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by @ChangingChanne1

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In 2013, Stephen Amell and Andrew Harding opened "Nocking Point" -- a winery in Walla Walla, Wash. Recently, I was able to ask Stephen some questions about the winery.

Jared Padalecki was your first celebrity collaboration with Nocking Point. Can you tell me how that first experience was and how it has shaped your following collaborations? 

Jared has been a good buddy for years and we have known about his love and passion for wine for years. He surprised us with his choice of sparkling — when he could have chosen literally any varietal out there — and it definitely turned out to be something we were all very proud of. The success of Jared’s wine launch made it clear that we had a real unique opportunity to work with more friends of ours in the public eye and replicate these one-of-a-kind collabs over and over again.

Picture credit: Nocking Point

Do you have any new and exciting plans that you can share for the winery? 

Up to this point we’ve only offered a quarterly wine club. Beginning in January of 2019 we’ll be launching a new monthly wine club, at a lower price point than the quarterly club, that kicks off with a paired collaboration between our buddies Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum. These guys are great to work with, and to hang out with, and we can’t wait to share their wines with the world!

What can you tell us about the new team that works for Nocking Point? (Congratulations on the expansion!)

In addition to our small, original core team in Walla Walla who got us to where we are today, we just hired Katie Owen, an accomplished sommelier and winemaker who will be overseeing the production of 30+ new wines for us in 2019. We’ve also added Eric Furneé, a seasoned wine marketing professional who is leading the growth of both wine clubs for us here in the U.S.

For more information about Nocking Point's wine club, please click here:

Photo credit: Nocking Point


Stephen Amell interview comments


"I love Jared's compassion in this interview ❤️" ~ Miss Horizon

"Wow!!! I love the insight! This is so cool!!" ~ Chantrelle Chase

"This makes me wish I lived close enough to visit. :) It also makes me happy to hear about a part of Jared's life that makes HIM happy, something he loves doing. Maybe someday I'll get down there! Thanks for doing this. :)" ~ Janne

"Hey, Carol! Amazing interview! I like the fact you focused your questions outside SPN, giving Jared the opportunity to talk about something he's passionate about. And that passion, I can see in his answers...well done! As a fellow journalist, SPN fan and as a person who admires Jared for who he is and what he does, your interview was professional and on point! Thank you so much for this!" ~ Mika Araujo Silva

"What I enjoyed most about this interview is that it veered away from the usual SPNfocused format and was centered on Jared and his life and creativity outside of the entertainment. I dont drink, but I'd love to visit San Jac, if for no other reason than the atmosphere of relaxed fun and the community spirit that seems to be such a huge part of anything even remotely related to Jared Padalecki. Thanks for a completely enjoyable interview, Carol. Jared revealed so much more of his own personality in this!" 
~ Doris Helmick

" Cool interview! I've been to San Jac's for my meet-up well should say Jack's room bc it was insane downstairs. It's a really cool place to go hang out! the singer that night was Will Southern he's a really nice guy and can sing the majority of Jensen's songs. I'd highly recommend going to San Jac's and Jack's room! This will sound insane but it really feels like home when you walk in there bc the insanity of 6th St can be overwhelming so having San Jac's is a comfort (if that makes any sense)" ~ Sax Sasuke

"What a good insight into an often overlooked part of Jared's life. San Jac sounds like a warm and fun place to spend an evening. Although not a country music fan myself (although I married one for sure lol), if the husbeast and I ever make it down to Austin we'll be sure to check it out. Wonderful interview, Carol. Thanks, and looking forward to reading more of your articles." ~ Hex Parker

"Place does sound amazing. And it sounds like the sort of long term business plan that uses the advantage they have that many new business owners don't, of outside income, to not have to cut corners and really make the kind of place they love, and their customers love. So, that, if they ever get to the point where this does become their 'day job', they have already built a big, reliable customer base that comes knowing they'll be guaranteed a great time, in a warm, welcoming place. If I ever get to Austin, I'll be sure to make a point to stop by." ~ Karen Brown

"This interview is really great. I enjoy reading it. I'll definitely check this place when I visit Austin. And it should be "happier", Jared, not "more happy". From one gramnar nazi, to another." ~ Stephanie

"I had the pleasure of visiting San Jac and Jack's while on a trip to Austin back in April of this year. We went late Friday afternoon and Brian, the bartender at that time of day, was a delight and since it was slow clientele-wise, he spent some time chatting with us and even showed us inventory so we could select our San Jac purchases to take home. That was the night that Chris Ray was the live entertainment and he was wonderful to listen to. We finished our stay there by making it back there one more time on a Monday. Curtis was the bartender then and again he was a delight to chat with and get some more insight on San Jac. 6th Street has everything and a must stop if you ever make it there." ~ Susan Ladigo

"*heart eyes* Thank you for the interview! It’s lovely and well written. I can’t wait to read more." ~ Amanda Sweeden

"Wow, Carol, this is awesome. Thank you so much for getting this lovely insight into this, clearly really important, part of Jared's life. I so desperately want to go to Austin now!" ~ Susan Randall