We all have our own reasons for loving Lucifer ... what's yours?



"I think the thing about Lucifer is at first glance it was a sci-fi show about the devil living in Los Angeles who decides to help solve crimes. It was a crime s so much more than that. It’s about family you choose versus family your born into. There are elements of faith there darkness and light. Most of all it’s just a beautiful character driven show, you fall in love with these people and tune in every week because you care. I think what makes Lucifer different is that it’s a show full of multidimensional characters that you feel so protective of and infatuated by that it almost transcends the show itself. Lucifer is really just a show that is so different from what is out there in the world that you can’t help but fall in love with the devil himself." ~ @Alli_Davis

"I like the fact that Chloe is Lucifer's miracle. I love the fact that they are meant to be together. I love seeing Lucifer-Chloe-Trixie family time. I love how Lucifer changed in time with live. I love Maze-Linda friendship. I love Amenadiel because he is a true believer(and also a big deckerstar shipper). I love Ella because she is our positive angel. These are my reasons to love Lucifer(on Netflix)." ~  @UykusuzWhovian

"Lucifer me enamoro desde el primer capitulo, su carisma, su honestidad es una de las cosas que mas he admirado, aun asi, existe una lucha en su interior por lo que cree que es y por lo que quiere ser, pero lamentablemente no se da cuenta de lo que realmente es, pero el amor es el motor mas grande que nos mueve e impulsa y nadie queda excento de las consecuencias que produce el sentirlo y haberlo encontrado y para el fue un redescubrimiento, me encanta totalmente la perspectiva que se le da a los temas e historias, los personajes son unicos, cada uno tiene una identidad muy bien definida en la historia y cada uno desempeña un papel importante dentro de la historia, y lo que no puedo negar y me tiene mas atrapada es que definitivamente me hace reir hasta llorar. Felicitaciones a todo el equipo que compone este show ya que el esfuerzo se ve reflejado en el amor que todos nosotros le tenemos." ~ @jenhy_yohanna

"I love Lucifer because of the shows charm. Each character is amazing and they act together pretty well. And the love between Lucifer and Chloe is so essential. I love the show because it already has everything. Love, drama, comedy, surprises and so on. It makes every single day better no matter what happened the day before starting to watch Lucifer. It's like being home whilst watching and anything bad on the world is away for some moments." @Miriam1392

"I love Lucifer because it's the most thoughtful brilliant professional and passionate show I've seen in those last years. And I watch everything from all over the world." @Raffael_nora

"The love Lucifer has for Chloe. Linda's love for Maze and Amenadiel. Dan's love for Charlotte. Everyone's love for Trixie. Love is the heart and soul of every episode of Lucifer." @Grvyrdmama

"The uniqueness of the characters. They all simply work together. Each episode has comedy, tragedy, drama and surprises you don’t expect." @Oolervay

"From the start, it was the humor that grabbed me. The writing. Great acting, casting. There's also the music throughout the show. Several groups I probably never would have heard of are now on my playlists. Perfect blend of real & surreal, strong female characters, various races. Most important to me is the way this crazy cast has reached out while the show airs & interacts with the fans. They answer questions, laugh along with us. Same with the writers! It's like we've become a family. We hangout with each other once a week. It's great!" ~ @HtownMouse

"I always keeps me guessing. Just when you think you have Lucifer figured out, you don’t. Lucifer, Maze & Amenadiel have been a path to their own Persian redemptions showing us that if the Devil, a demon from Hell & a fallen angel can find their way back, then there truly is hope for us all. And in 2018, we need something encouraging to look to." ~ @daniell_susan

" I love Lucifer because every episodes leaves you craving more, even if it's one of the 'lower' rated episodes. The concept is fantastic, the Devil as a nightclub owner and helping the LAPD. His existential crisis right throughout the series, constantly questioning whether he is a monster or not. I love that he tries to be good, but still has a bad streak, both enjoys and hate that bad side, and actually has a huge heart. It acknowledges that not every problem in your life has an external factor that's controlling you, that you need to take responsibility for yourself. It makes you question what faith really is. It has a perfect balance between being hilarious and being serious. It has LGBTQ+ representation, POC representation, amazing bromances, fierce female friendships, an extremely badass little kid. The cast is incredible, as is the crew. Like the Devil himself, this show brings out the passion within you, which has absolutely been proven over the last 6 days. This is my favourite show, and we need to save it." ~  @ShanLucifan

"I love Lucifer because the show is the perfect balance of light and dark, just like its title character." @Volta1228

"I love the Lucifer TV series because it acknowledges what we've been taught in every area except that of Christianity: that there are two sides to every story. The thought that Lucifer could have a side was blasphemy at best! But here's a story that gives us new perspective. It's actually faith-affirming IMO, much like The (also unfortunately cancelled) Exorcist. Lucifer's father-son dynamic with an unseen, yet ever present in the knick of time God is stupendous! The sibling rivalries and vying for Daddy's attention... the Mother's love... the idea of a "divorced" God. I mean, I could go on almost incessantly! This show examines the desire to exercise free will, against the weight and bondage of wanting to be accepted by Dad/God/Ex even though you say you don't... the thoughts of living like you're invincible, but secretly being afraid of WHO you MIGHT have to answer to, or answer for, LATER. This is brilliant. I have never read the comic, but I cannot wait to dive in... THAT'S HOW GOOD THIS SHOW IS, and THAT is why I love it!!!" @LUCIFERMUSTSTAY

"It brought me out of a dark place, I was very much in an emotional slump. I didnt know what to do next in my life etc. With this shows snark, intelligence, & heart I was laughing & smiling for the first time in months. It taught me that it's ok to ask for help, especially when it comes to your mental health. Each character is a fully realized entity & is played masterfully by each member of the cast. The writing & story telling has inspired me to get back into writing, a passion that fell to the wayside over the years. I only hope one day to create a world & characters as rich as this one." @emmyx

"From the very first episode #Lucifer captured my attention! @tomellis17 brought a devilish charm to the character. You couldn’t help rooting for the 😈 to become an Good Angel again!!! #SaveLucifer #PickupLucifer" @jacj00

"Its sweet and funny and has a great storyline. The entire cast is amazing. Tom Ellis as Lucifer, I just dont have words. He is perfection. And the supporting cast seems like they were hand picked by Neil Gaiman himself. Their chemistry is unlike any show I've ever seen. And it just can't end the way they left it. There is so much story left to tell. And with the right network backing them, I can see many more excellent seasons of Lucifer in our future. You have to do the right thing here. You have to #SaveLucifer" ~ @Chefkim13

"it's simple: all characters represents minorities... a lot of them. I feel represented by Lucifer cuz I'm bisexual and free about how to do in bed. And I'm not ashamed of it. I love Mazikeen. She's a protagonist and she represents black woman. Another minority. Woman doing important things, showing tht we can do whatever we want to do. And specially the philosophy behind about "we are the creators of our on destiny", what Amenadiel said on the latests episodes. it chocks directly a lot w/ taboo subjects and all the reality we live in this world based on a huge laws were foundated on christianism. Lucifer makes us think outta the box. And for me, as Historician, means a lot to show people the other face of the way we live and how society was created by rigidity laws about morality, sexuality, relationships..m And now it's time to show people that reality is totally different of what humanity has been living since thousand and thousand years ago." ~ @devilishlilith

"I love Lucifer because it never made me bored of it. It always kept me interested in the characters and how the story will continue. I really love how they took one of the most hated characters in the world, the Devil, and they managed to portray him in a way that made so many of us look from his perspective and fall in love with him (or with Tom Ellis actually). I love the fact that the show makes you explore your emotions and shows you that you should embrace them instead of be afraid of them. I love the fact that it shows you how anyone can try to become a better person, no matter who he is or what he has done. One of the best things the writers did with the characters is, they made us interested in each and every character's story, not just Lucifer's. This show has its own ways to make you laugh at the stupidest jokes that Lucifer makes, but at the same time it can make you emotional pretty fast. It is unlike any other crime/drama show out there, and it deserves all the love it gets." ~ @luciferpleas3

"The best series ever, the history, the laughs....yes I always laugh with Lucifer...great show." ~ @Biancazanini4

"I love the show’s (underlying) themes of identity, self belief and personal growth. We’re given a whole new perspective about our rogue angel and made to see things from his point of view, whilst at every turn he learns more about being human. His - and ever other character’s- development has been magnificent to see and I hope we get to see it continue. The show is hilarious as well as thought provoking (and also a little dark at times). It’s a perfect combination. The relationships between characters are so deep and realistic, despite the comic book background- my all time favourite relationship obviously being Deckerstar . Honestly, no review I could give could do Lucifer justice. It’s magnificent Beyond belief. The cast and crew deserve a season 4; they are hard working, resilient and some of the happiest people I’ve ever seen on set. All I can say really is ‪#SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer" ~ @NattLaaw

"I love EVERYTHING! The cast members are warm and very accepting of their fans. The show captures day to day struggles that we all go through. Also the fact that every episode there’s a revelation, a life lesson to learn. Many ppl although they may not express it & even though it’s a bit different, struggle with decisions about destiny and about what “God” wants them to do or has planned for them. We all question our purpose in life sometimes & the show is very relatable. Even in the last two episodes when Amenadiel told Lucifer that they are in charge of the decisions they make & responsible for their mistakes. This is a simple fact that many fail to accept in their life time therefore blaming everything & everyone for their decisions & mistakes instead of accepting them as their own. Unlike others I do like the detective storyline as well. Chloe and Lucifer solving crimes together is adorable. Ella forensics is impeccable yet witty in a sense. She adds this young exciting twist to things. Then we have Linda, she’s a key individual for the Lucifer team because it reminds us that we all struggle with emotions sometimes and need that person to talk to. Overall you can’t help but become attached to Lucifer’s personality & humor. His desire to be good struggles with the punisher part of him & it’s riveting! They are all great actors/actresses!" ~ @Jahzlynn

"So many things! The brilliant acting from everyone, but most of all Tom Ellis, who manages to make the Devil himself simultaneously alluring, terrifying, complex, and interesting. The lovely, lovely cast and their amazing BTS videos. The strong female characters, friendships, unbreakable bonds, and the all-encompassing sense of family. These characters would go to Hell and back for each other (literally) and you feel like you're part of that family. The humor. The soundtrack. The healthy emotional growth, character development, characters learning from their mistakes, and, above all, the storyline of redemption for the Devil himself." ~ @ artemisfowliii

"You believe you have it all figured out, dip a toe in for the eye & ear candy (Luci's accent, Luci's and Amenadiel's looks, all of the music)... and get an epiphany or 2 along the way, such as... "oh, of course the guy has a moral compass!" (makes sense in retrospect). I had no knowledge of any comics (?) or anything, simply followed a trusted acquaintance/friend's advice. Didn't expect to "buy it" (even though I'm perfectly used to suspending my disbelief), but the characters win your surrender inch by psychological inch, the actors are excellent, and I have no complaints with the writing." ~ @C_licare

"Just one of the many reasons I love Lucifer is because if the devil and his demon can find love, friendship, forgiveness and redemption, it makes me feel like there's hope for all humanity #SaveLucifer # PickUpLucifer" ~ @TraceBrown13

"It’s funny, intelligent, thought provoking, romantic, full of action, and every character is fascinating and played perfectly." ~ @RaeDesch

"I love Lucifer's freedom of speech, honesty, open mind and this irrestible British accent ;-) And I LOVE this brilliant idea to bring the Devil in therapy! It's so fun! Seriously, as Dr Linda said, "Emotions are difficult". Through his love for Chloe, he has discovered all the unknow emotions love can bring into your life - the bad and the good ones. Chloe is so cute, unselfish and so patient! I really want to see them together, try to figure out how this lovestory could work and change them... for the best." ~ @Candice73554994

"What can i say? I gave it the opportunity because of Lauren G. but then, on my watching of the pilot, Tom show up and at the second he spoke I thought "you have to watch this!" Lucifer is different to what I usually watch. It allows me to enjoy "my moment" every week. It's easy to get into the story, each character arc (how they grow up) also the Lucifer's sense of humor which i love, and a big etc. It is really a great show to keep airing and I deeply hope It find a new home. The whole hard work of the cast/crew deserves it. They really are amazing!!" ~ @Sorirc

"Lucifer ist einfach eine besondere Mischung aus Spannung, Romantik und toller düsterer Stimmung. Nie weiß man was als nächstes passiert, jedoch ohne dass ständig tolle Hauptcharaktere sterben wie es heutzutage üblich ist. Es ist lustig, teils philosophisch und belebend. Man lebt mit den Charakteren mit, lernt sie lieben und fühlt mit. Es muss einfach weitergehen! #SaveLuficer #PickUpLucifer 😈✊🏻" ~ @Lunaetic

"Fun to watch, great cast, special effects are awesome, such a great change of pace from other shows ..." @Catwoman0928

"I love Lucifer because it is a great storyline. The possibility that Angels and Demons could be on Earth parading around as normal human beings, Is a fascinating idea. The fact that they can fall in love And carry on normal lives can make you ask yourself if there are Angel's among us without our knowledge. Can Some of the bed things that happen in our everyday lives be directly caused by demons. We only hope & pray that Lucifer & Chloe will one day be together. They are an unstoppable team & I love them!" ~ @cajungal2608

"It’s very hard to put into words... Lucifer has everything-drama, heartbreak, comedy, fights, reunions, friendships, loyalty, redemption, and so much more, but most importantly, it has heart. The collaboration between the writers and actors is something I have never seen before and something that truly makes a great show even better. You can see the passion from every person who is a part of this phenomenal program. Creating something that is truly original is not common these days, it’s a rare feat. Lucifer has done that. It’s unpredictable and funny. I have laughed and cried and been on the edge of my seat, all in an episode. In an age of re-makes, prequels, sequels and continuations it is refreshing to have a show be original and flourish because of it. It also makes you think in a way no other show does. In an age of blame, it’s standing up and reminding everybody that we’re all responsible for ourselves. I guess I was wrong, there are plenty of words. Once I start, it’s hard to stop. The world needs a show of this caliber. One that everyone can relate to, that engages your mind, heart and soul." ~ @jthorn87

"Lucifer strikes the perfect balance between comedy and drama. Also it is the only show that I have ever watched where I care about all the characters. All this combined with superb acting and great storylines makes for an amazing show." ~ @MirjamBoonstra

"Because it is funny, especially watching it in English. Tom's British accent works perfectly with the humor of the show. Because it is entertaining me and I can't remember one episode that bored me. The chemistry on the set that Tom Ellis describes you can nearly feel in every episode. These are the most important reasons that are going through my mind." ~ @Makigac

"I love 'Lucifer' because it shows bible and faith in another way than every other story and this is also good! I love humor of Lucifer and the fact that he is so sweet and handsome. Tom is an awesome actor! Really, it can't be finish! I hope that the power of Lucifer's fans is the biggest and we will save Lucifer. PLEASE. #PolandLovesLucifer" ~ Skorupka97

"How can you not love this show? It has everything you could think off. Not many shows can make you laugh so much, then cry a moment later. If you haven’t watched this show, WATCH IT!! It is devil-lightful😈😈" ~ @Joshbry274

"It’s the perfect mix of hilarious, dark, and emotional. Plus the actors are amazing." ~ @loveoffoxes

"This show is much more than just the Devil working with a cop (though that in itself is just an amazing sentence anyway) It's about people finding homes within themselves and within each other, learning to rely, trust and care for someone or for more than 1 other person. It's about identity, something that strikes a chord in me because I feel as though it's a big issue that we face on a daily basis. These characters are brought to life from skilled actors that actually make these characters so relatable. This show demonstrates more than just romantic love, it's all of the sort of affection that we as people need and they hit every single one of them on this show. These characters are witty, sarcastic and overall wonderful to follow and I don't want to see this show cut when it is still too early." ~ @wingsandsails4

"Lucifer is very unique show, unlike most scripted dramas. Yes it is a cop series but with so many different elements. Good vs. Evil, love interests, comedy, and Fun! This series tells it's own story which is not black and white, it lives in a grey area and that's very exciting. #savelucifer" ~ @Lynn7212

"Well, I like a lot of shows but this one is the only one that TRULY makes me feel good. Lucifer's carefree mind is so refreshing (who doesn't secretly wish to be that laidback, funny and charismatic?). I also love the fact that each character has its own storyline and is not only there to back Lucifer's up. They deserve their time on the screen too and Lucifer's crew manage to find time for everyone to shine. Besides making me feel good, this show also gives me goosebumps thanks to the cast's acting skills (that creates DeckerStar special moments, for instance, or Maze's rage which we live through and with her). The music, which is PURE GOLD, fits always perfectly. I have discovered a lot of artists thanks to this show (as MILCK, Friends in Paris or more recently, Klergy & Valerie Broussard). Now, whenever I listen to them, the first thing that pops into my mind is Lucifer." ~ @Lucif'Her MorningStar'k

"Eu amo Lucifer porque ele não é perfeito, tampouco tenta ser. Ele é autêntico, um pouco egoísta, divertido, carinhoso, protetor e, pasmem, justo! Eu amo o jeito que ele finge que não gosta da Trixie, da forma como ele olha para Chloe e, principalmente, de ouvir "Hello, detective"!" ~ @mirtes_muniz

"Its like no other and the only show I live tweet. Love this show!!!" ~ @JenniferNYC

"I love Lucifer not only because of the acting and the humor and the chemistry and obvious affection between the cast, but because Lucifer is helping me reconcile my faith. It has taught me so much about what God means to me and also what it means to deal with guilt and what it means to live a good life. It’s been a very existential experience for me." ~ @officialDCon

"I love the storylines how it is about forgiveness, love, friendship and redemption. Great acting it's funny ,charming, exciting, quirky and unique #savelucifer #PickupLucifer" Lucifer fan

"Everything but more importantly because it gave me and my sister something to bond over. We are 6yrs apart with almost nothing in common but this is all we talk about now and it has brought us closer than ever before and in a way, strengthened our relationship." ~ @Taylorfangirl98

"The show has helped me through some tough times. It's highly entertaining, funny, original, there's something for every type of fan. The supernatural element provides endless possibilities for new seasons, the female characters are strong and diverse too which is always important on TV." ~ @starcrossed_91

"The short answer is for everyting! However the most important thing what I love about this show is that the story gives us an entirely different view of the Devil something totally new. Not to mention the great casting choices and the amazing work of the writers! It has a great storyline and you can enjoy every single episode it's never boring! Also love how they built up Chloe and Lucifer's relationship, but there are still so many unanswered questions. We need season 4 because the finale of season 3 ended with a huge cliffhanger which opens so many new paths and storylines for the show! We've been waiting for this for 3 years to happen, and now when Chloe finally knows the truth and they could move forward with their relationship and finding answers of what are God's intentions the network just cancelled the show and every questions remained unanswered and the storyline opened. What we need is a new season of Lucifer because this is not a decent ending! And of course we fans would love to watch this serie for another 3 years at least. Lucifer tv show is very entertaining and you never gets tired of watching it! My favourite show! I have never fought for a show this hard but Lucifer is worth fighting for!" ~ @melinda109

"I love the mythology behind the show. The actors are fantastic. Tom Ellis’s Lucifer is outstanding, magnetic. I laugh and cry right along with the characters The love story is really epic, lovely and bittersweet. It’s unique and the Music as well as Tom’s singing are a real draw." ~ @Huntress17

"He makes me smile and makes me feel normal." @sylrnemlg91

"Beside the comedy and great acting and story telling by everyone involved, I love Lucifer because it shows that anyone, even the Devil, goes through a point in their lives where they have to discover who they really are. The whole process of self-discovery for each character, especially Lucifer himself since he is experiencing human emotions for the first time, is relatable to everyone." ~ @FrankNaranjo121

"I love the theme of redemption, I love how it shows that everything is not as it seems? Even the person with the worst reputation (Lucifer) can be misinterpreted.. I actually relate to our Lucifer a lot, he's a person who wants to be good but he was never really taught how and he has struggles with things that are very human like how we look at ourselves and our abilities to change? It's just very relatable.. And not just Lucifer but all the characters are fleshed out and they all mean something to someone. Chloe, Dan, Charlotte, Ella, Maze, Amenadiel, Linda. Even while some aren't human they all represent different sides of humanity. We all want to be better, we all want someone to love us as we are, not as the world thinks we are. It's a show about standing your ground when everyone is against you. or that your mistakes don't define who you are. It has everything you want: drama, romance, intrigue, supernatural with a bit of comedy. It's got LGBT representation and multiple POCs, A latina woman in STEM! Not to mention a brilliant hardworking cast/creators/crew. It's a magical group not only infront of the scenes but behind as well (have you seen the editing on this show?? Not to mention the music choices! And the wardrobe!) It's a show that has a lot of heart, which not a lot of shows have nowadays and it would be a pity to lose it" ~ @OfTheDirewolves

"Witty humor, brilliant dialogues, amazing cast, incredible Tom Ellis, exquisite directing, beautiful visual sequences and soundtracks, captivating story, interesting characters! What not to love about it? The best show of my life." @MamaBearRus

"Love everything about it! The cast, the music, the premise of the story, the devil's quest to find more meaning in his life, the angels and demons aspect, that God is in control of it all. I could go on and on... And of course actor Tom Ellis who brings the devil to life in a complex and comical British fashion! Everyone needs love, even the devil." ~  @steffiegirlie

"It is a very good show with a passionate cast, writers and crew. It can't just end in that way." ~  @AnikynBlubb

"The fact that i have connected with these characters. I actually CARE what happens to them. When Lucifer walked out on Chloe I was angry at him and sad for her, when they have the rare tender moment I'm happy for them and now she has seen the truth I'm excited for the show!! It's a testament to how well the script is written and the characters are portrayed that you have that connection. Great show." ~ @shaunw87

"I love the series because of the characters and emotions. The relationships between everyone are so important! And even if Lucifer doesn't speak in metaphors, you still can identify with him. Or with another character like Maze, who just wants to go home or Linda, who wants the best for her friends or Dan, who is just trying to be happy. Lucifer helped me through aome problems and it is really important to me #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer" ~ @arzu_kekz

"Lucifer mixes great fun with deep thought, making us think about our own choices our own actions and our own responsibilities. The acting and writing is first class, the pictures and the music are top - and I guess there is no other show that would show the devil in stars and stripes speedos." ~ @danjafel

"In a nutshell...EVERYTHING." @athirstfortea

"The story of Lucifer is a meaningful one. His growth and how he sees himself is something I can really get into and understand. Truthfully, I see myself similarly to how Lucifer does. Although my friends love me, and they do their best to reassure me that I'm inherently good, sometimes I do things that would make me feel like a bad person. I've seen my own Devil face appear and disappear many times, but Lucifer's story helped me see that I can choose to be good. And even if I regress, I can still pick myself back up and grow again. And honestly seeing season 4 would probably strengthen that belief of self worth in me, because if the Devil can be redeemed then why can't I?" ~ @shen_ilovemusic

"What's there not to love? It's got it all: wonderful cast, nice plot, amazing characters and lots and lots of emotion! It speaks to our hearts and we need closure." ~ @zombiedani

"i love the characters, they have great relationship with each other. Honestly i thought at first it will go down the cliche road, betwee Luci and Detective. Turned out i was wrong. And i love how layered Lucifer is, Tom Ellis is brilliant. You can see how much he love Lucifer from the way he performed it. It’s a huge mistake to cancel this show." ~ @siriuslyelmo

"One of the most creative shows ever, fabulous cast of great actors, great writers, wonderful crew, movie quality, story line that is amazing , no other show like it, @tomellis magnificent actor, Show need a new home. Where is ABC, NBC or CBS? They should be interested in picking this up #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer" ~ @DepecheModeLovr

"Because it's fucking hilarious. It shows a new side to the devil. One where it's more accurate to him. He isn't evil, he's just a fallen angel who had a dick dad and got stuck in an awful situation." ~ @Tavia_alaine

"I love this show because it tells a story that,so far,no one tried to...the story of THE DEVIL,the most hated person in the history of humanity. And this show is presenting a side of him that most people don't know or don't want to know it exists....that he is not evil,he punishes evil,he has emotions even though it's hard for him to believe he has. And Tom Ellis does a fantastic job in portraying the DEVIL. It's a real shame they decided to pull the plug on in just when the story finally begun to would be even sadder if no one would pick up this amazing show and give it a chance to finish the story." ~ @azraels_blade

"It's a heartfelt show that encourages people not to allow themselves to be defined by others. To break away from that dichotomy and decide who they really are. The message is clear: You decide who you are, never let anyone else dictate your worth." ~ @PrettyxPanda

"First of all this show is amazing over all. The acting, writing are beautiful. But why do I love this show is this show represents the devil I always thought of since i learned the history of his. I love this show because this show is "the Devil's show" I always thought of." ~ @DidemYaman18

"I love the whole cast and the characters. I think the balance between comedy and drama is the best. I love how the characters are growing and there isn`t one I don`t like, even the villains. The relationship between them is unique. And not to forget: this is the only show my husband and I both love to watch." ~ @ju_grey

"The comedic timing of the cast, the chemistry amongst the characters, how the drama rips at your heart. Lucifer is a one stop shop for a great time." ~ @weekrockgirl

"Because he's charming,. Love his accent. And her dad overreacted sending Lucifer to hell." @maridornellas26

"I love the entire cast and all of the actors are doing an amazing job! Especially Tom Ellis portrays Lucifer with such passion that it would be a shame to let it end right now. Also I love the show´s humor like Lucifer´s one liners, the music is amazing, and some scenes are really emotional. #SaveLucifer" @tamarabecker50

"I love that the show has heart. When you watch a show, it’s to get lost for a moment in something else, other then the life around you. Every Monday night, Lucifer did that for me. I laughed, cried, screamed, and mourned with the characters since the beginning. I will keep up hope no matter what. This is a wonderful show with many different avenues it can go. I can’t wait to see what happens next." ~ @Stephverosky

"It's one of the best shows to grace television since Angel and the characters have the perfect group dynamic not seem since Angel. The way Lucifer can get along with anyone regardless of who they are is a good message to viewers. Chloe's willingness to never give up on Lucifer, Dan, Charlotte or anyone else is admirable and they all forgive each other's mistakes. There's even light within the darker side of the show. When Charlotte's story came to an end, they all worked together to bring down Pierce. It's a show that has messages that don't get lost in a terrible laugh track. That's not a common thing these days and I hope somebody saves the show that's brought so many people together." ~ @streetspirit97

"It's a great series with the right balance of comedy and drama. I like the complexity of the characters and how well they are portrayed by the actors. The music selection is just great, you can put yourself right into each scene. I like how the devil is portrayed: he's not evil, he punishes evil. He gives humans what they most's up to them what they do with it. He tries to understand things like friendship, love and somehow responsibility so badly. I like the development of each character. I have seen many shows, but I've never felt so passionate about one. Lucifer makes me smile, cry and scream and this all at the same time. You can really feel how much the show means to the whole crew, writers and actors and I thing that fact also affects us fans." ~ @M_Primrose210

"The characters. I fell in love with all of them almost immediately. They are flawed and yet perfect in their own way. The relationships between all of them that only grew stronger over time. DECKERSTAR! The investigation part mixed with supernatural stories. The soundtrack. The cast and crew. Really, impossible to choose just one thing. #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer" ~ @youcantmakeme_

"Each episode takes you through so many different emotions. One minute you’re hysterical laughing and the next you’re sad, or bewildered. Story lines are so unpredictable." @Evilqueen

"The cast is amazing! Every episode is exciting, emotional and intense. The relationships are real and meaningful between all the characters. There's never a dull moment. #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer" @Grvyrdmama

"I love Lucifer because he's adorable, his smile, his voice. He's protector, sweet, and funny. 😈😈😈" @ lunamorgan7

"It's a show about Anyone being able to achieve redemption. It's about love and selflessness. It's what we all need." ~ G. Ferro

"The cast, writers, producers, crew, story and the fans are.... #simplythebest" ~ @Mezasoofs

"Because I love the amazing actors of this show!" @oncer_1996

"It isn't only the great Storyline, but also the fantastic Cast and Crew that makes me love this Show so much. They interact with us Fans and make us feel like we all are a part of Lucifer." ~ @nikastark19

"I love Lucifer's snarky, sarcastic, confident personality. Tom Ellis pulls it off so well!" ~ @samikitten

"The entire show has no restraint when it comes to approaching issues of sexuality, and I find that openness endearing. I also enjoy the representation of the devil - as somebody who is acclimating to the human world, having had no experience before. You are genuinely moved by his pitfalls and confusion. Relationships are visceral. There are no rose-colored glasses here." ~ @WindraDeadZed

"Wow, it would be way easier to tell you what I don't like about the show, only one thing, the stupid breaks all the time. I love the humor while the show keeps a serious tone. I love the actors, the characters, everything. I love that the Devil isn't an evil being, no he is vulnerable, emotional unstable and just searching for his place in the world. I love that every side character has grown, has their own stories to tell and they are so interesting. The writing is amazing, the actors are great and Tom's acting skills alone would make this show awesome, but nope. Every single actor is just doing an amazing job and I would watch a spin-off from every single one." ~ @_Navaros_

"Since the first episode I was hooked! I've been tweeting my *ss off and I was never a big tweeter! I've shouted my anger to @FoxTV because they blamed the ratings! That's a lie as you can tell from the massive outpouring off support for this show! #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer" @ShawMagzie

"I love the Lucifer has an inclusive cast of many races and orientations. The humor routinely has me in tears because I’m laughing too hard. The feels parts of the show also has me in tears because they do feels so beautifully. More often than not, I spend the episodes crying, I haven’t had a show affect me this way since I last watched M*A*S*H and even then it wasn’t as frequent as Lucifer gets me to tear up. The fight scenes are brutal and works of art. It’s a show that truly has something for everyone, and it is a show that is desperately needed right now." @JanetteKirchner

"Fantastic cast brings unique characters to life. Lucifer is a very complex character and we need to see more of that. The show offers a great blend of drama, darkness, humor, friendships and romance. Lucifer also gets you thinking about things in a way that no other show does. It can make you laugh, cry, cheer, and shout at your TV all in the same episode." @sapphiremoon01

"I love the balance between comedy and drama, the music, the wit and how the show also gives a voice to minorities." @oszwald1

"Lucifer is such a fun, witty show. It knows how to balance comedy with drama. The cast and crew are funny, kind, and incredibly gracious to their fans. It has so much story left to be needs an S4 and beyond so that it can keep telling those stories." ~ @Lucifansgroup1

"Because it is a hellish culmination of great music choices, heart tugging storylines, fantastic acting, and peppered with fantastic one liners that'll keep you giggling. It's not just the Devil on vacation, it has heart." ~ @R2D2_Mark

"I love that he is trying to be bad but actually he is really sweet and has a big heart. and he would do anything for Chloë." ~ @katerinakestem1