When did you fall?

New @CCEtsyStore contest! I want to know what it was like when you realized that you had "fallen hard" for a fandom. Whether it be Supernatural, Lucifer, Timeless, Midnight, Texas, or what have you, I want to know! One winner will be randomly chosen to receive a 50% off coupon* for the store! Contest ends Monday, Sept. 10.

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When did you fall


My best friend had been trying for YEARS to get me into SPN. I, in turn, had been trying to get her to fall for The X Files. One night we opened a bottle (or two) of wine, fired up Netflix and introduced each other to a few of our fave episodes of each show. I was intrigued by the Winchesters and their story and wanted MOAR! I was about half way into Season 1 when my friend (who, to this day, I'm utterly convinced was the basis for Charlie. Bad-assed-red-headed-nerd-queens, the both of them) was killed in a car accident. I was destroyed. Gutted. I had never lost someone that close to me and I couldn't cope. One night, about a week after the funeral, I couldn't sleep. Not wanting to wake my husband with my tossing and turning, I retreated to the living room to watch some TV and clear my mind. The next episode of SPN was still the first thing in the 'Continue Watching' section on Netflix, I hit play and drowned my grief and loss in the Family Business. SPN did more than just allow me to deal with the pain and depression I struggled with that following year, and to this day. I feel it brings me closer to my friend. I can hear her beautiful laugh with each viewing of Mystery Spot, French Mistake or Changing Channels. I feel her Cas!Girl heart break during The Man Who Would Be King. And I share the joy and pain I know she would feel if she could see Scoobynatural or Stuck In The Middle. SPN has helped me heal, grieve and honour the memory of the most amazing woman I have ever known.


The first time I saw the commercial for Lucifer, I became a fan girl. I started clapping my hands bouncing up & down in the bed. I RWD the ad & made my hubby, brother, and 3 kids come upstairs to watch it. Hubby smiled, shook his head and said, "Honey, this show is aimed right at you. If the show if as good as commercial, you are going to become obsessed. I'll end up losing you that whole night." Family agreed. S1E1 family went out to a movie as to not risk bothering me (Hubby is thoughtful like that). As soon as I saw Lucifer in the car -YASSS! His facial expression at the end of his, "People like to tell me..." I knew right there I was going to be hooked. I would be a loyal fan girl & never miss an episode. When family got home, they looked at me & chuckled. My son looked at my hubby & said, "Daddy, you just lost Momma every Monday." That is what happened every Mon 7pm-11pm. Now, I have my MIL, SIL, 11 yr old son, 1 daughter, & my best friend addicted. My hubby has just become addicted. He is a Dt Douche fan. He is more upset for Dan at the S4 finale than anything. Nice that I can discuss the show with my family. Lucifer has grown to become a part of our fandoms' lives for various reasons. And all of them for the positive. I admire & appreciate the entire Lucifer cast and crew. They have lovingly accepted and shared their lives with us. I feel very lucky to have stumbled into this wonderful fandom of ours. We support one another, inspire each other, & try to make each of us smile daily. (((HugZzz))) & Love to you all! P.S. -Sorry for the length, I just wanted to put out my thoughts and fond memories of all this.


"In 2013, I was looking for a new show to watch on Netflix & my partner at that time actually suggested Supernatural. Initially, I was hesitant, because I thought it was a show that covers so-called "real stories" of supernatural events. I read the synopsis, seeing that it was not what I had anticipated, & decided to give it a try. I would watch episodes every now & then, as I didn't really care for the Monster of the Week formula, but I liked Dean Winchester since I'm a fan of the "adorable asshole" type (i.e., House, SHERLOCK, Constantine, etc.). I remember the time I truly fell hard for the show was the 3rd Season Finale (I can still hear my then-partner saying, "Are you going to leave Dean in Hell?" when I was about to turn the TV off) & the 4th Season Premiere together. The reason was because here was this epic story - Dean Winchester in Hell who ends up saved by an Angel. Castiel came into my life just like he did Dean's, sparks flying. I was completely consumed by this. I have always been fond of fantasy creatures so Castiel really ignited my passion for Supernatural. I started building friendships with fellow fans & discovered a community of support that encouraged me to stay alive & keep fighting. I was now the loner who no longer felt alone."


"I started watching orange is the new black last year after a long time of considering watching it. I feel like I had missed out on a lot and when I watched it and went on Twitter and saw how amazing that fandom seemed and not problematic at all..I couldnt help but feel love"