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Patrick Sparling -- "demon" and "Husky cupid"

by @ChangingChanne1


 It's finally getting to be that time again, when Supernatural comes off of "hellatus" -- and Changing Channels has new interviews! My first Season 14 interview is with Patrick Sparling, a repeat guest star. He is in the Season 14 premiere, and was also "Husky cupid" in Season 10, episode 18.

Tell us about the role you play on Supernatural.

I would love to discuss the current role I play on Supernatural, but due to a NDA, and confidentiality clause I signed with the Network, I can not discuss anything to do with character or episode until after the episode airs. However, I can discuss my previous role on Supernatural, in Season 10, episode 18, where I play one of the Styne family, who are looking for the Book of The damned. I played alongside Jeff Branson, who plays Jacob Styne, and in the episode I get shot by Dean (Jensen Ackles) in a stand-off in at a gas station/corner store. We filmed in an actual gas station/convenience store that is actually not far from where I live now. The funny thing is, is that I get gas at that gas station from time to time, and every time I'm in that store, its deja vu, and I stand in the same spot at the counter, where I got shot eight times. I told the store clerk one time “this is the same spot where I got shot eight times, and lived to tell about it”. Needless to say the clerk was very confused, and looked at me like I was a nut and just smiled politely and handed me my change.

What did you enjoy most about working on the set?

Working on Supernatural is always a pleasure. The majority of the cast and crew have been together for so long, that its like family, and everything usually runs like a well oiled machine. I think a lot has to do with Jensen and Jared’s professional attitudes as well, and the down to earth fun atmosphere they create on set. Not to mention the work ethic they employ. It creates a trickle down effect that permeates to the whole cast and crew.

Do you have any behind-the-scenes stories to share?

Behind the scenes: Well in Season 10 ep 18, as I mentioned I get shot 8 times in it by Dean (Jensen Ackles) I remember rehearsing and choreographing the stunt with Jensen over and over until finally we were ready to roll. To make getting shot look real, they use things called squibs. They are tiny explosives filled with fake blood, that get sewn into the wardrobe you're in and can be very dangerous. They usually have about 3 back up identical wardrobes ready to go, for necessary retakes if need be, or if there is more to film. I remember doing the scene and it being a bit nerve racking, as I first took two squib shots, stop, look down, then proceed to come at Dean, where he unloads the rest of the clip in me, and I take 6 more squib hits. Now keep in mind this is right before lunch, and at that time the crew is usually getting pretty squirrely and people are wanting food. So there is that added pressure! haha! Anyways, we pull the stunt off, and I remember lying on the ground in a pool of blood, waiting to hear the director if they got it. It felt like a lifetime laying on the floor waiting to hear those words “ok great! Moving on!” We did it in one take.

What can you tell us about the episode?

Due to NDA and confidentiality agreement, again I can not discuss the episode. But I can guarantee fans that there will be some surprises.

According to IMDB, you also work on stunts. What can you tell us about that?

Yes Stunts. I will always say I am an Actor first. If the role calls for a stunt performance, such as getting shot, or fight scenes, I will do. But jumping out of buildings, and set on fire, I’ll just leave that for the Stuntee’s. I’m a family man, so the risk to me is even greater and one I’d rather avoid. Being an athlete and looking after my health has  helped me in the capacity that I am capable at my age to still do some stunts such as getting shot or fight scenes, and be able to pull it off injury free. I am very fortunate that way, but its also part of my work and I work hard to maintain my level of fitness.

Do you have any upcoming roles to share?

Upcoming roles: I recently a shot an episode of the CBS series Salvation where I play a private military contractor. Such as all actors, I'm always auditioning and looking for my next job. The search never ends. What most people don't understand is that as actors, we are always looking for work or trying to create work for ourselves. Most people look for a job, get one, and stay there for a number of years. As an Actor, you got to have a resilient skin, because job search is the name of the game, and it is never ending.

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