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Shanna Mair -- Costume Designer

by @ChangingChanne1

As costume designer for Lucifer, what does your job entail?

I help create the look of the costumes for each character and background performer on camera. These designs harmonize the actor with their character and help them enhance their performance. The show Lucifer was very collaborative project which allowed me to blend my designs with the vision of the Producers, Director, Actors and Production Designer.

Tell us about the process of choosing costumes, from script to screen?

The process can be quite lengthy and involved. After reading the script I try to determine what the tone of each scene and mood of the character is. Then through sketches and images I discuss with producers, directors and main actors my ideas for approvals and feedback. Once an idea/design has been approved we put a plan in motion. Shopping items, building them and then fitting them on the actor. After they are fit we tweak with alterations, accessories, dying and sometimes break the costume down to look worn.

Other than the comic, what inspiration did you draw from for the costumes?

Inspiration comes from all over. I get ideas from everything I look, research online, fashion shows, comic books, magazines, people on the street, other shows, history books you name it.

What costume were you most proud of, and which one was the most difficult?

Sometimes the best costumes are the most difficult. Maze definitely had the most visually interesting costumes and I had the most fun collaborating with Lesley-Ann. She helped so much with the vision of the character. My favourite was a tunic made out of chains that unfortunately we never saw (un happy face). I think I enjoyed most of the costumes as they were all very different and each had its own challenges.

Did any one cast member have an intuitive sense of what costume would work best for a scene, and have you ever changed what you've planned because of it?

Absolutely! Often the actors have a strong grasp on their character and can help guide me in a different direction because of it. After all my brain is full as I am balancing the entire show and the actor focus mainly on their character.

How much do you collaborate with the actors and writers on costume choices?

I try to collaborate with all parties involved more brains are better than one. I present my ideas and get feedback from all. This usually creates a better costume.

How many different colored suits does Lucifer have, and how is it decided which suit will be worn it which episode?

He has various shades of blues, blacks and greys. End of season two he had about approximately 30 suits. Some are duplicates of the same suit for stunt work and cleaning. I look at the scene and see which suit would “suit” best for the scene.

Do the colours of the costumes represent anything about the characters or the storyline?

Definitely yes! Lucifer had a very devilish colour story, black, white, blue and red. Maze and Amenadiel were mostly black as they too were from the underworld. The rest of the cast were a bit lighter as they were from earth. Also, I take into consideration what colour is most flattering on the actor as to help them look as best they can.

Do you have any behind-the-scenes stories you can share?

Lol of course! Some I can share and some I can’t (wink wink). Here is one………Lucifer’s pants were perfectly tailored we had to replace them many times as they would rip. Sometimes there wasn’t time while shoot  he would have to wear black boxers to hide the rip or get secured with camera tape (films answer to duct tape)!

What are your thoughts on the #SaveLucifer movement?

So excited that another network could pick it up! I think the show would benefit from a streaming network as we could take more chances in our storyline. Even better if the show came back to Vancouver!!!

Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to share?

There is something really big in the works but I don’t want to jinx it!

The following are sample costume mood boards for Lucifer.

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