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Magda Apanowicz -- Sandy

Tell us about your character, Sandy.

Sandy is a young lady who grew up in the 20’s, she was a Flapper Girl when she was lured by a man to a “secret club”. Sadly Sandy (in my mind) came from a repressed era where women couldn’t express themselves and she put too much trust in a strange man, thinking ‘I’m young and independent woman... here is my chance for more exclusive notoriety’. She unfortunately was tricked and dragged into a cult ritual gone wrong. Oh so many decade laters our hero boys Dean (Ackles) and Sam (Padalecki) find our dear Sandy still tied up, locked in chains. Dean realized she’s been alive down there for nearly 100years, too much in shock to even process how that’s possible, they help here escape. As we know Sandy had her dark secret, she in fact was an evil God named ‘Yokoth’ who’s purpose of existing was to ‘Eat’ and ‘Breed’ (I mean, come on-that is just wonderful!). The fun in playing my character was that she had to play innocent and confused at how decades had changed. What she knew while not only trying to get information on the world she’s now in as this God but she is tepidly planning her take over and reign of what she thinks she is owed and deserves.

What did you enjoy most about working on Supernatural?

I think the thing I enjoyed most about working on Supernatural is the fact that I’ve been auditioning for the show for about 13years (since the first season) and it became my White Whale of sorts. Getting to not only Guest Star on an episode proved to me that hard work and tenacity wins over but I also got to play a role that had EVERYTHING! I got to play a Flapper Girl (different era), victim, big bad villain of the episode, sexy, creepy, CGI tentacles, stunts (including being yanked up by harness and squibbed), a bunch of scenes with those two charismatic boys we all love and the best part was being able to be the Scream at the beginning of the episode which is kind of staple for the show. I mean... what’s not to love here! Haha.

Do you have any behind-the-scenes stories you can share?

It felt like going to Summer’s camp and filming with two big brothers. I think my favorite story was the day we shot at the diner, I asked the director if I could shoot Jenson with a Nerf gun on his coverage (that set loves them some Nerf fights). I had one of the crew boys tape a loaded NG under the table for my perfect moment to get him. I spent all day so nervous that they would look under the table and see my object of attack. Alas the prime opportunity came, and as he spoke I slowly began to peal off the tape as subtly as possible, never braking eye contact as to not tip them off. I thought I had the gun ready and as it was my turn to speak I pulled it up from under the table and shot... and I shot MYSELF! The mortifying realization of my failure came to all when Jared said “did you just shoot yourself!?”, “uuum... yup” I responded sheepishly. All my hard planning and painfully thought out prank blew up in my face! GT’s!!

What scene was the most difficult to film, and why?

Hard to choose which scene was the most difficult to film. I had a few that posed a challenge for very different reasons. The opening scene where I get dragged, chained to a hard marble alter while wearing a beaded dress that dug into my skin and had to struggle slash arching my body in reaction to being possessed while being emotional was pretty exhausting. The scene took all day.

The scene where I was squibbed and had to lunge at characters while I attacked with tentacles, thrown into the alter by Sam time and time again, followed by the harness rig to be yanked up into the rafters when my character is sucked up into a alternate universe was hard on my body. 

And the last scene that posed a challenge was the scene in the diner where my character is a bit emotional as she recalls what she remembers of her capture to the boys. I found it tough because those two are some hysterical ‘freaks’ and always cracking jokes, all I wanted to do is partake in the fun. Haha

Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to share?

I’m so excited about the new project I’m a part of, a show called TRAVELERS. I don’t always get to be a part of a show I believe in, filled with talent that comes with great kindness and openness. I get so pumped when I can join the cast of a show that I’d be a fan of even if I wasn’t in it. Shows that reflect our potential futures and commentary on our current society is my blueberry jam.

Photo credit: Magda's Instagram and Twitter @Magdaeh


"So cool to hear from Magda about her experience! She was great in her role, and it looks like she had a blast being part of Supernatural for an episode." ~ @ShinyElfriend