Easter FanFiction contest

It is Easter time! Time for bunnies, daffodils, chocolate -- and of course -- Supernatural! Let's celebrate Easter with a "one shot" (one scene) FanFiction contest -- tell me how you think Sam, Dean and Cas would celebrate Easter. The maximum length is 30,000 words.The contest will end at 9 a.m. PT on Friday, April 6, upon which the voting will commence! (Voting will take place from 10 a.m. PT on Friday, April 6, until Saturday, at 6 p.m. PT -- upon which a victor will be crowned.)

What is the prize, you ask? The prize is FANDOM SUPREMACY ... and your FanFic one shot highlighted on the #FanFiction recommendation site for one full week.

Voting: https://goo.gl/forms/TDgOm2fbfBWnWREG2 ends on Monday, April 9, at 9 a.m. PT.

Submission #1

Iceland, Bláskógabyggð, 1986, Easter Sunday, 8:52 AM

“Systir, your pulling it wrong again. We will never complete these orders’ before pickup time at twelve if you keep pulling it that way.” Tina said as her twin sister Sofja stretched out a length of taffy due to be picked up in an hour. “It is fine Tina, if I reverse on the second pull it evens out” Sofja says rolling her eyes. She was filling the Easter orders due for pickup. The taffy was cherry flavored, and had the design of a bunny rabbit in it. She was proud of the work she and her sister did for the candy shop they joint owned. They had sunk everything into it, and at twenty-one years old they had finally done it. One year later and business was booming, Sofja and Tina tucked their long blonde hair behind their ears, it was braided today but whispys always managed to escape, they laughed at each other good naturedly for it often.

A tinkling sound drew both sisters attention to the door, a man entered, dressed in all black. He was drunk and reeked of desperation, he pulled a gun on the two girls. “Viktor, what are you doing?” Tina said fear racing through her voice. Viktor came into the shop drunk after an evening of revelry with his friends often, he was Tina’s boyfriend and he usually crashed on her couch ”Did you sleep with Carmen” he said, his words slurred in his anger. Tina shook her head stepping back. “You did! I know you did!” he screams waving the gun around. Neither Tina nor Sofja knew where he got the gun, but it was the least important thing on their minds. Suddenly, in the space of an instant, Viktor shoots the gun. It was like timed slowed down for Sofja, she knew that bullet was going to kill her sister, but she couldn't allow that to happen.

Sofja threw herself in front of the bullet and it pierced her chest, stopping just inches from her heart. “Sofja!” Tina screamed dropping next to her sister. “No systir, what did you do” she screamed pressing down on the bullet wound. “I couldn't let you die Tina” Sofja said her mouth filling with blood. “I’ll save you Sofja, I can use one of amma’s spells” Tina said desperately.

Her grandmother was a witch, surely there must be something she had passed down to the twins for healing.  “Falleg systir bless” were Sofja’s last words before she died, her sister cradling her head tenderly.

Viktor, upon seeing what he had done fled to avoid getting caught by the police. Tina sat beside her sister’s body for hours, till all her tears had dried and all the emotions she was feeling were condensed down into one. Rage. Tina knew what she had to do, the only thing that could save her sister from death, was to make a deal with the devil. Or at least a demon.

Lebanon Kansas, USA, 2018, Easter Sunday 9:42 PM

Sam Winchester was cruising the internet trying to ignore his brother watching TV too loudly when his phone rang. “Hey Jody” he said answering the phone to his longtime friend and fellow hunter Jody Mills.

“Hey Sam, I got a case that’s right up your alley if you’re interested” she said and Sam perked up. “Yeah, I have been searching for a case all day” he said relief clear in his voice. “Really? Slow Easter huh. After all the excitement of Scooby Doo?” she said her voice sounding amused. “I know, getting sucked into a TV was interesting but since then, nothing.” he said joining her in amusement. “Anyways what’s this case you got for us?” Sam asked.

“It’s in Asheville NC, four kids have been hospitalized in the last 48 hours, they lashed out at people and hospitalized grown adults. One of them stopped a car with his bare hands, and then killed the woman inside it, he wasn't more than five. I think it might be demon possession, the signs are there” she said, her voice ringing in Sam’s ears as he remembered another demon who liked to possess children, the demon Lilith.

Sam shook his head, banishing all thought of her from his mind. He couldn't afford to get distracted by his past mistakes. “Well regardless of if its demons it still sounds like a case for us. Thanks Jody” Sam said standing up and closing his computer.

“Happy to help. I would take care of it but I have been swamped and the girls aren't ready to be traveling right now.” Jody said.

“How are Claire and the girls holding up?” Sam asked as he puts his stuff away, he cursed himself for not checking in more with them.

“Claire is still healing after that foolish solo hunt in Colorado, which annoys Alex and Patience to the end of the Earth. But mostly they are doing good, been pranking each other back and forth all day today. I swear April’s Fools is the worst” she replied laughing and Sam joins in.”Well I am glad everything is going good over there” he said and he meant it. Usually, people who interacted with them ended up way worst. It was nice to hear that things were going well.

“Anywho’s I gotta go. Just got a call from the station. Looks like another idiot decided to prank call 911. Bye Sam, tell Dean I said hi” she said before hanging up. Sam went looking for his brother Dean, eventually finding him in his newly redone ‘Dean Cave’ as he finished watching Blazing Saddles with their best friend Castiel, an angel of the lord who was cast out of heaven. “This is very historically inaccurate” Castiel said as the movie ended, Sam had seen the movie a hundred times and he fully agreed with Cas.

“We got a case, out in NC. If we leave soon we can make it by tomorrow evening” Sam said interrupting Dean’s rebuttal over Blazing Saddles being historically inaccurate.

“Ghosts? Vampires? Werewolves? Djinn?” Dean said eying Cas. Castiel had recently gotten married to a Djinn accidently and Dean had no qualms with teasing him about it incessantly. “Demon possession actually” Sam answered rolling his eyes at the two.

“Awesome. A good old fashioned exorcism is just what we all need on Easter.” Dean said his eyes lighting up.

“Dean, shouldn't I be focusing on finding the ingredients to get Jack and Mary home?” Cas asked his voice firm. “Cas, we all want Jack and Mary home again, but we are no closer to finding any of the other ingredients, maybe a break is what we need” Sam interjected and Dean nods,

“Plus, its been a long time since the three of us worked a case. It will be fun” Dean added and Castiel didn't argue.

Asheville NC, The Next Day 7:37 PM

Castiel hated knocking on peoples doors, he never knew what they would say when they answered the door, he never knew what reaction they would have. Which is where he was now waiting for the mother of two of the possessed children to answer the door. Sam was at the local hospital with some holy water checking the children for demonic possession, while Dean checked in with the local police.

The door creaked open and a timid looking woman stepped out, her hair was coarse and hanging down in a silver braid, her eyes bulged out of her head, her face was gaunt, and she looked terrified. “What do you want?” she said her voice rougher than the rest of her, she took out a cigarette and started to smoke.

“Miss Charlene Darryl, I am Detective Henley with the FBI, I am here to ask you a few questions about your son’s Braydon and Carlyle” Castiel said and the woman scoffed at him.

“Those abominations aren’t my kids. I let them go to that stupid Easter egg hunt with their dad and they came back changed. Then yesterday I walk into the garage and find Braydon using the power drill on his brother’s head, and Carlyle was laughing his ass off, his brains spilling out” the mother in a horrified voice while taking a drag from her cigarette.

Castiel maneuvered to stay away from the smoke currently filling up the air, he despised the smell of nicotine smoke on his senses, it burned. “Whatever happened to them to make them like this happened at an Easter egg hunt?” Castiel asked, he had never heard of something like that. Easter may not be factual to what really happened, but it didn’t usually make a child go insane.

“Yeah. I blame their father, deadbeat asshole” she said as she finished her cigarette, she went into the pouch for another one and cursed under her breath when she discovered she was out. “I don’t suppose you have a cig?” she said looking to Castiel, he shook his head no and she groaned.

“Whatever, my commercial break is over anyways” she said going back into the house and slamming the door in Cas’s face.

Across town Dean was hearing about the case from the local PD. “I can’t even begin to understand what got into these kids Detective Meisner” said Sheriff Connie Bradburn as she opened the case file, it had only been opened 48 hours previously, but it was already bulging. “Four kids, all different ages going insane, rabid even, within this short an amount of time, I am floored.” She said as she crossed her knees and leaned across the table closer to Dean.

Connie considered herself an attractive woman, with short brown hair and grey eyes and a large stature she wasn’t your average woman. Dean however, wasn’t paying attention, he was flipping through photos, though if he was paying attention he would have noticed way Connie was tucking her hair behind her ear and looking at him with a sultry expression on her face.

“Who are the victims?” Dean asked not looking up from the case, Connie’s sultry expression dropped as she answered
“Two sets of siblings, Brayden and Carlyle Darryl and Nina and Natalie Corral. Brayden was found by his mother taking a power drill to his brother’s skull as they both laughed, the doctors are unsure if Carlyle is going to make it due to extreme cranial damage. Nina Corral stopped a car with her bare hands and killed the woman inside it before taking a nap in the backseat. We currently have her under constant sedation at the hospital after she punched a nurse so hard she broke her nose.  Her sister Natalie cut their fathers hand off. Its gruesome, and disgusting. All four of these kids have just lost all sanity.” Connie said her voice fluctuating.

Dean looked over the photos and shook his head, there was no way this was a demon possession. It was to brazen, Asmodeus was trying to keep all demons under lock in hell. Demon’s couldn’t be responsible.

“What do all the kids have in common? Do they go to the same school? Same church?” Dean asked looking up at her, Connie shook her head no. “Well, they did all go to the annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday. But half the city showed up to that” she said doubtfully, but Dean shook his head.

“Any connection can help” he said very seriously and if Sam had been there in that moment, he would have rolled his eyes and told Dean he was being an idiot.

At the hospital Sam was frustrated. He had sprinkled each kid with holy water and the only reaction he had gotten was a weird stare from the ones who were awake. Sam had tried asking Brayden and Natalie some questions, but they just stared at him blankly. After ten minutes of this Sam gave up and sat down in the waiting room.

“Detective Leadon I have those medical reports you asked for” the nurse said as he set them down on the chair next to Sam. After flipping through them briefly he tossed them aside. Nothing in there could help narrow down what was wrong with those kids. Sam sat there deciding what to do next when the same nurse as before approached him.

“I know this is weird” he said, his hands fidgeting with a piece of paper. “But, here’s my number, call me sometime?” the guy said hurriedly popping a piece of paper in Sam’s hand with the name Tom H and a number scrawled on it. He dashed away and disappeared right as Sam’s phone rang.

“Hey Dean” he said answering it. “Sam, I talked to Castiel, all the kids started acting up after they went to an Easter egg hunt which was organized by these two ladies who own an old fashioned candy store. Castiel and I are coming to see the kids and in the morning, we are going to go check out the store” He said, and Sam could hear the Impala purring in the background.
“Sounds like a plan, but get this, none of the kids are possessed, at least not currently. I sprinkled them all with holy water, no reaction” Sam said slipping the piece of paper with Tom’s number in his pocket, he had no intention of calling him ever nut it would be rude to throw it away where he could see. Sam could hear Dean and Cas conversing briefly.

“Listen, Cas wants to see the kids, he says he thinks he may know what’s going on, but he wants to be sure” Dean says, and I see the Impala pull into a parking space across the way. “Okay, I am just inside the door”.

Castiel had only ever been truly sick twice in his long life, once when he was human and got the flu, and the second time, and the worst time, being when he had the attack dog spell placed on him by the witch Rowena Macleod. Ever since he had held a special place on his cast mind for hating the attack dog spell, with a passion.

So, when Cas stood before four innocent children, who had just had the bad luck of being cursed with a horrible and unforgiving spell. It made him angry, and an angry angel is something to be feared.  

“So, you think you know what’s wrong with them Cas?” Dean said, his eyes wondering back and forth between the children and the angel.

“It was the attack dog spell. The same one Rowena used on me. I can feel it” Castiel said his mind racing. Who could do this to children? They are innocent.

“Wait, so your saying Rowena is behind this?”Sam said his mind also racing. If it was Rowena is she still hiding from Lucifer? This seems like a stupid thing to do if you are hiding.

“No, Rowena isn't behind this. It has a different, feel than Rowena's does. More violent and destructive” Castiel said and you could almost hear the breath of relief from Sam halfway across the hospital.

“So, witches! Always fun” Dean said leading the other  two  out  of the  hospital. His optimistic mood at odds with the very grim looking companions behind him.

Asheville NC, The Next Day, 9:46 AM

Dean had always had a sweet tooth, from before Sam could even remember he knew Dean loved sugar and candy, most kids did, but not with the passion, that Dean did.

“Look Sam, pulled taffy with designs of a bunny in it” he said with a grin as Sam and Castiel walked past, Dean picked up a piece of sample taffy and stuck it in his mouth.

“Guys, this is really good” he said as he darted ahead to keep up with them as they went for the door that said offices.
“Þegiðu systir! I hear people coming. You will do as I say, I saved you, the least you could do is this in return you wretch” a firm voice said.

“Yes how can I help you?” Tina said answering the door, she looked at the three men in front of her sizing them up, she knew what they were, hunters. It was only a matter of time, she would kill them like the rest and escape. What she was not aware of however, was Castiel.

“Sam, Dean, she’s a demon” he said pulling out his angel blade. In and instant the Winchester brothers arm themselves, Dean with his gun and holy water and Sam with a demon blade, stolen from the demon Ruby years before.

“Oh great, can’t even have a little fun before the fighting?” Tina said her voice hard blinking black. She unhooked a garrote that was disguised as her belt and whipped it around, it looked sharp enough to take someone's head off, and Sam, Dean, and Castiel were not interested in finding out.

Dean splashed holy water in her face which made her scream in pain but not enough to distract her. Castiel went into action leaping forward and bringing his angel blade down only be deflected by her garrote, she was good, it was obvious. But not good enough to take on four at a time, which is what she had once her sister came out of the offices and hit her upside the head with a frying pan.

As Tina crumpled to the ground Dean aimed his gun at the sister. “Please, don’t shoot me!” she said her voice cracking in fear, Dean threw the remaining dregs of holy water on her to no effect. “She’s not a demon Dean. but she is extremely old” Castiel said as Sam pried the frying pan away from her at gunpoint. The girl was terrified of guns. “Please, she uses me for what she wants” Sofja said her voice cracking. Sam took pity on her and got her a chair, “Here, sit down. Take a few deep breaths and explain” he said gently and she did, looking up at him with a soft expression.

She explained what happened to her, how she had taken a bullet for her sister, and in return her sister had made a demon deal to get her back, her sister would live, but she would become a demon and terrorize children.Then she also explained what happened after that, how progressively her sister started turning into a demon, and started having Sofja use more and more of their grandmothers magic, eventually using an aging spell to keep them both young. “She makes me use the attack dog spell on the children, turning the children into raging pit bulls because she laughs at the mayhem they create” she said tears filling her eyes,

“Actually pit bulls are very gentle creatures” Castiel interrupted his arms crossed. Cas didn't believe a word she was selling, no one can force you to put an attack dog spell on someone. As Sofja continued to tell Sam everything Dean pulled Cas aside.
“Are you okay? You seem to be taking this rather personally” Dean said quietly trying to avoid being heard by either the demon currently handcuffed and trapped in a demon trap by the wall who was waking up or the witch spilling her heart out to Sam.
“I know what that spell feels like Dean, it takes over your whole brain, it rips you apart from the inside out. It almost killed me and to see children with the spell on them? Young children who have had their lives ruin because of it. I won’t stand for it. Sofja needs to die” Castiel said his angel blade at the ready.

“Cas, no. She was being forced to do it, she had no choice” Dean said in defense of the young girl, Dean felt for her, she hadn't asked to be brought back from the dead and used as a pawn in a demons game.

“She had a choice, she choose the wrong one” Cas said loudly his fear and anger getting the better of him, he felt mad at himself for being afraid but he couldn't help it.

“She made the wrong choice, just like everyone has, like you have. You choose to a lot of things just as bad as her, if you deserve a second, and then a third chance. Then why doesn't she.” he said his voice firm. Cas was mildly annoyed but he couldn't deny Dean’s logic. He puts the angel blade down and nods

“Fine, but she is going back to the hospital to reverse the spell.” he says as they rejoin Sam and Sofja. “I believe her, she’s been under her sisters control for a long time.” Sam said crossing his arms, he also wanted to defend her, she had been used by a demon, that was something Sam could relate too.

“Fine, we kill her sister, take her to the hospital where she reverses the spell on the children and then send her away on a bus, then we get some pie to celebrate” Dean says, ever the optimist. “I can’t reverse the spell” Sofja said softly, her voice full of regret. “What?” Cas said his voice raising an octave.

“She said she can't reverse the spell douchecanoe. The kids would likely die” Tina said waking up fully in her demon trap, she had a smirk on her face that made Sofja want to just smack her. “You did this! You forced me!” she screamed jumping out of her chair and going to tackle her sister, the only thing preventing her was Sam’s hand wrapping around her bicep and holding her back.

“LET ME AT HER!” she screamed at the top of her lungs while struggling to get at her sister. “If you break the seal accidently she will be let out” Dean said as he restrained her other arm.

“I know you guys plan on killing her, let me do it” she said calming down and taking a deep breath. Before any of them could stop her Sofja broke away, disarmed Castiel with a flick of her wrist and stabbed the angel blade right into her sisters chest, right above the heart. Her strength was impressive and and Sam and Dean told her as much.

With the threat over and the store now being of no use to Sofja seeing as she despised making candy after her sister. She helped dean load up the Impala with almost every type of candy out there. Including a ton of nougat and chocolate for when they finally brought Mary and Jack home. Right before TFW headed off in the Impala, leaving Asheville and the candy shop behind Sam pulled Sofja aside for a moment.

“If you change your mind about visiting the kids and at least trying to reverse the spell” he said handing her the piece of paper the nurse Tom had handed him the day prior.

“Thanks, I might” she said and she did, only one child survived, but that's probably for the best. Tom H was conveniently bisexual and him and Sofja ended up dating, falling in love and adopting the remaining child together, and when she grew up. She was the best damn hunter/witch in North America. So if you ever hear a story about a traveller named Natalie coming into your town, you can bet troubles not far behind.

Submission #2

"Dean? Sam?" Cas continued down the bunker steps and made his way into the empty common room. He placed the bag full of Pomegranates, along with the other items he'd brought back from Syria, on the table. Tilting his head in an oh,  so typical,  ""Cas hears an odd sound; Cas doesn't understand the reference"" manner,  Cas's angelic spidey sense zings in, alerting him to possible Winchester weirdness in progress.     

"Humming...or is that moaning?" Cautiously,  he sets off in search of the source. The Library and War Rooms are both empty, as are the Study and the bathroom. As Cas heads towards the kitchen he hears the soft, susurration of...what? Could that be a whispered incantation; perhaps a Naga, slithering around in the Kitchen; a cat??? No, never a cat! Dean would have dispatched it to a feline hell by now! But that sound... "♪♫...hippity, hoppity...♬...on...wayyyy" Angel Blade at the ready, bolstered by eons old training, and never forgotten attack techniques, he bursts into the room, every inch Castiel, Angel of the Lord!     

"Here comes Peter Cottontai...What the hell, Cas??!" Dean, startled, watches as the slimey yellow contents of a dozen, uncooked eggs and shattered shells, liberally paints the stove, counters, wall...and ceiling? "Seriously???" And what's that dripping from Cas's nose? Dean approaches his friend, and reaches out to unceremoniously flick a stray bit of eggshell from the tip of the angel's nose.     

Momentarily crossing his cerrulean blue eyes, as he focuses on the finger directly beneath his nose, Cas allows the Angel Blade to retract back into the sleeve of his trench coat. "I thought you were in distress. I was attempting to rescue you from whatever might have been making that ungodly noi..."     

" Hey, Dean, do you think we have enough boiled eg...whoa...ah...shhhh*****ttt!" Sam, unaware of the muck on the floor steps into a puddle of, what can only be described as "instant Slip'N'Slide' and does exactly that. He makes a perfect, ass over teakettle" landing, expelling a loud "Oof" followed by an even louder groan. Unwilling to share Sam's "uplifting" experience, Dean and Cas carefully make their way to where Sam rests on the floor, and reach down to help him stand. Regaining his footing, Sam eyes both men, scowls dangerously, and says, "I don't know what led to this, and I don't want to know. But fix it! I'm going to go find some Ibuprofen; I'm going to take a nap; I expect to find the floor safe for use, and this mess cleaned up. We will then dye eggs, fill our Easter baskets, begin preparations for Sunday dinner... and somebody (cough...Dean...cough,cough) will make my Marshmallow Fluff Mac/Cheese side dish! Have I made myself clear?!!" Before either man can answer, Sam spins around, and gingerly rubbing his obviously sore butt, stalks/limps from the room.     

"I'm sorry, Dea..." "Geeze, Cas, I'm..." Both men stop speaking and exchange smiles, before erupting into laughter that proceeds rapidly to air gulping giggles. Wiping at the tears filling his eyes, Dean tosses paper towels Cas's way and both begin the task of cleaning up the eggy mess. Cas notices a bit of yolk clinging to Dean's left eyebrow, and breaks into fresh giggles, touching off another belly grabbing episode in Dean. Once the kitchen assumes its usual state of cleanliness, Dean takes another dozen eggs from the refrigerator, places them in a pan, covers them with water and sets them on the stove to boil. As he pulls food coloring and vinegar from the cupboards, Castiel merely leans against the counter, staring at Dean's activity a bit quizically.     

"What are you doing, Dean?"     

"Getting ready to dye Easter eggs...What? Don't you angels, celebrate Easter?"     

"We do, but I don't ever remember applying food coloring to eggs. Why would anyone do that?"     

"Are you joking, Cas? What, no Easter Bunny delivering Chocolate Easter eggs or Chocolate Bunnies? No real, hard boiled, dyed eggs? No  baskets filled with that crappy, artificial, colored, shredded, plastic grass? No jellybeans? "No Cadbury Cream Eggs?"    

" No, Dean."     

"That ain't right...and it ain't happenin'...not on my watch!"     

The memory of another, "not on my watch" moment flashes through the angels mind and he, at lightspeed, quickly tries to reassure Dean that  it's unnecessary to insure Cas endur...er... experience another "memory making moment". "I'm fine, Dean. I'll just take your word for it...I'll be going now...angelic things to do..."     

"No way, Castiel! Get your once feathered ass right back here!"      


"But nuthin' Cas! Look, Dude, were gonna do this. I've been doing Easter for Sam since he was just a little guy...Hell, I think he still believes in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and Santa Claus. But, you...you've never experienced the wonder of a Winchester Easter. And, to be honest, man, I could use some help. Sam's been having a tough time and I just want this to be the best ever! C'mon...I promise...it'll be fun..." Four hours later, innumeral bags of sugary, chocolaty, nougaty eggs, hollow bunnies, crisp filled-whatever-they-weres, rainbow hued gummy chickens, tooth rotting jelly beans infused with a thousand flavors..."and whoever though fart flavored confections to be humorous, should be roasted over Beelzebub's Bar-B-Cue pit on an Angel Blade!" But, the absolute worst, most despicable addition, the one item Dean insisted upon,  had to be the six hundred sixty-six disgustingly squishy, bright yellow, baby chick shaped creatures... PEEPS! (Obviously one of Chuck's less well thought out ventures.) And don't get Cas started on the bunny eared head bands, pink noses and the round, white, fluffy little tails Dean purchased. Of greater concern, however, is a bag, the contents of which, Dean seems to be excessively and peculiarly secretive about. Castiel has had quite enough "fun".     

"Hurry up Cas! I gotta get all this stuff in here, stash the baskets and goodies for later; get the dye and the eggs ready for me, you, and Sam, to dye and decorate; fix Sam's Marshmallow Fluff Mac&Cheese; get our costumes ready..."     

"Did you say...?"     

"Yeah...I know it sounds weird, but Sammy loves his Marshmallow Fluff Mac&Cheese ...he, well...um..." Dean starts stashing the various bags, filled with enough cavity inducing sugar to bloat the college fund of a dentist's kid, and puts the baskets and fake shredded plastic grass away.          

"Dean, you know quite well that I was NOT referring to Sam's...oh, dear Chuck! Did you say, Marshmallow Fluff Mac&Cheese??? Wait...What costu..."?     

"Hey, guys. I'm glad you're back. I'm really sorry I was so crabby earlier, but...you know, flying through the air and falling on my butt tends to make me irritable. So, Dean, did you get everything?"     

Giving his brother a look that Cas understands as the Winchester version of telepathy, Dean smiles THAT smile...the one that not only strikes terror into demons, it has, on occasion made Cas's blood run cold. "Sure did, but we'll get to that stuff after I get your favorite Mac&Cheese started. Then, I promise, we'll all get suited up and start dyeing those eggs! Oh, here's the "special" stuff you asked for."     

"Dean...man, you're just the best big brother...ever! PEEPS! Damn, Dean...love that Mac&Cheese! Gonna go get the plastic sheeting for the table." Sam exits the room...is he humming? "Put on your Easter Bonnet..." his voice trails away as he, "skips?" from the room.     

Apparently, Cas is not as enthusiastic...the very thought of PEEPS makes him bilious, and adding them to Mac&Cheese stimulates his gag reflex, so much so that Dean takes notice. "Hey, buddy, you look a little green around the gills." And that's all it takes to have the former Angel of the Lord, Commander of the Garrison, Castiel, "adopted BAMF Winchester", fleeing as though the hounds of Hell were nipping at his nethers. He makes it to the bathroom in time...barely. He washes his face, rinses his mouth, straightens his shoulders and tie, and a bit shakily makes his way back to the kitchen.

 The brothers, hearing Cas's foot steps, hurriedly ended what had been a hushed, and suspiciously intense conversation. As Cas enters  the Kitchen, his Angelic Spidey Sense goes on red alert. A condition more aptly described as: whatever it is that makes the puckering things on ones body, pucker, that thing is literally sucking a certain part of his anatomy so tightly that a real danger of permanent constipation exists. Not good...   

"C'mon over to the table, buddy. We're about ready to start coloring the eggs. And in true Winchester fashion, we do it with style!" Dean grins like a demented Cheshire Cat as he hands Cas a head band, adorned with long, semi floppy rabbit ears, and a tiny pink, stick on nose. Sam smacks his trenchcoat covered butt, attaching what must be the fluffy, round, white bunny tail Cas had seen earlier in Dean's purchases.    

"Is this an iron clad requirement, Dean?"    

"It's the way we've always done it, Cas, and, ya know, it really helps lift Sammy's spirits; puts him in the right frame of mind. C'mon, now. Sam's gonna start the Easter music! It'll be fun..."     

Sighing in resignation, Cas gathers his dignity, straightens his ears as best he can, including the one on the left that, despite his best efforts, flops over his left eye. He picks up one of the eggs and unceremoniously drops it into a bowl of Pepto Bismol pink dye. "Chuck, be praised," he thinks, "there are only a dozen eggs to be colored. I can do this; bear this minor humiliation for 'my' family." Cas's burgeoning  familial affection at his inclusion in this episode of "Winchester Seasonal Activities", evaporates as Dean plops another dozen eggs in front of his dyeing station, as well as two dozen each for himself and his brother.  Sam adds crayons; tiny felt bunny ears, feet, tails and noses; small plastic carrots; fluffy, multicolored feathers; and sheets of baby chicken themed stickers.     

Several hours, or was it millenia, later...he's truly lost track of time, during which Cas has listened to every Easter jingle ever produced, the "during of the eggs ritual" has ended. He has listened, and ok, maybe even added a little heavenly harmony to the boy's renditions of said jingles.  Reluctantly, he allowed Dean and Sam to conduct a photo shoot of themselves, and him, in full bunny regalia, proudly displaying the small army of decorated eggs. If he sees even one photo on Twitter, there will be smiting! He does, however, freely admit that one of his own creations, Gabriel stuffing tiny chocolate marshmallows in his mouth, makes him smile. Dean's and Sam's  scruffy faced oval Doppelgangers, both clutching minuscule blades are truly works of art. But, in all honesty, the blacked winged, Angel Blade wielding, scruffy faced replica of himself,fashioned together by his earthly brothers is his favorite.     

But, fun has its limitations. Cas peels off the pink nose, rips the, assuredly demon possessed floppy eared bunny headband from his head, and grabs at the back of his trench coat, seeking the cotton tail Sam had affixed there...was it eons ago? Freed of all but the bunny tail, he turns to bid his friends an exhausted, but fond farewell.  He's struck mute and immobile by the looks on the brother's faces.         

"Uh, Cas? Where are you going? We ain't done yet. I still need your help, man. There's baskets to put together, and eggs to hide, and...uh... traditionally, Sammy doesnt do any of that. I do it when he goes to bed." And we thought you'd like to, ya know, being a Winchester brother and all, help with everything. I mean, you don't have to, but...Wait Sam..." As Sam leaves the kitchen, Cas shoots a look at Dean that could curdle fresh milk, and naive though he may be in  some ways, yet fully aware that he's being scammed, he drops heavily into his seat at the table. "What else is required, Dean? I will assist you, however, if it has any connection to that disgusting, gelatinous,  pasta filled abomination in the oven..."     

"Nah, Cas. That's all Sam's, man. I make it, he eats it, we don't talk about it.

"That's probably best for the world at large, Dean. But why, after our hours of industry, am I still needed. Surely you can finish the baskets and secure the location of the eggs..."     

"Well, see Cas, it's a bit more involved than that, and honest man, I wouldn't ask, but I wanna make this perfect for the little guy, and..."     

"Little guy!" Cas splutters. " Need I remind you that the "little guy"in question...and yes, he does the air quotes..."Is well over 6'4"and, using words with which you are familiar, Sam is a "grown ass man!"...yup, air quotes...Before he can continue what he feels constitutes a righteous tirade...     

"Shhh! Dude, please! He'll hear you!"     

"Whom? Sam? Dean, you've got exactly five seconds to explain everything! Leave nothing out!" Crossing his arms over his chest, Cas does everything but tap his foot in exasperation.     

"Like I said, I really want to make this perfect for Sam. Things have been..."     

"I'm fully aware of how things have been, Dean, but that doesn't fully explain..."     

"I'm gettin' there, Cas. Ok, when he WAS a little guy" and choosing to be a wise man over being a wise ass, Dean suppresses his inclination to throw up a set of air quotes, "I've always made a big a deal over Easter. The bunny gear while dyeing and decorating eggs; his favorite, different mac&cheese; fixing the baskets and hiding the eggs for him while he sleeps...Sam loves it! Oh, there's just one more thing, Cas. Ya know, bunnies don't lay eggs..."     

"Again, Dean, I am aware, but what does that have to do..."     

"Dean, I found it! And Cas, thanks man! I don't know how you did it, Dean, but getting Cas to wear the Chibunny suit...epic!"      Sam, in his excited state, is unaware of the look passing between his brother and his friend.  Had he been a bit less enthusiastic and a tad more attentive, he'd have noticed that the ambient temperature of the room had dropped by at least a factor of ten, and that Dean had taken a definitely defensive stance.  He did however take note of the pale blue glow in Cas's eyes and the recognizable change in his features, that indicated a duck and cover maneuver would be wise. Oh, Chuck, Cas had on his "smitey face" and he was staring right at both brothers.     

"Hold up Cas...just give me a minute! I was just getting ready to explain that! Ix-nay on the oting-smay, Dude!"     

Abandoning the shelter of the pantry, Dean holds his hands up in the universal, ""don't kill me, but I'm gonna ask you to do something you don't want to do, but will because you really love us, or at least Sammy"" sign.  Sam slowly emerges from beneath the table, clutching a chicken suit, to which bunny ears, much like the demon possessed floppy eared headband Cas had worn earlier, have been attached. What is obviously a fake chicken beak, affixed to an elastic band dangles from his fingers. "Ok, here's the whole story. Sammy was always so damned smart, see. He figured out early on that rabbits don't lay eggs, but that chocolate bunnies and chocolate chickens are typically shown together and delivering all the eggs; candy and real. So...to keep the fantasy alive, I created the Chibunny. Problem solved!"     

"Dean Winchester, I will NOT don that freakish...thing! If you think, for one second that I will indulge in this idiocy, you have ano...and exactly why, in Chuck's name, can YOU not wear the"...and wow, Cas's bitch face could give Sam's a real run for its money..."Chibunny"...Cas surrounds the word with air quotes..."suit?"     

"It's simple, Cas. I gotta wear the bunny suit."     

"And that explains everything??!! I'm going to bed now. Good night!"     

Now, if he'd just walked away and not lingered  to rip that damnable bunny tail from the posterior of his trench coat, he'd never have seen the look on Sam's face. Resignation coupled with Sam Winchester's patented "Pitiful Little Puppy Eyes" hit Cas full on. And his indignation faded. Because even he, Castiel, former Angel of the Lord, was no match for Sam's near lethal visage.

"Leave the suit and go to bed, Sam. I will see you in the morning."     

Sam hugs Cas, and wisely keeping his mouth shut, heads off to bed. Unnoticed by Cas, he shoots a look at his brother that requires NO explanation. Dean's subtle nod of acknowledgment marks the silent win on Sammy's tally sheet. Poor Cas, victim of the annual Chibunny hunt.

Submission #3

RAWR“ Dean roared menacingly and pushed the pink peep into the yellow one. „Rawrrrrr!!!! - Oh no, don’t eat me!“ the yellow one answered in a high pitched falsetto. Dean cackled evilly and bit the yellow one’s head off. Then he looked into the box of frightened, if immobile, marshmallow chicks and picked another victim.

Dean walked the pink one over the table towards its victim, which squeaked „Oh my God, it’s a MONSTER!“ but it couldn’t escape. The pink one ‘bit’ the blue one and Dean shook his head sadly. „Oh oh, you got bit. You’re infected. I have to put you out of your misery!“ With another squeaked „oh no!“ Dean chomped the blue one down whole – and froze.

Cas was standing in the doorway, his arms crossed, eyebrow quirked quizzically. „Uh.. Cas?“ Dean said eloquently. „Uh. Don’t – don’t tell Sam. If necessary I’ll pay you to keep your mouth shut!“ Cas smiled and walked over to the table and sat on the chair across from Dean. „What were you doing? What are those?“ he picked up another yellow marshmallow chicken and frowned at it, then he sniffed it. „It’s food?“ Dean swallowed the lump of embarassment in his throat and managed a nod. „They. uh. They’re easter treats. We call them peeps. You either hate them or you love them, I guess.“

Cas hmmmed and kept staring at the peep. „Is the roleplay mandatory?“ „Uh. No. That’s just me being a dork.“ Dean scratched the back of his neck and looked away awkwardly. „Rawr!“ Cas said and bumped his peep against the pink one that Dean was still holding. The hunter looked down at the table and his slowly appearing smile lit up the whole room. „Grarghh! (the pink one is a Croatoan. If it bites the peep, it has to be eaten.)“ he explained in a hushed voice. Cas grinned and popped the peep into his mouth.

It was a silly, ridiculous, even over-the-top idea, but Dean figured they’d earned a few ridiculous ideas in the name of fun. They certainly didn’t get them handed to them often and they needed a reason to laugh or smile. He couldn’t held the grin splitting his features as he stood in the hall outside the bedrooms and started banging two baking sheets together, the metallic crashing amplified in the corridors.

“Alright, rise and shine, you guys! It’s Easter, make like Jesus and wake up!”

Sam came crashing out of his room eyes wild and gun in hand.

“Dean. Have you lost your mind?” He tucked the pans under his arm, grin never faltering.

“Nope!” He thrust out a pink wicker basket. “Put down the gun. This is yours.”

Jack and Cas also came out of their rooms, Cas the only one fully dressed, as he always was, but the room afforded him a private space to read or whatever, so Dean was always happy to know he used it. Jack’s head was tilted like a bird’s, looking to Castiel for clarification as Dean handed him a lime green basket and then Cas a blue one.

“There you go!” He put his hands on his hips. Sam raked a hand through his hair and held up the basket.

“Dean, what is this?” “Easter!” He shrugged. “Apparently in non-hunter families it’s dedicated to family time and a game involving an Easter egg hunt.”

His brother squinted. “...Yeah. Still for waiting for that to make sense.”

“Are we going to play a game?” Jack inquired, looking into his empty basket filled with brightly colored fake grass.

Dean pointed. “Bingo! I have hidden plastic eggs all over the bunker. Library, War room, kitchen, garage, and the Dean Cave. Everybody has specific eggs just for them, matching the color of your basket. You do not get to keep somebody else’s eggs.” Sam’s shoulders sagged. “You’re joking.”

“Would I wake you up with pans and baskets if I was joking?” He threw a wink at Jack and Cas, the Nephilim blinking with interest even while clearly not understanding.

“Each egg has something in it. Collect them all, enjoy your prizes. Then afterward? Full spread breakfast made by yours truly, and then we take the day off to hang out and watch movies ‘cause we deserve it.”

Jack looked to Castiel, brows raised and smile pulling at his mouth. “Will you search with me?”

Cas nodded. “Of course,” he promised, turning away with a soft smile to Dean.

Sam continued to stand there, slack-jawed and brows furrowed. He looked to Castiel and Jack heading to the War Room, then down to his basket, before hazel eyes found Dean again.

“Wha--?” Chuckling, Dean clapped him on the shoulder.

“Pink eggs, Sammy. Go find your prizes while I get you that cup of coffee you clearly need.”

“I found one!” Jack called out from the other room, voice triumphant. Dean steered Sam toward the sound.

“Good job, kid! There’s fifteen for each of you. Some obvious, others not.” Grinning cheekily, he clapped Sam on the shoulder and ruffled his hair. “Hop to, Sam. Imma get you coffee and start breakfast.”

“Please and thank you, Dean,” he sighed, holding out his basket with a tired smile as Jack loped forward holding out a pink egg.

“Thanks, Jack.” Dean grinned as the three of them spread out in the war Room, reaching above machines and looking under tables for plastic eggs in pastel colors. He got Sam a coffee, as well as Castiel, who smiled and nodded his thanks for the drink that was probably more cream and sugar than coffee-- and just how he liked it.

While they continued to search, Dean got busy in the kitchen, already having done a lot of the work, but still had pancakes to cook and bacon to fry. Sam wandered into the kitchen first, pulling eggs from coffee mugs and one out of the fridge with a slanted look and eyeroll before refilling his coffee and taking the pitcher of orange juice with him to put on the map table. Jack came in, eyes drifting all around until Dean caught his eye and sent the microwave a significant look that had the boy grinning as he opened it and retrieved the green egg. Placing a hand on his head, Dean sent him off with a stack of plates and silverware.

When Cas came in, he gave Dean’s shoulder a bump as he searched through the cabinets and retrieved a blue egg from the canned goods shelf. Their eyes met, both suppressing smiles, but eyes warm and fond as Dean nudged him back. As they came into the War Room carrying trays of pancakes, bacon, glasses, and milk, Sam and Jack were settling into chairs, their baskets sitting on the table.

Sam lifted a brow. “...you really went all out.” Frowning, he accepted the bowl Cas held out to him, looking back to his brother. “Were you bored last night?”

Dean took a seat across the table from Castiel, shooting his brother a look. “Dude, this took a bit more planning than that.”

“May we open our eggs now?” Jack asked, face alight with childish innocence, and honestly, that was part of Dean’s whole reason for the whole thing. The kid deserved to be a kid.

“You said they have prizes.” Jerking his head in a nod, Dean stood again, reaching for the top plate to began delving pancakes out on.

“Sure. Go for it. Sammy, you’re gonna want to dump yours in the bowl.” Removing the lid from a covered bowl, he heaped warm mulberry sauce and berries across the golden pancakes before handing the plate to Cas and reaching for another. Jack made a delighted sound as he dumped his first egg on the table, holding up the foil wrapped candy. “It’s a, um…”

“It’s called a Hersey’s Kiss,” Dean explained. “There’s chocolate inside.”

“Oh my God, Dean, you dick,” laughed Sam.

“Language!” he chastised, grinning as lettuce fell out of one of the eggs and into the bowl. As Dean filled plates with pancakes, and Sam built a salad one plastic egg at a time, Jack eagerly and methodically made his way through the eggs in his basket, each holding a different candy and a few spilling mulberries across the table that had his eyes light up. Across the table, hands shielded by his basket,

Castiel took a quiet moment for himself as he opened each egg one-by-one, failing to bite back the warm smile spreading across his lips as he read each small slip of paper. Dean felt himself blushing and studiously avoided looking at him.

We miss you when you aren’t here. Coupon for One (1) movie night. You pick, I’ll make popcorn. I miss you when you aren’t here. I worry when you’re gone, and can’t wait for you to get home safe. Jack takes after you-- in all the best ways.

“Where did you get mulberries?” Sam wondered taking the plate with brows raised high in delighted surprise.

“Farmer’s market. Been hiding them in the mini fridge in the Dean Cave.”

He gestured to their entire breakfast spread. “I went all out and got organic and homemade everything, since these two are molecule-sensitive, so the less processed, the better.”

Sam made an appreciative groan as he bit into his pancakes, hand covering his heart. “You are officially forgiven for waking me up with pots and pans like a crazy person.”

“What did you get, Castiel?” Jack asked, craning his neck to try and see past the basket.

Dean slid a plate of pancakes in front of him. “How about you mind your own eggs and don’t worry about someone else’s, okay?” He winked. “No candy until you finish breakfast.”

Cracking open his final egg, Sam snorted a laugh as ranch ‘yolk’ poured out all over his salad. “I cannot believe you. You are so ridiculous.”

Dean grinned, munching on a bacon strip. “Family holidays are meant to be fun.”

Across the table, Cas tucked a single strip of paper into his inner coat pocket, collecting the others and folding them together in a large blue egg he slipped into his pocket. It was later, with Jack and Sam were busy in the kitchen washing dishes, that Dean saw Cas again.

“Now what are you plotting?” Cas asked.

Dean jumped, hand nearly knocking over a bowl filled with gummy bears.

“Sheesh, Cas!” he exclaimed, pressing a hand to his chest lest his heart break free of the confines of his ribcage. “Wear a bell!”

Cas, at least, had the decency to look abashed, dropping his eyes, before tilting his head to examine the tray of bowls and red-and-white-striped popcorn holders, each filled with a different candy like the kind he’d put in Jack’s eggs. “For the movies?”

Dean jerked his head on a nod. “Yep! Concession stand without the cost.” He gestured to the mini fridge. “Even got a bunch of cokes, waters, ginger ales, and cream soda-- it was Sam’s favorite as a kid.”

Cas smiled at it, his focus drifting back to Dean. “This is very considerate and thought-out, Dean. Thank you.”

He waved him off with an eye roll, but the blush spreading across his cheeks and ears gave him away as he moved to sit the tray of candy on the coffee table in front of the couch and recliners. When he turned, Cas blocked his path, head canted.

“There is one thing…” Dean frowned, brows twitching together.

Retrieving the slip of paper, Cas held it out to him. “You said you had something else to give me and to come find you later,” he reminded him.

Flushing darker, Dean dropped his gaze, rubbing the back of his neck. “Yeah, about that… not so sure it’s such a smart idea on my part. I honestly don’t know if you’ll like it or if I’m gonna make things super awkward.”

Cas tilted his head. “How will either of us know if you don’t give it to me?”

Green eyes flicked up and then away. “Just…” he licked his lip, “if you don’t like it, that’s fine. I’m apologizing in advance, so please don’t be mad.”

Breathing a small laugh, Cas lifted a brow. “I think you’re over-thinking at this point.”

Releasing a long sigh as he rubbed his jaw and kept his eyes lower, Dean admitted, “Yeah, maybe. Alright, close your eyes.”



Cas did as asked, brows drawn together in puzzlement and corners of his mouth wilting in a frown, before Dean slid his hands to settle at the back of Cas’ neck, cradling his skull as he covered his lips with his own. The angel stiffened, eyes flying open on a small gasp, lips brushing Dean’s before Dean leaned back in a lingering kiss, making his intent clear before pulling back with wary, cautious eyes, releasing Cas as he stepped away. Cas shook himself, staring at Dean wordlessly, brows drawn together.

Swallowing, Dean offered, “We can act like that never happened... if you’d prefer.” Surprise was wiped away by exasperated annoyance, one brow arching.

“You just surprised me,” he said, curling a hand in the front of Dean’s shirt and closing the space between them, his other hand sliding into Dean’s hair and he drew their mouths together, smiling against Dean’s lips at the thought that Easter miracles still happened.

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