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What did you enjoy the most about the two bonus Lucifer episodes?


"Ella, she was still the forensics pro. Plus the inevitably of Chloe and Lucifer... Then of course the closing remarks from Dad. Only the "best". Also a shout out to the fan base, the way it comes together is proof that there is commonality and support for what we love. Not technically what your asking for but a big part of the night."~ @SailorsChild

"What I've always loved about the show is the balance between humour and emotion and these 2 episodes didn't disappoint. For a show about Lucifer, the strong emotions the characters endure are relatable to so many. And on a personal note, in Once Upon a Time... growing up watching the kids show Romper Room, Miss Fran never once looked through her magic mirror and said my name 'Bonny', but yesterday Lucifer did and that was pretty cool." ~ @BLB_17 

"Maybe it wasn't about the episodes themselves, but when you see so many people united and there is only positivity, love and support. I'm just happy that I can be a part of it. About episodes, I'm glad that we finally know Ella better, she is a beautiful soul, truly good. And there is Chloe and Lucifer, those two will always find each other, even in different universe." ~ @xlola95x

"Lucifer and Chloe's chemistry -- love the humor and excitement." ~ Anonymous

"My favorite part of the bonus episodes was the entire second episode. The idea that no matter how things changed, one thing stayed the same. Lucifer and Chloe's undeniable chemistry and love for one another still brought them together." @Grvyrdmama


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