Supernatural Episode Reviews

“Stranger in a Strange Land” -- 14 x 1

by @TFWSissa

Let’s start this first review of the season! I’ll try to keep it short but I don’t guarantee anything. That
being feel free to discuss it.

First of all I started the show with high expectations as always and unlike some people I wasn’t
disappointed. It was a little bit slow for a season premiere because it was more focused on the
characters than on the plot but I have a preference for characters development over plot so I’m all in!
Now let’s get to the episode itself. And because it was more character driven I’ll do it character by

Sam not taking care of himself was heart breaking for me but understandable, that being said seeing
him in a leadership role was awesome. Sam doesn’t get a lot of story lines and attention it has been
like that since before Dabb in my opinion. So seeing him like that is something I really enjoyed. Now I
hope that when Dean will be back the writers will find a balance between TFW members. That it
won’t be just one of them but all of them. And given how much that episode was focused on family
for me I think it’s what is going to happen. Sam taking care of Nick (by the way even if I was sure that
Lucifer was dead dead and that it would be Nick, when Sam said his name I was so damn happy. I
mean I don’t even care that much about Nick I just would rather have him than Lucifer) was painful to
watch. I know it’s not Lucifer and Sam knows it too but the fact Sam take on him to help Nick, the
man with the face of his torturer. His nightmare. Shows how much of a good man Sam is. But it was
painful to watch because Sam deserves a complete closure when it comes to Lucifer and as long as
Nick is there Sam’s closure will be missing a piece. One last piece.

On a different note, Sam’s speech to the demons. It was badass and awesome but I felt there was
something broken in his voice. I actually felt that way in most of the episode but especially in that
scene. I don’t know if Jared was sick (I doubt it) or if it was a conscious (or unconscious) acting choice
but damn it almost made me tear up. Like you can feel the pain in his voice and it hurts.

For Michael I need to say that not only Jensen did a pretty good job with the Arabic accent (I legit
understood him better than Jamal... Like what the hell?) but Jensen’s acting was really good. He is
getting the opportunity to do something new and given that we know Dean will be back I don’t mind
not having him in this episode and just having Michael. The fact Michael is trying to find people to join
him is very interesting and I really wonder what he is going to do but it also show how self centric he
is. He thinks he can do no wrong and that the end justify the means. His arrogance is shown in the
very first scene actually when he told Jamal «You’ve read all about me» and «The other one, the
better one.» Because the one quote he mentioned he actually the one time Michael is mentioned in
the Quran. Ask a Muslim Gabriel’s role they will reply without an hesitation, ask them about Michael’s
role and most won’t be able to reply. So while it could be ignorance from Dabb, it can also be a way to
show Michael’s arrogance and I like that. Later when he went to see Jo/Anael, I admit I was afraid he
would kill her. Anael is ambitious and she truly can help Heaven so I don’t want her to die (and I love
Danneel) but I found it really strange that he used her human name (by the way Michael’s true form is
ridiculous but kudos for trying) maybe it was a way to insult her because right after he told her she
was too much like humans. At the end, Michael working with vampires was surprising. I guess that
Michael hates humans more than he hates monsters. Knowing how was his relationship with
AU!Chuck would actually be pretty interesting in my opinion but I don’t think we will get to see it.
Lastly, I’m really anticipating how much Dean is gonna be traumatized by this experience. So part of
me is eager to have Dean back, the other part don’t want him back before a long time to avoid all the

Cas on the other hand did something stupid but like Sam said he would have done the exact same
thing. Cas loves Dean - no matter if you think it’s platonic or romantic, he still loves him that much is
100% canon - so doing everything he can to save him was to be expected. That being said he really
looked drained (it still took a few pairs of enochian handcuffs to keep him chained but still) so my
guess is that he really worked on finding Dean during those three weeks. On top of it Cas must feel so
responsible for the situation. After all he was there when Dean said yes. The guilt must be so painful.
Even more with Cas who has the ability to blame himself easily and to think he is expandable all the
time. Kipling saying «Joined at the everything» was interesting. That means even a demon who never
met Dean and Cas (or any of Team Free Will) can see that there is something between this two. Like
it’s funny how demons and angels never suggest Cas is sleeping with Sam they always suggest he is
doing it with Dean. Around the end of the episode when Cas talked with Jack it reminded me a little
bit of Dean when he tried to reassure Jack in 13x23 but also Dean when he tries to make Cas
understand that he is family, that he isn’t expandable. And I kinda liked it but I also think that because
it sounded like Dean, Jack might doubt the sincerity of those words not only because he didn’t bond
with Dean the way he did with Sam and Cas (and even Mary) but also because Jack most likely knows
that Cas himself have a hard time believing those words when directed at him so why would Jack
believe them.

Lastly everyone in the Bunker. I like Bobby training Jack. I liked Mary. And I LOVE that Team Free Will
is going to have a network of competent hunters to work with them. That being said I wish there
wasn’t that much people in the Bunker. Like I wish they were somewhere else. Because to be honest I
see the Bunker as Team Free Will home so having that many strangers in it doesn’t feel natural.
So to close this review it’s a good start for a season. Focusing on found family, the core of the show.
We just need Dean back and that family I love so much will be reunited again.

“Let the Good Times Roll” -- 13 x 23

by @TFWSissa

Let’s try and give a review about that episode I’ll try to keep it shorter than usual.

Favorite part: Sam’s smile when he realized Lucifer was dead. I mean look at that face.

Least favorite part: Singer’s directing I will try not to talk about it much here because many other people would do it better than me but damn I didn’t knew what was real second hand embarrassment before that episode...

First of all, I’m totally on board with the fact that Bobby and Charlie will still be there next season. Plus Charlie and Rowena on a road trip? They should make it into a mini webserie so we survive during Hellatus.

Lucifer showing his true face was very satisfying for me. I said it after episode 13 and I will keep on saying it the only possible outcome for Lucifer given the way they wrote him was for him to die. For me he wasn’t written as someone who was going to get a redemption arc. He was written as a character who could have a redemption but didn’t want one. My only question was if he would die doing the right thing, a sacrifice for Jack, or die by the hand of a member of Team Free Will after showing his true face. I think that part of Jack knew about Lucifer after all he didn’t seem to really held accountable Sam for leaving Lucifer behind in the AU. Jack most likely knew that Lucifer didn’t told him everything he did - given how Sam, Dean and Cas don’t trust him - but he also wanted to believe that Lucifer changed. Because he iwas his biological father and given his powers Jack most likely feared to end up like him so the belief that Lucifer changed was a way to convince himself he didn’t had to end like a bad guy.

But it also hurts to know that Jack trusted him/wanted to trust him and yet Lucifer betrayed him like the manipulative person he is.

For Sam remembering the smile on his face when he realized Lucifer was dead is enough to make me smile. I love him so much. I don’t think he ever was that happy since 1x01. I mean don’t get me wrong, we saw Sam being happy in the past. But this time for a few seconds his nightmare and torturer was dead, there was no great menace, Dean was okay, Cas was okay, Jack was okay, Mary was okay, Rowena was okay and on top of it they had that new Bobby and that new Charlie. And it happened after Dean talked to him about retiring with Cas toes in the sand... During a few seconds Sam probably saw that happy retiring as a real possibility and I don’t think we ever saw him that close to his happy ending. It must have hurt so badly to lose Dean to Michael right after... And if Lucifer ever comes back that will be too much to handle so for Sam and for the story I rather have Lucifer stay dead. Like if they like Mark that much - like I said in the past I might not be a fan but he is a good actor - they can find a way so he can play an other character it’s Supernatural after all it wouldn’t be the first time. That way people who like Mark would be happy, people who don’t want Lucifer back would be happy too and for the story at this point anything that doesn’t involve Lucifer back would be better in my opinion. So Mark playing an other character would be a win-win for everyone.

Lastly Cas...He tried so hard for Dean to not say yes to Michael and he succeeded yet now Dean said yes. In front of him. This must be so heart breaking for Cas his face at the end of the episode I went from happy tears because of Sam’s smile to sad tears because of Cas’ face at the end of the episode. It reminds me so much of Dean’s face at the end of season 12 finale in front of Cas dead body.

On top of it Cas was there so he must feel so guilty. On an other note given how Cas was sitting and given Mary and Bobby faces it looked like there was something in front of them.

I wonder if Michael previous vessel was standing there or if after he felt responsible for Dean, Cas just snapped the way Dean did in 9x10 after Kevin’s death or in 10x23 breaking everything out of anger and guilt, or maybe they just saw the broken stuff on the floor after they fought Michael... I admit my favorite would be Cas snapping out of anger and guilt but I also know that maybe there was absolutely nothing in front of them.

The conclusion? Despite the cringe worthy directing work I’m looking forward to seeing Jensen play Michael and to see how the rest of Team Free Will 2.0 is gonna handle everything. And I liked the episode. But to be honest Sam’s smile is the main thing I will remember I didn’t realize that I needed it that much before actually seeing it.

“Beat the Devil” -- 13 x 21

by @TFWSissa

First thing first, it’s a Berens episode. And episodes that man write always makes me excited so I started with high expectation and I was not disappointed.

The road so far was enough to tell me I was either going to be rolling my eyes or going to cry in that episode and given I didn’t cry for a bro moment in years I was really waiting for it. So when the episode basically started with a big domestic moment in Sam’s dream that I loved and then the dick joke I was surprised but it was a pleasant surprise. Rowena and Gabriel were so funny. Looking at the whole episode, it was the lighthearted part it needed.

I admit I wasn’t thrilled about Lucifer, he tends to piss me off and I’m totally waiting for Sam to kill him already but it got to the point where any member of Team Free Will 2.0 (include Rowena) would be good enough for me. But despite my lack of sympathy for Lucifer seeing him losing it completely when he saw Gabriel then Rowena, people who where supposed to be dead, by his own hands, it was really enjoyable. The way he keeps seeing people he killed in the past show to Lucifer that he can’t even get things right when killing people and I thought maybe it would make him change. To see that his old ways are not effective at all. But no he doesn’t change.

Honestly no matter what people (myself included) think about Mark Pellegrino I think we can all agree on the fact that he is really a good actor. I mean if he wasn’t I wouldn’t be able to have such a strong reaction (even a negative one) to Lucifer.

When finally they went through the rift I knew serious things were starting. Sam is definitely in a bad place and it breaks my heart. I understand that it’s necessary for the story and his character development but it still breaks my heart. And a story exist to either teach us something or make us feel something, so I guess that means it’s well written. Gabriel on the other hand seems really lost as his conversation with Cas showed it.

When he called himself a screw-up I think it was important that instead of denying it Cas told him that maybe that’s what Heaven needed. Cause Gabriel and Castiel are screw-ups because they are not like other angels and that’s a good thing. They are different and that’s what Heaven needs, given that Cas has his family, the one he loves, and his purpose on Earth and that Gabriel is still looking for a purpose it means Heaven needs

Gabriel. Not only like some sort of magical battery to keep the light on but also to make things right up there. Angels need a structure but not one like Raphael or Metatron or even Naomi tried to create. Jo/Anael was right about something - more than one thing actually but that’s not the point - Heaven needs change. And Gabe will be that change. He didn’t left Heaven because he hated it he left because he was tired of the fights between Lucifer and Michael and didn’t want to pick a side. He hated what Heaven became but not what it used to be. And his excuse to Cas was not «I don’t want to go back to heaven» it was «angels wouldn’t want me back» which means Gabriel wouldn’t be against the option of ruling Heaven at all or at the very least going back to Heaven.

Going through the tunnel whenever the girl - I forgot her name - screamed, I wanted to scream back and tell her to shut up. Like you’re surrounded by vampires maybe stop screaming cause you’re basically calling them. That being said let’s face it as much as we all like to imagine being badass hunters like Team Free Will if put in the SPN universe we would most likely be like her screaming all the time.

And then THE moment happened.

While I understand people who roll their eyes whenever one of the boys die because we know he will come back, I didn’t rolled my eyes at all. When something like that happen I know that the character is coming back but the other characters don’t so what makes the death emotional is not the death itself it’s how other characters feel about it, the surrounding, the context of a character’s death makes it emotional. So I wanted to cry for Dean, for Cas and for Jack when Sam died. Cas running behind the vamps who took Sam with them and most likely seeing that Sam was dead was heartbreaking and when Cas came back and kept Dean from following Sam I’m 100% certain he wasn’t leaving Sam to die. We saw all the blood Sam was most likely dead by the time Cas reached him in the tunnel. He stopped Dean from not only going to his own death but also seeing Sam’s dead body. And Cas’ face as much as Dean’s face in that scene got me on the verge of crying.

They didn’t had time so for me they were going to go back through the tunnel once they got Mary and Jack and they would have been able to take Sam’s body back with them in their world. And later when Dean’s one perfect tear/single man tear made an appearance I finally cried. And it was beautiful (the scene not my crying of course).

Damn it’s starting to get long and the goal is for you to read it not to die from boredom so I’ll try (and probably fail) to end it quickly.

On Rowena and Lucifer’s side I will make it short by saying that Lucifer was acting like a child – but it was most likely planned as he wanted Rowena to make him angry - that Rowena was perfect when she called Sam, Dean and Cas «Jack’s three fathers» twisting the knife even more by adding that as far as Jack is concerned Lucifer is nobody for him. And then when Rowena stayed to try and help keep the rift open even if that’s a big risk for her life - for all she knows Lucifer might come out of the rift alone and try to kill her again - that shows how she was honest when she showed that she wanted to change. I felt like a proud mother with Rowena seriously. She grew so much since the first time we saw her.

I knew Sam was coming back one way or another. My only question was will Michael bring him back hoping to use him against Jack or will Lucifer do it to use him to manipulate Jack. And the later happened.

Honestly at this point it looks like the show is trying to scream that Lucifer does not want a redemption arc. That he COULD have one but doesn’t want one. When he said he wanted an apology from Chuck I was like «Didn’t you got one like 2 seasons ago after you threw a tantrum listening to music loudly in Sam’s bedroom?» When he then said that Sam would be a «gift» I was like «Come on dude! At least if you wanna manipulate Jack do it properly. You bring back Sam and then you help and then you leave without asking anything that way Jack won’t feel you’re trying to manipulate him and he will come to you by himself.» On the other hand and that’s kinda mean so I apologize I almost burst out laughing when he said «I’ve grown». I mean maybe he grew or at least think he grew but his action don’t show it. And while I don’t really care cause I don’t feel much sympathy for him it’s sad for people who love him. Lucifer might not deserve better - in my opinion - but his fans do deserve a better (as in good) Lucifer.

Lastly one of my favorite part will stay the contrast between Jack’s face when he saw Sam alive and then when he saw Lucifer. He got from a big smile to «why the hell is that other man here?». The conclusion? I came with high expectation as I always do with a Berens episode and I left with an episode meeting those expectations and even more. If Wayward get picked up - I’m totally waiting for it just pick it up already - I’m crossing my fingers hoping he will still write for SPN.

“Unfinished Business” -- 13 x 20

by @TFWSissa

I’m going to try and make my thoughts about this episode organized but I can’t promise anything.

First of all I think that if Season 13 had a big main plot going on (cause I don’t consider saving Mary and Jack and stopping AU!Michael as a big main plot) the episode would have worked less well than late in the season. It would have been weird to have an episode about a secondary character that late in the season instead of taking care of said main plot. But because the main plot this season is not really happening in the Universe we know, that episode worked very well in my opinion. Team Free Will had two leads on Gabriel and I’m actually wondering if Gabriel tricked them cause he didn’t want them to find him or if there was something and Cas found it.

Knowing more about Gabriel’s past, his relationship with Loki… it worked really well and it was such an enrichment for the SPN verse to learn more about a character who is not Sam or Dean (not that I have something against learning more about their childhood I actually love it too). It also showed that revenge is a way to cope with all those years of torture for Gabriel and I liked it. When I saw Gabriel leaving in episode 18 I was kinda afraid that they would ignore his trauma. Being tortured for years every day is not something you forget. It doesn’t go away in two seconds. But while trying to act like his old self Gabriel also realized he changed and that the torture made him another man (or should I say Archangel). Having Gabriel acknowledging it and dealing with it - even if whether or not revenge is the good choice is debatable - was quite enjoyable.

To be fair I also probably enjoyed the lollipops case and Gabriel saying what happened while Dean is imagining it more than I should have. For the Alternative Universe, I really liked Kevin and he deserved better (they gave Osric the opportunity to show more of his acting skills and that was really good). I also liked that Mary completely adopted Jack and that Jack shielded her with his wings. But despite those things we saw, if we take into account the fact that the main plot of this season is tied to the alternative universe something more should have happened. Like at the end of the day while it was quite enjoyable it didn’t make the story really move. But it will have an impact on Jack so I guess the point of the AU in this episode was to develop Jack (and Mary) as a character more than to develop this season main plot. Showing us how much Jack trust his ability to beat Michael made me realize that Jack is really still a kid. He doesn’t take everything into account and it might end up hurting more people in the future.

On another note with Dean mentioning Sam’s reaction if he had a shot at Lucifer and Sam asking Gabe how revenge felt, I’m wondering if Sam is going to try and kill Lucifer. I personally think Lucifer will die one way or another but I admit that I would be surprised if it wasn’t in a Darth Vader way for Jack. Not that I truly mind but the closer we get to the end the less I’m sure about what they are planning for Lucifer. That being said given the episode was about Gabriel I really liked that they acknowledged how Sam felt even if it was for a second.

For Dean’s depression, and being suicidal, it is not something you get back from easily so seeing that the euphoria of Cas being back earlier in this season is letting the place to his issues once again is a good thing. At the end of the day unless Team Free Will acknowledge their personal issues I don’t think they can’t get better. I just wish Sam did acknowledge it instead of kinda encouraging Dean but given that Sam is not really in a better place I’m not surprised and I understand why it happened.

The conclusion? On top of the usual awesome acting (Richard directing himself fighting and other him was pretty awesome) and the Tarantino references, Meredith and Richard are definitely a good team of writer/director.

 Really nice review. Apt and precise. Agreed with most points! :) ~ @2357silver