Aimee Garcia


Our Ella! Smart, bright, extremely talented and a heart of gold! What do you love most about Aimee?


"Aimee is super cute and naturally funny. Totally charming." ~ @StopFundisrael

"I love her positive energy. She's hip and sassy. And the best part-she knows Klingon. You can't get much cooler than that. I feel that she's not "playing" Ella but is very much just being herself and that makes me believe she is an awesome human being." ~ @melindacapecod

"I love that she’s so optimistic and ready to help her friends #savelucifer #pickuplucifer" ~ @premiumcutlery

"She reminds me of my best friend. She’s warm and open, friendly and quick with a smile. She connects with people so easily and she brightens up a room.Everyone adores her and she’s constantly positive."  ~@BeckyNBeck

"She’s a nerd super fan, like us!" ~ @Tblash423

"I love her because she is always there for everyone! Gives you hugs, because she believes that everybody needs it! She is right! She always tries to cheer up the people when they feel blue! Ella makes every person smile around her! :-D <3" @melinda109

"I love the good spirit and the positive vibes she has around her all the time! Such a talented lovely woman. True role model, love her!💕" @Julicious3012

Aimee appreciation