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Rick Worthy -- "Dean Fogg" (and the Alpha Vampire from Supernatural)

by @ChangingChanne1

What are you enjoying the most about this season so far?

What am I enjoying most about the season? I can tell you that one of the things I love so much about this season is that they really have given Dean Fogg a lot to do. And we've seen different versions of Dean Fogg, and this version of Dean Fogg from season four is really interesting. I'm not sure what you've seen, but if you've seen the first three episodes it's a very different Dean Fogg thatnwhat we've seen in the past, and what I love is it just giving me more to do.

And at the end of last season Dean Fogg was sort of the... I got quite a few WTF's like, what the Fogg, what the fuck, because of the gangster move Fogg did with Irene McAllister and the order and Gavin at the end of season three, and stole the magic back from the kids- I call them the kids- And he decided to make this very uncomfortable alliance with the order, as we've seen. And Fogg has become more of a businessman and the politician this season, and it's a different level of the character than before. He's still a magician, he's still Dean Fogg, but he's had to- he finds himself really in the business and politicking of magic.

I am actually completely up to date, so I know exactly what you're talking about, and that was actually one of the questions that I had. Because Dean Fogg betrayed everyone with The Librarians, will we ever see how that came about?

But that's a very excellent question, it has come up before in recent interviews as well, how did it all come about, and it makes you really think- I mean, I didn't really know, none of us really knew, particularly relating to Dean Fogg, that he was in alliance with The Order until we got the last script of last season.

So I read it, I was sitting in my apartment reading it, and I was like “Holy shit!” Which brought up a series of questions, first one is, how long has he been working with them, and number two, when did he decide to- at some point, he made the decision to wipe the students memories. So it's a very interesting question, I think people sort of fill in their own blanks of how it all played out. But I think some point in the middle of season three, maybe even towards the beginning of season 3, this whole alliance thing came up in terms of “okay, he's gonna have to work with The Order.” The Order sort of has the most power, essentially they're this incredible, powerful fascist regime, that aren't held accountable for their own actions. And essentially answered to no one. And it sounds a lot like- There's no mystery, there's a direct correlation between The Order and the Trump administration. And other seemingly omnipotent government regimes. So we are making a commentary on politics with this whole relationship with Fogg and Zelda and The Order and I think it's really clever. I don't know where it's going to go, how it's going to end, but I can tell yeah that I think it was a really smart move, and I think people are liking it.

Well I can definitely tell you that I love it, and I'm sure everyone else does as well. So what has been your most difficult scene to film so far?

Thanks so much. That means a lot to me. By the way, I don't know if you knew this, I don't know if we mentioned this before, but in the pilot, Fogg dies. In the original pilot for this series, Dean Fogg dies. When The Beast pulls out the eyeballs and makes a smiley face on the table with the blood- which I think the director thought of on the spot that day, which I thought was great. But John McNamara and Sera Gamble- I don't know if you've spoken with them yet, but they're the creators of the series. But they bought the book rights themselves with their own money, because they believed in it so much. And they shopped it around, they decided to make the pilot, and I'm so glad they rolled the dice and did that, because it paid off big time.

So they essentially made the pilot then sold it to SYFY. And SyFy picked it up for a season, and they asked me, they said “look, do you want to come back for season one? We know you die, but it's a show about magic, we'll try to figure it out, we'll figure out something.” So they did, and they decided to make Fogg extremely visually impaired, and with the glasses on, which are enchanted, Fogg can see maybe the outline of your face. That's it. I kinda consider it sorta like the way a bat might see radar, like just kinda the outline of something, but that's all he can see. And I thought it was really smart to keep him around because I think he's a pivotal character and one of the corner pieces of the whole story. So... Wait, ask me your question one more time.

That was funny, it was really good information! But, what has been your most difficult scene so far?

Okay right, I was like “I know she asked me something, what was it?” My most difficult scene so far... And I recently said this, I did an interview last week with an online publication called Soulivity, you can find them on- I'm doing a shameless plug for one of my best friends who I went to high school with. Or you can find them on Instagram, I believe it's Soulivity. And my friend Brian who owns Soulivity and runs the online magazine and does all the interviews he said "What was your most difficult scene?" And I said "I think my most difficult scene for season 3 was when Julia- Stella, brilliantly played by Stella Maeve- She heals Dean Fogg's vision, just with less than two seconds of touching his temples like this, boom- and then he can see." And I thought that that was incredible, I'm getting chills right now talking about it because she essentially has the power of Christ. It's as simple and as powerful and as direct as that. She has God like power. She essentially is a God.

And I think her story arc has been one of the most interesting so far since the beginning. She has gone and being she's a God. And when we shot the scene, even though it's only a short scene, it drained the heck out of me. And I believe Stella too. Because Fogg is a character that doesn't like to be helped. He is a man who is a lone wolf, he finds himself in a position of this sort of father figure to the students, but he essentially himself, he doesn't like help from other people, he likes things on his own. And I think he sensed- like we did the scene several different ways, and I remember thinking "I'm not sure exactly what's going to happen, I don't know if I'm going to break down and cry in this scene, I just don't want to get in the way, whatever happens, happens." But I thought it was important to keep one thing in mind, which was he's afraid of someone helping him because he'd had to fend for himself for so long. He taught himself magic at the age of four. That's pretty miraculous. That's an amazing human being.

And for someone who taught himself magic at age four, to become the dean of the most prestigious magic school in the world- and there are other ones besides Brakebills- he's a remarkable human being, without a doubt. I don't even think we really seen his full power in terms of what he can do as a magician. I'd like to see more of that, hopefully, season five. But when we did the scene, it was difficult because that conflict came up which was “I don't want her to help me, but I know she can, I know she has the power to do it.” If there's anyone in this world, literally in this world, who can heal Dean Fogg's vision, it's Julia. And he resents her- he kind of backs away from her as she starts to reach in he starts to kinda coil away from her like this. And then she touches his temples, and he can see, like within two seconds.

And I thought it was a great scene and she played it just perfectly, so nurturing and so calm and loving. It was really amazing so.

I've actually just been rewatching season one and season two, and that scene is absolutely amazing. I adore Julia's character and how much she has grown throughout the years and I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens with her now, because I've just watched the latest episode and she finds out that she somehow still has some sort of goddess like powers, which is amazing. So anyways, Supernatural-Magicians crossover. What would happen?

That's a great question! I have been asked that question a couple times, and every time I do a convention, like I did Salt Lake City convention last year, which was my favorite one so far last year. And I did Phoenix Comic-Con which was a lot of fun. But Salt Lake was cool, because the first fan I met was cosplaying Margo. As High King Margo. She had the crown, the eye patch, it was so cool. And she really did a fabulous job with the detail of the costume.

I can say this, I don't know if that will ever happen, but there is a fandom that crosses over, for sure. And I'll do a panel for Supernatural, or I'll do a Q&A and then people ask me questions inevitably about Supernatural. I'll do a panel, hopefully with a lot of Magicians fans, but then the Supernatural fans are always there. We did San Diego Comic-Con after I think season two, we all went down to San Diego- with the exception of Trevor and Brittany because they weren't regular cast members at that time- But long story short, we're all doing a panel for The Magicians at San Diego Comic-Con, and I got asked a few different Supernatural questions. And so, I tried to curtail it because I didn't want it be about Supernatural. I love both shows, I love both characters, and the one question I was asked one time which I thought was really interesting was if I could spend time with the Alpha Vamp, or Dean Fogg, which one would I pick? And honestly I don't know, cause I love them both so much, they're alike in a lot of ways, but very different.

One more Supernatural somewhat related questions. Both Supernatural and Magicians are filmed in Vancouver. Do you ever bump into Jared and Jensen or the other cast?

That's a great question, and I don't think anyone's asked me that- or maybe someone asked me that question. Yes, you're absolutely right. So much Sci-fi, as I'm sure you know, shoots in Vancouver. I think of the X-Files right away. And I have run into Jared and Jensen and my old buddy D.B. Woodside from Lucifer. And also the lead actor Lucifer, Tom... Forget his name, charming guy. Charming British fellow, I can't remember his name. I ran into all of them plus ten other people. We were all out, me and my friend Jamie Andrews, she's like a sister to me. Me and Jamie and my friend Kerry, who lives in Richmond, she's from Vancouver, we all went to see Kaleo. We went to see these guys, these guys are from I believe Iceland. And they gave an incredible concert like it made me feel young again, and I'm almost 52.

We went to this concert like two years ago, and then my friend Jamie looked behind me and said “Isn't that your friend D.B. from Lucifer?” And I was like “It is him!” So we got up and said “Let's go say hi.” So we got up and went to go say hi, and then Jared and Jensen were sitting right behind them, so they were all there at the same time. It was one of those moments that doesn't happen often at all.

And then another time I was out with Guy Bee who directed my Supernatural episodes, except the last one, that was John MacCarthy- the kill shot episode- and Richard Speight was sitting across the room from me and Guy B. I think he was getting ready to direct an episode. So we all sat down and had lunch together here in Vancouver. It was so cool. And I also hang out with Mitch Kosterman, his brother is Jared and Jensen's bodyguard, Cliff. I hang out with him, we have lunch from time to time.

Tell us about set life. Any funny behind the scene stories?

Funny behind the scene stories... for the Magicians I would say, I don't know if you know this but Olivia, she's not shy about it, Olivia Taylor Dudley is probably the best burper I've ever seen in my life. She can burp. If there was a contest for burping she'd probably win.

What can fans look forward to in upcoming episodes.

I'm really proud of this season. I think we're off to a really strong start. I ran into Chris Fisher, he's really our flagship director for the show. He's really helped shape and tone the series, and he's brought the series from here to here, if not higher. And Chris directed our finale, he always directs the heavy ones. I'm so proud of him and I think the season is off to a great start. And without spoiling anything I think you'll see a lot of new characters appear on the series and some very interesting ones you've already seen so far. Gods, for example, different gods. We're also gonna kinda do, I haven't seen everything, but a couple of them are so unique that they kinda sorta standalone. They're kinda like one offs. And there's always a great heist episode, one or two of those, and I can assure you that there will be a great musical episode coming up to As John McNamara said “as long as I'm producing this series, there will be a musical, if not one or two.” In fact this season I think they'll be two.

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