Lesley-Ann Appreciation


The amazing Mazikeen; wonderful mother, beautiful lady ... What do you love most about Lesley-Ann?


"Tough like Maze, passionate in her job, strong in her everyday fights, loving mother. For a very long time I have thought that love was a weakness and that it was best not to care too much. Lesley-Ann is the proof that you can be loving and at the same time strong as steel." ~ @ElenaMikaelstar

"She's a loving mother, has the power to fight for what she loves and the show and her personal life are woven together." @Lordas94

"Badass. Amazing person. Funny person. Kind person." @Liel_hadri

"Fierce and humble. My inspiration. Really." Amanda Mattavelli

"No words can fully describe this powerhouse. Fantastic actress, amazing mother, crazy athletic, a bundle of wonderful!" @Grvyrdmama

"She is a passionately devoted to what she believes in and doesn’t back down when she knows what’s right, especially when in protection of others. She’s loyal and loves deeply." @BeckyNBeck

Lesley-Ann appreciation