Wayward Wednesday

Let's share the love to our supporting cast, shall we? Wayward Wednesday will be for showing love to all of our supporting cast. So just tell me who you love, and why you love them!


Wayward Wednesday



Who do you love: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Why do you love 'em: I met JDM at Walker Stalker Con Chicago 2018. I was in the photo op line towards the front and watched how he interacted with my fellow fans. It was incredible. He had a cold and was still amazingly kind to every person who he took a photo with. He made sure to hug, give a handshake, etc with everyone. As for me meeting him, it was such a genuinely awesome experience, he told me I looked pretty, we did a hug pose, and he gave me an extra squeeze. Then, asked me if I was a Supernatural fan to which I smiled and replied yes. I was on cloud 9 for over a week.


Who do you love: Rob Benedict

Why do you love 'em: Where do I even start?! From the beginning, I adored his character, so adorable in his messy/stressy way (because honestly, who among us can't relate?). Then I discovered his music, and was just blown away by not only his insane talent, but also his soul-deep passion. Next came the con videos, where he is so genuine, in his highs and lows, and so honest about his struggles...and when he came back from the stroke, more vibrant and powerful than ever....yep, he was in 4 of my 6 ops at my 1st con in Charlotte, plus band autos! I love his honesty, his courage, his compassion, his talent...the way I feel when I hear him sing, and the way he treats you like a friend when you get to meet him those few seconds, rather than 'just another fan'. And, maybe most of all, his survival (so much more inner strength than he even knows!) and his advocacy for stroke awareness is very personal to me, as I lost my mom (no siblings, no extended family) to a stroke 9/13/2017. Thank you, Rob


Who do you love: Ruth Connell

Why do you love 'em: Ruthie is so much more than her drop dead gorgeous self. She’s incredibly intelligent and talented. I’ve not once been disappointed in a performance of hers. Her acting leaves you breathless. I love how many layers she’s piled into Rowena. Her character has become so much more than an antagonist. She’s now evolved into a complex ally and friend to the Winchester clan. And have I mentioned her singing? I need to be seated when she sings. Just everything about her knocks you off your feet.


Who do you love: Jim Beaver

Why do you love 'em: He's an amazingly talented man who is generous to fans. His portrayal of Bobby, both regular and AU showcase his talent.


Who do you love: Ruth Connell

Why do you love 'em:  She made a strong impression on me the moment Rowena first appeared and has since shown what a kind spirit and brilliant actress she is—one of my favorite actors from spn in fact. Plus her sense of style.

@GabbyBrown_2005 on a moment with David Haydn-Jones:

I was walking toward David for a photo op and when he saw me, he excitedly exclaimed, "Hey, Gabby! How are you doing, sweetie?!" Then I smiled and said, "Good. How are you?" David then replied, "I'm great." After that, I gave him a couple of things that I made for him, along with a puppy plush, and I said, "These are for you." David smiled really big and said, "That's awesome! Thank you so much!" Then David gave me a hug and I got two hug photo ops with him (I closed my eyes in the first picture, so we had to take another one). After that, David said, "Thank you, sweetie." I smiled and said, "You're welcome." It was just a little interaction, but it meant so much to me because David was such a sweetheart.

@AMckicat on a moment with Mark Sheppard:

He made my daughter's dreams come true. Crowley was always near & dear to my snarky teenager. I think he could tell how nervous she was in the photo op - 1st time she hasn't had a parent with her for an op & she was 13 yrs old but looks 18- she was wearing a devil made me do it shirt & had just inadvertently participated in the kids cosplay. He rolled his eyes at the shirt but gave her a tight squeeze. That girl was radiantly glowing she was so happy. He made her shine. A few months later, she had an op with David Tennant. Her life couldn't be better (in her words), she'd met & had photo ops with her absolute favorite actors, both who have played a demon named crowley. I posted it on Twitter & Mark Sheppard liked it, which gave my daughter more reason to smile. Anything & anyone who can make my girl beam like that is owed my gratitude & sincere thanks.

 @forever052016 on a moment with Rob Benedict:

I met rob at Chicon last year during an op with my friend we did a birthday op we had hats and Noise makers he was so nice he put on the hat and used the noise maker I didn’t know it at the time but when I got the photo back he was pointed at me because he knew it was my birthday. That was the moment I truly loved rob now I get an op with him at every convention he is the sweetest


Who do you love: Richard Speight Jr.

Why do you love 'em: He's such a genuine guy who cares so much about everyone who he meets. I've only had the pleasure of going to one SPN con but he was the highlight of my whole con and I can't wait to meet him many more times. Plus he gives amazing hugs ❤️ 


Who do you love: David Haydn-Jones

Why do you love 'em: I loved his character as soon as I saw him in the SPN series. he plays this role wonderfully. I was really surprised by all his different roles in his films. what a talented actor. I am happy to support him for his campaigns for Alzheimer's. David is a real Angel ❤


Who do you love: Briana Buckmaster

Why do you love 'em:  Briana encompasses what a woman should be to herself. She's encouraging & inspiring. She's curvy, sexy, talented, bold & funny. She owns who she is in her skin. These are things that society doesn't always hold as what is proper in a woman & I love her for that! Be yourself!


Who do you love: Timothy Omundson

Why do you love 'em: He's a really amazing actor! I loved Galavant and it took me forever to realize that I was watching the same actor that played Cain.


Who do you love: Kim Rhodes

Why do you love 'em: I love the development of the character of Jody Mills. She's come a long way from the early years to become such a strong, empathetic, empowering woman. Kim Rhodes is such an honest & bold woman. She's unapologetically who she is!


Who do you love: David Haydn-Jones

Why do you love 'em: He totally stole my hear at JIB this year. He was/is very nice and very sweet. Last Christmas I watched all the Christmas movies he was in. He does a great job as a Christmas dad which is so far from his role as Ketch on SPN. They're totally different roles, yet David pulls it out without even trying. It makes him a great actor.


Who do you love: David Haydn-Jones

Why do you love 'em: David Haydn-Jones is an incredible actor who plays Mr Ketch to perfection. he will soon launch his 2.0 LTTU <3 campaign for Alzheimer's. He shares love and more with his fans. A Song Makin'Bacon always for the good cause. David has a heart in GOLD he is an Angel. I'm proud to support him. 


Who do you love: David Haydn-Jones

Why do you love 'em: I have loved him from the first time I met him, and my first feeling was right. He is a sunny person, he spreads love and happiness around him, he has a big sense of humor and his character Ketch is very well played! But I love him more and more for his campaign for Alzheimer because I lost my father after years of disease.


Who do you love: Do I have to pick just one? Today I will pick Christian Keyes and Lee Shorten.

Why do you love 'em: I think our guest cast members have added so much to the story that started with just Sam and Dean Winchester, they make Supernatural a much richer and complex place. Christian kicked it as the soulless, calculated, single minded version of Michael; but responds gracefully and kindly to fans on sm. Lee as Crowley's second, was nameless and unappreciated. While Crowley was off jaunting about, somebody had to keep Hell in check. Also? Where is #2? He didn't die. Is he hiding? Ready to return to Hell and rule? He's also fantastic in Man In the High Castle as Sgt. Yoshida.


Who do you love: David Haydn-Jones, Sebastian Roche, Richard Speight Jr., Felicia Day

Why do you love 'em: Okay, i made a list there. I love them for different reasons. DHJ: i love his energy. I’ve got the opportunity to meet him at last year’s JIB and this year’s, and both years are amazing! He was as excited as fans to be there, and he always spend a good time to have a talk with us, even during photo op. I still remember his smile when he found out i changed my tee to his <3 campaign shirt for a photo op. And of course, how he always Liked people’s tweet and Insta posts that mentioned him. Seb Roche: It’s always a pleasure to see his posts on Insta. Him and Alicia are the cutest couple. They love and enjoy life so much, and they love to share it with us. I would love to get to meet BOTH of them someday. Rich: i love his talent. His episodes in SPN are stellar, and he clearly love being the “big brother” for fans, with his advices and protectiveness. I was really touched when he said, at JIB, that some people on the network are fucked up that they passed on Wayward Sisters. Rich loves his friends so much, it’s amazing! Felicia: i have a thing with redhead girls. Okay, not that ... only. Felicia’s geekiness is really sweet, and how she looked so cheerful and giddy over video games and films, it’s like she’s just one of us. I read her book, and i felt like i found a friend since we tend to like and think similarly. Sometimes. She’s more brilliant than i am that’s for sure.


Who do you love: Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster

Why do you love 'em: Kim and Briana are fearless women who are representing for the women out there that you don’t have to be 24 and a size 2 to be sexy and important in this world. We are too often taught by Hollywood that women of a certain age are of no consequence or interest as a person. Kim - and her partner in crime, Briana - show that amazing women aren’t confined to a cookie cutter version. They give us confidence to be our best self as ourselves.


Who do you love:  Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster

Why do you love 'em: These two women totally kick butt. They are both very strong and supportive on the screen and off. They are wonderful to others, family, friends, costars. Also they both give back do much to their fans. They are awesome and powerful and also taught us that its ok to be a little wayward.



Who do you love: Kim Rhodes

Why do you love 'em: She is just so f*cling badass! She is a strong female role model for young children, and young (or not so young) adults! She teaches you to stand up for what you believe in, and to not censor yourself.


Who do you love: Rob Benedict, Matt Cohen, Kim Rhodes and Jim Beaver

Why do you love 'em: Rob (Chuck/God) For his amazing heart, incredible acting & musical talent. Plus, he's a Rockstar. 😀 Matt (Young John / Archangel Michael) 4 words: Talent, Heart, Hotness & Smile. Kim (Jodi Mills) Warrior, Honest, Beautiful, Strong, Awkward, Talented, Imaginative. Jim (Bobby Singer) The Talented, Crusty, Funny, Codger who writes, directs, acts and parents with every ounce of love he has.


Who do you love: Alex Calvert

Why do you love 'em: I love Jack, and Alex does such an amazing job playing him. Very much looking forward to seeing more of him next season!


Who do you love: Briana Buckmaster

Why do you love 'em: So many wonderful supporting cast, it's hard to pick just one! I picked Briana because she's talented, beautiful, smart & is loved so much by the rest of the cast. She goes out of her way to inspire & support young women in the #SPNFamily which is awesome. She loves theater & stretched her skills this year doing The Humans, an amazing play. Plus she can sing! Damn girl! Just love her. ❤️


Who do you love: Jake Abel

Why do you love 'em: He might be the most underrated SPN actor ever. This man is hilarious, and creative, and he has a way to develop Adam’s legacy without ever being offensive. His panels are among the most bonkers, irresistible moments you can grab, and his mind is brilliant and quick to bounce back off whatever people will throw his way. Honestly, if you have the chance to attend a con he’s invited to, don’t miss him : he is a gem.


Who do you love: Matt Cohen

Why do you love 'em: Matt's a brilliant combination of silly and sweet. He's so full of love for our big SPN Family.


Who do you love: Briana Buckmaster

Why do you love 'em: She is the absolute coolest. She loves her friends and family fiercely, including the SPN Family! I’m so glad she was cast as Donna because I can’t imagine anyone else filling the space in our hearts like she has.


Who do you love: Ruth Connell

Why do you love 'em: I love Ruth and Rowena! Ruth is such a sweetheart, and Rowena is so badass!


Who do you love: Gil McKinney

Why do you love 'em: I love that he takes the time out to get to know his fans and learn their names. He’s incredibly genuine and kind. He also puts up with us being total dorks and is a total dork himself. He was so awesome when I did a terrible job singing at Vegas and tried to help make me feel at ease by dancing and goofing around. He’s just an overall awesome human being and has an amazing voice to boot!


Who do you love: Kim Rhodes

Why do you love 'em: She is genuine. Meeting her; she simultaneously made me want to burst into tears and scream “f*** yeah” and follow her into battle.


Who do you love: David Haydn-Jones

Why do you love 'em: Can we talk about David and his incredible acting skills for a second? He's very obviously a kind and generous fellow in the real world with a heart of gold, but has the ability to play a character that when first introduced rose every hair on the back of your neck and instantly raised red flags without question. That's pretty incredible!!!


Who do you love: Richard Speight Jr.

Why do you love 'em: I adore his ability to make fun of himself and not take life so seriously - while also being extremely kind-hearted and doing good! I'm loving the "Big Bag O' Dicks" Stands charity campaign! And obviously he's both a very fantatic director and actor!


Who do you love: Lisa Berry

Why do you love 'em: She gives off such positive energy. And has a powerful emotion filled singing voice.


Who do you love:  Kim Rhodes, Briana Buckmaster, Lisa Berry, Felicia Day

Why do you love 'em: This show was in desperate need of strong female characters. These women (and so many more) are brash, mouthy, supportive, talented, incredible personalities who are comfortable (or getting there) with who they are & are unapologetic about it. Their characters have grown from sometimes timid & reluctant women into ballsy powerhouses the fandom family can associate with & be proud of.


Who do you love:  Kathryn Newton as Claire

Why do you love 'em: I find her take on the character interesting and would like to see more of her. I think there is a lot of character potential. Claire is fresh, fiesty and fun.


Who do you love:  Briana Buckmaster

Why do you love 'em:  She's funny, gorgeous and an amazing singer! And I love Donna, hoping to see more of her in Wayward Sisters!


Who do you love:  Kim Rhodes

Why do you love 'em: She's fun, witty, smart, and just down right awesome. Jody is the truest symbol of "Girl Power" on the show and Kim portrays that perfectly. Kim has a lot of heart, and she uses that to give her character that same breath of fresh air in order to build a character who defied the odds and became Mamabear


Who do you love: a whole bunch of them but David Haydn-Jones deserves a special mention!

Why do you love 'em: I mean come on. Ketch is a mercenary dickhead meanwhile David is actual MAGIC. I can't get over how kind and loving he is, how he interacts with the fans and makes us feel like we matter. And the fact that he has some real mad acting skills... what's not to love? Also, Makin' Bacon!


Who do you love: Mark Sheppard, Adam Fergus, and Alex Calvert

Why do you love 'em: Alex seems so shy and reserved in real life, and I can relate to that. Plus he’s amazing as jack, and I can’t see anyone else doing a better job. Plus plus he looks like Misha and accepts it and rolls with it. Adam is hilarious in real life, and he likes to have fun it seems. As Mick, I hated him so much in the beginning but as his character changed to the person he became, I cried when he was killed. 😭. I’m hoping for his return soon? :) Mark because he is a amazing person who doesn’t take crap from anyone. He tells you like it is. Some people have reported he’s picky or whatever at cons about photo ops and stuff but when I met him he was so amazing. He was fun and he joked with me. Idk if anyone has ever had that “click” but me and mark did. I had two photos with him and he jus fouled me close like like we were old friends for one of them 😊. Also, Crowley is hilarious and I miss him so much. His love for the Winchester’s and his mom makes me so happy (he’s never admit either of those , but come on.)


Who do you love: Richard Speight Jr.

Why do you love 'em: Rich is an amazing guy. He is an insanely talented actor and director (#UnfinishedBusiness). He is also a genuinely nice guy. He is one of the funniest people I have ever met too. He is thoughtful and smart and not to mention pretty damn easy on the eyes! Love that guy!


Who do you love: David Hadyn-Jones

Why do you love 'em: I love a bad boy plus I think Mr Ketch deep down is a good person who was just following orders. Also David plays him really well and is a really nice guy too.


Who do you love: Kim & Brianna

Why do you love 'em:  They are both kick ass women on stage & off! Gotta give it up to the ladies #womencrushwednesay #waywardsisters #waywardaf


Who do you love: David Haydn-Jones

Why do you love 'em:  Not only does a play a kick-a** character, but he is an amazing person! He is warm and gracious and goes out of his way to make his fans feel loved. He’s got an amazing sense of humor as well! Just watch his old sketch comedy!


Who do you love: David Haydn-Jones

Why do you love 'em: He is adorable and kind. he's a great actor who can play bad characters as well as nice guys. he created a community #LTTU <3 which I immediately felt good. he is really an Angel he shares with his fans, his humor and makes us feel a lot of emotions with his tweets. he makes us discover artists through Art Mates every Sunday. his first campaign for Alzheimer's I'm done as if it was mine I gave myself 200% and I'm proud that my father and I were able to give 530 dollars. buy 11 campaign items <3 and offered 9 items. because I too feel concerned by this cause I also lost my grandmother of this disease 6 years ago.


Who do you love: Rob Benedict

Why do you love 'em: I didn’t realize just how big of a fan I truly was until Seattle. Every episode he has been in have been my faves. And his narration of “swan song” added sooo much too arguably the best episode of the series. BUT when he sang Fare Thee Well..... just insanely beautiful.


Who do you love: David Haydn-Jones

Why do you love 'em: His portrayal of Ketch is amazing yet also heartbreaking as he is able to convey the regrets and sadness of a damaged, abused person. He has also been a welcome addition to the spnfamily with his willingness to engage with us on social media, his work for Alzheimers and the creation whether by accident or design of a safe, loving and always kind place on the interwebs. I may have more than a little crush!


Who do you love: Shoshannah Stern

Why do you love 'em: Not only does she bring much-appreciated inclusion of the Deaf community to #Supernatural (and to T.V., in general), but she is just such a sweetheart. Seeing her joy when interacting with fans is heart-warming.


Who do you love: All of them. Rob, Richard, Kim, Brianna, Felicia, etc.

Why do you love 'em? They are all family. There's huge support and love with all of them with each other, all the crew, AND the fans. They also are quite involved with helping with the charities. They are such awesome people.


Who do you love: Katherine Ramdeen, Richard Speight Jr, Rob Benedict, Matt Cohen, ALL OF THEM

Why do you love 'em?: Because of how bright they are! I love how seeing them instantly brings a smile to my face, and how they're always joking around each other and how much they love their fans. Most of all, She's a real bright soul walking down this world❤


Who do you love: Rachel Miner

Why do you love 'em: Her positivity about life. Despite what she is going through, she is always positive, smiling, and just all around inspiring♡


Who do you love: Mark Sheppard

Why do you love 'em: Crowley was one of the best things to ever happen to Supernatural, and I’ll be forever upset that they let him go the way they did. His story definitely wasn’t over, and he is missed every episode. Mark is a genuine soul, caring and kind and just a funny guy too, and he deserves more recognization for his awesome characterization.


Who do you love: Felicia Day (Charlie)

Why do you love 'em: Felicia is actually why I started watching Supernatural. I'm a huge fan of hers. She's so funny, smart and wonderfully weird.


Who do you love: The Ladies of SPN

Why do you love 'em: To be specific: Kim, Bri, Ruthie, Samantha, Alaina, Rachel, Lisa, Emily, Shoshannah, Kat2, and of course the rest of the Wayward ladies. They are just an incredible group of women. They inspire me as individuals, but also as a group. They are so loving and supportive to each other, and demonstrate how women friends should act. They never put each other down, and they are alsways supporting each other's projects. As individuals, they are each so talented and hard working, but also strong and wise. They know who they are and don't take crap from anyone. They are passionate and work hard to support causes they believe in. I want to grow up and be even one percent as amazing and strong as they are. (sorry this is so long, I just love them a lot)


Who do you love: Rob, Kim, Brianna, Jim, Richard....all them

Why do you love 'em: They all are such wonderful people and great actors. They're part of the crew and family. They do so much to help others, give so much of themselves and work/organize some wonderful charities and causes. Love them all.


Who do you love: Felicia Day

Why do you love 'em: I have loved her since the days of The Guild. She’s hilarious and sweet and I have never seen her in something where I walked away hating it. She really brightens up any show or event with her presence. It’s been a pleasure seeing her in a wide range of things from a web show to her and her brother playing video games on her YouTube channel to long running dramas. She will always be my Queen!


Who do you love: Richard Speight Jr.

Why do you love 'em: He's insanely talented, of course, first off. Can act not only hilarious, but scary intimidating, and can break your heart. But he can also sing, got a serious twang and I usually don't even like country, and has directed some of the best episodes in the series. Not to mention Kings of Con. And he's the best MC/Cat herder of Conventions I've ever seen (sadly only on videos) and his quotes about how to treat people and act on social media are perfect. We can use a lot more like him around.


Who do you love: Rob Benedict

Why do you love 'em: Cause he is just brilliant as Chuck/God and was an instant favorite for me. Especially thankful that through the conventions I've been introduced to the awesome Louden Swain, who I just can't get enough of.


Who do you love: Matt Cohen

Why do you love 'em: He spreads joy wherever he goes. Always happy and always willing to make everyone else too. He is a multi talent and helps where he can.


Who do you love: Rob and Rich

Why do you love 'em: Hilarious, insanely talented, incredibly nice people.


Who do you love: Richard Speight, Jr

Why do you love 'em: Most times he acts like a little clown, but he‘s such a thoughtful, creative and sensitive person. He really touches my heart and I want to tell him all the time, that we love him, also when he‘s not playing a clown, and that he doesn‘t have to hide behind the other guys cause he‘s so handsome and interesting. <3


Who do you love: Alex Calvert

Why do you love 'em: His portrayal of Jack is so pure, he is such talented actor, going to places! There is not even a slightest exaggeration just plays the character and we believe him. Maybe we are at the same age and I always wanted to be in his shoes, maybe because I was following J2 since they were at his age, now that I connected another character that level, I am just happy to be able to follow this actor for YEARS to come.. Love you Alex 😊


Who do you love: Ty Olsson

Why do you love 'em: I love Ty and of course Benny because both are really just teddy bears, with sparkly blue eyes and that deep soothing voice, it’s as simple as that. Ty is someone I’d trust & want to hang with for a beer at the beach, he’s mellow and calming. Benny just makes me want to take care of him, and give him a place to belong, someplace he could fit.


Who do you love: I love almost everyone so this is difficult....but, Rowena MacLeod

Why do you love 'em:  Since I started watching the show, I'd been waiting for a witch character that wasn't just a "Monster of the Week." So when Rowena was introduced, I was excited. I've loved watching the evolution of her character over the seasons and have always appreciated the complexity of her character. It's still hard to determine her true motivations most of the time. Plus, Ruth Connell's portrayal of Rowena is always a joy to watch!


Who do you love: Rob Benedict

Why do you love 'em: He's such a sweetheart!


Who do you love: So hard to choose one... Jeffrey Vincent Parise

Why do you love 'em: Awesome newcomer. Created his character well & he is an amazing actor/artist. Anyone who gets a chance to go to a con' DON'T leave during his panel, @ #spnvegas a lot of pop left & they missed out. Very charming, very handsome, funny... go up to his table, talk, & welcome him. Hopefully he his here for a while


Who do you love: Rob, Rich and everyone

Why do you love 'em: I love how our "supporting cast" are all family. Recurring rolls may be years apart *cough-Rob-RICH* yet they're received with love & joy by cast,crew and Fans alike!


Who do you love: Briana Buckmaster

Why do you love 'em: Because she is a super awesome, fun and genuine person. She inspires me and I love her hard work ethic and her friendship with Kim. She is beautiful on the inside and out.


Who do you love: Sheriff Donna! (Briana Buckmaster)

Why do you love 'em: Out of all the Wayward characters I love Donna the best. Her cheerful disposition is very endearing. Her positive outlook on life, despite all the challenges she's faced, makes her a good role model. Like many of us, she struggles with her image, with her career, and with finding love. She is passionate, smart, and well-informed; "Breakdown" was a pleasure to watch partly due to that development and added depth of Donna's character. She is supportive, and will come to help her friends whenever they need her. She is also a tough cookie and can hold her own in a fight, whether through smarts or excellent marksmanship.