Supernatural interviews


Mary Manchin 

The last time I spoke to you was over a year ago – how has your role at Supernatural changed, if at all?

My god time flew by! For the most part I still do the same stuff….ADR/ISDN (bringing in and coordinating with agents and actors wherever they are and have them redo some of their lines because of noises on lines or something happening to their mic during a scene and to cover efforts), creating schedules and memos for ADR, invoices, obtaining stock footage, coordinating meetings for VFX and taking notes during sound meetings, watching dailies to gather material for the gag reel, checking the recap/flashback memo (this is to make sure that everyone who is shown in pictures, flashbacks and the recap get compensated), checking credits, hot cost reports, making sure our PA and editors are good with what they have to do and helping out best I can and completing any tasks given to me from someone higher up. Also, I do the graphics for things such as comic con sizzle reels, gag reel intros, help with pins, holiday gifts, etc and sometimes help out with Shaving People Punting Things doing the end titles/motion graphics. This year I got to help out with Wayward Sisters and do stuff such as the concept art for the Canids, which was really fun.

What episode has been your most favourite so far, and which one are you most looking forward to?

That’s a tough one. I really enjoyed The Bad Place. It was so beautifully written, directed and edited and for me personally when I was first reading it I so hooked that when I finished the script I was like AND THEN WHAT HAPPENS?? and we didn’t have the Wayward Sisters script yet and it was killing me and then once we got that script it and got to see the finished product it was so rewarding. I’ve enjoyed the plague doctor in Steve’s “Advanced Thanatology” and I’ve loved the creepiness in Davy’s “Breakdown” episode. I love the darker episodes that give you the feel of the first season.

I’m most looking forward to “Scoobynatural” because I’m a Scooby fan and I studied animation and so to see part of the process and the result makes my heart so happy. I’m really excited for episode 17 because it’s another darker episode and it’s beautifully shot and I’m pumped for episode 18.

I understand that you are an Etsy seller; can you tell us about your art/craft?

I take original images from the early 1900’s, I Photoshop them to create new monsters and environments and then superimpose them look like they’re still from that era to make it a past you’ve never seen. I also make horror terrariums and call them Terrorariums and I horrorize objects such as zen gardens and snowglobes.You can check them out here:  

What is your typical day at work like?

Every day is different depending on where we are in the process. I guess I would say a typical day would be watching dailies, getting out hot cost reports, coding invoices and getting them signed off on, making sure everything is in order and everyone is getting the time they’d like for ADR/ISDN, and sending out schedules and memos for that, going to said ADR/ISDN sessions, checking credits, reading scripts/outlines/arenas, and if we have a cut coming out that day making sure everything with that goes as smooth as possible and, depending on the cut, whoever needs to see it sees it. Depending on the week, meetings for episodes could be happening like VFX, sound and music where I have to schedule those and write the notes to make sure nothing is missed before playback. A few days before the episode airs we all go to playback. That’s where we all watch the episode to make sure everything is good and the execs make their final notes of what needs to be changed before the episode airs.

Can you give us one behind the scenes story that hasn’t been heard before?

I had jokingly asked Adam Fergus to make himself southern for a take last season and he actually did it and got Jared and Jensen involved and it was priceless. It made my day haha I was so sad when it didn’t make it into the gag reel.

What’s one thing you wish SPN fans would know, or understand?

There’s a lot to post that everyone doesn’t think about and sadly a lot of people who work hard on these episodes are overlooked, but the positive way to think of it is they’ve done their jobs so well that you don’t even think about it! You have the editors who are piecing together these episodes and making you feel all the feels that were written by our amazing writers, VFX doing their thing, the sound department who cleans up lines and adds more or replaces them in in ADR and adds sound effects to VFX, loop group who does efforts and who are the background voices in each episode, foley who makes the scenes more realistic by adding sounds back in like footsteps, clothing rubbing together, doors being opened, etc, composers composing music for specific scenes and moments, a colorist coloring each episode, sound mixers who makes sure all the sound that’s been recorded is mixed together with picture and doesn’t sound added in and a core crew that makes sure the whole show has the Supernatural feel and that nothing takes you out of that while watching. I give you a challenge that was given to me. I challenge you to watch your favourite episode without sound to see how much the sound effects your experience.

Can you provide is with any hint as to what’s to come in the show?

Some pretty exciting things with some amazing people.