Suggested storylines

Dark Kaia and the wayward girls. Since we don't have the spin off, i would like to see what happened with them

Am I allowed to say I'd like to see Sam's demon powers return?

I’d love some more team free dad stuff. I really loved seeing them come together to take care of their boy

I just want A Sam storyline he haven't had one in so long. Sam deserve better and not to be sidelined.

the manly adventures of bearded!sam in all seriousness (not joking about the beard tho), i would love to see more of the storyline of rowena and sam’s fates being woven together.

I just say I want to see more of Dean and hell

Sam getting real personal closure for Lucifer

Dean and Sam bonding and hunting together

Sam saving Dean from Michael

TFW's emotional health & communication: processing and sharing past and present trauma

Sam building a hunter network, founding a new and better MOL, Sam & Rowena's intense dual bond and complicated destinies.

More of the daily live.

Castiel fulfillng his destiny and leading angels to become what God truly intended them to be.

Dean fights alongside Cas to defeat The Empty.

Rowena and anything witchy. Witch!Sam maybe? I love the current Cas and the empty story and wanna see where that goes and how it will affect TFW, also more of Dean and Cas together in general and more of Sam being a strong leader for the hunters and everyone too.

I want them to explore Sam and Dean`s traumatic hell experiences and how that affected them.

I've wanted a mother of angels storyline, since we got intro'd to Eve as mother of monsters.

Wayward Daughters!!

Wayward stuff, Charlie and Rowena road trip adventures, TFW hunting together

Sam becoming Nick Fury of hunter community, but like ALL the characters making decisions about what they want their lives to be rather than being swept away on a tide of events. Dean wants to retire and has talked about being tired since early seasons. They can work to end it where Sam is choosing to step into the role and looked to as a leader of the hunter community, but Dean finally gets to stop and breathe and NOT have so much responsibility. All the character making choices and following through is important.

Sam & Dean get to face their past demons, especially their complicated relationship with John Winchester, and work to heal the scars of their traumatic childhood.

Jody marshalling her forces and protecting Sioux Falls and guarding the Rift with Donna, Claire, Patience, Alex, and hopefully Kaia.

Cas and Dean interacting

Dean & Cas’ relationship

Saving people, hunting things, the family business. Less angel politics, less demon politics - unless they want to bring in some kickass love-to-hate characters (of the stature of Uriel, Zachariah, Alastair, Crowley). It would be good to close both heaven and hell, resolve Season 8's trials, and have Castiel make a choice between his real family and his found one. Sure, we all know what choice he'd make but putting that on him would make a great angsty storyline. There are so many urban myths they could debunk or investigate, so many awesome monsters they haven't encountered yet. I'd be happy to see cases with Sam and Dean training Jack (and Cas, since he doesn't have much experience yet either, not really). It would be great to see some of Donna and Jody. Have Rowena mess things up for them, be a helper and an adversary. I'd love a real strong storyline to carry through a whole season, thought out in advance by a showrunner with vision, instead of cobbled together piecemeal, episode by episode.

Sam's demon powers, blood addiction, boyking sam

Dark!Kaia and the Wayward Sisters (and also Dreamhunter)

bisexual dean although tbh i don't want it to be a big deal or have a full storyline. i just want him to casually like idk fuck a guy or something and then boom he's canon bi. that won't happen but it'd be cool. i really like bluestar86's idea of how it would go canon tho

Dean and Sam hunting together. No Cas, Jack, Lucifer, AU Bobby, mom, Kaia or AU hunters.

The brothers facing their trauma and childhood

I want the show to go back to the early days when Sam and Dean where hunting together and the episodes was actually scaring. Go back to basic and hunt stuff like wendigos, shape-shifters and angry spirits. I wish the writers would stop destroying characters that died, like Mary and Bobby. Why have them back, when they are just awful.

The idea of what all of this is doing to Sam. The whole hunting life, multiple possessions, the battles, the injuries. I would love for them to touch on Sam and Jess. I think bringing Nick in would help facilitate that, but only if it brings Sam's torment to the surface and not to redeem Nick.

I want to see more Team Free Will 2.0. I LOVED seeing them as a family, and I want more of that, continued deepening of their relationships with each other in healthy ways. More personal growth, more character development. The monster-killing/defeat-the-big-bad action will ALWAYS be there--it's part of SPN--but I am HERE for all the other WONDERFUL elements we've seen emerging in recent seasons. Action is good, it's necessary--but the emotional component is what keeps me watching. The character development is what keeps me addicted!

Wayward Sisters

Dean's post possession

Dean getting the leadership role back.



anything with Dean

Dean dealing with Michael aftermath

Since Sam has become the strategic leader of the AU hunters, I'd like to see Dean find his place in this new paradigm - maybe teaching or in leading field operations.

Dean taking Down Michael

Return of Benny