MooseDay! It rhymes with Tuesday ... and of course, our poor Sam had to relive Tuesday in the Mystery Spot entirely too many times!

Jared Padalecki. Sam Winchester. Daddy of the year and excellent hugger. 





Jared appreciation comments, July 8, 2020

"I love Jared because he has a big heart and is always finding ways to help others. He is very open about his mental health and helping others along his own journey." @J3ssicacollins

Jared appreciation comments, Nov. 6, 2018

"I love Jared for many reasons, but for today its because of his empathy and his ability to forgive others. I recently had the opportunity to apologize for the AKF debacle. Not only did he forgive me, he said that I had nothing to be sorry for." @CarolHansson

"His eyes. So expressive. His smile. It light up a room. His goofiness. It makes me smile every time. His kindness. He is sweet and cute. His commitment. To every cause he starts. I love him. With his flaws and his good. When he is up and funny and witty and when he is down and need all our support. Because he is a giant with a gigantic heart." @Naniquena

"His honesty about mental illness. I’m in such a dark place right now, but I keep re-reading his chapter in FDEWB and watching gag reels and con vids over and over. I am impressed with his strength and his support system (That I wish I had!!!). He’s beyond one of my favorite actors...he’s one of my favorite humans." ~ @Tmart444

"He embraces everyone, loves his family, is sunshine on two long legs, and quick as a whip. He doesn't try to make SPN-the-TV-show something it's not, which I thoroughly respect. Jared is mindful and appreciative of fandom, without taking advantage of us. He's a rare and brightly shining star." @WolfinyourBed

Jared appreciation comments, Sept. 11, 2018

"Jared always seems genuinely kind & empathetic towards fans. His smile is radiant & his soul outshines the sun." ~ @AMckicat

"I just can't even... He's the person for whom I feel the most heartfelt admiration. His courage, his zest for life & fun, his devotion to his family (in the widest sense). He is the most beautiful soul." ~ @SlusanSusan

"Jared's utter and encompassing kindness. He is unfailingly kind and accepting of everyone. Whether he's tired from working, or is having a bad day, he still makes an effort to be kind and accommodating to fans; at cons, approaching him in the street, or after filming till the wee morning hours. Every day I try to be like him. Sometimes I even succeed. #WhatWouldJaredDo" @Magdalena5880

Jared appreciation comments, Sept. 4, 2018

"I think Season 13 had a lost of good scenes. I LOVED that Sam finally got to let out some of his feelings about the cage and the abuse there, and that he talked to Rowena about it. I love that Sam gave Jack a chance and formed such a close bond with him, so close that Jack called him family. I can’t really pick a #1 favorite though. There’s 13 years to choose from!" ~ @Aryn

"I very much enjoyed the scenes from this past season. However, my most favorite is in 13x03 when Dean comes home from the hunt with jody and Sam advocates for Jack. The line where he tells Dean “Dad told you to put a bullet in me and you didn’t.” gives me chills just thinking about it." ~ @CasGirlSam

"My favourite Sam scene is when he is talking with Rowena about seeing Lucifer again and the memories it brought back, because it wasn’t talked about in season 6 when he was having the flashbacks to the cage. But now that Rowena has gone through something similar to what Sam went through he has someone to talk with about it who can understand the most from personal experience." ~ @8amyc8


Jared appreciation comments, Aug. 28, 2018

"Jared is such a sweetheart. He is so caring to his fans and you can see how he loves his family and friends. He is a talented actor and gives so much of himself. Love him, ❤" ~ @Pschafhausen

"I love his smile. It’s warm and inviting and is hugs are just awesome. His fight against the stigma around depression also encouraged a lot of people me included and I will forever love him for that." ~ @TFWSissa

"He cares. He cares a lot for people around him. How he can make a joke out of himself, i mean he’s actually calling himself Moose, how cute is that? And behind his cheekiness, Jared is actually is a very smart person." ~ @siriuslyelmo

"He's so sweet towards his fans so much of the time, it's really so endearing!" ~ @2357silver

"He’s inspiring. I think his openness about his own struggles has helped reduce the stigma surrounding anxiety and depression. He inspired me to get help when I needed it." ~ @Pare6386

"How even if he isn’t feeling 100% at cons he still tries his best to make the fans have an amazing experience." ~ @8amyc8

"Like everyone, I'm impressed with his campaign to educate, to reduce misconceptions and shine a bright light on mental health concerns and treatment, and to shift public perception from fear to freedom. His willingness to be something of an open book regarding his own struggles has been refreshing and enlightening, and has forged a bond between him and many people whose depression left them feeling isolated, hopeless, and fearful. What I find most remarkable is that he refuses to hide the episodes he has, preferring to honestly and openly seek help when he is in need. This isn't the "hospitalized with exhaustion" cover-up employed by network executives in years past, more concerned with protecting their own interests in a "cash cow". This is Jarad Padelecki exhibiting his vulnerability, seeking his support systems and getting the help he knows he needs...without shame, without deception, and without hesitation. That he does this, whether intentional or not, provides enormous encouragement to others, and may set them on their own mission to seek help and healing. Depression is a heavy load to bear, often suffocating, while it denies us the ability to experience the colors of life that seem to be just out of touch. Knowing that we are not alone; watching Jarad Padalecki walk through his life shredding the stigma attached to mental illness, is life affirming...and life saving... Let me just add this: AKF, is no simple acronym. AKF is a call to action, an encouragement, a reminder that life is really worth every moment we have and that we have an advocate who truly understands." ~ @Doris elmick

"As a fanboy, I was hoping for hugs from J2M, but worried about it being awkward since I'm a guy. I told Jared I'd like whatever level hug he felt comfortable giving. He said, "Level 10, babe, level 10" and gave me an amazing hug. I've never felt more accepted!" ~ @TeamfreewillBT

"His inner beauty. It shines in every smile and hug and gesture of kindness. He views everyone as a great big loving SPNFamily, despite so much strife and hate within the fandom. He loves all of us, even those who choose to show him and tag him in hate. Jared is one of the kindest human beings I've ever had the pleasure to meet. He truly cares and is not afraid to show it. <3" ~ @Magdalena5880

"I love that he’s himself. We see his goodness and fun and kind nature a majority of the time, but I appreciate that we see more of his flaws too than with the others. It shows me that he’s a normal human just like everyone else. Just one with a really cool job. I relate very much to him more than the other two lead actors because of his willingness and trust in us to be himself. If I could say one thing to him, it’d be a reminder that he’s not alone; that he’s human just like the rest of us and that he is enough the way he is. He’s the one that taught me that." ~ @casgirlsam

"I love his passionate geekery and openness to fans." ~ @julia_sets

"I'm going with a vastly underappreciated aspect: his photography. Jared has an incredible eye for photography. Many of the amazing pictures on his wife's Instagram and blog were taken by him. Beautiful shots, Jared has real talent." ~ @BohoWitch 

"Jared is approachable & flawed just like ALL of us. He forgets he's a celebrity & hangs out with everyday folk. He doesn't hold himself apart & above. He makes dumb jokes, has bad hair days, fights for his friends, and he FEELS to the very bottom of his heart." ~ @wolfinyourbed

"@JarPad is a huge ball of spontaneous positive energy and we love him for that! 😘" ~  @WaywardThestral

"How do I explain that it’s his ‘real’ life that inspires me? His honesty, his struggle with depression, his family and his love for them, his devotion to his friends, and his sincere love for the SPN family. It would take a miracle but, a hug from him is on my bucket list." ~ @Tmart444

"His great big laugh. The way he's like a gangly rambunctious puppy in showing love to his friends, the work he's done to de-stigmatize mental illness and his bravery in talking openly about his own mhi. The way he plays Sam, where one minute he's a calm ruthless hunter and then in a blink shows the years of hurt and vulnerability and fear underneath." ~ @dottweets

"Jared was the first person in my FORTY YEARS of life to EVER tell me he was proud of me, when I took a coming out photo op with him at SpnPitt. He is so sincere and genuine and just radiates love. ❤️ I didn’t expect him to affect me more than my fave but he did, he was just so loving and you can really feel it!" ~ @SaltAndSlowBurn


Jared appreciation comments, Aug. 21, 2018

"There is no one thing! I started SPN late summer 2016 (right when my life was crumbling around me). The story of these brothers sucked me in quick. And as much as I adore Dean, Sam was my first love! Then I discovered Jared (and yes Jensen!). There is so much I could say but I’ll limit myself to this: having a person who is famous, has so much good in his life and is a goofball but also be depressed was amazing. It shows that it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside. He is strong and brave. We all have our battles...and how we fight them is important. He teaches us that...and I’m forever grateful." ~ @Tmart444

"There is so much to love about Jared. He is sweet kind and very compassionate. He cares about his work his fans. To Him we are his family. I love his sense of humor." ~ @SPNSandra 

"Jared is a little(okay big) ray of sunshine. Even when he may not be feeling 100%, he always makes me feel happy and welcome anytime I've met him. He gives the BEST hugs!" ~ @cartoonhero78

"I love that he isn’t afraid to have fun. Even at a con. It’s a testament to how much he trusts us that he lets loose and has fun with his friends. And you can tell how happy it makes him when he flashes that blidingly bright smile." ~ @CasGirlSam

"Jared is many thing. But if I have to pick one, I'll go with soft personality. While he seems "wild" especially around his buddies, it never tires me to watch him interact with his family. How he gazes lovingly at Gen, or how content and happy he is around his kids. If there's one thing that I never doubt about Jared, then it's that he is a family man by heart 💗 I wish with less episodes in S14, he gets to have the family time he deserves 💗 Love you, Jared 😘" ~ @belindarimbi13

"Jared is Kindness. Jared is Acceptance. Jared is Support. Jared is Understanding. Jared is Beauty, inside and out. Jared is Innocence and Naughtiness all in one smilingly humorous package. Jared is a Safe Haven. Jared is Love." @Magdalena5880

"I love his compassion and his empathy. His resilience and will to move forward. “This isn’t easy; it is a fight, but I’m going to keep fighting,” -Jared Padalecki" ~  Aryn

"There are so many things I love about Jared...I love his unique sense of humor, the ability he has to brighten our day with a smile, his compassion, kindness, intelligence and his inner light." ~ @samuletkeeper


Jared appreciation comments, July 3, 2018

"Both of my favorite funny Sam moments are in "Tall Tales" Sam(from Dean's perspective) in the bar & Sam acknowledging the frat boy's pain. Those always make me giggle & wonder how many takes it took to get those scenes without everyone cracking up." ~ @AMckicat

"Sam: You're bossy Dean: What?? Sam: You're bossy...and short..." ~ @catt_sue

"There’s two that I just can’t pick between! In Ask Jeeves where one of the older women corner him and tell him “You know, they say women get better with age. Like fine wine. Or cheese.” And his perfect response: “Well, I’m lactose intolerant so...” Also in Fan Fiction where he’s teasing Dean about the girls “exploring Destiel” and he asks “What Sastiel? Samstiel?...” as a sibling, that part gets me every time!" ~ @chrisscross_87

"I know it wasn't the "real" Sam. Just Dean's verssion but in the episode where we can see the Trickster for the first time, and when Dean is telling Bobby what had happened at one bar and Sam with the funniest face ever says: "Dean, what do you think you are doing?" 😂" ~  @casisahero


Jared appreciation comments, June 19, 2018

"AKF has honestly helped me remember that there are others out there feeling the same way I do, that I’m not alone in my fight. It really means so much to me to know that someone like Jared is open about his mental health. Confession time: The shirts I purchased from his charity campaigns were bought for a selfish reason. I wanted a reminder that I could wrap myself in on my bad days to Always Keep Fighting and that I Am Enough. It’s truly helped and I don’t think I could possibly thank him enough for the positive and lasting impact he’s had on me." ~ @chrisscross_87

"When I started watching Supernatural I had just lost my mom. My friend thought it would help. Boy, did it. My daughter was really going through a tough time and we both struggle with anxiety and depression. Jared was in the middle of a #AKF campaign. It gave me hope, something to be happy about and something to look to forward to. Jared i s amazing in so many ways." ~  @jake315j

"The #AKF has made me feel stronger and helped me believe in myself more and has shown me that it’s ok to fall down and the you get right back up and never let it stop you." ~ @8amyc8

"I myself don't have any major mental health issues, I mean we ALL have our up and down days or have things that may cause us some anxiety. But to watch Jared put himself out there personally for all to see is an inspiration for all. Here is a guy who is trying to deal with his own mental health at times but is always willing to stand up and fight for others also. To watch him do this makes me to want to work on being a better person and be there and help out as much as I can for those around me, personally and even in the electronic world. So as Jared has said and proved, Always Keep Fighting and we are here with you as a family." ~ @PSchafhausen

"Jared's #AlwaysKeepFighting campaign in 2015 was my "gateway drug" to the SPNFamily. At the time I had just gotten caught up on the series and took to the internet looking for the fandom, and... voila. I struggle with depression, and Jared and #AKF resonated with me right from the get-go. I still have the hoodie I got from that campaign, and I tend to throw it on when I'm having a tough mental health day." ~ @beckstiel

"What I like most about Jared is how understanding he is of fans. He’s done so much to help erase the stigma of mental health and has inspired others to “Always Keep Fighting” no matter what the circumstances. After all isn’t that what spn is about? 😉" @BlueSkyBrBa


Jared appreciation comments, June 12, 2018

"Jared is so sweet and kind and a wonderful actor. He works hard and gives downs much to his fans. He's also a huge help in bringing more awareness to mental heath by telling about his own issues. Also he has a smile that could brighten your day." ~ @PSchafhausen

"He makes me feel safe and loved and beautiful with just a hug and a smile. He is full of attention and kindness and always says something uplifting and reassuring, even if all you have are 30 seconds with him. Jared's smile and energy light up any room he walks into - and don't take my word for it, Jensen agrees! ;) He's just so lovable and cuddly! And his hugs are completely out of this world!" ~ @Magdalena5880

"He has such a big heart. A lot of the time, he shows his love for others by being a big lovable goof, but that’s not the only way. He speaks reverently of them and finds ways to lift them up, especially if they’re feeling down." ~ @chrisscross_87


Jared appreciation comments, June 5, 2018

"I love Jared cause he's such a true person that gives so much of himself and wears his heart on his sleeve for all to see. He's a wonderful actor, such a joy to watch. He is a great husband, father and friend to those around him." ~ @PSchafhausen

"I love how open & honest he's been about his mental health struggles. He's fortitude to Always Keep Fighting has been a lifeline at times. His complete candor in his Family Don't End In Blood chapter was painful yet inspiring for me. He reminds me that we may battle something Sisyphean, but we will get up everyday & we will fight. These struggles don't make us weak, they make us stronger." ~ @AMckicat

"He fights! He wins!" ~ @MaryRuthWeber2


Jared appreciation comments, May 29, 2018

"What I love most about Jared Padalecki is his kindness, he has so much love to give. Not only is he an amazing father/husband, he loves and cares so much about his fans, it’s a breath of fresh air to see a celebrity such as Jared, care so much about others." ~ @AWinchester21

"His heart. He truly cares about his fans, and it shows in the way he interacts with them. He doesn't brush them aside, he tells them he loves them back. He can be tender and soft, but also playful and silly. He reminds me of a big puppy, you just want to hug him and love him♡" ~ @kayrosebee

"He makes you feel important. And it is not a rare thing, like one out of ten people, who feel like that. Anyone who will spend a minute with him says the same thing : he just sheds the rest of the world and spends however time you have with you and you only. He will listen and he will react accordingly, either by cheering or supporting or just giving you one way or another the feeling that he truly cares, which he does, and that he truly wants you to thrive, regardless to the situation. He gives his entire self, and he doesn’t hold back. Emotionally, he’s with you 100%. He just genuinely loves people as individuals and not as a crowd, which is something extremely rare in conventions." ~ @Aaaahhhxy

"His sense of humor. His smile and eyes. He is a great actor Husband and father. and he is a very caring person." ~ @SPNSandra

"That thousand-watt smile that brings light and warmth to my dark days." ~ @Larrs9325

"In the midst of battling his own clinical depression he still goes above and beyond to make himself and the world around him better. His strength and fortitude is awe inspiring. If we had more humans like him the world would be a much better place." ~ @evinarose

"I love that just by being who he is & staying true to himself, he’s setting a wonderful example for men everywhere of how to be affectionate and caring towards other men in public. He clearly loves Jensen, Misha, and the other SPN con regulars and he has no fear whatsoever of expressing that love to them anywhere, anytime. He also does not hesitate to speak up about his mental health issues despite the extreme stigma for male sufferers (even more than for women). He is a true gentlemen who leads by example and I hope the men of the world start to wake up and pay attention." ~ @sinnerforhire

"How honest he is with his mental health, his love for Gen & his family, and how close he is with The cast & crew." ~ @wyldefandom

"The thing I love most about Jared is how affectionate and loving he is with everyone around him. I love how if he is doing a panel with Jensen he will just randomly touch him on his knee or shoulder. It so sweet and so beautiful and physically shows how much he loves Jensen." ~ @jennafriedland

"That he is so curious. He thirsts for knowledge in every aspect, which makes him inquisitive and such a good listener. He remembers and actively tries to make everything he does an occasion to learn something new about the people, history and events around him. It gives him a passion and zest for life that spills over to anyone he encounters." ~ @saintlov

"He is the star of the show, his role is designated lead. Yet, he is so humble, he proudly shares “leading actors, roles” title with Jensen, from the start, cuz he recognizes Jensen’s part in show and as partner says “lead actor” in every chance he gets without a slightest trace of Hollywood ego, he is a “big” man." ~ @SevalKilic1991

"His enthusiastic, strong, puppy self. And I love that he wants to spend time with his family and his fans. He (hopefully) knows how much he means to us and I hope he realizes how important and loved he is❤" ~ @rayra_win

"He's all heart. Gives so much to his friends, family, kids, and to us, the fans." ~ @kannbrown

"His heart." ~ @AMckicat

"What I love most about Jared is that he knows that little things matter and he goes out of his way to create little moments for every person he meets so that they can cherish them and share them. He lives the phrase 'Be the light you wish to see in the world.'" ~ @kearsonistheone

"He’s an adorable moose/puppy! His excitement is contagious and that smile ... it’s even more dangerous. He’s also have a heart of gold, i think if he could he would love to be everybody’s friend. He’s just that lovely." ~ @siriuslyelmo


Jared appreciation comments, May 22, 2018

"He uses his experiences with mental health to speak out and educate others about it." ~ @msmagsxspn

"I love how gentle he is with his fans and family. I mean, he is like an over-excited puppy trapped in a man's body, but in moments like him talking to fans, or him helping Gen with her makeup/hair, you really see how sweet he is." ~ @rayra_win

"I love that for the past 14 years, he's put his heart and soul into Sam Winchester. There's only one person I trust to know what's going on in Sam's head and his self worth and that's Jared." ~ @chrisscross_87

"He's not afraid! He doesn't let you be afraid! He saved lives by making you feel your worth!" ~ @MaryRuthWeber2

"He's a huge, lovable goofball/puppy, but he's also so wise, supportive, and understanding." ~ @Larrs9325

"I love Jared for his strength, his kindness, and his passion for making the world a better place, and for making sure his fans are safe and well and happy." ~ @Technosaurus555

"What I love most about Jared is all he does for mental health, and his bravery to be open about his own struggles. He lets us know that we aren’t alone in our struggles, that it’s ok to ask for help, and that we should always keep fighting. He’s truly an inspiration." ~ @FangirlLanie

"I love that Jared is so open about his depression, and how sweet and real he is. I also love how Jared fights for what he believes in, he’s a great actor, father and husband." ~ @samgirl05


Jared appreciation comments, May 15, 2018

"I love everything about Jared like not just the fact that he’s tall and I’m tall-ish and I feel like we can relate in that aspect, but literally everything. Jared is so nice, and funny, and handsome, and literally an amazing actor. He has an amazing friendship with Jensen and Misha which I loveeee and he has a beautiful family and he deserves the world. I don’t know about u but for me he’s part of why I’ll always keep fighting. ❤️" ~ @Melissaputh_

"Jared's soul is everything light & warm, and is a beacon to the tired & weary. He brightens hearts & lives He can uplift my spirit&make my heart sing on the darkest of days We are so lucky he's willing to share himself with us and I hope he knows he is loved." ~ @Readstoescape

"Jared is such a true spirit. He gives all the has to the show, his fans and family/friends. He is such a wonderful person. He helps bring to public the issues of mental health and bringing people together to help." ~ @PSchafhausen

"Jared is playful, but he's also generous and loving to his family and friends. He supports them and gives genuine, heartfelt compliments to them. I love a good friend, husband, father, and man." ~ @Kannbrown

"Jared's hardy laugh is beautiful. I love to see him that happy." ~  @Larrs9325

"While I love 'em all, I feel like Jared is the most genuine in the best ways; an extrovert, he pulls on hidden aspects of his more intro/ambiverted friends and costars and brings any arrangement alive with new vigor. He opens new aspects of his crewmates' personalities up with just a smile. And all of us, too." ~ @GhostofBobby

"Jared is a beautiful person in so many ways. He is his own man. He’s an awesome family man...loving his family, caring for them, and very hands on with his kids. He is honest...told the fandom about his depression/anxiety, and from that charities have begun which continue growing and helping people. He’s a good friend, and has their backs always. His uniqueness makes him special!" ~ @KarynHilton

"I love about Jared that as a grown-up he has saved a great deal of childhood. Even in public he shows his inner child and that makes him all the more lovable." ~ @woelfin261172

"Where do I begin? I love that he supports people struggling with mental health issues and is brave enough to talk about his own. I love how he seems so... sense others' states of minds - I've never had the chance to meet him in person, but I've heard stories from other fans, and he seems to be so very caring towards us... like, sensing someone might not be ok and actually asking them if everything is alright. He has such a big heart... he tells fans that he loves them, and it's not just something he says but you get the feeling that he means it. Not everyone has that much love in their heart... that's admirable. Like I said, I've never met him in person, but even I feel like he cares - I can feel the love radiating from him. I've been told he gives heartfelt hugs, also. I can imagine how much those squishes mean to everyone who's gotten them! His acting skills, too, I mean, for reals. All that emotion he's able to portray. You believe it. And he has a silly side to him, you get the impression that he loves to make people laugh!" ~ @waywardcosmos

"As someone with mild anxiety and depression, I love that he can talk about his situation and spread awareness. It's such a brave thing to do." ~ @samikitten

"What is there not to love about Jared?" ~ @AMckicat

"My favorite thing about Jared is that he seems committed to ENJOYING life, no matter how hard he has to try, and his goal is to take everyone on the ride with him." ~ @realSaraWilson

"I love that he’s so genuine and fierce in his support for the LGBT+ community. He really has our back and I can’t thank him enough for it." ~ @chrisscross_87


Jared appreciation comments, May 8, 2018

"I love how playful, energetic, mischievous and hugable Jared is, he's always making people laugh and i love being a witness to how he interacts with Jensen and Misha and how they make fun right back at him whenever he starts getting giddy and saying the most random funny things, he makes me laugh too, i enjoy his personality and the fun he brings to the world." ~ @BlueBird1827

"His genuine enthusiasm & that beautiful smile makes my heart sing, even in my darkest days He brings light, love & warmth into to every life he touches He's forever my Moose, & I'm blessed to have loved him." ~ @readstoescape

"I love his energy and incredibly friendly personality. He has a sense of humor that really radiates from him, and it always puts a smile on my face. But he can also be kindhearted and empathetic, such a gentle soul to those who need it." ~ @starbellygirl

"What I love most about Jared Padalecki is his sweet emphatetic self. He brings the same quality into Sam Winchester. He is like a baumkuchen (German tree cake, with layers of sweetness and icing. This cake is popular in Japan). He can be silly, funny, sexy, adorable, dorky, and thoughtful ALL at the same time." ~ @evelyngunardi

"I love how caring he is. He has a big heart, truly. And the way he shares himself with his fans and inspires us all to be happy and to always keep fighting." ~ @rayra_win

"I love that he had the courage to speak openly about his depression. He give a lot of people hope. I'm in the hospital after a hip surgery last Wednesday. Jared's slogan 'Always keep fighting' is a huge inspiration to me. He and Jensen are the start for the SPN family and this family has my back. This family gave me more motivation as my own. I am thankful for this family #akf." ~ @woelfin261172

"I love how relatable he is. I have ADHD and it makes me feel better about myself being a hyper affectionate ball of energy who forgets things constantly when I see someone as beloved as Jared act the same way." ~ @chrisscross_87

"I love that he has shown me that we all can have a down day with anxiety. That there are people to help and love you no matter what." ~ @def_lizzard

"What I love about Jared is his kindness, it shows in many little gestures, like when he walks through the crowd at a con he will always wave at his fans, he is such a gentle heart." ~ @katerinakestem1


Jared appreciation comments, May 1, 2018

"His honesty & advocacy about mental health." ~ @AMckicat

"His humor. He always looks like he's having fun, and laughing. People are so serious these days, it's nice to see someone who's not afraid to have joke around♡" ~ @KayRoseBee

"His forever smile, it touches your soul." ~ @MaryAlbertson20

"His strength and enthusiasm❤ I love how he's always so happy and cheerful around fans, and how much he's willing to learn new things. I've seen multiple cons and interviews where many people, inc Gen, compliments how smart he is❤" ~ @rayra_win

"Jared is genuine & warm. He's the definition of a gentleman: kind, honest, noble. He treats everyone with true respect, regardless of their 'station' and doesn't put himself above others. He is a light that warms every heart he touches, And that puppy smile of his lights up the world." ~ @Readstoescape

"He has such an air about him that puts anyone at ease. He’s so playful and fun that you cannot help but smile looking at him. And his acting blows your mind with how he can slip into whatever character he needs." ~ @Osospeical1

"I love his willingness to share his battles with us. He doesn’t have to but he does and lets us all know that we are not alone in whatever battle we may be fighting." ~ @IAmmishaHead

"I love Jared's enthusiasm for life. I love how he acknowledges mental health issues and wants to push past stigma. When Jared smiles, it makes me smile, because he is enjoying life in every moment he can." ~ @weekrockgirl

"I just love his playful goofiness. The way he lightens things up with all the cast, in what could otherwise be a tiring, emotionally intense show." ~ @Kannbrown

"Forget his impressive 6'4" stature, the biggest and best thing about Jared Padalecki is the gigantic size of his heart. He's such an amazing soul. <3" ~ @BohoWitch

"His understanding and will to help with mental health issues, and how openly he's talked about his own." ~ @waywardcosmos


Jared appreciation comments, April 24, 2018

"Jared has so down to earth nature ,it's easy to talk him he is so empathetic.yet he is a goof ball #mooseday" ~ @reellifemoose

"Jared, when he sees someone struggling he doesn't forget to encourage that person with a, "you got this," or an, "I've been there, too." What ever it is it's heart felt and sincere and I love that about this kind, family, man." ~ @HikingHeartOne

"The way his whole face lights up when he smiles. He's constantly making jokes and having fun, and it shows that even though he deals with a mental illness, you can still live your life, and not to give up your fight. ♡" ~ @KayRoseBee

"The way he treats every person he encounters with such love. He gives his heart to all of us." ~ @Larrs9325

"He’s such a sweetheart! He just radiates comfort and joy! And I know it’s been said before but I love how open he is about his mental health struggles. Hearing him talk about getting help if you need it really gave me the push I was looking for in getting therapy for my own issues. I’ll forever be grateful for that." ~ @amandajpleasant

"Love his dad jokes and humour." ~ @wyldedandom

"He has a contagious smile and a fantastic sense of humor. I've also heard he gives the best hugs during his photo ops. He's warm, welcoming, fun, and an absolute delight to his fans. Not to mention his heavy focus on mental health and his huge efforts to bringing mental illness to light." ~ @honeybadgerspn

"I love the support he has for fans struggling with their mental health. Even if he may not be speaking to them directly, even if his words just pop up on a social media post, it still impacts them positively with his words of encouragement. A few years ago, my depression had hit a low point. As depression makes one do, I was feeling absolutely useless to everyone that loved me. I hadn’t wanted to do anything except lay in bed. Yet I somehow one day managed to load up tumblr and come across a set of gifs of Jared speaking at a convention. He said something I’ll never forget: “Getting rid of yourself isn’t going to help anybody.” Really helped me push myself back and reflect on my thoughts and pull myself together enough to do things. I’ll never forget those words for as long as I live." ~ @chrisscross_87


Jared appreciation comments, April 21, 2018

"It takes a lot of chutzpah to step forward and admit you're so lucky, so blessed, and still broken in the brain. Jared admitting to his breakdowns and depression has substantially lessened the stigma on getting help for mental issues. He's not perfect – he sometimes misspeaks and forgets his fortune in this world – but he's warm and open and probably more frank than he should be, and he seems to genuinely appreciate all the folks he works with, as well as the fans who support the show. He's proof that hard work and tenacity pays off. He's self-effacing, proudly goofy, and above all, so very human. He's one of us." ~ @WolfinYourBed

"I love his dedication to every single person who works on the show in some way and to us fans. You can tell he truly cares, even if he’s never met you." ~ @chrisscross_87

"As Sam I relate to the youngest sibling challenges he faces. As Jared I've seen a protectiveness, love and compassion toward others, while still being vulnerable." ~ @birdyrobin1222

"His bravery. Bravery is not the absence of fear or doubt, it is action in spite of them. It’s not easy to open up about personal struggles. It’s not easy to be vulnerable and to reach out to people through that vulnerability and lay your soul bare for all to see. That takes strength. He’s a beautiful human being." ~ @ladymandyisms

"As Sam he shows strength and depth. He has fought so much and still desperately fights for redemption and faith. As Jared, he wears his heart on his sleeve in a way most actors cannot. People see the rambunctious puppy, but he's also so genuine, with a curiosity and thirst to absorb knowledge, to know people, to learn everything. And he listens to every story like it can change the world, and it changes his world. Sometimes too much and he takes everyones pain into himself. As a fan, seeing him happy, with Gen and the kids and his friends makes the world brighter." ~ @saintlov

"I love the fact that he is such a good person. I have been lucky enough to meet him a couple times and always makes sure that he treats you like you are the only person in the room. He is also the reason I still go to cons. I had a not so nice experience at my first SPN con and he helped make things better. That’s the great thing about him. He always is making peoples’ lives better. He also reminds me through his campaigns to always keep fighting. He truly makes the world a nicer place to be." ~ @harknessbadwolf

"He's a big goof ball whose infectious personality lights up any room he walks into. What's not to love?" ~ @honeybadgerspn

"What do I love most about Jared Padalecki? In all honesty, I'd have to say, "I don't know", because in the totality of Jared Padalecki, there exists a nebulous, yet all encompassing goodness/compassion/loyalty/friendship/integrity/humility and wild enthusiasm for life. To say that he is an accomplished master at his chosen craft would be redundant. He has filled me with awe at his ability to "be" Sam Winchester in all his various permutations. He makes me angry and pensive, hes made me laugh uproarously, and in the same episode, brought me to my knees, so broken with sorrow and loss that I can't contain my tears. Stating that he is a consummate and tireless advocate for making mental health, diagnosis and treatment, a very visible concern, while sharing his own struggles is a given. His family is precious to him, and he evidences no shame, rather the opposite in that his pride is never more recognizable than when surrounded by his wife and babies. I think part of his charm is his irrepressible desire to wring every single drop of joy, laughter, silliness, and exuberance from each second of each rotation of the Earth around the sun. His friends speak so highly of him and with such great love, that to see him as less than likable, indeed, lovable would take a kind of intentional blindness. And yet, he's certainly not a clanging gong, screaming for recognition. Jared Padalecki simply, and without an entourage of ego feeding sycophants, moves through life being a man; an actor; a spokesman for mental health, among other causes; a husband, father, son, and brother; a loyal and dedicated friend; and from all accounts, a damned fine human being...and exceedingly lovable." ~ @doris_helmick

"His compassion & bravery about mental health. His generosity & encouragement to fans. His absolute adorkableness." ~ @AMckicat

"I thought why Sam crying a lot this season, why did Jared chose to perform his story that way. Then I remembered Jared saying he knows Sam he is his buddy. Then I thought what Sam been through this season and “get this”. 1. Sam lost his mother before he bonded with her and he knew she is not safe if alive 2. Sam lost Castiel after all the people they lost. 3. Sam lost his biggest support Dean, when Dean lost faith. 4. Sam lost his brother, literally, then failed to CPR him back to life, like for 10 minutes he lost him fully. 5. Sam lost Jack, the boy who wanted to help, redeem himself, guide him, show him the right choices he once failed to make. 6. Sam blamed himself for failing Jack too, right there he lost the will to keep going. 7. Sam battled against his brother for Jack situation all along. 8. Sam had to send his brother to the AU with Ketch didn’t know if he will be ok and felt helpless and desparate. 9. Sam turned on Gabriel for help then Gabriel decided against it, he lost shred of hope he got if he has. 10. Sam is constant fear of Lucifer back in his mind. 11. Sam couldn’t refuse to help Rowena if her trauma will get better if she becomes more powerful because Sam feels helpless, he would never want this for another person. He betrayed by her too and blamed himself for her actions too. So yes, he knows Sam. Yes he puts a lot of thought and feeling processes to prepare to the character, to be him to feel like him. He know what Sam would feel and think. He is so invested he is such a fan to his character and the show and the fans. It makes my heart to fill with love." ~ @SevalKilic1991

"How genuine he is. He takes he time to interact with fans. How he’s open and honest with AKF." @wyldefandom

"Jared's enthusiasm when he's around fans, how he loves to joke around and try to make everyone laugh. Watching any video of his immediately makes my day better❤." ~ @rayra_win

Jared appreciation comments, April 15-20, 2018

"Jared is a wonderful person. He gives all that he has to his family, friends and fans. He helps support so many and is such a strong person even in hard times for himself and has been a wonderful influence for mental health via the AKF . he has such a wonderful heart." ~ @PSchafhausen

"I have never met Jared, probably never will, so the only way I get to know more of him is through panels, people's ops stories, and his campaigns. Seeing how he treats his fans, that's what makes me tear up. Someone who understands what people go through, who knows what it's like. Despite juggling everything at once, you can still see how much he loves this fandom, how he always has this huge smile on his face and shows us how strong he really is. I love how much he loves his family, and how hard he's willing to work for them. I wish we all could show him more love, that's what he deserves, all the love in the world." ~ @rayra_win


Jared appreciation comments, April 4, 2018

"His sincerity, his vulnerability, and how he allows us to see who he really is. He doesn't hide what he goes through, which makes him relatable, and it allows us to feel like we have a connection to him. And he uses that to create awareness for mental health issues that otherwise might have been disregarded. But he is also goofy, and has fun, which shows us that even if you do suffer with mental health issues, that you can't let them run your life♡" ~ @KayRoseBee

"Jared is human and he allows us to see that humanity. He shares pics of his family and friends and shows how much Jensen, Misha, and the cast and crew mean to him. We see him being goofy and caring; he doesn't hide his true self, rather he embraces it and allows us to share and rejoice in it as well. He asks for help when he needs it and doesn't try it. Through his campaigns, he gives us strength and tells us if nothing else, to keep fighting for him. Thank you Jared for everything you do!!! Love ya, you big Moose <3" ~ @historychick29

"I love how he’s not afraid to be silly. He’s so delightfully goofy and has such an expressive mischievous face when he’s about to mess around with someone either physically or via a joke. I love how allows himself to have fun because he definitely deserves it." ~ @chrisscross_87

"Jared is a warm personality and brilliant . I think his smile lights up a room and I love it for its interpretation of Sam Winchester with whom it has much in common, And bonus : his hair, I also love for it." ~ @sudsalento

"I love that he has turned his vulnerability into an asset for his fans, not hiding it but using it to help others." ~ @msk01234567

"I love Jared because he is so honest and transparent about the times that he struggles. I think it is so important for the world to see that mental illness happens and is a fact of life. He inspires me to continue to try to erase the stigma from Depression and Anxiety." ~  @waywardxphoenix

"I recently paid attention to the fact that Jared speaks differently than Sam, his voice intonation everything is different in sarcastic way. (Ok I should’ve noticed many years ago but oh well..) he freaking speaks different and yet when “actions” he instantly changes personality to the bone! How cool is that? Talent comes exponentially to this man!" ~ @SevalKilic1991

"What I love most about Jared is his enormous, supportive heart, his sense of humor and how he loves to make others laugh, and the way he plays Sam Winchester :)" ~ @RabbitHole_BB

"I love Jared for all that he does. He's such a loving, kind and caring person and a great actor. He's always willing to give so much of himself to help others. He is a true inspiration." ~ @PSchafhausen

"Jared is an amazing person who has done so much towards raising mental health awareness and combating stigma. For those of us with mental health issues, it means a lot to have someone like him standing up for us." ~ @Riath84


Jared appreciation comments, March 21, 2018

"His beautiful heart. He's not afraid to show it and share it, even with strangers who happen to watch his work on a TV show." ~ @Larrs9325

"It's been said often, but it remains understated because it's such a strange, beautiful thing about him...He's a light. In the most literal sense of the word. He brings something to this world that I've never found in anyone. He's the perfect combination of talent, emotion, kindness, care, humor, intelligence, nerdiness, and he does all of that in his own particular way, all wrapped into that gorgeous thing that can melt my heart within seconds. He's different. I mean, they all are, and they all have their own ways of being themselves, but there's something difficult to grasp and understand in Jared, and that's something I love more than I could tell. He's easily distracted among fans, and he has a way to care that's very special, very him. There's something that is so genuine about him, and he's not trying to hide it or to pretend otherwise, he's just fully himself, and if sometimes, it means that some are going to think that he's a little crazy, then he's fine with it and so am I. I love his special brand of craziness, it really echoes with mine. I feel safe around him in general, because he's the one person in the world that makes me feel like we all have a chance at happiness, regardless to our mental health, or to whatever demons we're fighting. He arrived at a pivotal point in my existence, one that taught me how to chin up and to be proud of everything that I am and to be fearless. Anywhere he goes, any con appearance, any media presence, any twitter or instagram post from him is always heavy with this bright light I love so much. He does life in his own way, and he shines so very bright in mine." ~ @Aaaahhhxy

"I love that Jared is real. He's real about his struggles and he's real about his insecurities. He's funny and thoughtful and tries hard in all he does." ~ @erika_spn

"He is Hope. He is Inspiration. He showed me that I have the power to save myself; that it was OK for me to fall, like he himself did, but that I have inside me the strength to get up and Always Keep Fighting. He spreads smiles and love and hope wherever he goes. He is goofy and funny and incredibly kind, and makes me feel beautiful and like I'm the most important person on Earth, even with a mere 30 second photo op. He puts people at ease and I can tell he cares about people's feelings. He uses his own experience to help others and I admire that. And, if we're talking about physical attributes, he has the kindest, most amazing sweet soft eyes. And he gives the best hugs! His hugs make me feel completely safe and protected and absolutely loved. Jared is a beautiful human being, inside and out." ~ @Magdalena5880

"His playful personality." ~ @Bridgetlkeller

"Jared is the most thoughtful and loving person. He cares so much about his fans. He is a great actor and I am very thankful for the #AlwaysKeepFighting movement he brought to us it has helped so many of us." ~ @SpnSandra

"He's such a puppy in some ways, so boisterous and playful But he's had his struggles too. And his decision to be open with them has helped so many others both by example, and the organizations and campaigns he's been a part of, like 'Always Keep Fighting' and 'You Are Not Alone'. He's a beautiful man, inside and out." ~ @Kannbrown

"Jared is so genuine. He's real. In his excitement &entusiasm (he fanboys just like we do), in his love for Jensen & his family, in his sadness or disappointment when something goes wrong. Jared is always Jared,& that's a wonderful thing. Beautiful inside and out." ~ @Readstoescape

"I love how he keeps spreading love and sunshine despite everything he's been through. It's an inspiration for those of us who struggle on a daily basis, and I don't know where he gets that strength, but I applaud him for it." ~  @sarahsimmons712

"I love his ability to keep fighting through the hard times and helping others through theirs. And his sunny smile, cheerful disposition and luscious hair ;)" ~ @mina_gustafsson

"Jared puts heart and soul into everything he does. He brings Sam to life beautifully, believably, so that we care what happens to Sam as if he were a friend. He doesn’t phone in performances, even after 13 years and some less-than-stellar writing this season. He is kind and generous with fans; at cons, even though you might only have a few seconds with him at a photo op or autograph session, he makes you feel you’re important. He has a calming, accepting presence. He has been brave enough to be publicly vulnerable, talking about his own mental health issues in order to help others, even knowing that doing so could affect his future job prospects or overshadow his work as an actor. He’s a loving husband and father, a loyal friend, and someone who actively seeks to do good and give back. When he makes mistakes, he tries to learn from them and do better. Smart, witty, and playful. He’s just a good man. I’d be thrilled if my son turned out like Jared." ~ @melissimus

Jared appreciation comments, March 7, 2018

"He has so many good qualities about him, it’s hard to pick! But I love that he’s so open about his mental health. There have been times where my depression was rearing it’s ugly head and I heard or saw a quote from him or an AKF video he posted literally that same day and thinking, “Man, someone that doesn’t know me knows what it’s like and cares about me.” He truly does care about us." ~ @chrisscross_87

"He's helped me to Always Keep Fighting and made me realize it's not you should be ashamed of." @Daacookie

"I love that he shares so much of himself with fans. He has helped so many by sharing his struggles. Not many celebrities would be so open." ~ @cloudsetc

"His amazing heart! He's loving and giving, he gives so much of himself. From all I've heard he has a way of making people feel special, make them feel like they truly are enough even me and I've never even met him!" ~  @ddubsladee

"First, I really love his smile. It's a real and simple smile coming from deep inside. I love that Jared can deliver that emotion straight to you and make you feel special. I love that even in his darkest hours he thinks about how to help others and shine a light for them." ~ @Jac_Heart_

"Jared helps those of us who struggle with mental illness feel less ashamed and that we are not alone in this world, that there is someone out there who cares about us and who is willing to help us. Jared’s one of the most selfish guys out there. He gives so much to us fans, more than we deserve while also being a devoted and loving father of 3 and a terrific husband to Gen. He is also a great and loyal friend. And who wouldn’t want to be friends with Jared Padalecki? He’s a big, adorable moose! He’s so loveable!" ~ @Proud_Mother85

"I love that he is basically made out of kindness. He gave us the opportunity to talk about our mental health without being judged for. He himself talks so freely about that I don't feel the need to hide it. He helped me and so many others with everything he does." @Lythilia

"What do I love about Jared? More like what don't I love? He's smart, kind, brave, sweet, charming, talented, silly, compassionate and simply GORGEOUS." ~ @PlatinumRoseL

"The man is a giant puppy, plus he's smart, talented, generous, and kind. I wear my Always Keep Fighting bracelet every day because Jared inspires me. I deeply appreciate his commitment to his character, and I am always cognizant of the fact that we wouldn't have any of this, not any of it, without the unbreakable bond between Sam & Dean, and the equally unbreakable bond between Jared & Jensen." ~ @ShinyElfriend

"Remember mockumentary? Yep, that. He is not one of the a.holes in sets they shamelessly made fun of cuz 'star' doesn’t have to be, well, that. When there is no ego, I am game." ~ @ SevalKilic1991

"Jared is such a wonderful person. He selflessly gives so much of himself. He's a wonderful actor, friend, husband & father. By bringing his own mental health issues to light and starting the AKF campaign he had helped so many others. He is truly loved. ❤ I can only hope to some day meet him in person." ~ @PSchafhausen

"He has a pure heart. He understands what it is to belong to a fandom and embraces everyone who considers themselves part of fandom. His laughter and passion to help others is contagious. He strives to always become a better person, making many people do the same." ~ @maritza_cardona

"I love that Jared helped make mental illness less taboo. As a teenager, I struggled severely with depression and the closest I had to someone else struggling was Buffy's story arch in season 6. I didn't have anyone I could look up to and see surviving. I didn't have anyone saying "It'll get better, here's a ton of other people who know how you feel." I was alone with my depression and sadness. I survived it, I am stronger for it, but it makes me so incredibly happy that this generation has Jared and can see someone struggle but also be strong. It's important to see the struggle as well as the strength. He is just very important to this world and to the mental health conversation." ~ @Mandi1630

"I love how much Jared cares. Whether it’s Gen and the kids, his friends, his cast mates or the fans, he truly makes us feel like we are a part of the SPN Family and that we matter. And he gives AMAZING hugs lol." ~ historychick29

"What I love most about Jared is that he is such a loving and kind individual. He is definitely a man with a heart of gold. Through his own fight with depression and anxiety he has created a campaign to help not just fans, but all those who struggle with mental illness. He genuinely care about those who have struggled just as he has and who still are. He helps lend a voice to raise awareness for mental health, as well as bullying. He is also a wonderful father and husband. He is a devoted family man and loyal friend. He is one of the most amazing men on Earth." ~ Ashly

"I see that he is a really genuinely heartfelt human being. When he’s in his circle of friends you find him hanging out with their kids and the family dog! That’s a really devoted dad! He adores his family and speaks well of them anywhere. At work, you can see he’s dedicated because he’s one two people that carry most of the lines and really keep the whole show to the level it’s achieved for nearing 14 years! His charisma extends into service to others, as well, for the sake of compassion and encouragement! His AKF campaign among others has changed so many lives, if not saved them with the AIR and IMAlive foundation that it is linked to. One person really can change the world! Particularly the guy named Jared Padalecki!!" ~ @AndriaSeaside

"His beautiful heart & soul. He gives so much of himself to the world. Made a mantra/motto that helps so many of us to battle our own demons & his willingness to show us his demons." ~  @AMckicat