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Miguel Araujo -- ADR mixer

by @ChangingChanne1

You have been an ADR mixer for Supernatural; Supergirl; The 100; Arrow; The Flash; Timeless; Lucifer – what exactly does an ADR mixer do?

An ADR mixer is someone who records the actor, they also do playback of live mixes for actors and producers, adding ambiences, music and effects so that it sounds like a rough cut of what it’s going to be like in the final mix. It provides them with the ADR that they are recording in a very sterile environment for playback.

From what I understand, if something happens to the original sound of the shot, then the actors go back and rerecord it.

It’s not necessarily just technical stuff – it could be creative choices by the directors or the producers later on, that they decide after the edit that maybe a line needed to be added that will help the story, after they’ve changed something. Also a lot of the time it is for technical reasons – a truck runs by, a truck that we don’t see or doesn’t fit with the story so it’s distracting. And then we’ll rerecord that take.

Primarily for all these shows I work with a company which basically has a sound studio in a truck. All of these shows – 100, Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Supernatural , Lucifer – they actually do postproduction in Los Angeles. ADR is a postproduction thing so it would usually be handled by these guys in Los Angeles, but we have this truck on the set – we actually drive up to these TV show sets – and we connect through to Los Angeles with a software. Basically, in the session it’ll be just myself and the cast member, and then LA will be talking to them in their headphones. So we’re all in sync together.

What is your most memorable episode/moment?

The latest season of the 100 would probably be my most memorable, purely because it’s such a big show, it has so many moving pieces. Even from the first episode, it was just so huge, with so many armies, all people who required a recording. In the first few episodes of the latest season of The 100 there’s a lot of prerecorded dialogue, which is great, because that’s all coming from myself and other studios are contributing to that as well.

I only really do one episode a week, and one recording session a week with all of these people, it’s kind of exciting for me because every week is a new, exciting experience for me.

What can you remember about working on Supernatural?

I only did the one episode of Supernatural, but I’m a big fan of the show. It was an interesting day because actually for that one the sound supervisor, who is usually running the session with the producer – no one could actually make the session. It was a day where I had to run everything with Jared, Jensen and Misha. It was a fun day, because after years of being a fan I got to work with them. They’re great guys, it was really exciting.

What can you tell us about working on Lucifer?

Lucifer was a great show, Tom Ellis is an amazing guy, I worked mostly with him. I did Season 1 and Season 2 on Lucifer, mostly I worked with Tom and Lauren. Generally what we do in this truck are the leads, the principal cast members. But the other ones did such a good job on set with recording the sound, all the other actors rarely came in here – Lesley-Ann came in a couple of times, and Kevin a couple of times; I’d say the whole team in the sound department did a great job, and the post people fixed any problems – we didn’t have to rerecord too much stuff in Lucifer.

There were a lot of story things that were added, and Tom seemed to be active in having quite a big say as to what they would change. That was interesting to see.

Lucifer had quite a few musical pieces where he’d play piano, or they’d have an overlay of music – Tom had a decent say in what would be going in for that.

What can you tell us about the cast of Lucifer?

Tom Ellis was a special person for me because he’s the first person who I ever recorded. It was for a totally different show, called The Rush. That’s the first time that I realized what an incredible guy he was because again, I got thrown in the deep end – it was my first time ever recording anyone; I was supposed to record a secondary character but then things changed, now the lead is coming in.

I was really nervous – he came in and was such a great guy, calming, and anything I had a suggestion for he was super on board to try something out. It was really great for getting me relaxed and in the zone.

What are you working on right now?

I just finished up on a TV show called Siren, it’s on Free Form; other than that, we’re finishing up on a new TV show that’s coming out soon called Take Two. It looks like it’s a pretty fun show.

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