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(Mazikeen) -- Care Like a Demon campaign 

by @ChangingChanne1

 Demons have a bad rep, but Lesley-Ann Brandt, who plays Mazikeen on Lucifer, is working to change that. In 2018, Lesley-Ann started two #CareLikeADemon campaigns – the first, in which she has raised $55,309 (as of today, donations are still being made) for Together Rising, and $11,747 for RAICES Texas.

On Aug. 5, she started a T-shirt campaign for Care Like a Demon in co-operation with Stands, a company well-known for its charitable endeavours with Supernatural cast. In most cases, Stands splits the profit with an actor 50/50, with Stands donating 10% of its profit to a charity. Rather than going this route, Lesley-Ann opted to donate her 50% share of profit to Everytown and a mother and son, Nilda and Keyden. (Nilda and Keyden’s story can be found here: Stands’ 10% of profit is being donated to RAICES. So, bottom line, 60% of profit from Lesley-Ann’s #CareLikeADemon campaign is being donated to charity.

Lesley-Ann explains why she chose RAICES for Stands’s 10% of profit: “They are in the trenches doing the work at the border and bringing actual and factual accounts of the human rights abuses being committed by the US government. Their services range for free to low-cost representation  for immigrant families, help with reintroduction, assistance with family reunification and so much more. I am thankful to all the pro bono lawyers and translators who are not giving up.”

The #CareLikeADemon campaign is also benfitting Everytown. As Lesley-Ann says: “I wasn’t born and raised in the US. I didn’t fear being shot in school as a child. I grew up with a gun in our home. My father taught me how to shoot but most importantly he taught me to respect its power. Not to take it for granted. He walked me through the application process. It was long and it was thorough and in the end, he was deemed fit to own such a powerful weapon. The idea that gun ownership can’t be a privilege afforded to those who demonstrate respect and for its ability to kill and seriously injure or to go through thorough vetting like my father had to, is damn right crazy. Gun violence affects everyone. That I have to consider if my son’s preschool has a shooter policy is ludicrous. It’s not normal. It’s not ok. I am grateful for the work Everytown does to ensure all Americans and those visiting America, are safe.”

The Lucifer fandom (LuciFans) are famous for being adamant about their show – not only did we bring back our show to Netflix; because of the amount of buzz about the show, the episode count for the final season – season 5 – was increased to 16 episodes from 10.

What is Lesley-Ann most proud of with regard to her #CareLikeADemon campaigns? “The goodness in people. That folks can put politics aside and do what’s right. What’s humane and human. These are innocent children at the border. These are innocent folks being murdered at the hands of white nationalists and home grown terrorists. I’m proud to have fans from around the world who care.”

Jade Miles, the artist whose work is featured on the shirts, says, “The project is all Lesley-Ann and Stands. I’m just honoured that they asked to use a piece of my art that I am really proud of.”

As of 3 p.m. on Aug. 6, Lesley-Ann has sold 664 items – the original goal was 500, but Lesley-Ann and Stands smashed that goal yesterday, and the goal is now 1,000. Items are available at Shop Stands:


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