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Massi Furlan -- Father Lucca Camilleri

In "A Most Holy Man," Massi Furlan plays Father Lucca Camilleri. Not only was Massi's character an easy one to enjoy, he was an important one too. Lucca, of course, ends up being the "Most Holy Man" that Sam and Dean need -- and his impassioned speech on a better world instilled a bit of faith in Dean.

Lucca’s speech on a perfect world was a turning point for Dean; what is your take on that situation? (Dean originally had little, if not no, faith at all; at the very end of the episode, that changes.)

Yes at the very end I think Dean saw through my words. Until right before he was not a believer, remember? So looks like Father Camilleri did it.

What did you enjoy most about playing Lucca and about being on Supernatural?

Well, for sure what I enjoyed the most was not to play a villain for once. I always play the bad guy, I did it for Russian, French, Italian, Serbian, Mexican, Persian, Cuban and Armenian so far, ALL VILLAINS. Being on Supernatural was an extraordinary experience and I have to say was also my first time in Vancouver -- I fell in love with the city and the people there. Last but not least, the fans, OMG, the fans for this show are so cool and gracious, I'm very thankful for the many many messages and comments I got. GRAZIE.

If we see Lucca again (I hope so!), how do you think that would come about?

They ran out of Lucca's blood.

What can you tell us about working with Jared and Jensen?

Jared and Jensen are two amazing actors but even better human beings. I have worked with huge celebrities and Oscars winners, these two guys are so down to Earth and nice. No wonder this show has had 13 seasons so far.

What was the most difficult scene for you? (Either emotionally or physically.)

Physically all of them because I’m from Miami and I live in Los Angeles, so for me Vancouver was like being at the north pole. Ha ha! The day of my monologue scene, I was sick and so it was a little challenging, but Amanda -- the director -- and the boys, were so gracious, kind and understanding, that made it all better. PS I didn't tell anyone that I was sick.

Do you have any behind the scenes stories you can share?

Of course, there’s always behind the scene stories. Jensen and I pranked Jared in the car during one of the car scenes. Also during the scene where we were following the bad cop Cromarty, we were sitting outside the post office waiting and a huge truck from the fire department came full speed with sirens and all, and parked right in front the door where we were shooting so we had to finish the shot. Thankfully we had shot already couple of takes. I believe Jared and Jensen posted a video about that on Instagram.

You’ve been in a lot of other productions; in your experience, what sets Supernatural apart?

Well, like I said the crew was amazing, the cast spectacular and I can say with no doubt, Supernatural set is a big family. I want to mention one person in particular that was soooooooooo nice with me and was my driver Ted Bradford. Was a nice gentleman!

Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to share?

Well, the day before Supernatural I had my episode of The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story that aired. So back to back days wasn't too bad for me. I have a movie title Saving Flora coming out soon, starring in the movie an Indian Elephant and Jenna Ortega and David Arquette.

Finally I have two movies I'm acting in and producing that should start preproduction soon in Italy, my country.

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"What a great interview. Massi Furlan is an actor of great skill and a very gracious gentleman." ~ @Doris_Helmick

So that first filming incident with a fire truck photobomb, he was in the backseat! Interesting! I remember J2 posting that but we never asked who had the camera in the back! That had to have been HIM. I kinda wish we knew more about the J2 prank but it's hilarious he teamed up with Jensen on Jared. ~ @GhostofBobby

I have seen him in so many shows and always as a bad character. Seeing him in my favorite series as such an inspiring and powerful person was extremely beneficial. Little Funfact: Whenever I think that our German actor Sven Martinek appears in an American series, it is mostly Massi Furlan ;-) ~ @woelfin261172