Misha Monday

Well we have #WinchesterWednesday, why not a Misha Monday? Every Monday I will post one of my own photos of Misha (or one from @historychick29) from VanCon 2016 (I was in the question line for VanCon 2017, and I was literally at #NOLA 10 minutes after his panel started). Enjoy!


Misha appreciation


Misha appreciation comments, Nov. 11

""It's been awhile since I've contributed anything, much less, anything regarding Misha Collins, but I feel compelled by a recent Con event to do so. I want give any space to what was done, but Misha's class, maturity, self deprecation and professionalism were brilliantly evidenced in his dealing with, what must have been a very uncomfortable situation. In my mind, it amounts to more than a subtle sexual assault...something Misha, and indeed, his co-workers, have faced repeatedly. I don't know how he manages to put up with these, "crossing the line" moments, without losing his composure, but he manages to do so. What I do think I see is a man who must often feel like, as he said after the groping during a photo OP, "a prostitute". More than that, he exhibits a clear picture of women who've endured the same unwanted advances. It's a devastating reminder of what #MeToo is all about. It's also a reminder that we can experience these things and continue to function, and refuse to let it define us. That in no way implies that it doesn't "bother him". I'm absolutely positive that it does. But...he has created a life that demands his active participation, he has a supportive community of family, friends and fans, and he will simply Carry On.

Thank you for being you Misha Collins!"
~ @doris_helmick

"I love how much passion he puts into every single thing he does. He gives everything over to what he is doing at that moment. I love that even though he's seen some of the darkest parts of our world, through poverty, homelessness, and then politics, he maintains such a positive outlook on life and people. I love how he has so many facets to his personality, from political powerhouse, to compassionate humanitarian, to loving father, husband, and friend, and let's not forget when he goes naughty! Oh, and I love his arms, and his eyes, and his smile.....basically I just love Misha." ~ @catt_sue

"I love Misha's humor, and his activism. Whether political or social issues, Misha is amazing at both using his platform with humor, intelligence, and respect, while dealing with pushback from those who think people in some jobs lose their rights to speech and political engagement just because they're a performer. I don't know how he does it." ~ @Kannbrown

Misha appreciation comments, Sept. 10

"Misha is a star because he puts his heart and soul into everything he does. He goes way above and beyond to make sure his fans feel s connection with him and not just as his character. Misha is a star because his life and his love shine so bright, what else could he be?" ~ @catt_sue

"I think Misha is a star because of how much he wants to make a difference in the world. When someone with any platform, uses it to change the way their world is functioning and using his/her followers to help make that change, that makes someone a star. More than just that, the level of connection he has with his fans also brings me to believe he's a star." ~ @Moniquikiki

"I'm torn between a heartfelt message & a silly one. Can I add both? Firstly, Misha is a star because he shines so brightly & is very old... But actually I really feel that he fills us with wonder. The way he views the universe, that quirky, irreverent, challenging worldview of his delights, inspires & pushes us. He makes us feel like we want to be better people, to make a difference to others & change the world. I absolutely blooming love him." ~ @slusansusan

"@MishaCollins is that bright spark that often keeps me going even in my darkest hours. We are all travelers in this life, and Misha is not here to carry me on my journey, rather he leads by example, and urges me to keep going. It's good to be able to look up and see the guiding light that is Misha Collins. #MishaIsMyStar #MishaCollins" ~ @WaywardThestral



Misha appreciation comments, Aug. 20

"I hope he is with his beautiful family and loved ones right now, being happy and content and loved. I hope he is rested and refreshed. I hope he understands that he's worthy of our admiration, because he always says he feels undeserving when people fawn over here. I wish him and his family all the best happiness, success, peace, love, kindness, health, and all the wonderful things in life and beyond ❤" ~ @lenastiel

"Happy birthday to this real life angel, you're a force for good, you give us strength, hopes and reasons to keep fighting, I love you and I'm very proud of you, I wish you all the good things in the world and may all of your dreams and wishes come true 💙❤️" ~ @allformish

"That he’s happy and surrounded by love! I’d sing...but NOBODY wants to hear that! Trust me." ~ @Tmart444

"Misha, we wish you the happiest of birthdays, hopefully with your family. Thank you for all you do to make this world a better place. You are an inspiration." ~ @Detroit_Mommy 

"The very happiest of birthdays to you Misha - our phenomenal overlord of whom we are not worthy!" ~ @slusansusan

"Here's a wish for more happy, successful, joyous years full of love and laughter." ~ @kannbrown

"First, I wish that the Blue Wave crushes the GOP's power in Congress. Second, I would wish for Karma to repay Misha for his myriad of kindnesses. So many. Third, I wish for him a day filled with love, laughter, song, and his favorite things to eat." ~ @PatriciaMullis

"Misha, i don’t know how many times have i wished you a wonderful birthday, but it feels like you deserve more and more good wishes. So ... happy birthday to the kindest person i know, someone who showed us that changing the world to a better one can start from something small, someone who accepting people for who they are, and appreciating them for who they are. I wish you the loveliest birthday that’s filled with love from your loved ones, Misha. Happy 44th!" ~ @siriuslyelmo

"Happy birthday, Misha! I sincerely hope that your wish for everyone to vote in November comes true. You’ve worked hard to get people registered and informed and my wish is to see all that work you put into making America a better place to live pay off." ~ @CasGirlSam

"My Birthday wish for Misha would be that I hope his Birthday is filled with Cake, hugs, and thousands of people who pledged to vote! In other words I hope his Birthday is more amazing than he is if that’s even possible! ❤️" ~ @IamMishaHead


Misha appreciation comments, July 23

"Misha Collins is the reason I still have hope for humanity. To see him out there fighting the good fight at great personal expense, inspires me with the courage to keep fighting too. It's so easy to take refuge in apathy in the face of the steadily worsening world, but knowing that Misha is not giving up, makes me have faith that we CAN change the world for the better. Thank you, @mishacollins." ~ @WaywardThestral

"Misha does so much good in this world between his charity works, his political stance and determination to get people to join in on both things, his wanting to make the world a better place....his kindness. Words cant truly do justice to why hes my hero but he is just so GOOD." ~ @BrandiniBee

"I don't believe Misha Collins sees himself as heroic in any way. That, among many, and perhaps more than any other reason, is why he most certainly deserves that title. Heroism wears many faces and delights in the diversity of opportunities for service. In every endeavour, Misha invests his compassion and a great deal of good old fashioned "sweat equity" as he tackles real life, real time needs. How he manages to accomplish all he does: a demanding acting and convention schedule, humanitarian projects, political and social activism, being an actively involved father and husband, while remaining grounded in reality, likeable and maintaining an outrageously self deprecating sense of humor is, if not heroic, damned close. Not all superheroes wear capes. This one wears, suitable to the occasion, Armani suits, jeans and t-shirts, paint stained sweats and ball caps, and his angelic alter ego wears a trench coat." ~ Doris Helmick

"misha inspires thousands of people to do good, motivates never to give up fighting for what's right, makes me believe in a better world, makes me smile when I'm sad, he made me accept me as I am, misha collins is undoubtedly an angel in real life." ~ @allformish

"His emphasis on kindness, his activism, and his charity. Add that to his humor and amazing talent." ~ @kannbrown

"There are many reasons, but right now it’s because he’s out there getting people to register to vote. That’s very important if we want our future to change our present." ~ @Iammishahead

"Because he continuously saves lives. Literally. Misha saves me on a daily basis, so he's my personal hero. But he also saves lives --- he's an activist, he inspires and personally helps non-profits. He doesn't owe the world anything but he gives so much. He doesn't owe his fans anything, yet he takes so much time to interact with us and appreciate us, and he has our back. He doesn't need to do any of this. It's not his responsibility. But he does it anyway and he does it with such passion and kindness. I have never loved a human being more than I love Misha Collins. The world doesn't deserve him, humanity doesn't deserve him, but he deserves the world. He does so much out of sheer kindness and sheer heart for the world. He never even takes the proper credit for what he does. He should. <3" ~ @waywardcosmos

"He’s my hero because he believes whole heartedly in helping others and making the world a better place. He picked the career he did so he’d be able to make the most positive impact on the world and he absolutely has." ~ @casgirlsam 

"Misha is my hero because of his dedication to making the world better. He uses his fame to do good." ~ @samikitten


Misha appreciation comments, July 9

"I love that Misha and his wife have been together since they were 16. My husband and I have been together since that age too. They are role models for me!" ~ @samikitten

"I knew Misha before I became a SPN fan! I was working at a Comic Con here on Brasil, he was one of the actors taking part and all the staff was amazed how sweet, cute, kind and always smiling (even when tired) he was all the time and with everyone! I start watching SPN some time after that, and really fell in love with Castiel, because he´s a outsider character - different among the angels, stranger among humans - and divided between his willing to do the best and the confusion about his decisions (what, funny as this can be, makes him the most human character in the show). After that, I hearded about Misha´s life and became a truly admirer of him! Sometimes people went through difficult situations, hard experiences and become cold-heart persons... but Misha made of all the difficulties his and his family went through a motive to be a better person and to inspire people to be the better humans everyone can be! He´s a pure heart and gentle soul, and always use his fame to inspire people to be kind and help others. He spent his free time and uses his influence to change lifes and brought all the cast of SPN in the same path! Throught Gish he brings art, creativity, fun and create strong friendships for people all around the world! He´s bigger than his lovely character and a inspiration for everyone! He brings hope to mankind in so darkest times and warm our hearts with his smile." ~ @Gio_Gui

"Misha’s all about kindness and helping others. He’s funny and inspires us to live full and happy lives." ~ @SPNWaywardMOL

"Not only he has amazing acting skills which make Castiel one of the best fictional characters on television. His kindness, his willingness to help people in need. He always leads by example. And he cares a lot. I always say he's a beautiful soul wrapped in a beautiful body. I'd write essays on why i love and admire him." ~ @casisahero

"One of the things I admire most about Misha, is that he is trying to conquer the world with kindness. We need more people like him in the World. It’s a pretty scary place sometimes." ~ @IamMishaHead


Misha appreciation comments, July 2

"It is any time Misha sneaks up behind any of the other actors while they are answering questions or giving an interview on stage. And he reaches a hand over their shoulder and strokes their cheek or leans in and whispers in their ear and it makes them smile like he just made their day! He makes everybody happy!" ~ @MaryRuthWeber2

"My favourite funny Misha moment is when he had a mouth fixture in his mouth and Maison and west made him say words and nobody understood what he was saying. I was having a hard time that day and it made me laugh so hard. He is soo good with the kids and he takes out time to have healthy and intellectual games with them." ~ @annie_1864

"During TorCon 2017 I had brought my pops for photo ops with their humans. Every Misha op (I had 3) He would shuffle through the pops to pick 2 to make kiss. He was very careful about making DIFFERENT pops kiss every time. He would mutter "nope, these guys were last time" When my Cockles op came in, He tried again, but Jensen grabbed the his and said "NO! this one's mine!" Misha got fake grumpy and said "fine!" It was hilarious! Especially since every time the handlers were adamant that the cast couldn't touch the pops." ~ @saintlov

"That's easy for me. When he went full Dom mode on Richard Speight at a convention, resting his foot on him, sitting on his shoulder... hilarious and really hot at the same time." ~ @catt_sue


Misha appreciation comments, June 25

"My favorite interaction with Misha was when I met him for the first time (At the SPN convention in Pittsburgh this year). I walked up to Misha and he smiled and said, "Hi, sweetie." Then I smiled really big and said, "Hi, Misha." After that, Misha asked me how I was doing and I replied, "I'm good. How are you doing?" Then Misha smiled and said, "I'm great." After that, I gave Misha a few things that I made for him, along with a purple tabby cat plush, and said, "These are for you." Misha looked at me and asked, "Are these for me to keep?" Then I smiled and said, "Yep." He smiled really big and said, "These are amazing! Thank you so much!" I smiled and said, "You're welcome." Then Misha have me a big hug. I then got a hug photo op with Misha (He held the purple tabby cat plush when he hugged me for the picture). After that, Misha smiled at me, put his hand on my shoulder, and said, "Thank you, sweetie." I smiled and said, "You're welcome." Misha was such a sweetheart and it was absolutely wonderful to meet him for the first time." ~ @GabbyBrown_2005

"My favorite interaction with Misha (aside from a meet & greet, since we're not allowed to talk about those) was at Vegas con this year. I was having him sign one of my drawings, and for some reason showing the the drawing to the person I drew makes me nervous. When I got up to the table, I blurted out "Can we just talk about how hard you are to draw?" And he looked at the drawing and replied with "Can we just talk about how good you are at drawing... holy shit!" I mumbled an embarrassed "thank you" and he told me that I picked "the most difficult possible piece of apparel." (It was his EW cover in THAT jacket) And that's the story of how I died." ~ @Daina_91880

"Seeing the video of Misha sliding down the slide with the kids and seeing the look on everyone's faces. You can see how much fun they were having." ~ @looneytunesfan

"Misha is one of a kind. He's the kindest and yet one of the bravest and most brilliant public figures out there. And he truly cares and stands up for what's right. Unlike many celebrities, he's not doing it just for a mere lip-service or to look good, but this is something that he very passionately believes in - and he does everything he can to help even at the risk of great personal costs. There is no word adequate enough to express how much I appreciate him standing up for the children of immigrants and asylum-seekers today. Amidst the horrors of this situation, I'm comforted by the fact that there are good people like Misha who is brave enough to do what's right and do everything in his power to help. He is a hero." ~ @lenastiel

"I really admire his political activeness. I used to pretty much ignore anything to do with politics, but he's inspired me to become more informed." ~ @samikitten

"There are so many things that I love about Misha that I'm not even sure that I can pick out THE thing I love the most. I love his generosity. I love the fact that he still has faith in humanity even when times are hard. I love that he keeps smiling and motivate us to go through the day and persevere. I love that he is the living proof that good people still exist on this earth. I love that he will always fight for what he believes in. I love the fact that he's not afraid to say what he thinks and will try to change what seems unfair to him instead of just complain about it. I love that he is a hero and doesn't even know it no matter how many times people has told him. I love how humble he is. I love how sarcastic he can be. I love how smart he is. I just love everything about this man." ~ @BamfMisha


Misha appreciation comments, June 18

"He’s so supportive of the lgbt community and wants fans to be themselves and loves doing pride ops." ~ @Beaniejedi33


Misha appreciation comments, June 11

"He always looks like he's up to no good but he's constantly looking out for others. Hollywood didn't steal his humility." ~ @AKF_orever

"I love how much he and his family gives back to their community. He knows what it's like to be homeless and doesn't take anything for granted." ~ @samikitten

"I'm so grateful to Misha for his display of support to the LGBTQ community in Pittsburg this past weekend!" ~ @beckstiel

"Simply put, Misha makes me smile. He makes me think. He inspires me. Misha has so many rare, precious, quirky traits - and he is willing to share his rare, precious, quirky traits." ~ @KMEArtist1313

"Misha really struck a chord with me when he said, during the con, he is optimistic, but does have his dark days. Having a big problem with anxiety issues, where one minute I'll be fine and the next I'll be having an anxiety attack, I see in him a strength that says one can overcome and push forward beyond the darkness. He has a remarkable inner strength and it helps me realize I can defeat my anxiety." ~ @BryDeborah

"Misha has a reputation as the funny, quirky one, but he can also be incredibly thoughtful. He gave a very honest, serious answer to a *very* difficult question about his movie Karla this weekend at SPN PittCon. He was so sincere and considerate even though it had to have been an uncomfortable experience. He’s just so genuine and you can tell how much he cares about the fans." ~ @sinnerforhire


Misha appreciation comments, June 4

"Aside from the fact that he's one of the most talented and versatile actors in the industry, Misha's got an incredible character. He's got this immense inner strength for standing up for what's right and pushing forward no matter the obstacles. He's got a big heart of gold in his passion for helping people in need. He's got a brilliant mind that he uses to spearhead and innovate so many charitable endeavours. And yet, with all these incredible feats he's done, he remains one of the most humble and grounded people who rarely takes credits for himself and is always supportive of everyone. He is something else." ~ @huckleberrycas

"Misha is one of the most kindest and giving people one could ever meet. He is like a ray of sunshine and he treats his fans and people in general like we are friends or equal. He's so grounded and not big headed in the least." ~ @Brandy_Melin

"I like it because I can't do without his irresistible smile, Is a sweet human, an angel poet and he's a wonderful Castiel in #spnfamily and we can't speak of him, not to mention his "Minions" with whom he is always available. Thanks #misha, you are a great person." ~ @sudsalento

"Misha is someone who makes people feel as if they can speak with him without fear and from the heart, as if they were speaking to a close friend. I so admire this man. I've never seen anyone who so consistently steps up to help others. He is truly unique; special." ~ @BryDeborah

"I love that he's overcome such a difficult life and is using that experience to save the world. That really speaks to me." ~ @sarahsimmons712

"I could go on, but I think his charity is what impressed me most, and I played GISHWHES that first year (as a new fan) even though I was stupid sick! Misha does that though, he motivates. He makes you want to get up and do something real. Cheers, Misha." ~ @Swampgirl

"He's just weird and he loves it! Now I have someone to look up too, because he's my kinda normal!" ~ @MaryRuthWeber2


Misha appreciation comments, May 21 and 28

"Misha's smile. The way it lights up the world around him. He just has this aura around him that it makes you wanna become a better person. I am proud of the person that I am becoming because of him." ~ @rayra_win

"He is unapologetically himself and encourages everyone to do the same. And in his time away from Supernatural, he works hard to inspire his fans to spread love and kindness while being creative and weird." ~ @msmagsxapn

"His acting skill. On supernatural alone he's played six(seven?) different characters (not including different versions of Cas)! And each time it's as if he embodies the new character. It's not Castiel playing Lucifer, it IS Lucifer. Even though his appearance doesn't change, you see him as someone completely different. It's small details that change the character, and Misha has managed to master that skill. I'm amazed each time, and I look forward to what he has in store for us in the future, whether he is our beloved Castiel, or someone completely different♡" ~@KayRoseBee

"Misha is perpetually inspirational: as a political voice, as a creative personality, as a parent." ~ @KMEArtist1313

"He stands up for what he believes in. He stands up for people. I hope he never stops. The world needs more of that." ~ @IamMishaHead

"The passion he puts in everything he does. He’s so inspiring... #LTTHU" ~ @hiroucious

"Misha doesn’t just march to the beat of a different drummer—he started a whole new band! He is the Platonic cave ideal of “be yourself, everybody else is already taken.” He inspires me to move outside of my comfort zone and do things that might make people stare or laugh with my head held high and a big smile on my face. He is truly a trailblazer and he makes me want to blaze my own trails." ~ @Sinnerforhire

"I love how open he is, and how he invites others like him into his life; complete strangers. It makes me feel closer to him in a way; like, we are a part of each other’s lives. He is so inviting, charming and kind. We need more Misha’s in the world. I’m so proud that I found him. He has quickly become an essential part of my life." ~ @tiffakunst

"I love how Misha shares so much of himself with his fans. He makes it feel like we're following a friend instead of a celebrity." ~ @samikitten


Misha appreciation comments, May 14

"Building an orphanage or handing donuts to people standing in line, it's all the same to him. It's what needs to be done at that moment and one's important as the other. Build a ramp for wheelchair access or a playground for kids, nothing to big or to small." ~ @MaryRuthWeber2

"A great actor that is so charismatic he's able to portray an Angel of the Lord to an iconic status. A leader who leads in kindness, selflessness, and generosity, moving and inspiring all of us to do better by his example. A fighter who is not afraid to put himself on the line when it means he can defend the minorities and the marginalized groups in society. An incredibly strong individual who is incredibly emphatic to the struggles and pain of others. There is a reason why his fans and random people alike call him an earth angel." ~ @lenastiel

"He's such an amazing actor. He's done so many versions of Castiel over the years and I honestly love every one of them!" ~ @samikitten

"I love everything about Misha, but my favorite thing would have to be his overall personality. He's so kind and selfless in everything he does for others with things like GISH and Random Acts, and it's amazing how he's constantly building people up and encouraging them. He has so much love for his fans and you can see it with every single one, because no matter how busy he is he always has time for them. He stands up for what he believes in and isn't afraid to speak for the minorites, not to mention Misha is also a wonderful friend to all the other cast members. I look up to him so much and he inspires me every single day to go out and do something good, and that is why I love Misha." ~ @smol_angel_cas

"I enjoy all the vast complexities of his personality which he generously shares with fans. He is intriguing." ~ @KMEArtist1313


Misha appreciation comments, May 7

"His beautiful smile, his generous heart, his loving soul." ~ @AMckicat

"Misha inspires me to be better than I am and be more than the sum of my parts. Thanks for the guiding light @misha." ~ @ShellyHagen1

"Misha Collins ambition to reach for his dreams is very inspiring to me. After his campaign I Wish For This ended, I set out to write a song for him. I called it Dare to Dream. Because Misha dared to dream the impossible, and reach his goal. You can listen here bit.ly/2wGussA." ~ @mangosandy82

"Misha 💜 what can one say that hasn't been said time & again. His compassion, how he looks at you & actually sees you when you meet, his love for his family & for all those around him. His heart bigger than life. Once you meet him or even get to what he is about, the beauty inside meets his beauty outside, & he is beautiful. Some people may look uglier once you meet them or get to know them. I love meeting the ones that become more beautiful with each act, thought, or word. Thank you Misha for sharing your heart with us! 💜" ~ @bridgetlkeller

"Misha Collins is a kind and selfless soul, with a superior intellect, humble mindset, encased in a handsome package, enrobed in generosity, strength, and love. Misha Collins is the inspiration, strength, and voice of millions who is too kind and humble to realize the world is a far better place because of he is in it." ~ @4eternalbonds

"Misha taught me that I am not alone and introduced me to a whole fandom full of love and acceptance. As Castiel, he taught me that it's okay to make mistakes." ~ @Winchestergal27

"He has such a kind heart and wonderful smile." ~ @wyldefandom

"Here is a humble, humorous, gentle soul with the passion to rally us by the thousands to make this world a better place. If anyone could change this world, it’s our Angelic Misha ~ He truly is a treasure. Not to mention those dazzling blue eyes ;-)" ~ @AniRobb

"Misha is a source of light for millions of people, my soul is like a moon and has no light source of its own, but Misha is like a sun and his light makes us shine also. He always has our back." ~ @waywardcosmos

"Misha has this unique kind of parenting style that is absolutely amazing to me. He makes sure to let his kids have fun and be kids without enforcing needless gender roles on them and makes sure to let them know they can be whatever they want to be. He includes them in his acts of kindness to instill values of charity and compassion in them. Now, it’s up in the air whether I’ll have kids of my own, but how he and Vicky are raising their kids is how I would love to raise mine were I to have them. Truly a role model for parenting." ~ @chrisscross_87

"Misha cares so much about making the world better. It's so inspiring." ~ @samikitten

"Misha wants to give everyone the chance to meet and talk, no matter how tired he is. We love him for that, and definitely appreciate his time." @dgray3994 



Misha appreciation comments, May 7

"I love Misha's mind. He's so intelligent and creative!" ~ @samikitten

"There's really a lot of things to admire about Misha Collins. One of those is his skills as an incredibly versatile actor. It's funny because his acting skills are usually not the first on people's list because most people are overwhelmed by how amazing he is as a person, and how he is a philanthropist who happens to be an actor. But as Eric Kripke said, Misha came into the show and changed the game, stabilized the show from the bubble of cancellation, and charged his scenes like a "lightning in a bottle". He's the only person who gives justice to the otherworldly angelic portrayal of a hurricane trapped in an itty bitty human body. He's a fantastic and very underrated actor." ~ @lenastiel

"This may seem like such a small thing, but I love that when he’s looking for people to help out others/charities in his local area, he locks the social media post to that specific area. It’s a sign of how humble he is that he doesn’t want to alert his whole fan base to a good deed he’s trying to accomplish because he knows that it’s about the people that need help, not himself." ~ @chrisscross_87

"Misha helps others often. Some gestures are large; others are smaller. BUT every one I hear about makes me love him even more." ~ @Larrs9325

"Misha Collins strength, gentle ways, kindness, selflessness, intelligence, humbleness and sense of humor are encouraging and inspiring. The world is better because he is in it. Thank you Misha." ~ @4eternalbonds

"Misha Collins, I see that gentleness encompasses his whole life and is at the core of his spirit. That means different things to different people, if you need laughter in your life he can be goofy, if you are nervous or afraid he is protective and sensitive, if you are a child he is playful. He is the wisest because he is all of us." ~ @birdyrobin1222

"While he's playful, and can be sarcastic, he's consistently generous, thoughtful, and gentle. And the way he interacts with children is wonderful to see." ~ @Kannbrown

"I love how even just watching from a very long distance ("world apart" is a best definition) at moments Misha shares with us makes me feel so much about this world. Literally everything." ~ @Nikky_sunflower

"That he’s not afraid to show and share his opinions. How involved and interactive he is with fans." ~ @wyldefandom

"I love how dedicated he is to his fans. He was still at the convention last night, after everyone left, signing autographs for all the waiting fans. He makes time for people, and in this busy, rushing, impatient world, it's nice to see someone so humbled, and kind to his fans. He's and example of what a celebrity should aspire to be." ~ @KayRoseBee

"I love his parenting style, and the way he makes sure his household is full of love and happiness. I love how he is so domestic when at home, I love how he loves his wife so much, I love how he shares some of his happiest family moments with us." ~ @red_seventh


Misha appreciation comments, April 30

"His smile. Its genuine, sometimes shy, and sometimes goofy, but whenever he smiles, you want to smile along with him. It's like looking at the sun." ~ @KayRoseBee

"Misha is the very embodiment of kindness. Everything about him is warm and welcoming and once he's met you, he puts genuine effort into remembering you. He loves his fans, he's an amazing father and husband, and of course let's not forget the charity work. Misha is and always will be the better person we always hear about." ~  @honeybadgerspn

"Misha sometimes seems larger than life to me. He just has this mesmerizing presence about him. I love what he stands for. He's truly a man with integrity in his words and actions. When he says let's change the world with kindness, he truly works hard and makes incredible personal sacrifices to lead by example, and look at all the good impacts he has caused in his own community and all over the world. I really admire the way he stands up for what's right and what he believes in, despite all the risks of getting flak for it. He uses his platform and influence for the underdogs. He's just simply amazing." ~ @lenastiel

"I love that he’s such a free and open spirit. And I love that you can see that he wants his kids to be accepted and loved for who they are and give them the freedom to grow be what they want to be." ~ @chrisscross_87

"His ... Misha-ness ..." ~ @siriuslyelmo

"Misha Collins, What can I say, write, show you that hasn't already been said, written, or shown? He is everything that a life should be, full. With him a stranger is only a friend he hasn't shaken hands with, yet. I have life like goals." ~ @burdyrobin1222

"His Kindness....... it’s totally the best thing. I love a lot more than that but his kindness helps me believe there’s still good in the world!" ~ @IamMishaHead

"@mishacollins well, I have already said the typical things the family says, but on a personal note, plz not to offend but: his gorgeous eyes they draw you in, his lips oh man, who wouldn't want to kiss those.. supple yet not slobbery, his hair..much more 💜" ~ @bridgetlkeller

"His advocacy & generosity for helping others." ~ @AMckicat

"One of the many reasons I love Misha: he has this public persona that seems outgoing and crazy, but irl he’s quiet and an introvert. I love that and can totally relate." ~ @theneomaxie1

"@ Misha "you are the poem I never knew how to write and this life is the story I have always wanted to tell."-tyler Knott gregson "the world gives you so much pain, and here you are making gold of it. There is nothing purer than that." -rupi kaur His soft heart of gold, he's so beautiful in every way he's kind, genuine, a little weird but aren't we all. inspirational, he's the light at the end of the tunnel. An all around amazing guy, and there's nothing I wouldn't do for him if I could. There's no one else I'd rather be a fan of, he has such a pure soul and I love that ♡" @endversemisha

"What is not to like? I appreciate his many layers that he shares: intellect, artist, poet, philanthropist, father, husband, friend ... all of it." ~ @KMEArtist1313

"His fan interactions. He doesn't just sit back he engages with his fans whenever possible, not because he had to but because he knows how much it means to us." ~ CrowNoYami

"I love the way he embraces the strange. I've always felt like an outsider, socially awkward, someone who others label as "off" or "strange" and I've learned to be proud of that instead of disliking that about myself - and Misha affirms that every day! I love that he encourages us to do stuff out of our comfort zones, be kind and loving and open and cause a little havoc in a positive way! He makes me feel like I belong in this world. He makes me feel comfortable doing/saying things that others (or myself in the past) may find embarrassing or strange." ~ @waywardcosmos


Misha appreciation comments, April 23

"Misha Collins is intelligent, creative, compationate and articulate. He challenges us, every day, to find the bad and make it good, to find the good and make it great and not be afraid to be yourself, while making a meaningful impact on your community. He is a family man that has earned his angel wings through inspiration." ~ @HikingHeartOne

"That he's completely comfortable & confident in his weirdness & encourages others to embrace their own." ~ @AMckicat

"Gentile, strength, courage, encouraging, inspiring, creative, intelligent, honest, blunt and a true family man are just a few attributes of this phenomenal human we call Misha Collins." ~ @4eternalbonds

"Misha never changes. Thank God!" ~ @MaryRuthWeber2

"What do I love most about Misha? It's nearly impossible to pin down the specific moment in which I came to see Misha Collins as an instigator for personal change. There's no "lighting bolt epiphany" that led me to see him as the perfect catalyst for the journey that seems to be calling my name. All I can say is that the inspiration to veer from the expected, normal course for a woman of my status: almost elderly(68); widowed; grandmother to 12; Liberal Democrat; and child of the 60s, has it's foundation balanced on three specific points:  1. That in Mr Collins's eyes, abnormality is a perfectly acceptable attribute, and 2. Raising a predictably unpredictable child is verification of that concept. 3. Change is a radical celebration of life. An often quoted statement by Mr Collins, "I want to live in a world where the word *normal* is an insult" is quite simply one of the most empowering things I've ever heard. It also goes straight to the heart of validating the excitement and hair raising experience of raising a child, who not only embraced her status as "not normal", but reveled in it. She never "fit" normal parameters, yet managed to function quite well by inventing her own, unique methods of dealing with life. Her view of "normal" was that it was inherently confining. My daughter lived her life at a rapid pace. So determined to live her life riding the wings of an irreverent and irrepressible spirit, she proclaimed with all the fervor of her rebellious seven year old self, that if there were no rollerskates in Heaven, she wasn't going! I do believe Mr. Collins would approve.  Nothing in her life was simple or uncomplicated. She loved deeply, laughed heartily, usually at herself, had a hugely compassionate heart, and the most luminescent smile.  Hers was an unconventional soul, and probably why she was drawn to, and enjoyed your Castiel.  You were, she said, "an angel after her own heart". When she passed away in 2013, at age 42, it was as though I'd been swallowed by a black hole. Your recent portrayal of awakening, and then wandering through the void of the Empty, is a very accurate portrayal  of what life became for me. I wandered aimlessly for the next three years. After losing my husband in 2016, I realized I'd lost myself to grief and isolation. Quite literally, out of desperation, I started watching reruns of SPN, a show that both my husband and Tami had loved.  I never expected to become so enthralled, nor did I expect you or your character to have such an impact. Your skill as an actor is remarkable. It's not surprising that your family seems to be critical to your well being, and that you find great joy in your children. Misha Collins, you touch lives in an organically positive way. You are an uncommonly beautiful soul in a world that is desperate for the kind of  love that lives and breathes and stirs itself to action. You are a catalyst for change. So, here we are at my third point. And I have you, along with my daughter, to thank for this next phase of my life. I'm planning to return to my faded Hippy roots, and abandon the comfort and security of my apartment in favor of a more nomadic existence. I won't be exactly homeless, as I still have three children with whom I can "visit" but I won't be tethered either. There is great beauty and life is still vibrant in this country. I want to write, explore, and see just how much I can see.  While it's been suggested that I "settle down" and relax and enjoy my waning years, the very thought makes my teeth itch. Like you and my daughter, "normal" isn't something I crave. There's much to be done before I can run away, and doing this on my own is both terrifying and exhilarating. But I feel as though I'll have an angel on my shoulder. One that looks an awful lot like Misha Collins." @Doris_Helmick

"I love that he is not afraid to be himself." @samikitten

"The way he interacts with his fans, whether it be online/social media or in person. He has a number you can call or text, to chat or just say hello, that he responds to occasionally. I had a horrible day, and called and left a message, and even though I didn't get a response, it was nice to have the opportunity to talk it out. I've never met him in person(I will in September!) but I've heard wonderful stories about his interactions with people. He's a truly good person, and the world is lucky to have him♡" ~ @KayRoseBee

"I'm in absolute awe about Misha's dedication to his fans. Last weekend at #SPNNASH, he told us at his panel that he was, essentially, pushing through a sleeping pill just to be there with us on Saturday - except he didn't even use those words. He told it as a humorous anecdote, like he'd watched it happen to someone else. And then he smiled and said "thank you" and answered questions, took hundreds of photo ops, and signed hundreds of autos before he could get some rest. The next day, he got up and did it all over again, only to go directly back to filming without a day off. Thank you, Misha, for everything you do for us!" ~ @beckstiel

"His never ending joy while J2 are messing with him during shots. He is so well taking and never loses his enthusiasm even when he must be struggling sometimes. Love it!" ~ @SevalKilic1991

"His sense of humour and sarcasm." ~ @wyldefandom

"There is no "most" ... it's just everything...his bright beautiful soul that reaches out to prove this world CAN actually BE a better place...this whole messed up world just seems a little bit better, brighter with Misha in it...he gets me out there to help and try to change even the smallest bit...yeah...that's what he does...he helped me become a better person!" ~ @klabusterbear

"Misha embraces a very important life teaching: you only have one life. Embrace it, love it, and do all that you can with it. Misha puts his all into everything he does, and he lives to make the world a better place. He cares deeply, loves passionately, and shows just how powerful respect and kindness can be in today's world." ~ @honeybadgerspn

"I love that he's genuine; he's real. He doesn't wear a facade. He loves, he cares, and he stands up for his beliefs. Everyone should follow his example." ~ @BryDeborah


Misha appreciation comments, April 16

"I love when Misha really laughs and he kicks up his feet. It's so cute." ~ @samikitten

"I love that Misha fills the world with as much goodness and kindness as he can, in every way that he can think of, at every possible opportunity." ~ @trishabalmer

"His bright and kind soul." Janet

"Misha is the most talented actor. Is funny, cares about his fans. And loves and supports his charities. He is a wonderful family man who loves his family alot. He has added a lot of good to the fandom. Even with all the hate he still loves the #SpnFamily and he stays strong and positive." ~ @SPNSandra


Misha appreciation comments, April 9

"He has the biggest heart. He received so much love from the fandom but also so much hate but all i can hear from him is how he love and appreciate the fandom. I love how he talk about his kids and wife like a proud father and husband he is. He is a great father but he still won't admit it. But what i love the most about him is his love in helping other people. He is a genuinely good person." ~ @psycholhaiine

“His Dedication to helping others and doing what he believes is right has earned my respect, however, what has impressed me the most about him is the love he has for his family and friends. It is rare to find a genuine person these days.” ~ @4eternalbonds

“Misha is purely adorable. He is so passionate about helping others and giving so much of himself. He is such a caring father and husband and you can tell how much he loves his family. He's also very intelligent and willing to speak him mind on how he feels on politics and other controversial subjects.” ~ @PSchafhausen

“I love absolutely every about Misha. How he sees the beauty in all the little things life has to offer, how he tries his best to help out in any way he can, how he just cares about everything. He helped me be a better person than I was, someone I can be even a little proud of.” ~ @rayra_win

“I love how much he loves his family. You can tell by the way he tells stories about Vicki and the kids.” ~ @samikitten

“Everything... Can I say everything?..... He's Misha. I love how he views the world and enjoys the smaller things in life, his heart is pure and kind, a beautiful soul. I love how he can make Alot of people smile when they don't want to, its never a dull moment with him. He's himself, weird, hilarious, kind, just amazing. And beautiful inside and out. I love him so much, he makes me a better person. 💙” ~ @endversemisha

“His genuineness about everything. He doesn't try to be someone he's not and he stands behind his beliefs. He is someone you can be proud to support, and a true role model♡“ ~ @KayRoseBee

”I appreciate his political insight and the fact he willingly shares his opinions ... which is not always easy to do because there are so many people quick to judge before they even attempt to source information out.” ~ @KMEArtist1313

“That even though he had a rough childhood, he can still shine so bright and bring so my joy to others.” ~ @AshleyChinrock

“His caring nature. It’s so true and it’s so inspiring how much he does to help those around him. He knows what it’s like and he does everything in his power to lessen burdens. Misha is also just MISHA. I love his stories and how adorkable he is. He’s my role model xox.” ~ @koalakate184

“I love his goofiness and his compassion. I love that he doesn't care what other people think he's himself and that makes me believe in myself and that's pretty awesome he's pretty freaking awesome.” ~ @AllieCobrando

Misha appreciation comments, April 2, 2018

"His positive outlook on life, and the kindness that is in his heart. His humor, and his weirdness that he not only embraces, but encourages other to embrace, too. How he makes you feel like it's okay to be yourself, and that it's okay if you don't fit the mold of society." ~ @KayRoseBee

"His kind heart and selflessness. His message of changing the world, one act of kindness at a time, no matter how small, has changed me too." ~ @datajana

"Misha has such a kind heart and he's so generous. Also, he's very funny and outgoing. Misha is such a bright light in this world." ~ @BrownieGabby

"I love his heart. He teaches that no act of kindness is too small, and he lives that too. Because of him, I started doing small acts, which lead to more and more. I learned that you CAN change your world one RA at a time. Through GISHWHES I learned to let myself be silly. He lives what he says and is so multifaceted that there is always something new to learn from/about him." ~ @saintlov

"That he is always Misha. He never hides how or what he is. Weird, wonderful, loving, caring, honest, confident, optimistic, forgiving and so much more, but it's always positive and always Misha." ~ @MaryRuthWeber2

"I love everything about Misha! He's so kind, funny, smart, and his work with RA is incredible." ~ @samikitten

"#WhatILoveAboutMisha is that he's just too good for this world and we don't deserve him. And just all of his selfless acts, the hope he has for humanity to do better, his quirkiness (which is freaking adorable btw), I could go on and on but let's just say that I'm lucky enough to be living at the same time as he is." ~ @ShutUpFT

"I love his heart. That he never seems to stop trying to make the world a better place. That self deprecating sense of humor. It's hard to just say one thing!" ~ @PatriciaMullis 

"The world is a better place with Misha in it. This guy has a heart of gold, he truly is an Angel! 💖" ~ @debbiejayneuk

"That he is complex. That he is a total troll one second and giant sweetheart the next. That he dotes on his family and friends. That he is a mad genius who entices us to join his fun. That he wears his heart on his sleeve and tilts at both windmills and dragons with the same gusto. That he tries hard to walk the walk when it comes to trying to make the world better. That he is kind." ~ @wickedm

"I love how he cares for everyone, whether he knows them or not. He's kind and amazing!" ~ @MarletteQuinn

"Misha is one of those people that only come around once in a lifetime. He's working to make the world a better place, he gives him fans time and attention, he has an amazing family that he loves spending time with and teaching, and most of all, if he makes a mistake, he admits it, laughs about it, fixes it and moves on. He gives so much of himself and asks for nothing in return which makes us, his fans, want to give him everything. Thank you Misha, for everything!!!" ~ @historychick29

"That he’s a philanthropist. He has such a kind heart and soul. He helps and inspires so many people." ~ @wyldefandom


Misha appreciation comments, March 26, 2018

"Misha is such a kind-hearted, genuine, caring and honest person with A LOT OF LOVE TO GIVE. GISHWHES. I WISH FOR THIS. RANDOM ACTS. I LOVE U SO MUCH! - NASTY WOMAN 😈" ~ @tiffakunst

"His thoughtfulness during pictures as Castiel at SPNSEA, where his sweetness and acting skills were apparent. His marching in the safe schools march in Seattle this weekend. His blue eyes." ~ @msk1234567

"That he’s a philanthropist." ~ @wyldefandom

"Misha has a heart of gold. He practices what he preaches. He gets so much hate from people but is always fights the good fight. There are not many people in this world who do that. He is an inspiration to me and many others. He taught me to look beyond my problems and help others and I try each day." ~ @sheenali5

"So many things, enough to fill a novel, but honestly? The fact that he is a true Angel on earth who warms the cockles of my heart and inspires me to be a better, kinder person." ~ @melmishacas

"That he cares so much about people and he has a very big heart." ~ Anonymous

"The thing I love about Misha is his drive to do everything he can to make the world a better place. He uses every resource he has been blessed with to make it so and that’s so inspiring. He inspires me everyday to be kinder and softer to those that need it and stand up to those who mean to do harm. And he does it while I’m not ashamed to say that at 30 years of age, I have a role model in Mr. Misha Collins." ~ @@chrisscross_87

"Oh, Misha is such a wonderful human being.. or should i say.. that he is an angel? Who knows, but he is such an inspiration, he is so kind and amazing. His smile is so contagious! I love Misha <3" ~ @kearzdhyn

"After meeting him at the con... his sweet gentle eyes... and of course his passion for life & making any part of the world a little bit better." ~ @bridgetlkeller

"What do I love most about Misha? Oh, man.... What do I love most about breathing, you know? Misha is an embodiment of light in this world and of positivity. He’s the person I think of when someone says, “leader,” and he continuously pushes an agenda of goodness. Just pure goodness. His support extends to endless amounts of communities and he’s not one to bask in the glory of what he’s done but instead give that glory to others and encourage people to step into that light. Misha is someone who loves the idea and the act of love. He is love himself. That’s what I love most about Misha. That he is love. Because from love comes new beginnings, better answers, ranging positivity, chances, miracles, happiness, humanity, and so many other wonderful things that this word is desperate for. Misha Collins is love. And how could you not love that?" ~ @MarvelsAssbutts

"There are so many things I like about Misha. He is invested in all his actions, and he puts all his heart.❤ He shares his enthusiasm with his beautiful smile.😊 he is adorable when he is with his children.😍❤" ~ @SB_sb_bs

"I love how he dedicates himself to things like RandomActs or Gishwhes. I'm grateful that I met people who became friends through Gishwhes." ~ @woelfin261172

"One of the lines I always use is that I fell in love with Supernatural because of Castiel, but I fell in love with the fandom because of Misha. Misha and all that he does for those less fortunate makes me want to be a better person to the world around me. He makes me realize, there is so much more I should be doing to help others." ~ @erika_spn

"I know we always focus first and foremost about his charity work, that is, quite simply, amazing and inspiring in the best possible way. However, today, I'd love to shift the focus to how hilarious this man is. Very few people make me laugh the way he makes me laugh. He's quite the storyteller, and anytime he decides to pick up any story from his past, from the very mundane to the very peculiar, he knows how to make it hilarious while still sharing some insights. He's a great human being overall, but his sense of humor is both wicked and charming, he's brilliant at self-deprecating and detouring his own issues within the fandom to make them look like it's nothing, and he's fine with it. Which he isn't. But he never grows bitter or angry at some of the horrors thrown his way, and he's always twisting them back to make them funny for us. He's an ally, as much as one third of Supernatural's very foundations, and he understands how to make things light and sweet for everyone who's willing to give him an inch of credit and attention. And he's not afraid to call things for what they are, even when joking with Destiel and whatnot. He just has the courage to be entertaining, realistic, and to give us some really good hints of what happens when he gets in the middle of Jared and Jensen's on set shenanigans, just as he's translating clearly for us his love for Castiel and all he represents. And when he gets into colorful territories, I can cry from laughters. He's empowered by who he is, quirks and flaws, and he doesn't cheat with it in order to become more mainstream or to fit everyone's judgement. If this world had more Mishas, it would be such a better, happier, and most of all, funnier place." ~ @Aaaahhhxy

"I love that Misha cares so deeply about the fans of "Supernatural". I love his wit and his warmth." ~ @PlatinumRoseL

"He's so relatable, as well as kind. I feel like I could tell him anything and he would just get it. I don't think I have ever related to someone so much, outside of my husband and bestie." ~ @Riath84

"So many things but what impresses me most is that he never loses his motivation for trying to change the world into a better place. He has such a big and caring heart." ~ @Mishaddicted

"where do I even start, there are so many things I love about Misha. His generous heart, his political investment, his beautiful smile. he is an inspiration for me to always try my best, to be kinder, to help others. and of course to embrace my own weird self <3" ~ @katerinakestem1

Misha appreciation comments, March 12, 2018

"I love Misha's fandom and the way he treats his fandom. and I love me being part of this fandom, too." @nikky_sunflower

"He's such an amazing husband and father. He is bringing them up to be feisty, energetic, creative, happy, but still kind children, the kind who would go to help clean up near the drop-in center, and offer to give their birthday presents to the homeless. Who appreciate the day enough to just 'wish for this'." @Kannbrown

"@mishacollins is so very humble even though we know he is constantly changing the world for better and never rests! He is a voice of good for all of us and uses his fame to educate people and speak out for those who would otherwise not be heard." @sheilacolley

"His willingness to help others in need. He does all of this good work and gets the community involved in projects. He is truly amazing, and a real life angel." @mangosandy82

"So many things but his wit, his sarcasm, his way with words. His ability to make the character he plays come to life and make me fall head over heels in love with him. His intelligence and his outside talents and interests in building, woodworking, knitting and cooking. But above all his kindness & generosity. He is one in a million." @patwoodsx

"He's the best with a heart as big as the world ! He's very witty, a man of integrity and a so beautiful angel!" @sudsalento

"Misha showed me that it’s ok to be weird. That good deeds are a joy in and of themselves. That haters can’t, and shouldn’t be allowed to, take away your love of self." ~ @ABChirls

"I ❤️ @mishacollins because not only is he beautiful inside and out, he’s also super intelligent, sarcastic af, a big goofball and consistently puts his money where his mouth is. Perfect combo." @theneomaxie1

"Mishinsanity's devotees follow a man who is a living exercise in diversity, who espouses a, "normal is only a dryer setting" creed. I love that! But his tenderness as a father captures my 💝. Unashamed, he weeps at his daughter's innocent wisdom. https://youtu.be/jIhTbPAURv4 @doris_helmick

"The thing I love the most about Misha is his wonderful, bright smile. It makes me happy and proves me that he's happy. It always makes my day and his smile is one of the most unique smiles I've ever seen." ~ @sammysmixtape

"Misha is such an honest, kind and funny person in an amazing natural and unique way with the perfect amount of craziness only he can be. The perfect mix of a wise adult, a sweet boy and a funny kid. This is what I love about Misha." ~ @CamillaManthe

"‪What I love most about Misha is his kindness and the way he truly cares. His involvement in causes is inspiring and his enthusiasm and generosity quite contagious. He is always supportive of his family, friends, community and fans, and he actually makes a difference in this world. He gives me hope. I’m also a big fan of the actor and how he plays all the versions of Castiel. And there’s also the way he makes me smile, just by being himself. I love his sense of humor and his weirdness. He keeps shining - a real treasure." ~ @AnaPort_

"I love his positive energy and his enthusiasm with which he motivates people worldwide to do good. He gives everyone the feeling to be important and shows that even with few means, you can make the world a little better." @woelfin261172

"His humility, his kindness, the love he shows for everything he does, his sense of justice, the fact that with a smile he manages to improve my day and many people's day. Misha is the sun that iluminates this world of darkness, thank you misha for all you do every day, thank you for being a true angel! I love you so much." @allformish

"I appreciate that Misha is a humble man who focuses his voice on giving back to the community. He uses his own experiences to guide his life and passion. He doesn't appear to put on a mask like we see so many other "celebrities" or "actors" do in public. He seems to be a genuine "what you see is what you get" type of person and that really resonates with me." @wiseoldowl72

"Misha never gives less than 100% to anything he's doing. He goes to cons and isn't afraid to tell people what he thinks and how he's feeling. He started and runs a charity that does it's best to spread kindness, not just in the United States, but all around the world. He allows us fans, and the world to see what he's feeling and he fights for what he believes is right. He encourages people to look into all sides of an issue, not just take someones word for it. He's intelligent without being condescending and caring without being manipulative. It only makes sense that he plays an angel on Supernatural, because he is an angel in real life. Thank you Misha for helping us to spread our own wings and fly, no matter what weights we feel we have." @HistoryChick29

"Misha is the most caring person.. He works hard to help people who need help... He is a good talented actor.." @SPNSandra

"I think this is a little different and a bit weird, but here goes. I grew up in a conservative, highly traditional close knit community which meant I was encouraged from a young age to cook because 'I had to take care of my man' I hated it, so that attitude towards cooking escalated to me at the age of 18 living by myself, in Uni housing, eating mostly from the 4 different cereals boxes I rotated through. That's when my brother, who had introduced me to Supernatural, sent me the Cooking Fast and Fresh with West video and it acted as a sort of trigger for me. It felt stupid to hate something that looked fun and would help me be healthy because of people and opinions that weren't even important to me anymore. I love Misha because he does as he pleases, regardless of whether society deems it as acceptable or not. He taught me that living just to spite society is as unnecessary as living to please it. He's just very inspiring in general and I'm glad to have found him." ~ @perplexed2death

"He is such a bright light in the world. He walks in kindness, compassion, and courage to be the change he wants to see in the world. He selflessly helps so many people. His life has been a miracle, even since before he was famous. He is an earth angel, gorgeous inside and out." ~ @huckleberrycas

"He's able to get anyone to see all the things that are good and wonderful about themselves. Not just to realise these things, but to learn to love and embrace that part of themselves. It's such an extraordinary gift Misha has, that he shares the best of himself with us and by doing so, lets us find the best of ourselves." ~  @Riath84

"How he does all the kindness in the world for everyone with Random acts and never asks for anything in return." Kaycee

"Not only is he an fantastic actor, but he's a kind and giving person who inspires many to help others." ~ @Detroit_Mommy

"What I love most about Misha Collins is his genuine love and compassion for others and his fans. Misha sets a great example for others to do good in their own communities and shows genuine love toward each of his fans. Misha is truly amazing, if there’s anyone people could look up to as a positive role model; it’s Misha Collins. Misha is making this world a much better place one Random Act of Kindness at a time." ~ @AlyssaSchaefer6

"I love him for being randomly kind to others, and never forget to encourage us to do the same. I love him for being human, too. He makes mistakes and typos (on his tweets). But then, he either apologizes or deletes the tweets. And I love his witty and snarky comments on Trump. 😁 #MishaMonday" ~ @mishabolot

"He's an Angel in real life who want to save the world, and help the people. ❤" ~ @bettinabier

"That he is a fount of kindness and is willing and able to spread that kindness." ~ Mae

"Misha is such a wonderful person. He's very giving and remembers where he came from. He dares to be anything but normal and doesn't care what anyone thinks about that which makes him even more lovable. ❤" ~ @PSchafhausen

"His desire and path to change the world. As I am fully confident all his actions will manage his wish, and already are." ~ Paz (@guitariah)

"He's courageous and an inspiration for me, in that he makes me feel okay for just being myself; for not caving in to toe the status quo line, just to fit in." ~ @BryDeborah

"He came to a show whose fandom was dominated by pretty unpleasant and entitled people. He gave other fans a voice and courage to speak out, by weathering the storm sent his way constantly since he started on Supernatural. Misha has embraced the fans, despite the negativity thrown his way, and created a whole new type of fandom. A fandom that gives to others, that helps build and rebuild communities, a fandom that is more politically aware. He's been a rock for so many lgbt fans, showing them there is nothing wrong with who they are, encouraging them to be who they want to be, to reach for goals they never thought tangible. For the Supernatural community, he is our sigh of relief after a great weight has been lifted off our soldiers. We're not wrong, we're not alone and we're not crazy." ~ @DanglingThpider

"Misha took me out of the hell I was immersed in. He saved me and helped me overcome my mother's death. he inspired me and randoms acts became a natural thing for me. we put a GiveBox in my country to help others and it will be a year since we built it as donations flock to help others. I am proud of this project. Thanks Misha you're a really Angel." ~ @SB_sb_bs

“What I love most about Misha is his giving and selfless spirit. He constantly gives of himself. His time, money, attention, any resource he can to help others. He speaks up for what he believes in and isn’t afraid about what it could do to his career. Even though life has given him a rough time, he’s made it out on top and wants to help others who are going through a rough time in life as well. He truly wants to make the world a better place. One day, I want to be able to give as much of myself as he does. That kind and caring man is my role model.” ~ @chrisscross_87


Misha appreciation comments, March 7, 2018

"He wins fans around the world with playing characters, like Castiel, and uses this influence to positively inspire others. I love him for the person who he is❤ Thanks for everything, Misha." ~  @mmaymara

Misha appreciation comments, March 5, 2018

"He taught me how I can change the world, with something so simple. I didn’t need to lead an army to change the world, which was something I have always wanted to do. He has been through the hardest challenges, but still comes out strong, which shows me there is hope. I aspire to be him, as I feel he has encaptured part of my soul." ~ Allison

"That he's such a genuine, kind and intelligent person, and he remains unafraid to be honest about his opinions on things. So, basically, everything." ~ @sockmonkeymish

"I love how he tries to make the world a better place and encourage others to do the same. He shows ways on how to do a lot of good with little effort. With his charity RandomActs and the scavenger hunt Gishwhes, he has brought people from all over the world together to do good. I participated in Gishwhes for the first time last year. I first thought that because of my disability anyway I can do nothing. My team captain taught me a little better. I am still in contact with the members of my team today. Misha Collins has taught me that I can help others with small gestures. And that helping is fun. Thanks to him, I became more outgoing." ~ Claudia (@woelfin261172)

"What I love about Misha most about is the fact that he’s just his own person and he’s weird and funny and beautiful and talented with amazing values and political views and no one has ever made me smile as much as him and I can’t thank Misha enough for everything he does. I love him and I love Castiel and I will always be a fan." ~ @Melissaputh_

"He's the reason why I joined this fandom and I will never thank him enough. I made friends, I started writing and I have ideas for new drawings everyday. His intelligence, his being dorky and funny, his being introvert but doing amazing things is what makes him so special. It's frustating to have him so far away, I wish he could do something for my country too. Adding him on twitter was the first thing I've done and I discovered his sense of humor, one of the best things...but his rage about injustice too. I hate see him sad because is what makes us that way, he's our ray of sunshine. I've done Gishwhes for 2 years and has helped me a lot, my firsts pictures and videos - things that I hated - doing silly stuff. Help RA when I can, makes me feel useful, all the stories he tells us are the reasons for the better future he can make us image and I hope to live it one day." ~  @Sara_Hunderson

"He is out to save the world, and never asks what's in it for him or thinks the task it too big. He is kind and selfless in a society full of narcissists and bigots, but he never lets apathy or hatred stop him. When people tell him to "stick to acting" he only voices his opinion louder because he doesn't care what people think about him. He is wholly and uniquely Misha, and I love him for it." ~ @Daina_91880

"He will always have the power to make me smile: it can be thanks to his words, his actions, or even just his own smile, he will always makes me happy." ~ @BamfMisha

"His beauty, his kindness, his soul. He’s done so much for the world and yet I feel he’s so under appreciated. He is the beacon of light that shines in this world while there is so much darkness that surrounds it. His smile changes moods for the better in an instant. He’s caring and is a beautiful soul in this messed up world and he gives us hope that not all humanity is lost. He’s an excellent father who adores his kids. My dad left me when I was little and when I see pictures of him with Maison I melt inside. I love this man so much and I can’t imagine living in a world where he didn’t exist. Misha is and always will be my most favorite person on this planet and I couldn’t have chosen a better role model." ~ @stephaniejohn23

"He’s incredible smart, unapologetically weird, a brilliant actor, and above all, he’s just kind. I love how vocal he is about things that are important to him, how he’s not afraid to use his voice to make a change, how he actually does the things he preaches about and is always helping people one way or another. He has showed me how important kindness is and that when things are darker you can always be the light. He makes me want to be a better person, I’m so proud and have so much love and respect for him." ~ Diana (@mishdiana72)

"I love that his compassion influences others to be kind, to help those in need, and that we actually see him do the stuff on the ground, that he's not just advocating by words, it shows in his actions too." ~ @red_seventh

"I love that he makes this dark world brighter! He makes me believe good is truly out there, one need only reach out." ~ @BryDeborah

"What’s not to love? His ability to inspire others to be the best them." ~ Cortany (@cmaps85)

"His generosity and friendliness. His overall kindness and beauty outside and in." ~ @Autumnal89

"He isn't afraid to do whatever comes to his head. No fear of if it will fail or succeed. Makes more easy for ourselves to say if I'm going to try this to try it and if it doesn't work, oh well. Then the next thing I try or do will be better!" ~ @skyboivin

"I love his "be yourself" attitude, and his encouragement to "embrace your weirdness". I love how much he LOVES his family. You know they are his world. The way he gets emotional when talking about his family warms my heart. Most of all, I love Misha's big heart. His desire to make the world a better place for everyone. If through his charity or even just sending love to a struggling kid on Twitter. If more people were like Misha Collins, the world would be a kinder place." ~ Gayle (@Martin_n_Misha)

"His generosity and kindness to us fans. And his ability to make fun of himself. And that he thinks "normalcy" is an insult." @Daacookie

"He is unique, the kindest and the most compassionate, most beautiful soul inside out, he never stops helping those in need coming from humble beginnings and faced difficulties in childhood never stops making someone's life brighter not just through charity works and organizations he set up but daily smallest of Random Act of Kindness. All his young and old (or not that old) fans, his kids and friends, co-workers and everyone he has ever interacted are so lucky to have such a great person as an example to follow and everything he does and earnestly advocate he deserves medals for it.. He also has Guinness world records for his most extraordinarily creative ideas in GISWHES hunts. We don't see very often celebrities doing all this. I am at loss of words to say how absolutely amazing Misha is. He uses his celebrity status to fight for what is right for the world, saves rainforests too in the process, goes to the groundroots collects funds and build shelters for homeless people. His ability to reaching out to the not just his own countrymen but also world the extent is unimaginable. He inspires me everyday to be a better person and to smile more and help people around me often. He is my hero, brightest sunshine and really is an angel not just one on SPN :')" ~huckleberystiel

"His selflessness, his heart of gold, his bravery to stand up for what he believes in and for those who can't fight for themselves, his compassion, his scarily brilliant mind, his amazing consideration for his fans, his big love for his family and children, as well as his humble and unassuming nature even though he has a lot of incredible talents. Misha Collins is a hero and a real-life angel. It still overwhelms me to this day hearing every little story that speaks a lot about Misha's character. Remember back in 2015 when Misha got mugged and injured, and then the next day someone secretly photographed him in the middle of giving some money to a beggar in the area? Or when the fandom found out from an anonymous tip that he secretly donates a fair amount of his salary to a local meals-on-wheels program, as well as volunteering as much as possible when he's not shooting? "He has never asked for thanks and has never taken along anyone to document his good deeds," the anonymous source said. "Most people don't even know what he does during the week." Don't get me started on Misha's brilliance. It's almost scary how startlingly intelligent he is. One can just look at his tweets, political arguments, the way he carries himself, and the way he speaks and interacts with people. I am still impressed by the mock CV Misha made recently. It's just full of brilliance and Misha's characteristic sass. As a political science student myself, he is a huge inspiration. I think related to this is also how I'm amazed at the way Misha handles critics and even senseless hate with so much grace. Lord knows, Misha has been targeted more than anyone else by certain spiteful people in the fandom on a daily basis. Yet, he still refuses to defend himself until this day. He once spoke out against the hate he received, but only because they directly slandered Random Acts, not in defense of himself. Never in defense of himself. Forbes has just published an interview with Misha in regards to cyber-bullying. His words are beautiful, encouraging us to stay compassionate and kind to the bullies while reaching out to those who have been bullied so they know they're not alone. It's a very remarkable response. There are so many things to love about Misha. He is honestly the most gorgeous man I've ever seen. However, his inner beauty and heart are just beyond words. Thank you, Misha. Please keep changing the world with generous acts of kindness and love. "Not all heroes wear capes, but some have halos above their head," Forbes said. Truer words have never been spoken." ~ @Lenastiel

"It's hard to find words in a foreign language for something that touches you deeply, but I will try. Misha makes me feel safe in this world. He helps me to be comfortable with who I am and that it is okay, even appreciated, to be myself. He inspires me to always think of what I can do to help others and to encourage them in doing the same. And in doing so, in showing us all that there are people like him that CARE about others, about the world we live in and getting me and us to care, too.... he makes me feel safe." ~ @Jac_Heart_

"Kindness mixed with humor. He uses his platform to try and encourage people to help each other, to make the world a better place. But he doesn't do it through moralizing, but with quirky humor, and creativity." ~ @kannbrown

"It’s hard to just pick one thing I love most about him. I love everything about him. I love how passionate he is to helping others, making this world a better place. I love that he’s not afraid of being weird, rather encourages it. 'I want to live in a world where the word normal is an insult.' He’s an amazing human being that has an enormous heart. I love that he tells stories, and shares about his family. He’s my hero as well as J2. He will always be someone who has a place in my heart. He’s part of the SPNfamily and forever loved." ~ Lauren (@lnied25)

"I don't think I can ever answer this because the list is so expansive, but I'll try. I think it's his kindness that I love the most and how optimistic he is about life, even and maybe especially, when life had been less than kind to him. How he was running around opening camps for underprivileged kids when he himself was a kid with nothing. How he built a barn, on his own, for his family when their house burnt down. Also, the fact that he recalls it as an opportunity to learn his craft instead of a tragedy like most people would. I love him because he inspires me to be kinder, to work harder and if I still find dick jokes funny when I'm 40? That's okay too." ~  @perplexed2death

"This man can't be real. He's a talented Actor, an amazing Family Man, he build his own house. He's always kind to all the people. Random Acts, he helps so much people. I love his weirdness, i joined Gishwhes. All the ones who did it, they knew what i'm talking about. 😉 He fights for what he thinks its good for the world. I could say so much more. He's a real life Angel. Thats what he is for me." ~ @bettinabier

"Misha talks the talk, and walks the walk. Studies show, SPN viewers are pretty evenly divided into conservatives and liberals. Misha has got a lot to lose by being so passionately outspoken about things that matter, but he doesn't let that scare him away from doing what's right." ~ @WThestral

"Misha is really an Angel. He is kind and considerate. He did great things and Random Acts is the most beautiful thing he did. He inspired so many people, including me 😄. Gishwhes was a wonderful experience for me. I would not forget to continue to share and give to others. Thank you Misha and always stay yourself." ~ @SB_sb_bs

"Misha is quite literally my barometer of how good a person I am. He inspires me every day to become a better one. He makes me realise that there will never come a day when I couldn't improve. When I couldn't be kinder. When I couldn't do... more. He does more. Each and every day. And that includes taking a strong political stance. Standing by what is right. Shunning what is not. That takes courage and he inspires me to be braver too. To actually stand up and actively participate in a movement - even if it isn't actually a movement - that will undoubtedly lead to some change. What I love the most about him though? He's a weirdo, and when I say that I wish to erase all the negative connotations associated with it, and a proud one at that. Think of how many people (including me) he has inspired into embracing their weirdness instead of being ashamed of it! He's an angel. He's our angel." ~ @mahimakap

"That he is so loving and caring." ~ @SPNSandra

"There are many reasons why I admire Misha. I could spend hours talking about why Misha is a role model for the world, and someone everyone should look up to. Kindness is too often underrated, and kind people are prone to be hurt and regarded as weak, and Misha make me feel confident in my own kindness towards myself and the world. People don’t realize that a simple, little act of kindness can have a major impact on someone else’s life, sometimes to the point of being life-changing. A thank you, a compliment, anything, really, can lighten up someone’s day. And that’s one of the reasons why I’m proud to be a fan of a man who spreads kindness everywhere he goes. He's shining such a light on nice things and he's so keen on being an active part of making the world a better place, it's hard not to feel inspired to do the same, or take part into happy, helpful things for the world in general. Every time I feel low, or burdened, a quick glance at Misha's tweets or videos will lift me up and keep me happy. Misha is incredibly important for me, and he's a strong partner in my building my own path into this world while caring about people." ~ @Jess_J_

"Where should I start? There are so many reasons to love Misha, from the way he's so enthusiast about mostly anything and everything, then how he really, REALLY works hard to bring happiness and good to the world and make it better. Also he's not afraid to be who he is, the quirky, dorky, sweet, thoughtful, creative and loving person, and proud of it. I won't forget how talented he is, I remember the first time I saw The Rapture, I honestly thought Jimmy Novak was played by a different actor, then again on The End, Endverse!Cas really did something to my heart. Then, of course ... Misha being Misha, a devoted father and husband, a brilliant friend, and a fantastic person to look up to. I learnt so much from him, be it something simple or huge. These probably some things that I love the most about Misha. I still have more, but I'll save it for another day." ~ Elmo (@siriuslyelmo)

"All my life I felt weird. Like, too much imagination-weird. And all my life people made me feel like it was a bad thing, not to fit the mold. My abnormalities were heavy to carry and I strived to be like them and think like them and I tamed myself until the point I ceased to exist as an individual. Misha taught me to be proud of my own light and my differences and to never cave in because I am not meant to be the same way most people are. He takes life in such a smart way, he refuses the status quo and he’s convinced that optimists are bound to change the world, and he’s doing it himself. He’s actively changing things anyway he can. He is an inspiration, and someone my world needs. Misha is essential. Misha is amazing. Misha is our ally on so many levels." ~  @Aaaahhhxy

"I love that Misha puts up with... well, us. His warm and giving nature, his sweet smile. His love of life and appreciation for creativity." ~ @PlatinumRoseL

"The phrase "that's impossible" seems to be missing from his vocabulary. No matter how big the challenge, no matter what arena it might be in - politics, career, philanthropy, or just for fun - he doesn't shy away just because the task is difficult. Instead, he embraces the challenge, and sets an example for the rest of us of what we actually CAN do if we try." ~ @beckstiel

"I love that that's Misha not afraid to be himself. Dorky or whatever." ~ @skyboivin

"I love that Misha is doing every thing he can to try and make this world a better place. He started a charity and has built schools and orphanages, brought people together through things like GISHWHES and speaks out about injustices in the world. Thanks Misha, ya rock! ~ Nicole (@historychick29)