mean what's not to love? She's wise, loving, understanding and very patient. She fights for her friends no matter what. She always has good advices and an open ear for everyone." @M_Primrose210

"She is funny, kind, patient and embodies Dr. Linda in such a way that you feel like you also got a therapy." @Lordas94

"Sweet and supportive, funny and wise." ~ Amanda Mattavelli

"Gorgeous, spunky, amazing actress and all around lovely person." @Grvyrdmama

"She embodies kindness and patience. Her dry wit is incredible, as is her comic timing. She is open and speaks to what she believes in." @BeckyNBeck

Rachael Harris appreciation