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Sergio Osuna -- Rafe from the Magicians, "Minion" from Supernatural

by @ChangingChanne1

So please tell us about working with Jensen and the cast of Supernatural.

The whole experience was very ... was a little bit surreal, because he directed the episode and I think I knew from the get go that he was gonna do that. But I did not know that it was gonna be a directors' session.

So in the audition process I was a little bit ... as you walk into the audition I saw him and I was like, "Oh. Okay. He's here." And a bunch of producers, too, and stuff. So I was like, "Hey." You know. And, luckily, 'cause I usually get pretty nervous, luckily, I didn't. Or, if I did, I used it in the scene and I think that it worked 'cause the character, the minion, Crowley's minion was supposed to be a little bit nervous.

And, yeah. From that part it was very fun to do the audition. And then when I booked it I was excited to be directed by him. And he's amazing. He's such a great director. Obviously, I think part of it is because he knows the show. And this was season 11, so we knew the show from Season 1 and he knows the characters so well at that point. And the rhythm of it, of shooting and everything, was very ... it was like a dance. It was very nice.

And he was very ... because we were working with a child actor. He was very nice to her and, yeah. Just the set was ... the whole experience was great. Very nice. It was one of my first kinda big shows here in Canada.

What did you enjoy most about being on Supernatural?

The set dec and the set was amazing. I felt like it takes you exactly to, especially where my character ... his world was a part of? Yes. It takes you right there. There's not a lot of imagination that you need to do. So I enjoyed that a lot. And everybody. The cast, the crew, everybody was very nice. It felt like a family that they welcome you.

'Cause some of the shows ... I've worked on some shows and, you know, if they've been on for a long time and you come in for, like, an episode for something they're not very inclusive. But, no, this one was completely different. Everybody was like a family. 

Very cool. Which has been said many, many times about not only this cast and crew, but the fans as well. So, Magicians. Which I have, of course, I have more questions. Tell us about your role on The Magicians.

Yes. Rafe, in The Magicians, is such a cool role for me to play, because I get to do quirky stuff that I usually don't. And funny stuff, which I enjoy a lot. And to be able to work with animals, too. And my character is the translator for Abigail in the world of Fillory. To be able to work with a real animal is, yeah. I never expected this and it's so much fun.

And, for The Magicians, I think the stories are so out there. And I've said this before, all the characters are based in reality and feel emotions that it makes it that much more enjoyable as an actor to be able to work there. Even if it's a Sci-Fi show, you still have that base. And to be able to play a Rafe and be able to, like I mentioned before, be a little bit funny or a little bit weird, but still have this real undertone to him is because that's the way that that show is written, amazingly, it's a pleasure.

So with Abigail, the sloth, is it always the same sloth that you work with, or?

Yes. Yeah. Yeah, her name is Sassy. from the second season, which is when I started, she has two handlers. And you're not allowed to touch her, because it's just the rules. I'm the only one, I think, besides the handlers who can feed her. And I feed her every time I want her to come closer to me and pretend like she's talking to me in order to start the scene.

And then from season two, I think, from the first episode one of the handlers told me that the way that sloths recognize someone is if you blow into ... by their scent, but if you blow into their noses and in their faces. So I kept, like, blowing into her nose and face so she would recognize me, and I kid you not, from season two to season three, the first day of season three that I got to work with her ... I blew on her face, she was a little bit, like, hectic and I blew on her face and she calmed down and she recognized me and, yeah. Smooth sailing from there.

She's the cutest little sloth. I wish I could hold her or, like, carry her around, but I think I'm not allowed to.

What do you find the most difficult about acting as the translator for Abigail?

I don't find anything ... I think we found a rhythm there. I don't find anything difficult. At the beginning, I remember the audition. The lines were very weird and he, the character Rafe, had to say something very outrageous. And instead of fighting with it I made a decision to make it fun and to not make it difficult, or make it like he's enjoying this craziness that she's suggesting we do to a person.

Oh, yes. I remember that scene.

And that kinda created this relationship between the two of them. And, so, from that moment on I just enjoyed every single moment. But I don't think there's anything difficult about it. I like a good challenge.

Very cool. What has been your favorite scene so far?

My favorite scene. There's been a couple, but I was a part of the whole musical episode in season two was insanely fun. That was really, really cool. And there was this one episode where Abigail turns into a rat and I remember we shot a scene where I couldn't communicate with her and that was just very funny. We kept cracking up. And that, just for the sake of, you know having fun on set. That was a lot of fun, too.

So, speaking of musical episodes, I talked to Rick on Sunday.

Oh yeah? 

And he tells me that there are two musical episodes this season. Are you in either of them?

I'll tell you this. I love singing. This season is completely different than ... are you watching? Are you all caught up? Yeah?


This season is completely different from anything that ... or the previous season, I feel. Like, for example, last season there was a very clear arch, finding the keys and everything. That quest. And this one, it's a little bit more dark, but I think a little bit more real. And I love that part about this season. I can't really say if I'm singing or not, but I would love to. If I get a chance to do it again I would love to. It was such a great experience.

Awesome. Well, what Rick and I were also talking about is he says that the order of the Librarians is a direct correlation to the Trump administration.

Yes. I think that a lot of people, a lot of fans, are realizing that, I find. I saw a lot of comments on twitter and a lot of articles, I think, written about it. And I feel like it's inevitable that the real world starts to, you know, trickle down into the art forms. Yeah.

Well, I find it very interesting 'cause, of course, I'm Canadian, right?

Oh, yeah. Right.

Yeah. So that's one of the things that I absolutely adore about The Magicians is that it goes into the hard places, and it speaks about the things that aren't easy. It isn't just all cotton candy fluff, right?

Exactly. Yeah.

Which I think is absolutely awesome. So do you have any funny behind-the-scenes stories to share?

In this week's episode there ... first of all, what I got to do I think was very funny. Any behind-the-scenes about this particular ... Not really anything funny behind-the-scenes. No. Everything funny that happens happens in front of the cameras. I think that there's one scene in this week's episode that I thoroughly enjoyed. And I don't know if it made the cut or not, just because I think that there was a little bit ... the episode was a little bit long, but I'm trying to think if I heard if it made the cut or not.

Awesome. So what do you have in common with Rafe?

Oh. I think ... I actually thought about this. I don't think anybody else asked me this, but I thought about this and I thought that the curiosity. I'm very curious. And, also, I have this sort of innocence still in me that I think Rafe has. And the love for animals. I mean, my love for animals is a little more PG rated than his love for animals. But, you know, it comes from love. So, yeah.

Yeah. Exactly.


Do you have any upcoming rules that you'd like to share?

I'm producing a short film with a friend of mine that I'm also gonna be a part of as an actor. We're still trying to get the funding for it, and that one is taking a little bit more time than I thought it was gonna do. Just because this will be the first time that I'm producing anything. And that's a different hat that I had no idea how to navigate.

So that hopefully will be shot this year and I just booked something today, this morning, that I'll be shooting at the end of this week. But I don't know if I'm able to talk about it yet. It's for a new project. And, yeah. It's beginning to pick up because it's, you know, February and pilot season and everything. But, yeah. Hopefully something big and exciting. And then Magicians got picked up for a season five and that will be exciting as well.


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