March 20, 2018

by @glitterinchaos

For anyone who may not know this, traffic in LA is an absolute nightmare. It is rare for me to find a motivation worthy of braving the streets of Downtown LA or Hollywood; however, if there is one cause worth the sacrifice, it’s Supernatural.  So, that’s how I found myself at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on Tuesday for PaleyFest.

I arrived a few hours before the panel and my first objective was to find Baby and the Mystery Machine. When I rounded the corner and saw her, I was actually a little star struck.  It was then that I realized that Baby is a celebrity in her own right and she was surrounded by a black velvet rope and her own security detail to prove it!  I hung around for a little while before the next celebrity, Scooby-Doo, made his appearance.  The atmosphere was lighthearted and fun as fans of all ages ran up to Scooby and took their photos, myself included.

As the crowd steadily increased over the next couple of hours, I enjoyed observing everything around me and genuinely appreciated being surrounded by fellow Supernatural fans. (I’ve never been to a convention or anything remotely similar, so it was a new and exciting experience for me).  I overheard a little boy no older than maybe 5 or 6 years old keep asking his mom when he was going to see “Sam and Demon” while his slightly older sister kept trying to correct him.  I saw parents with their kids (of all ages), couples, friends, and even witnessed a few strangers discuss fan theories together and end up exchanging phone numbers.  The fanbase there was incredibly diverse and made me truly appreciate the way in which this show brings people together.  It was beautiful and heartwarming.

Before I knew it, the crowd had gotten massive and the anticipation was palpable as media crews, additional security, and Paley personnel started buzzing around where Baby was parked. The actual arrival of Misha, Jensen, and Jared was completely surreal for me as I had only ever seen these men on my TV screen.  Their excitement was apparent and they appeared to take a few moments to stop and appreciate everyone who had shown up.  No one seemed more humbled by the crowd of screaming fans than Misha, who could be seen mouthing the word “wow” more than once.  Jensen was the most composed while Jared looked like he wanted to run around and hug every single one of us.  Their photo op with Scooby was a bit of a whirlwind and they exited just as quickly as they had arrived, but for me, this was also the most heart-stopping moment - I received a Misha high-five as he was being ushered away.  Such a simple gesture and an interaction that took mere seconds, but certainly not a moment I will soon forget! 

From there, I headed into the lobby of the Dolby Theater and got a Supernatural-themed cocktail, which I thought was a special (and delicious) touch to the experience. I’m not sure how much fan access there was to the red carpet area, but I didn’t get to see any of that.  Instead, I headed straight inside to find my seat.  The theatre itself was magical - it’s a beautiful venue with a rich history and I kept wondering what celebrity might have sat where I was sitting during the Oscars just a few weeks prior - but really, I’d like to know!

Before the panel truly began, we were immediately introduced to the screening of Scoobynatural. I won’t give away spoilers but I will say that haven’t enjoyed an episode that much in a long time.  It was incredibly special to view it on the big screen (in the Dolby Theatre no less) and watching it in an auditorium filled with fellow fans was indescribably thrilling - we cheered and gasped and clapped and shouted together and it was such a unique experience.  I truly believe that this masterpiece will go down as one of the most loved episodes in the entire series.  It surpassed my every expectation and was an artful mashup of the two shows that seamlessly combined the innocence of the classic Scooby characters with the darker themes of our beloved Supernatural world.  The writers and animators deserve a tremendous amount of creative credit and I will forever be thankful for their work.  I cannot wait for the rest of the world to experience it!

Once the cheering and applauding died down, the panel participants were finally introduced and it felt like even the cast was also riding the excitement and wonder of Scoobynatural (a few of whom had just watched it for the first time with all of us as well). The love shown to everyone was amazing and it was such a pleasure to listen to them answer questions and engage with fans.  Misha, Jensen, Jared, and Alex seem like incredibly humble humans who genuinely enjoy what they do and appreciate those that support them and the show. 

The panel ended much too quickly and while many people rushed to the stage for autographs, only a lucky few received them as the four boys were pulled away with the explanation that they all had a plane to catch. Leaving the Dolby Theater, I found myself still in such an awe of the entire evening.  Baby and the Mystery Machine were thankfully still parked outside (still guarded by security) and I took the opportunity to take a few more pictures. 

Overall, I had so much fun! The entire experience did nothing but make me love the show, the cast and crew, and the fans that much more.  I enjoyed sharing the night with everyone around me and I am still so excited for the premier of Scoobynatural!  I hope every single person reading this will enjoy it as immensely as I did!