Favourite Supernatural Characters

Dean  Winchester -- His Heart

Castiel β€” the outsider trying to do good, but getting himself into trouble in doing so. The inability to make everyone happy. Later being abandoned and needing to fend for himself, which led to independence and self construction. This is me.

Castiel is my favorite, but I am Team Free Will 2.0 positive. I feel like Cas was a breath of fresh air when he came on the show, just as Jack has been in the last year or so. Long running shows need new characters and change from time to time to stay fresh. I love Sam and Dean, but they needed more than the two of them and a car full of weapons to stay interesting. The introduction of characters over the years have kept this show on the air. Where would we have been without Bobby... Crowley... Rowena... Donna... Jody... and on and on? I love most of the characters. I have a favorite. All of this is normal. Loving one does not mean you hate another. Shipping two characters together doesn't mean you hate other characters or actors, nor does it mean it's all you care about. I care about the story more than anything, and the story has been compelling since the beginning.

Castiel/Misha because is an interesting character played by an interesting and amazing person

Charlie because she is fierce, strong, and brave but also super smart and good at hacking and very sweet and compassionate

#1 for me is Castiel. He is a fascinating character; so complex. I absolutely love his relationship with Dean ( who is another of my faves). Plus, Misha is an extraordinary actor. I am a huge Misha fan!! Love j2 and their Dean and Sam, too. Of the remaining ( secondary; non guest star) characters, my top faves are Balthazar, Bobby, Charlie, Chuck, Crowley, Donna, Ellen, Gabriel, Jack, Jo, Jody, and Rowena.

I've been a Dean!Girl since day one, Sammy is the little brother I've always wanted and Cas is the love of my life. SPN is about Team Free Will and family for me. Package deal. "We don't leave family behind."

Castiel, Jack, and Kaia. Let me explain first that in all media that I consume, I tend to prefer characters who have fantastical rather than human elements to them. Fantasy is a huge part of who I am. In fact, the moment I started becoming a fan of Supernatural happened in the 3rd Season Finale + 4th Season Premiere. 

Castiel took my breath away when he spread his wings in the barn. There I was, an Atheist (still though wanting Angels to be real), suddenly falling in love with an Angel. I once hated that I have blue eyes but Castiel made me love them again. He is so socially awkward - when he said "my 'people skills' are 'rusty'" I just about screamed because that is something I feel on a daily basis. Here was a perfect, divine being, who was just like me - at the same time showing that flaws exist within perfection, which is a great deal of importance to this perfectionist. Like Castiel, I am also loyal to a fault, to those who are my best friends as well as people who have hurt me, and often feel guilty for doing the wrong thing when I was trying to do right. I can be a little naive and gullible, strong and passive both like Castiel. He just resonates deeply with me for these reasons and more.

Jack... Sweet Jack. At first, I was suspicious of him and actually hated him. One, because he was the Son of Lucifer; two, I was worried that he was manipulating Cas, and three: I really did not want a 'baby' in the show. (See, I'm childfree, and I just didn't want domestic going-ons at all). I even hoped he would be killed off immediately... then 13x01 happened and my world was turned upside down. My curiosity was peaked by the naked Jack and how he seemed so much more like Cas. With the help of some friends, blueprints of the bunker, and screenshots of sparks when Jack pushed TFW against the wall, I logically theorized that Jack had a wingspan of 30 feet. Wings, my ultimate obsession, which then became canon when he wrapped his wings around Mary to protect her. I got really attached to him - his nougat loving ways, his innocence, his wisdom (i.e., "pain is a complete part of the human experience"), and so much more. There is a scene where Jack self-harms that I couldn't watch at first but did later; something I covered with a mental health professional - the primary reason Jack resonates with me is how familiar shame is to us and how we deal with it - and so we worked that out in a really creative, empowering, and healing fashion. 

That being said, Jack (and Castiel) play great roles in my life with symbolism that's a little hard to define and reveal, because it's very personal, but I will say that they both have saved my life many times. 

Kaia is my favourite of the Wayward Sisters. I love that she takes no bullshit, that she is a strong person in the face of adversity. I believe she is the shortest of the ensemble and as a short gal myself, that makes me feel more comfortable with how small I am. She has been through so much pain of which she tends to bottle up and yet she keeps fighting, which is inspirational for me. She introduces the concept of dreamwalking to Supernatural, and that's unique which I love, although I hope they will expand it so that it's not just The Bad Place she walks into as she deserves so much more. I loved her sarcastic quipping about Trump in that one episode. She is also a woman-loving woman, which I am as well (pansexual) so it's nice to get that representation. There is so little we know of Kaia and I hope we get to know more because I feel like she will tie with Jack and Castiel as my favourites.


Misha Collins. I'm proud of what he does and he makes me happy.

 Dean. As for why, he is the Ultimate Hero. The depth of his loyalty, and love are endless. He Acts without hesitation. And still manages to have a sense of humor, with all he has been through.

Dean, because heβ€˜s so funny, badass and loves and protects his brother so much
Dean, because he's so complex and the entirety of the show's relationships center around him

Castiel is my favorite. I don't really have a concrete reason. He's just a more likable character to me.



Sam always will be Sam I just love him. I always felt closer to him. He may make mistakes but he never gives up and he has the biggest heart. He is the reason why I watch I mean yes I love Dean too but I'm a Sam girl all the way. I just want to see him smile and have a good storyline stop having his feeling push aside anyway Sam all the way

Cas first and foremost, but Team Free Will 2.0 overall

Cas simply because I find his character the most interesting out of all of them

I'm a fan of all of them - Jodie, Bobby, Garth, etc. All the recurring characters bring something to the show and it wouldn't be the same without them. It's a team effort, a family in the truest sense.

Castiel - I just fell in love with him in 4.01

Castiel because he change the whole purpose of Supernatural when he came in the show. He is also a model of kindness and humility and selflessness. He is always questioning himself, doesnt take things or people for granted and is protective of his friend



Dean because he is very ethical.

Dean. Jensen brings him amazingly to life and he is so layered. I've had an immediate connection with him since episode one. He's selfless and puts family first. He often thinks he's not worth it. He's a smartass, he's courageous. He loves burgers, pie, porn, and beer-- my kindred spirit. Honestly there's not enough time in the world for me to talk about Dean. Do you have a few days? πŸ’š (Overall I am a tfw fan but Dean is on another level.)

For me, J2M and Team Free Will are where it's at. I love 3 best friends in real life, and I love a trio comprised of 2 brothers and their profoundly-bound angel BFF.

Ah! This is difficult. Both Dean and Cas are my favorites. Im a Dean girl because he's a beautiful, layered character who is constantly subverting audience (& other character's) expectations. He complicates ideas about the 'ideal red blooded American male' (I mean, I'm team #bidean and/or #queerdean, so its tied up in that and also more than that. many of us could (& some of us probably have) written a dissertation). He's categoregorized and even idolized as that by many viewers, but exists as something entirely different. The writing of SPN, in its best moments, and Jensen's acting purposefully twist and subvert that ideal. Dean is the audience's heart. He guides us stunningly through the Supernatural universe and often reflects our own hearts. Anyways, I just feel that there's so much to uncover and explore in his character and that's something that has traditionally drawn me in literature and film/TV. That being said, I consider myself equally a Castiel fan. I would discontinue watching the show if he were written off because 1) I love the character deeply and 2) he is now an integral part of the story. I'm just as interested in the underpinnings of Cas as a character and awed at his depth (thanks to writing and acting) and the ways he has transformed over the years. He's completely captured so many. That scene in the 200th of the audience falling in love was so, so accurate. He commands our attention and hearts and I'm never bored when he's on screen. In fact, he's generally the character that fully engages me. I love tuning in to watch these characters; together, apart, or as a part of team free will. They're electric and they continually move me to tears, laughter, frustration, love, ect. They're the reason I've stuck it out when sometimes writing choices or show direction has frustrated me. I want to see how it ends for them as individual characters. I want to see their story in its full. Saying that, I also count Charlie as a favorite character. She was clearly written with love (and care) in the beginning and Robbie Thompson did something magical with her. I don't think I'll ever forgive her death. Kaia is a bit new, but she's quickly catapulted into my favorites as well. She's already layered, a bit prickly & sad, and loveable (+ wonderfully acted) - clearly my weakness! That being said, I generally get excited and happy to see a majority of characters on my screen. I love Sam and it's just as likely I'll be watching and suddenly falling apart over the way he can so painfully (and beautifully) move between being a powerful, driven force and that loving, clever boy, charitable boy. I ship & adore him regularly. I'm a big fan of the Wayward Women, Kevin/Ms. Tran, Billie + earlier death, Ellen, Jo, Ash, Bela, Crowley, a number of the angels/demons/characters I'm probably forgetting. I don't think the show would be what it was without them and they make viewing enjoyable. The vast, well written cast of characters /make/ the Supernatural universe. It started with Sam and Dean as our beloved center point and they continue to help guide us, but the world of Supernatural has become so much more... and I love that. I love knowing Dean and Cas can be my favorites and there will be someone who loves just Dean, or just Cas, or Sam, or Team Free Will, or Dean & Sam the angels or the Wayward cast or Crowley or Jack. There's something here for everyone.

Sam and Dean

Castiel, I am always doing what I feel is right and sometime it's being the bad guy for the right reasons. Whenever there is something tough emotionally my friends and family call me to deal with it, I'm able to lock my emotions away when needed. Castiel is love but emotions are not easy for him. I am also a Dean girl because humor is my shield for dealing with BS in life.
I love all of them (some more than others). It's impossible to pick 1 favorite. Some days it's Sam, some days it's Dean. Sometimes it's Crowley or Jody.

Castiel because of the complexity of the character in correlation with his story arc (although underutilized in the past seasons). I also identify with him on various levels- his unfitness in a world which he does not know how to navigate, but manages anyway and his fit within a chosen family.

Castiel & Team Free Will (meaning: Cas is my fav because he has that special something that gets to me the most, but I like him best with Sam and Dean together).

Sam. It's a combination of he's my perfect type, physically (sorry, a little bit shallow here!), but also, he has struggled his entire life to find himself despite being "cursed" from birth, railroaded into a line of work that's not only dangerous but morally dubious often times, suffered loss after loss after loss -- and yet he still forgives and maintains hope. His bodily autonomy has been compromised so many times, his mind messed with in ways we can't even imagine ... and yet, he carries on. THAT'S why I'm a fan of Sam.

Cas. I find him to be the most compelling,his growth throughout the series has been incredible to watch.

Team Free Will. Because they are all fundamentally human. Dean's love for his family, his vulnerablities. Sam's compassion. Castiel's determination. All of their hearts.

Castiel, i just love how he never gives up

Castiel because his character had so much power but is struggling so much, and he grows so much from a marble statue angel to a human-like angel who has learned to live and love and join a family he chose.