Photo op and Auto Stories

SPN Las Vegas 2018


Rob Benedict will be the death of me. So the first time I ever got an op with Louden Swain, I was so excited to see Rob I almost fainted. Hyperventilating in a corset is a BAD IDEA. So for this convention I decided to try to create a photo op as if I had fainted during an op and he caught me. As I explained it to him, he said "Awwww. Okay. Lets do it." And the op happened perfectly. But then things went wrong. Let me add that for this photo op, I was also wearing a corset, which I seem to have laced a little too tightly. I know. Stupid move. I love my corsets, what can I say? But as I was coming up out of the "faint" a muscle in my side did something bad. The corset must have held it in place or something, restricted it. As I stood up straight, I felt a shooting pain in my side. But I still had another op to do! Luckily I was able to push away the pain for a moment and say "For my second op can we just do a forehead kiss?" Which he said yes to. That op turned out to be the best op of the convention for me. The whole room awwwed as the photo was taken. I thanked Rob and managed to walk away looking normal, but once I was behind the screen, where Rob couldn't see, I nearly collapsed. My back HURT. I half-limped out of the op room and took my corset off. I was hurting most of the rest of the day. A friend gave me some nice pain meds that helped a lot. But honestly it was so worth it, because both of those photos turned out INCREDIBLE. Stupid! Worth it!

SPN Las Vegas 2018


In our Jensen op, we did the witch episode, "Various & Sundry Villains.” Alexis George was "Jamie Plum" with the hammer and I was "Jennie Plum" with the Black Grimoire book But, things didn't go exactly as planned...I didn't hold the book correctly, mainly due to the fact that when Jensen looked at the camera, I yelled- yes, I yelled at Jensen Ackles- "NO! LOOK AT ME!!!" I yelled so loud that Chris paused; Jensen looked at me and I scared myself!! I didn't realized I said it outloud, but when Jensen looked at me, I melted. Glad Alexis stayed in character though.

SPN Las Vegas 2018


I had a few photo ops for #SpnLV (my 1st ever SPNCon too!). My J2 photo op was one I have been thinking about for a year, which was when I decided to finally make the decision to actually attend a con. Harry Potter, Corgis, Final Fantasy, and of course Supernatural are my fav fandoms - so of course I had to pick one to do a crossover with! I randomly found the ‘My Patronus is a Winchester’ shirt online and the decision was made!! We already had the wands and scarves, so it was easy to bring them with us.

I was kinda nervous in line, but the music was fun and everyone seemed happy so that was all a plus! When our turn came up, I held out the Gryffindor/ Slytherin scarves along with the 2 extra wands; and Jared quickly grabbed red! He seemed excited for the pic, but who am I to tell? He shoved the green scarf at Jensen and said he was ‘totally a Slytherin’. Haha! (This was again repeated when he signed the pic.. so maybe it’s true?! Hehe.) I think that made up Jensens mind to look so confused in the pic. Jared just grabbed my arm and pulled me over and posed, so I copied him and my hubby copied us & then Jensen stayed where he was and made that face! Hahaha. Afterward they were very nice saying goodbye and I was super excited to get the pic! I wish I knew how to take better pics...but ehh’; no one is looking at me anyway so who cares!

(PS: I’m only 5’2 + Jared is squatting a lot and it was hilarious for me to look over after and his face wasn’t there anymore...just mid-pecs...cue blushing the amount of a cherry tomato for me! ...I will post about my 3 other photo ops eventually, I have the same shirt in many colors to use for photo ops! Did I mention I really thought about this for over a year? Yea...nerdy girl here)

SPN Las Vegas 2018


The one person I wanted to meet was Alexander Calvert and about a week and a half before I went; it was mentioned that he’d be attending. I took my picture with him and when I got his auto I got to tell that and he said thank you and he even wrote happy birthday on my auto.

SPN Las Vegas 2018

@WordsOfLeisure (Ebony)

At the Supernatural Las Vegas 2018 convention, a dream photo op of mine was finally realized. Creation finally, FINALLY decided to offer a Misha Collins/Rob Benedict duo photo op. I had been hoping and praying for this opportunity for at least four years, though it felt like a lifetime. I just love Misha and Rob's friendship and how much they love each other, and their interactions with each other during cons just sets my heart ablaze. So when a friend of mine, Melstiel, offered me the chance to share a Misha/Rob duo photo op with her, I was besides myself with joy. I have done separate Rob solo photo ops and Misha solo photo ops, completely calm and without any issues. But there was just something about being in a photo op with them together that made me so emotional. I think it was just a combination of how much I love them and the fact that I have dreamed of this photo op for so long, hoping against hope that would happen. When my friend and I finally got to the front I could barely keep it together. I started to ramble about how much this photo op meant to me and Chris had to step in and explain why I was just so overwhelmed. I somehow managed to explain the pose we wanted and got into position. When the photo was done, Rob gave me a hug and Misha gave me high five, and as soon as I turned the corner, I started sobbing. My dream had finally come true! Shaking, I grabbed my belongings off the table, ran out of the photo op room, and collapsed onto the floor, continuing to sob. Thankfully, my friends were there to comfort me and calm me down. It was so weird because I am usually the one calming other fans down. I've met so many of my favorite actors from Supernatural as well as other shows and movies, and while definitely excited, always managed to be even-keeled. But that moment, that experience, was amazing and I just felt it so deeply. It will be a memory that I will cherish for quite some time.


@smashalecki (Meredith)

During the J2 main panel, my mom asked Jared a question about Gilmore Girls and the person sitting behind me made fun of her question. It really upset me and combined with the anxiety of meeting Jared again during autos, I was a mess. I was shaking so much one of the volunteers came over and stood with me while I calmed down enough to say hi to Jared. When I got to him, I told him thanks for AKF. He looked up and gave me a big smile and said thanks. Then he raised his hand and I gave him a high five. He said BS and made me do it 3 more times. Right before the last time, he told me that he was a big dude and to use all my strength. After I did the last high five, he grabbed my hand and held it for a few seconds and said, “Thanks, darlin’.” Then he let my hand go and blew me a kiss as I was walking away. And that’s the story of meeting my hero named Jared. :)

PurCon 3, 2017 Germany, Düsseldorf

Claudia -- @woelfin261172

Last year I was at my very first convention. I was super nervous. It was the first time in a long time that I was traveling alone again. I have a bone disease and have been in pain for over 3 years. So I had retreated quite a bit. By chance I came across the convention in Dusseldorf. Since I have a good friend living nearby, I decided to go with my crutches on the long way. I don't regret it.

Everyone was super nice and helpful. I had read a lot about the SPN family and their cohesion. Now I learned first-hand what it means to be a part of this family. I bought Photo-Ops from Rob and Richard and added a double op with Matt and Gil. This double op was my first and set the tone for the rest of the weekend.

Gil and Matt were so nice that I felt comfortable despite the short time. Matt took my crutches and Gil whispered to me, 'We hold you'. Later I got the autographs and Gil wrote my name for the autograph. Later that evening was the karaoke party. For us 'handicapped' was a space reserved next to the stage, so we were very close to the action. You can't imagine how surprised I was when Gil approached me and called 'Hey Claudia'. Over 1000 people at the convention and he remembered my name !!! Later he held the microphone under my nose, so that I could sing along too. Right in the middle of the action. I've been happier than I've been in my life for so long.

I was also impressed by the ladies present (Kim, Brianna and Ruth). But due to my slim purse I could afford only a photo Op and an autograph of Kim Rhodes. And I was blown away again. Kim took me in her arms and kissed my head and thanked me for being there. She thanked me !!! Richard and Rob were just as warm as everyone else. Due to technical problems the photos were finished so late that I could not get the autographs until the next day. And here again, Gil surprised me by knowing a day later who I was and greeting me again: 'Hey Claudia'. If I had not sat, it would have taken me off my feet.

Almost a year later, I still have contact with the people I met at the convention. I hope that this year after my surgery I'll be up fast enough to be part of the PurCon 2018.

Las Vegas 2018


I am having a very hard time in my life right now, I self harm and to be honest had been thinking very bad and dark things. I lost all passion and forgot how much Supernatural meant for me; my mom told me to go to the convention (she doesn't know of how I am feeling), I went and God! ... It was just what I needed.

I am at my first year of college, not passionate, studying a major that I am not interested in, and felt scared. In the convention I laughed, I laughed so hard, like I hadn't done for a while. I went to VegasCon alone, so while walking in the vendors room between panels I felt so lonely, even if I was in a room full of people. I bought the book "Family Doesn't End with Blood" and Osric autograph, and I got in line behind a girl I met at con. I was shaking, I thought is OK this just another quick autograph, he will sign, smile and say goodbye -- but it wasn't.

It was so much better, so very special; he signed my book and asked how I was and I, for some reason, answered with honesty. I told him how bad I was feeling, I told him about having no passion and hating my major at college -- and he listened. He looked at me and listened -- and then he took his time to give me advice on what to do, he took his time to make sure I knew he understood me and he cared. When we were done, he hugged me and all I could say was thank you, and not only for the hug or autograph, thank you because he listened to me, he cared, he made me feel like I mattered and I wasn't alone.

It changed how I saw the rest of the convention; he reminded me of why I loved Supernatural as much as I did , as I do. I am very glad that I went , I will never forget it.

Las Vegas 2018


I am approaching my 1 year anniversary of sobriety. Accepting a higher power proved to be a challenge to me. Biblical God wasn't going to give me the support I needed. Enter Chuck.

So, I get up to take my pic.

Lemme tell ya, when Rob Benedict looks at you, you can FEEL IT in your core.

ME: When I needed a higher power, I needed something who wouldn't judge or be spiteful, something that would just love and support me.

ROB: That's me.

The man KNOWS. He proceeded to rub good juju on my chip before the pose then we held it together. This will be a huge inspiration as I continue down this path of sobriety. My wife, MaryAnn, was there for me when the reality of what had just happened set in. My family, blood, chosen and SPN are my inspiration. Thanks guys.

Las Vegas 2018


3 years ago my best friend had an op with Jensen in Phoenix... 3 months later she passed away very unexpectedly. Her 11 year old son gave me the shirt from their op. Well, after 3 years I was finally able to get my op with Jensen in Lezah's shirt. He remembered the shirt and remembered Lezah. I told him the story and his face crumbled, Then he pulled me tightly to him, told me how sorry he was and we took the most amazing pic ( while holding the original pic of him and Lezah) I feel like I finally have some closure.

 Las Vegas 2018


Since we're Vegas Girls at our Vegas Con, we decided on a casino theme. When we got up there, I thought we were lining up boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, then Amber handed us our "cards" she moved me to the end. As we finally lined up, Chris took the pic, then came over to adjust our order, explaining that Amber's hand was blocking my face.

The new pic looks awesome and I'm glad the guys understand what was going on. I'm glad that Amber arranged us this way and super glad that Chris caught the potential blunder.

Las Vegas 2018


Have been waiting for a long time for my David Haydn Jones hug. When he saw me he gave me a huge hug, we spoke a few words then he gave me another lovely hug. Chris is clearing his thoughts so Davey spun me around and the rest is history.

Las Vegas 2018


BMOL- I never met Adam or David, but they've been very supportive of SPN FAMILY in tweets, so getting the BMOL op was a great idea.I just thought that showing them how much the fans love them, by holding a sign of support...AMERICANS LOVE TO HATE THE BRITISH MEN OF LETTERS. David said the sign was awesome and took it from my hand, lol. It happened too fast, but that minute was fun and glad I met all them that weekend!!