Daily FanFiction

June 19 #FanFiction -- Sam's Birthday

Dean was making breakfast in the bunker -- bacon, eggs and pancakes -- for today was a special day. 

"Hello, Dean."

And for Dean, that meant indulging in HIS favorite things -- Pie, beer, and burgers. 

Not even turning to look in the direction of the sound of shuffling footsteps, Dean grinned, "Mornin' Sammy, I see your nose is awake."

Sam makes himself a cup of coffee and says "So what's for breakfast?"

The usual, Sam, and to make sure you get get your daily health food fixatio...um...nutritional needs met, there's(grimaces)a fresh fruit plate on the side.

Sam starts to eat some fruit. They hear two more sets of feet shuffling into the kitchen.

Cas, what brings you and Gabe here so early?

Gabe dragged me out of bed and all the way here for what I don't know.

It's Sammy's birthday, and sweet fiend and moocher that he is, he knew I'd make breakfast with coffee, eggs, bacon, pancakes, AND Maple Syrup, AND that you'd drive him over to say "Happy Birthday!"

Gabe sits next to Sam with his plate stacked with pancakes. "Hey Sammy, I got you something" and hands him a wrapped box.

Sam, cringing as though he expects the box to "pop" open and tiny, musical clown dolls to be ejected, takes the box and, with exaggerated care, places it on the table.

Cas sits down with a cup of coffee. "Are you going to open it?"

Sam, not sure at all, based on prior history with Gabe's highjenks, looks to his brother for support, and Dean, plopping a mountain of food and a gallon of coffee on the table, says, "Dig in before it gets cold!"

Gabe, "oh come on Sam it isn't that bad Dean helped pick it out!"

With a sigh of resignation, Sam cautiously pulls at the taped wrapping paper on the end.

Dean, Gabe, and Cas watch Sam with anticipation.

"Oh, for Chuck's sake, gimme the damn thing and I'll open it!" barked Dean, grabbing the package.

Sam grabs it back. "It's my present Dean I can open it"

"Then quit playing with the tape and rip it open!"

"Ok" Sam tears the paper, then hesitates looks up at Gabe "you swear it's not a prank right"

"Would I ever try to prank or trick you, Samsquatch....don't answer that, ok...I swear it's just a simple gift, Dude, "Gabe answered, attempting to flash Sam his version of "puppy eyes".

"Fine" Sam opens the box and bigs through confetti. "Really Gabe confetti" at the bottom of the box is 4 tickets.

Sam literally gasped in delight to see tickets to the Museum of Hunter Lore and Candy Making!

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