Marvelous Misha Moments

Misha Collins inspires so many ... makes us laugh, makes us cry, and yes, even makes us curse -- "DAMMIT MISHA!" What's your favourite Misha moment? It can be something you've personally experienced, something someone else has experienced, or something you've seen on social media. Anyone who submits their entry between Aug. 18 and midnight, Aug. 19, will have a chance to win this "be a Misha" ring! 



Marvellous Misha Moments

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"He reminds me that, a single person no matter their wealth or status, can create change. He inspires me to keep moving toward my goals with my schooling, when I feel I'm running out of gas." ~ Julia

"I was very cautious of males after my mum and siblings escaped domestic violence. Misha looks very much like my father, who was our abuser so when I first saw him on tv, I hated him! I started hearing good things he’s done and I followed him. I became a fan of his charity work. I now advocate for domestic violence and have done a lot of fundraising etc. I went to my first Con in Sydney this year. I didn’t know if I’d be able to go near him due to his appearance, but I did. I never told him any of this but I was petrified but had my photo with him. He has taught me that despite my early experiences being abused, people are mostly good. I don’t fear all males and by following his lead and doing charity work I have been able to not only fight my own demons but defeat them and be a strong, brave person." ~ @Golden_goose

“Misha has the kind of incandescent soul that lights up the world around him.He does what he preaches and that is what makes him my hero. Misha is accepting to everyone.What is that saying on the Statue of Liberty "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.... Misha is the true embodiment of this quote.He is a rock for many,many people. Including me.I am primary caregiver of my ASD child and I had thought ,'this is it!this is my duty my job.'I had forgotten to be me and he gave me the courage to do the things that made me.My kids are happier and I am happy too!” ~  @sheenali5

”He had a hard life, was bullied, and struggled financially. He could have become bitter, or when he started to get success, he could have hoarded what he had. But instead, he uses his position as a platform to try and help others get where he is. His birthday wish is to get people to vote, he started Random Acts, he inspires every day.” ~ @kannbrown

”I suffer from tremendous anxiety issues and Misha being willing to face the hate, the rage, for being determined to fight injustice and to battle hate, makes me more willing to risk jumping into that sea of uncertainty and to join the struggle. Whether it is defending destiel fans from unwarranted hate or fighting injustice in the current political arena, Misha never lets fear stop him. He is a lighthouse shining on a dark sea of fear for me. He gives me hope.” ~ @BryDeborah

“He is such a role model for promoting the idea that being yourself is a good thing, no matter how odd others find you. It's helped me learn to accept and be happy with myself as I am and not care about what other people think. He is just so accepting of everyone and that kind of gift is incredible for so many people.” ~  @Riath84