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by @ChangingChanne1

A few weeks ago I had a chance to chat with Hilly Hindi and Hannah Hindi of the Hillywood Girls, regarding their Supernatural parody. In the three weeks since the YouTube video ( was released, it has garnered over 2.3 million views.

How were you able to get so many of the cast involved?

Hilly: “In the past, I had asked Jensen, ‘If we ever do a spin off, we'd love to work with you again.’ He said, ‘You know we’d love to be there. You know we would support you girls.’ Even though he said that, we were still a little nervous to ask them about Supernatural Parody 2 because we weren’t really sure what they would say. We reached out to Clif and asked him to check if the boys would be interested in, possibly, making another cameo for Supernatural Parody 2. We prayed about it and asked God for guidance because we were very confused on what production to do next. We had another alternative parody in mind, but we prayed, ‘Lord if it's your will, let the boys confirm first.’ Within four days Clif, heard back from Jensen, and Jensen responded with a ‘Hell yeah!’ via text.”

Hilly: “From there we started approaching everyone that might be interested. Osric asked a few people who we didn't have connections with. Even Ruthie helped us get a hold of Alex. So, it was all a team effort, honestly. It was everyone working together, excited to be a part of it and asking each other.” said Hilly. “I honestly don't know how it happened, but this was a God story and it was a meant to be.”

Did you ever think when you first started doing parodies that they would become so big and popular with lots of guest stars in them?

Hannah: “No. I'll just answer that straight up. We met Osric 4 years ago. He discovered us at a convention. We were the only YouTubers there amongst actual celebrities. Without Osric, being the most genuine down-to-earth person that he is, I don't believe we’d be where we are at today. By him being a part of The Walking Dead parody, it really did open the doors for us in being able to approach other celebrities. I never envisioned it like this. I'm sure Hilly might have envisioned it like this because she dreams big, but, definitely, not me. We feel, immensely, blessed. It's not us, it's all by God.

Hannah: “We just want to give a big shout out and thank you to Osric, in general, just for being such a nice and genuine person and opening the doors for us.”

How did you come up with the idea of Misha as Janine and what was Misha's reaction?

Hilly: “When we first approached him we, just basically, asked, ‘Would you like a cameo in Supernatural Parody 2?’ Misha showed interest and asked to see the script!”

Hannah: “He wanted to know, exactly, what he'd be doing. That made us very excited. We sent him the lines for Janine and sent him the clip, gave him the full concept, etc. Immediately, he was excited. He was like, ‘Oh my God, am I dressed in drag? Am I the male version of her?’ He was so interested in the role and showed a lot of enthusiasm for it.

Hilly: “When we blocked the scene, he just jumped into the accent and into impersonating her (Janine). That's what we envisioned from the beginning. Misha was a thrill to have on set. To see the vision come to life was mind-blowing for me. “

Which cameo were you the most surprised at getting?

Hilly: “Jared and Jensen, definitely. We wanted to feature them, to have them in costumes and in the packs, but, then reality hit. Wow, they're actually giving us their time for two hours. They are going to be in our studio, on our set. They're going to say lines and they're going to have multiple scenes. It became a dream come true.”

Hannah: “I've never met a cast as amazing as Supernatural. Jensen and Jared are the sweetest guys.”

I also was able to get a few quotes from some of the guest stars themselves:

Tyler Johnston:

What I enjoyed most was getting together with the Supernatural cast members who have become friends.   Working with Hilly and Hannah was a treat, they mean business!  They run a well-oiled production and it was a pleasure being along for the ride.  We hung out in the green room, then danced our little hearts out on camera.   It was during the Stanley Cup Playoffs and I remember watching the Las Vegas Golden Knights game on my ipad with some of the other hockey fans.”

Kim Rhodes:

“Those women manage to make an incredible product and still guarantee I’m going to be happy doing it by packing all the people I love in one place. It was a blast!”

Mark Pellegrino:

“First off, as the red headed step child of the SPNFAM I expect to NEVER be invited to the party. 😈. So the fact that they even considered me for a cameo made me feel pretty damn great.  The project was a joy from beginning to end. The set was supportive and fun and totally professional (Believe it or not you don’t get that combo as often as you’d think) I would work with them again in a heartbeat.”

Briana Buckmaster:

“I ADORE Julian. I’ve actually never worked with him before. He is a true gentleman and utter professional. I hope one day I can do more than just slamming the door in his face :)”

Did you know that there were two Baby replicas that were featured in Supernatural Parody 2?

Angel – owned by Jan Ashmore

I understand that Angel was in the previous Supernatural Parody as well. What can you tell us about that?

The first Supernatural Parody was filmed in 2015 and my Impala was indeed the one featured! At that time the car was owned by a now great friend of mine, Eric Bates, and he was contacted by the Hillywood show and asked if they could use his Impala in their parody. The locations with the Impala were all shot in Oregon, and Eric was there on site with the car the whole time. They filmed with the car for four days and the result was the first Supernatural Parody! It has had over 5 million views as of this summer!

Tell us about the road to building Angel, or how you obtained her.

Well as I have said the owner of the car before me was Eric Bates and he is the one who took her from her original maroon old family car to the amazing “Baby” replica that you see today! He purchased her in 2013 and lovingly built her with his father to share with his daughters, who are superfans of the show, attending conventions!  Eric and his daughters took her all over the western united states and even into Canada to events and conventions until late 2017 when he decided to sell her to her next family. I heard about her sale through a good friend of mine Rick Blevins. Eric had not named her when he sold her to me at the end of December 2017, so I decided to name her Hilly from her appearance in the first parody!  Her name Angel came to her in honor of my first Impala Angel that was stolen from me earlier this year, but that is a story for another day. Since I purchased her, we were featured at the Hollywood premier of the Supernatural / Scooby Doo crossover episode in March 2018 at Paley Fest. Warner Brothers wanted a Supernatural Impala to make an appearance at the premier with the mystery Machine, Scooby Doo, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Misha Collins. They contacted us through Rick Blevins and we were happy to accommodate. In April of 2018 the filming of the Second Hillywood Supernatural Parody began, and the rest is history!

What was your favourite part about having Angel in the parody?

Filming for the second parody was done in Kansas. Three sites in Kansas City and the rest in and around Garnett, Kansas.  I was there for all the days we filmed with Hilly and I think the best part about the whole experience was meeting Hilly and Hannah and their crew! They were amazing and made the whole experience so much fun. We went from steaming hot days sweating, to freezing cold, shooting in the snow! Yes, it actually snowed! They were great to work with, very professional and even through the exhaustion.  It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget!

Are there any behind the scenes stories you can share?

Funny you should ask! On the first day of shooting we drove to the location in Kansas City where the Impala comes out of the garage at the beginning of the Parody, and during the shoot the Ghostbuster roof pack slid off the Impala’s roof during a turn! You can see footage of the disaster on the behind the scenes video. It was awful. The prop just kind of exploded on the ground and Angel’s roof was scratched badly. We doctored her roof up as best we could and spent the entire night rebuilding the roof pack. We actually made it better than before and devised a new mechanism to fasten it to the top of the car safely and securely and barely had enough time to get Hilly and her new and improved props to the next morning’s shoot! The rest of the filming went well and now we get to enjoy the amazing results! This second Parody is even better than the first one and that is hard to believe! 

Charlie the Impala – owned by Jamie Andrews

Tell us about Charlie the Impala, how you were able to obtain her, and/or the road to building her.

My dad Greg Andrews and I (Jamie Andrews)  found Charlie in Mesa, Arizona in 2015, it took us three and a half years to get her to look just like "Baby", down to the army man in the ashtray and all the weapons in the trunk!

 We had some set backs during the build process, some of the parts and props are very difficult to find because of the show being so popular and so many people building these cars.  There were a lot of custom made props that were being collected before we even had Charlie in our family!

Charlie's long road to completion culminated the morning of our first convention. Phoenix Comic Con 2017 was the first stop and the very first time we fired her engine was the morning we had to load her into the convention, she went right from the garage up on to the trailer and off we went!

We had a lot of help from family, friends and other replica car owners along the way.

Is this the first time that Charlie has been on film?

Yes! Aside from a few features on Phoenix CW6, this is Charlie's first time being filmed on this large of a scale.

Doing the Parody was a really fun experience for us! We'd obviously never done anything like it and we were so honored Hilly and Hannah asked us to be a part of it.

Tell us about Charlie’s appearance in the Supernatural Parody – how many people were they able to fit in her?

I think the most people they had in the car at once was 8 of the cast members! They were squeezed very tightly together, especially when the dancing started!

Anything else you’d like to share about Charlie?

Charlie has gotten a lot of love from the cast before being in the parody. We've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to show off Charlie to Jensen and Jared and have Misha do a Facebook Livestream for GISHWHES in 2017 with her as the backdrop at the Phoenix Supernatural Convention.

Flash forward to the 2018 Las Vegas Supernatural Convention, we had the opportunity to share her with both Samantha Smith and Samantha Ferris.  We also had the chance to donate a ride and photoshoot with Charlie to help raise money for the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas.

Our friend Rick Worthy (The Alpha Vampire) has been a great supporter of Charlie's and was able to attend Phoenix Fan Fest 2018 with us.

Charlie will also be a repeat guest at Salt Lake FanX on September 6-8!

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