Lucifer Episode Reviews


Season 1, Episode 1 -- "Pilot"

by @Grvyrdmama

Lucifer's Pilot episode gives a fascinating and delightful preview of what a much beloved series will develop into. Right off the bat, we get a pretty good sense of who Lucifer Morningstar is, as well as Detective Chloe Decker. Whereas Lucifer's demon friend Mazikeen, his brother Amenadiel, his therapist Dr. Linda, and Chloe's ex Dan, are all far more complex and have developed in delightful and unexpected ways. 

The episode begins with a screen explaining the Devil is on a vacation from hell. So what does the Devil do on vacation? Drives around in a wicked car and runs a hot nightclub, among other things. Lucifer gets pulled over by a cop and in the span of thirty seconds he insults, belittles, and tries to bribe this officer of the law. Anyone else would be arrested, but this is Lucifer Morningstar. He talks his way out of the ticket, gets the cop to admit he's a law breaking lawman, gives him some cash and drives off. 

It's not easy to play what some may perceive as smug and self important but come off more charming and endearing. Lucky for us, we have Tom Ellis who plays the Devil unlike anyone else ever has, or will. Ellis shines in every scene, every episode, and always gives it his all. Much like how most humans on the show are unable to resist Lucifer's charms, the audience can not resist Tom Ellis.

Lucifer enters Lux, his nightclub. Mazikeen, the one demon who followed him out of Hell, asks why he isn't doing something more significant with his time on earth. Seconds later, she and Lucifer notice time has slowed down. That can only mean one thing: Amenadiel is here. Lucifer's angelic brother appears and asks him to return to Hell. Lucifer refuses. Before leaving, Amenadiel warns his brother God won't allow Lucifer to avoid Hell forever. He vanishes and time continues to flow normally. 

A beautiful young woman approaches Lucifer. She's a pop star named Delilah. They obviously know each other and they get to talking. Lucifer put Delilah in touch with the right people in order to launch her career. Delilah asks if that "deal" she made with him, came at the price of her soul. Contrary to pretty much any other Devil stories I can think of, Lucifer assures her it didn't. All he wants is for Delilah to pull her life together. There is nothing evil about this devil. They're standing outside of Lux, having a heartwarming moment complete with a hug, when a car drives by and shoots them both. Lucifer and Delilah fall to the ground, the car crashes. Lucifer is fine since he's immortal, but poor Delilah is dead. 

Lucifer is upset by this tragic turn of events. He gets up and approaches the crashed vehicle, managing to question the shooter for a moment before he dies. He notices the man is wearing an expensive watch as the man tells him Delilah's murder was about money. Lucifer returns to Delilah's side before the police arrive. 

Detective Chloe Decker is sent to question Lucifer. Everything he says seems to annoy her. He refers to people as "you humans" and she asks what planet he's from. The banter between them is charming and amusing. The chemistry is there from the beginning.

Lucifer cares very much about finding Delilah's killer. The next day he takes it upon himself to interrupt Delilah's ex fiance's wedding. Jimmy Barnes is the record producer who made Delilah famous. It's a hilarious scene in which Lucifer offends Jimmy, scares off the priest, and gets Jimmy's girlfriend to admit she has no desire to sleep with or marry Jimmy. Jimmy claims to have rebounded nicely after Delilah. He tells Lucifer he should be questioning 2Vile, the rapper Delilah was sleeping with. 

Lucifer heads to 2Vile's mansion, telling the butler he's there to deliver narcotics. He is allowed in and wastes no time offending the room of gun toting rappers. Once again, Tom Ellis is hilarious without coming off as clownish. After 2Vile refers to Delilah as a bitch, Lucifer grabs 2Vile and holds him against the ledge of his balcony. 2Vile admits he truly loved Delilah and the only time he hurt her was when she cheated on him but they had since worked everything out. 2Vile doesn't know who she had an affair with, only Delilah's therapist would know. Dr. Linda-Something. 

Lucifer lets 2Vile go and Chloe arrives. She questions how Lucifer knew about 2Vile. One of the men in the house recognizes Chloe from her film, "Hot Tub High School" which Lucifer describes as a "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" ripoff. He teases Chloe, who in turn threatens to shoot him. Instead, she escorts Lucifer away in handcuffs after 2Vile mentions Lucifer threatened him. 

Lucifer doesn't mind being handcuffed and taken in, he hopes it gives him time to get Chloe to listen to him. Of course he escapes the handcuffs as soon as they're outside which baffles Chloe. Lucifer explains his special persuasive skill set and tries to use his "Desire Superpowers" on Chloe. He's shocked to discover she's seemingly immune to his charms. This is not something he's encountered before.

Chloe reluctantly allows Lucifer to tag along. They track down Delilah's therapist, Dr. Linda Martin, but before they can go see her, Chloe gets a phone call from her daughter's school. Her kid was in a fight. Chloe and a reluctant Lucifer take a detour to an elementary school. 

Upon arriving Chloe tells Lucifer to stay out side. Lucifer says he hates children but ends up going in anyway. He sits on a bench in the school hallway and smokes a cigarette. An adorable little girl tells him he's not supposed to smoke in the school. She mentions her mom is a cop and Lucifer realizes this must be Chloe's daughter. Lucifer and Trixie have a cute conversation and it's obvious Trixie likes Lucifer right away. Trixie tells him how the mean girl on the bench across the hall bullied her, so she kicked the girl. Lucifer gets up and approaches the mean girl, who looks to be bigger and at least a year older than Trixie. He tells her there's a special place in Hell reserved for bullies and flashes his devil eyes. Not the best special effects in this episode, but it's effective. The mean girl screams, I imagine almost everyone watching laughs, and Chloe reappears to take Trixie home. 

Outside, Trixie's dad shows up. Dan's a cop too, and a very busy one. He and Chloe are separated which leads to them having frequent little spats in front of young innocent Trixie. Trixie covers her ears, as her parents begin to argue again. She looks as though she's been through this a hundred times before and Lucifer notices. He advises Dan not to argue with Chloe in front of their child. Dan comes off like a pompous jerk in this episode and it's no wonder Lucifer stuck with calling him Detective Douche for so long. Dan takes Trixie to her grandmother's, while Lucifer and Chloe head to Dr. Linda's office. 

What the audience finds charming and funny about Lucifer, Chloe finds repulsive. Dr. Linda is immediately affected by his presence in her office. Chloe is baffled, Lucifer tells Linda they need to know who Delilah was having an affair with. Linda wants to tell them, but doctor/patient confidentiality means she can't. Lucifer promises her "a trip to poundtown" if she helps them out. Linda tells them Delilah had an affair with actor Grey Cooper. Chloe wants to question Grey, so Lucifer has to give Linda a raincheck on that aforementioned trip, but he'll be back later. It's the beginning of a beautiful and complex friendship. 

While questioning Grey Cooper, Chloe notices his watch is similar to the watch the shooter wore. Grey says Delilah gave it to him as a gift. After talking with Lucifer, Grey and his wife end up fighting over their extra marital affairs. Chloe figures one of them must be guilty. 

At Lux, Chloe is disappointed upon discovering neither Grey or his wife have any connection to the shooter. Chloe wonders if the shooter was just another man Delilah was sleeping with. She and Lucifer have a nice conversation in which she tells him all she wants to do is help people, like her father did. Chloe's father was a police officer, he's the reason she switched careers. Chloe's having a tough time at work because she went against what her colleagues said in regards to a police shooting. Chloe saw something different, but no one, not even Dan will back her up. 

In the background, a report on TV states how well Delilah's music is selling. Maze passes by and notes how it's a shame Delilah isn't there to reap the benefits. That's when Chloe realizes Delilah didn't give the shooter the watch, Jimmy Barnes did. 

Lucifer and Chloe rush to Jimmy's music studio to confront him. He was motivated by money. Delilah's music was worth more if she was dead. Jimmy takes a hostage. Lucifer walks right up to him. Chloe tells Lucifer to back off but Lucifer once again assures her that he's immortal. Chloe just thinks Lucifer's insane and naturally she opts to shoot Jimmy in an effort to protect Lucifer. Lucifer is disappointed Jimmy's dead, he wanted him to suffer. He and Chloe discuss this for a moment before a not-so-dead Jimmy shoots Chloe. Lucifer rushes to Chloe's side. 

"I don't want to die." She says.

"I won't let you." Lucifer responds. That's probably the moment 90% of the audience started planning a Deckerstar wedding.

Lucifer has to take care of Jimmy first. A wounded Chloe watches Lucifer walk toward Jimmy. Jimmy shoots at him several times, but Lucifer is untouchable. We get a glimpse of Lucifer's devil face in the mirror as he makes Jimmy scream and Chloe passes out.

Flash forward to a hospital room. Chloe wakes up to see Lucifer at her bedside. She asks how long she was out, Lucifer tells her it's been three years. Chloe actually believes this for maybe three seconds before laughing and calling Lucifer an ass. Chloe asks how he isn't dead and Lucifer reminds her he's immortal. Of course Chloe doesn't believe this. Chloe thanks Lucifer for saving her. Lucifer offers Chloe his assistance in solving crimes. Trixie runs in and hugs Lucifer, interrupting a moment in which he once again tries to tell Chloe he is the devil. Trixie runs to Chloe and Lucifer leaves, telling Chloe he looks forward to seeing her again.

Back outside of Lux, time slows down again. Amenadiel appears, looking just as intimidating as last time. Lucifer isn't the least bit threatened by his brother's presence. They almost seem to want to start a war with each other. Amenadiel once again orders Lucifer to return to Hell, but Lucifer says no. Lucifer says he looks forward to eating his brother's heart one day. They truly seem to hate each other. Amenadiel leaves, time returns to normal.

In Lux, Lucifer is seen playing with a silver coin. Maze is baffled as to why Lucifer would save a human. Maze thinks maybe humans are wearing off on Lucifer and she doesn't like it one bit. "Stop caring. You're the devil." If only it was that simple. 

The next day, Lucifer arrives at Dr. Linda's office. Linda looks thrilled to see Lucifer. He offers Linda as much naked cuddle time as she desires in exchange for her acting as his therapist. Despite how illegal and unethical this is, Linda excitedly agrees because Lucifer is seemingly irresistible. Lucifer follows her into the office, the door shuts and the episode ends.

Not every show can have a strong Pilot. Lucifer's first episode was fast paced, funny, dark and dramatic. The main cast is filled with strong and capable actors. It's a solid start for a unique series. 


Season 1, Episode 2 -- "Stay, Good Devil"

by @sapphiremoon01 

Before watching the episode I googled it, just to see what came up. Some sites were rather unhappy with this episode. To each their own, but yeah forget those guys. 

I like this episode. It opens with one of my favorite scenes. Lucifer messes with a fear mongering preacher on Hollywood Blvd. Luci flashes his devil face at the big old phony and scarred the guy for life. I found it funny. I wonder why he and Maze don't have outings where they flash their real faces at random deserving, morons just to screw with them? Anyway, remember this preacher guy, because you will see him again later in the season.

Next thing we see is Lucifer in therapy with Dr. Linda, telling her he's the devil. Lucifer says he left Hell behind to take a vacation in LA. Of course, Linda is currently the conductor of the "Everything biblical that comes out of Lucifer's mouth is just a metaphor" train. Possibly motivated by her lust for Luci-loving, Linda plays along. Really it's Lucifer playing along by allowing her to think it's all metaphors. Linda tells Lucifer he's insecure about his recent changes and who or what is causing them. She then ends their session and jumps him while I wonder how many other expenses Lucifer pays for with sex. 

Now we're at Lux where Mazikeen brings Chloe an unsolicited drink. 

Chloe: "You and Lucifer seem really close."

Maze: "I followed him through the gates of Hell."

Chloe: "I'll take that as a yes."

She can't say they never told her. Seriously, I just think Chloe went into a deep special level of denial. 

Lucifer plays "King Of Pain" on his piano. The piano scenes always make me smile. He asks Chloe how her undercover surveillance on him is coming along. Chloe seems quite intent on investigating Lucifer. Confession: Season 1 Chloe may be my favorite Chloe. 

Chloe gets a phone call and rushes out of Lux. There's been an accident and a young movie star named Robbie was killed. Dan fills Chloe in on the details before asking why she brought Lucifer. Chloe has no idea Lucifer followed her to the crime scene. Lucifer wants to know why that phone call affected her so deeply. 

Chloe confronts the prime suspect, a paparazzi named Nick. She tells Nick he won't get away with this. Nick seems perfectly fine with that, he actually confessed. Chloe says Nick wouldn't confess to having a parking ticket, let alone murder so our Detective is convinced he's covering for someone. Dan sends Chloe home but before she leaves she spots Lucifer smoking a joint. Chloe is understandably angry that Lucifer brought pot to a crime scene and it only pisses her off worse when she realizes that joint was evidence. 

The next thing we see is Lucifer waking up in bed, a woman on his left and a man on his right. I bet Linda would have been happy to make that three-way a four-way. So Lucifer gets up all ready to start the day with a healthy apple but is interrupted by "He who slows the passage of time" AKA: Amenadiel. 

Amenadiel tell Lucifer if he goes back to Hell, he'll speak with Father on Lucifer's behalf. Lucifer does not give damn about this. He says Amenadiel is afraid because if Lucifer doesn't go back to Hell, Amenadiel would have to take over. Amenadiel tells Lucifer that all this time on earth is changing him, and Lucifer needs to think about his offer. Amenadiel vanishes and time goes back to normal. 

Now we're at Chloe's place, actually it's Chloe's mother's place. Lucifer arrives and Trixie is awfully happy to see him. Trixie and Lucifer scenes are always precious and funny. He flings Trixie's doll across the room to get rid of her, the precedes to annoy Chloe until she throws him out of the house. 

Next stop: Nick's holding cell. Lucifer charms his way into the holding cell, hoping Nick has some dirt on Chloe. He wants to know why Chloe hates Nick so much. Nick informs Lucifer there is no deep, dark, Decker secret. Chloe hates him because he was being a typical paparazzi scumbag who crossed the line at Chloe's father's funeral. Chloe ended up punching the camera and Nick got a photo that made him a lot of money. He's felt bad about it ever since and has tried to keep others from repeating his mistakes. Lucifer tries to work his magic to find out who Nick is protecting. Nick's desire to protect this person is stronger than his desire to stay out of prison and Lucifer leaves. 

Chloe visits the victim's father. She tells him she wants to make sure the right guy pays for Robbie's death, and she doesn't think that's Nick. Robbie's dad tells her there was one other paparazzi, but Robbie only ever noticed him once. 

Back at Lux, Maze questions why Lucifer feels so bad about invading Chloe's privacy. She says a lot of stuff that pisses him off to the point where he flashes his flame eyes and yells at her. Confession: I miss when Lucifer wouldn't let Maze get away with messing with him. We all know he wouldn't kill her but tell her off when necessary and vice versa. 

So Chloe shows up at Lux wondering how the hell Lucifer managed to get in Nick's holding cell. He tells her and they exchange information they've learned before heading to a party where the murderous paparazzi may be. Lucifer spots a guy who was at the crime scene and Chloe recognizes him too. The man shouts out something like "Look, it's Chloe Decker." This causes other paparazzi to swarm around Chloe, allowing the suspect to escape. Photos are taken, but much to Lucifer's disappointment, Chloe doesn't punch anyone. 

The next morning, Chloe is worried about the photos from the night before. They are all over the tabloids and she doesn't want Trixie getting any grief over it, or it leading back to her embarrassing movie. Dan tries to cheer her up and informs her the mystery paparazzi is named Josh. Nick was Josh's mentor.

Cut to Josh spying on some lady from his car. Lucifer and Chloe approach him. He gets out of his car and gives an incredibly insincere apology for what happened last night. Lucifer asks Josh what is it he really wants. Josh says he wants to be first. He must always be first no matter what. Chloe spots a joint in Josh's car, he claims it's medicinal. Josh snaps another photo right as someone throws a drink at someone who I'd suppose is famous. 

Lucifer believes that was staged. They leave Josh and after reviewing his gruesome photos they come to the conclusion that all his most famous photos are planned. They believe he's murdering these people in the hopes of being the first one to photograph their deaths. While Chloe goes to the holding cell to talk to Nick, Lucifer recruits Maze to deliver some punishment.

Chloe informs Nick of her suspicions about Josh. Nick took the fall, hoping Josh would get a second chance. Chloe tells Nick if he soesn't testify, Josh will do something like this again. She leaves the room to take a phone call. Josh is missing. When she returns, Nick is gone. Desk clerk says Lucifer took him.

Lucifer and Nick meet up with Maze and Josh. Lucifer tells Josh and Nick they'll each get a gun. He wants to see who will shoot who first. Nick questions Josh about his crimes. Josh picks up a gun off the ground and despite Nick's pleading, he fires. It turns out, the gun was empty. Josh reaches for the other gun but Nick grabs it. 

Chloe arrives and tries to talk Nick down. He fires anyway. Lucifer summons Amenadiel, thus slowing down time. Lucifer tells Amenadiel he was right and snatches the bullet out of mid air. Lucifer admits he has changed and it is thrilling. Amenadiel is annoyed that Luci just used him to slow down time. He says Lucifer should have taken the offer and disappears. Time returns to normal and Chloe is thoroughly freaked out that Lucifer is now suddenly behind her. She questions him.

Chloe: "You know exactly what I'm asking you."

Lucifer: "And you know exactly what I'll answer."

Back at home, Chloe tells Trixie all about her silly movie. Turns out Trixie has already seen it and thinks it's funny. Chloe is relieved to no longer have to worry about Hot Tub High School upsetting her daughter.

Later, Chloe goes to visit Jimmy Barnes, the dick who shot her in episode 1. He is heavily medicated and seems to be in an almost catatonic state, until Chloe mentions Lucifer. Jimmy asks is Lucifer is there and he starts freaking out. He runs up to the glass and Chloe assures him Lucifer is just a man. Jimmy goes all Twin Peaks and starts bashing his head against the glass until it bleeds. The episode ends with Chloe watching Jimmy being held down by doctors while he repeatedly screams, "He's the devil!"

Overall a good episode with some really great character moments. I especially enjoyed the Lucifer/Amenadiel scenes, Lucifer scaring the preacher, vintage Chloe Decker, and Trixie in general. 

Season 1, Episode 3 -- "The Would Be Prince of Darkness"

by @sapphiremoon01 

In this episode, everyone's favorite devil just wants to help a college football star have a little fun. But there's nothing fun about murder, identity theft, displaced anger, or blackmail. 

We start off seeing a shaky young woman on a ledge with Lucifer hovering over her shoulder, urging her to jump. And she does jump, right into the pool below. It's a party at Ty Huntley's house. Ty's a star quarterback at whatever college he attends, and he's a virgin. For some reason, this is huge deal and it's highly publicized. I guess it's kind of like that weird Britney Spears "no sex before marriage" thing the media made a whole big thing about back in the early 2000's.

So when Lucifer sees Ty turn down a gorgeous young woman, he steps in and introduces himself. Ty already knows who Lucifer is and doesn't want his help. Luci begs to differ. He works his magic and Ty eventually admits he wants to get laid. He wanted to be with his girlfriend but they broke up. So Lucifer brings back the woman from before, thinking he's helping Ty fulfill his desires. Lucifer then reconnects with Pool Jumper Woman. He introduces himself and the woman is disgusted. She claims to have seen Lucifer Morningstar at a rap battle last week. She wants nothing to do with this Lucifer. There's an imposter afoot.

The next morning, Lucifer is in bed with a pile of women. He is woken up by Ty, who needs his help. Meanwhile, Chloe is at home with Trixie, waiting for Dan. She's also ttrying to figure out what is really going on with this Lucifer guy. She's surprised to get a call from Lucifer, who should not have her phone number. Chloe meets up with him at Ty's place, where a young woman is floating dead in the pool. Oh, Ty's first hook-up, we hardly knew you.

The proper authorities arrive on the scene. Based on the bruises and signs of struggle, Chloe knows this was no accident, it was murder. The victim's name is Ali, and Ty is having a difficult time remembering what happened with her last night. Everything Lucifer says irritates Chloe so she sends him to wait among the other witnesses. Dan arrives, he and Chloe end up searching through a pile of clothes. Chloe finds Ali's car keys which leads them to her car. Outside of Ty's bedroom, Chloe finds Lucifer watching a video on what turns out to be Ali's phone. The video shows Ali and Ty having sex. Att the end of the video Ty realizes she was recording the two of them. Despite Lucifer's protests, Chloe has Ty cuffed. Lucifer says he knows evil and the real killer is out there. Chloe counters, saying Ali's video would ruin Ty's reputation. Ty blames this entire mess on Lucifer. Lucifer tries to tell Chloe something but she sends him away.

At Lux, Lucifer gets himself a drink while Maze is fielding a call from a Financial Investigation Unit. After the call ends, she informs Lucifer that his imposter has been making a real mess around town. LuciFake has destroyed a Budget Huts honeymoon suite and skipped out on a $2000 tab at Zany Wings. Lucifer is furious, Maze can't stop laughing, and I'm wondering how someone spent $2000 on chicken wings. Lucifer tells Maze they need to punish this cheap knock off.

Lucifer vents to Linda about the imposter-luci. He wants to tear the guy limb from limb. Linda thinks Lucifer is overreacting, that this is displaced anger. She asks Lucifer to tell her about the Ty case again. With Linda's help, Lucifer realizes why this case is bothering him so much. It's because he punishes the guilty, but Ty is not guilty. Lucifer leaves in a good mood, enlightened by this revelation.

Chloe is trying to set up a meeting with Ty's agent, Joe. She discovers Lucifer is already there, chatting it up with other douchey sports agents. Chloe wants to know how Lucifer knew to come to this specific agency. Lucifer tried to tell her earlier, but Chloe isn't quite as on board with this teamwork thing as Lucifer is. While going through Ali's phone, Lucifer had noticed phone calls between Ali and Joe. They both want to know why Ali and Joe were calling each other last night. Chloe tries to dismiss Lucifer and he laughs in her face. She reluctantly accepts his help. They get to Joe's office, but he doesn't want to say much without his attorney. He does admit to hiring Ali. He wanted ger to sleep with Ty to help him get over his ex. Joe describes Ty's ex, Debra, as being crazy, obsessive and controlling. He says if Debra found out Ty was with Ali... the sentence trails off for dramatic effect.

Lucifer and Chloe are parked outside of Ali's college, waiting for her to leave class. When they approach Debra, she has nothing to say and tries to walk away quickly. As Debra gets closer to her car, it explodes. Black screen, commercial break, next thing we see is Chloe with evidence. A remote detonator was found nearby, meaning whoever did this was nearby and watching them. Lucifer still thinks Debra killed Ali. Chloe thinks someone was trying to scare Debra.

Debra admits she was at Ty's party for a brief time, but he didn't know. Once she saw him kissing Ali, she sought refuge at a frozen yogurt shop. For three hours, Debra cried and ate frozen yogurt. As if that's not sad enough, there's footage from a security camera documenting this most depressing of nights. On the bright side, Debra has a solid alibi, ruling her out as the murderer. Dan shows Chloe a photo of a woman leaving the area where Debra's car exploded. She's a well known Hollywood fixer named Ronnie. Dan's been trying to build a case against her for years. Since Ronnie won't talk to the police, Chloe thinks maybe she'll talk to Lucifer.

So the plan was for Lucifer to vouch for Detective Dan, get Ronnie to agree to do something illegal, use that as leverage against her, and get her to spill what she knows about the case. This does not go according to plan. When Ronnie meets Lucifer on a crowded dance floor at Lux, she assumes he contacted her about that pesky imposter. Luci-fake is ruining real Lucifer's reputation and word spreads fast. Ronnie offers her services and Lucifer accepts. Dan and Chloe are understandably frustrated but Lucifer assures them this will still work out in their favor.

Now we're at a mostly empty Lux where we see is a man with a bag over his head. Ronnie and Maze watch as Lucifer unveils his imposter. The guy looks nothing like Lucifer and I don't even think he was faking the right accent. Lucifer reads off the list of crimes committed by the would be prince of darkness. Then he Maze discuss how they're going to torture him. The man, now giving up on that horrid accent, admits he just wanted to get chicks and free drinks. Lucifer wants to destroy him, until Maze says something that unintentionally changes his mind.

"This is so hot. It's like you're punishing yourself."

And with that simple observation, Lucifer lets the guy go, telling him to never sully the name of Lucifer Morningstar again. Maze is disappointed, she wants to at least take a finger, but Lucifer says they've done enough. After Maze leaves, Lucifer thanks Ronnie before Chloe shows up and cuffs her. Ronnie feels bad about Ali's death. Joe told Ronnie that Debra killed Ali. They inform Ronnie that Debra has an air tight alibi, no way she's guilty. Ronnie informs them that Joe hired her to get blackmail on Ty. That's why Ronnie had Ali slip Ty a roofie and film them having sex. Now the question is, why would Joe want to blackmail Ty?

Lucifer and Chloe crash a meeting where Joe is promising Ty protection and future fame. After a lot of angry dialogue, Joe is tricked into admitting he knew Debra was at the party because he was there too. Joe wanted blackmail on Ty in case he ever decided to go with a different sports agent. He killed Ali because she backed out of plan, she knew Ty didn't deserve that. Joe tried to leave the room and an angry Lucifer effortlessly throws him through a glass wall using only one hand. Instead of being properly freaked out, or thinking "Hmm I should ask him to take a drug test," Chloe stands there in disbelief at Lucifer's strength. 

Joe is taken away, while Ty laments the entire situation. He says he never would have left Joe, but now he will. He has to leave him, it's not like they'd let Joe work from prison. Ty appreciates that Lucifer stayed true to his word. Debra arrives and rushes to Ty. The happy couple is reunited. Lucifer is thrilled he helped Chloe solve another case. Chloe says she solved it despite him. 

Lucifer is now in Linda's office, getting dressed after paying another therapy bill. He tells her how the case turned out and lets her know she was right about his displaced anger. Linda asks Lucifer why he chose to come to LA. He claims a bunch of meaningless stuff, but she has a different theory. Linda thinks maybe Lucifer came to LA to reinvent himself, like many others do. Lucifer, of course denies this. "Why would I mess with perfection?"

The episode ends with a concerned Chloe reviewing footage of Lucifer throwing Joe through that glass wall. Just stay on his good side and you'll be fine, Detective. 

I won't lie, this is far from my favorite episode. It does have some great dialogue, and the Lucifer imposter plot was pretty funny. Lucifer easily tossing Joe aside was a scene that caught me off guard the first time. In the future I hope they do more scenes like that. More subtle, yet intense displays of Lucifer's powers are always welcome.

Season 1, Episode 4 -- "Manly Whatnots"

by @streetspirit97

The episode opens with Chloe in the shower thinking back to getting shot and some things Lucifer's done. She hears a noise, grabs her gun and finds Lucifer in the kitchen. Dan brings Trixie and Trixie runs to Lucifer. Lucifer leaves, Dan doesn't believe they didn't sleep together. 

When Lucifer goes to see Dr. Linda he starts undressing until Linda points out George. Dan arrives at Chloe's with news of another case. Some woman with a terrible fake southern accent is missing and Chloe has to go undercover with Lucifer to take the case. Lucifer is baffled by Chloe's lack of interest and Linda, with larger than usual glasses, tells him to get to know her and he takes that to mean he has to get Chloe in bed. Lucifer tells Chloe his plan and she tells him she'll never sleep with him and he doesn't believe it. 

They arrive at the "Player" went where Lucifer gets a woman's number and very nicely gives it to a geeky looking man. The missing girl's brother with a horrible accent causes minor trouble and Lucifer gets tree security to leave after the security guy says he wants Lucifer because he's gay in a funny little moment for Lucifer. They talk to bad southern accent man and go into the room with the awful presentation. The guy on stage is terribly cringy telling everyone that men are wolves and women are bunnies. Lucifer is very obviously disgusted that people pay so much for this seminar and asks what happens if you have all the "manly whatnots" but can't sleep with someone. He blows Chloe's cover and they're kicked out. There's a party Chloe plans on going to but Lucifer points out the venue is very expensive. 

At the Lux, Maze is having a drink when Amenadiel shows up to talk. Maze starts a fight, Amenadiel gets her against te wall and says they both want the same thing. Maze licks him which seems to hit a nerve but Amenadiel tells her they need to find Lucifer s weak spot and work together to which Maze refuses. Later, Chloe arrives at Lucifer's penthouse above the Lux to find him naked as he tries to seduce her. She notices the scars on his back and she says "oh my god" and Lucifer says "my father" Chloe asks if Lucifer's father did that to him. He says no Maze did after he asked her to cut his wings off. This is another case of a supposedly great detective not believing what Lucifer is saying, the possible reason being revealed at some point down the line but not in this episode. She tries to touch his scars and he grabs her hand and says "Don't. Please" and gets dressed. 

The party, now taking place at the Lux, is filled with guys who have terrible pick-up lines such as "are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only 10 I see" and thankfully Lucifer is as disgusted as the viewers should be and asks if it ever works. It doesn't but Chloe pretends it's cute to ask about the previous party. Some weird guy, dancing like there's a slinky, approaches Chloe and Lucifer says her dress, used to fit in, was starting to backfire. The guy who did the seminar spots them and pulls a gun. He says he has to go to save Lindsay, the missing girl and says they're going to kill her now. 

They interview him at the Lux and he says he doesn't know where she is nut he knows she's been taken. He also says he'd never hurt her and he loves her. Chloe asks how long they've been together. He says 4 months and Lucifer is surprised by the continued interest after the guy's slept with her multiple times. Chloe stops that part from going any further and the man, whose name I can't remember because it's only been saaid once, says he was given a tape after the seminar. The tape said no more cops or Lindsay dies. The kidnappers were there and Chloe asks for suspects. Lucifer is on the phone and says he'll be speaking on Carver's behalf thank you Lucifer for saying his name. He assures the mystery person on the other line that he's not a cop. Chloe asks who he's talking to, Lucifer says it's the kidnappers and says he'll be at the location soon with the money and no police. Carver gets a video of Lindsay crying and saying she's okay. Carver and Chloe say they're going with Lucifer bur Chloe says Carver can't go. 

In the car outside the location, Lucifer offers a cool ranch puff to Chloe and she says no. She then starts asking if he really is the devil does he feel any pain, specifically what getting shot feels like. Lucifer flicks her and he says that the bullet doesn't cause any wounds. He asks if he believes her now and she says no because she doesn't believe all that bible stuff. Carver shows up anyway and they go in to stop him. 

Lucifer locks Chloe out saying he promised no police and is a man of his word. He finds Carver who says the kidnappers called him saying of he doesn't arrive, the deal is off. The kidnapper then arrives saying the cliche "hand over the cash, no one gets hurt" like all kidnappers do and as Lucifer is about to hand over the cash, Carver says he wants to see Lindsay first. The kidnapper says no and wants the money first. Lucifer agrees with Carver and the kidnapper goes to grab the bag of money from Lucifer. Carver says to just give the money up so he can get Lindsay back, Lucifer complies and asks that Lindsay be handed over. The kidnapper says no and Lucifer says a deal is a deal. Carver, being the brilliant idiot of the episode, says he's not leaving without Lindsay and pulls a gun. Lucifer is not happy about it. 

Chloe is now in the warehouse where the deal is happening and hears a gunshot. Lindsay has shot Carver and Lucifer questions if it's the Lindsay Carver loves. She says yes and she couldn't let him shoot her brother. Carver says he doesn't understand but Lucifer does and explains that Lindsay kidnapped herself with help from her brother. Carver says he loved her and Lindsay says he didn't love her or even remember her name. Carver is confused, and rightfully so because of psycho woman. She says they met 2 years ago at the library and reveals that Carver used the meeting place as a part of his "How to Score" book. Lucifer says that's bad. Lindsay reveals that she was a virgin at the time and Lucifer says that's worse. Carver apologizes and says he's different to which Lindsay disagrees and Lucifer says the punishment doesn't fit the crime. Lindsay's brother tells Lucifer to shut up and instructs Lindsay to shoot him. Carver says he deserves this and Lucifer says he doesn't deserve death but he deserves plenty of stds. 

He asks Lindsay how humans justify one wrong doing with another, her brother runs to stop Lucifer from getting any closer only for Lucifer to knock him down with a punch to the throat. He flashes his devil face at Lindsay who freaks out and says she's sorry and begs not to be hurt. Lucifer then asks "Why does everybody say that before they're punished?" Lindsay begs not ti be killed when Chloe walks in and Lucifer says the detective should leave. She catches a glimpse of his devil face in a mirror and asks him what he is and he says he's been trying to tell her he's the devil. Chloe says that's not possible and he assures her it is. He tells her to shoot him to prove he's immortal and the bullet won't do anything. She shoots and Lucifer says 'Good for you! It hardly hurts" then it starts to hurt him and he's bleeding. Chloe then apologizes as Lucifer asks what this means as he's experiencing this for the first time. Chloe says of course it hurts before Lucifer asks what's happening to him. 

It cuts to after the cops and medics show up and Lucifer is speaking to the lieutenant about how great of a job Chloe did. The lieutenant apologizes to Mr. Morningstar for getting caught in the crossfire and he says it hardly hurt and to call him Lucifer. The lieutenant is clearly affected by his devil charm as she says his name with clear lust in her eyes which disgusts Chloe. She then thanks Lucifer and Chloe before leaving. Chloe said she thought Lucifer didn't lie and he says he doesn't but he also doesn't tell the whole truth. 

Chloe's back home and Trixie runs to her and asks what's on her shirt. Chloe tries to pretend it's ketchup but Trixie knows it's blood. Chloe tells her she hit someone with a bullet. Trixie asks who and is told ot was Lucifer which worries Trixie and she asks if he's okay. Chloe tells her he's fine and it was only a graze. Trixie remembers something Chloe said about a boy throwing french fries at her during lunch meaning he likes Trixie and Trixie suggests that since Chloe shot Lucifer she must really like him and Chloe sighs and says it's bed time and story time. 

At the Lux Maze asks what happened and Lucifer tells her he was shot. Maze says it's getting to dangerous and says "tell me we're going home" Lucifer replies and says the fun has only just begun to end to episode. There were a lot of big moments for Lucifer, mainly being that he can get hurt but he doesn't yet know why. 

I could've done without the awful accent duo but other than those two the episode was pretty great. Chloe's way of saying she shot Lucifer was cute and Trixie's conclusion as to why was adorable. Maze being worried is very understandable as she's never had to worry much about Lucifer dying until now but the show being called Lucifer would make little sense if they just went back to Hell. The episode had everything one would expect from the dark, yet somehow light and fun series. The main story progression was a huge revelation and you'll want to know what happens next but that's the end of this episode and this incredibly long review.

Season 1, Episode 5 -- "Sweet Kicks"

by @BLB_17

The episode kicks off with Lucifer and Maze attending a gangster-style fashion show. After Lucifer notices the lack of actual fashion, Maze says that the designer, Benny’s real success is shoes that sell for huge money and people would kill for. The realization in the previous episode that Lucifer could bleed after being shot by Chloe, is obviously on Maze’s mind when she tells Lucifer to stay away from pointy objects when a model with a sword flirts with Lucifer. Lucifer doesn’t seem worried and is almost gleeful at the prospect of having a new unpredictable toy to play with - mortality. Backstage, Lucifer and the model are interrupted mid-tryst by the sound of gunshots at the fashion show, but Lucifer is unconcerned, and it’s Maze that pulls Lucifer away from danger. As they leave the chaos, a dead young woman confirms that the fashion truly is worth killing for.

At the police station, Chloe tells the victim’s mother that they will do everything to find the killer. Being a mother to an only child as well, certainly makes it a more personal case for the detective. Just after Chloe tells Dan that Lucifer is out of her life, he shows up to lay the guilt on Chloe that she shot him. I especially enjoy Tom Ellis’ portrayal of playing the victim for a moment, if only to get what he wants from the police lieutenant – to get to play around with his mortality in dangerous situations, while the lieutenant’s career gets a devilish endorsement. It must be extremely challenging for the usual tough Chloe to be the ‘yes person’ to appease the lieutenant and continue to pay her dues after the Palmetto case. To have a menace like Lucifer be her partner, must sting because of how serious and dedicated she is to her job, but I think deep down, she is curious about him as well. I love the scene in the elevator when Chloe clarifies that Lucifer wants to experience different things, she slaps him hard across the face to Lucifer’s protest of ‘Bloody hell’ (I want that as my ringtone!), then asks Chloe to do it again.

Because of Lucifer’s previous connection to Benny Choi, he granted him a desire that kicked off Benny’s career, they have an all-access pass to the designer and meet Benny’s bodyguard, Hector, as well as Benny’s pig, Pig Diddy. Lucifer cashes in his I.O.U. to get the truth from Benny who used to be in a gang, Asian Boyz, but he got out of the life and went on to be a huge success. He tells them that a couple from a rival gang, the Latin Kings, had tried to crash the fashion show and could be responsible for trying to take Benny out.

Lucifer talks Chloe into going to the cop bar, The Paddock Lounge while they’re waiting for the gang members to be identified. They talk about the deal with the devil and while Chloe questions who would take a deal like that, Lucifer simple answers, ‘They all do’. When Anthony Paolucci, Malcolm Graham’s partner who was shot at Palmetto, insults Chloe, Lucifer defends her, but I think it’s simply an excuse to punch Paolucci and they have to make a quick exit.

Meanwhile, Maze and Amenadiel meet in a coffee shop. Amenadiel is looking sharp in a new suit and is trying a more laid-back approach to get what he wants. Perhaps he’s been taking notice this approach works especially well for his brother. Maze speaks of her desire to go back to hell and Amenadiel says if she gives him information on Lucifer, he’ll get both of them back home. As Lucifer no longer confides in Maze, she tells Amenadiel about Lucifer’s therapist, Dr. Linda Martin. When Amenadiel questions Maze’s loyalty to Lucifer, she says she wants what’s best for Lucifer. I believe she feels guilt for betraying Lucifer, but his unreasonable nature and desire to test his mortality, makes Maze feel she doesn’t has a choice. Up to this point, Lucifer is the only person that Maze has had in her life on earth and she’s not willing to risk his life, or the chance to get home, for anything.

Dr. Linda is leaving her office for the day when she runs into Amenadiel, posing as a new doctor down the hall, Dr. Keenan. She is clearly affected by his charming persona and fancy new suit. Seeing characters meet for the first time on this show always adds a great layer to the story with a new relationship to explore. I get excited seeing new dynamics and the casting directors of Lucifer deserve huge kudos for having assembled a cast that has perfect chemistry between, not only the main characters, but so many of the guest stars as well.   

At Lux, Lucifer tells Maze about his run-in at the bar with Paolucci. When Maze is worried again for Lucifer and his vulnerability, Lucifer says she’s just jealous that he’s exploring his mortality with Detective Decker. When Maze says she may not be around to save him, Lucifer plays the power card - she exists to protect him. It’s interesting to listen to these conversations knowing what we do in later seasons. What started out as a simple conversation five episodes into the series, ends up reaching a boiling point in another season. Kudos to the writers for the natural progression of these storylines.

Dan comes to Lux to try to make it clear to Lucifer how dangerous a gang war is and if he wants to work the case he better take care of Chloe. It’s a true alpha-male standoff which Lucifer doesn’t take too seriously. Afterwards, Lucifer mentions to Chloe that Dan came to see him. When Chloe makes a comment aloud about ‘the men in her life,’ Lucifer is quite happy that she includes him in that category. But Chloe is having none of it and locks him in the car with the fantastic exchange ‘Ask like a child get treated like a child,’ to which Lucifer retorts that isn’t it illegal to lock a child in a car? Lucifer is like a child so often. It’s easy to forget that he isn’t a clueless human - he’s clueless alright, but he’s the devil. Lucifer of course escapes the car and gets a jump on the couple, the two gang members, Diego and Dani Ramirez, who tried to crash the fashion show. The victim, Paola Cortez, was Diego’s cousin. A broken down Diego points them toward Yellow Viper, who took the wrap for an old b&e charge and ended up doing five years in prison while Benny got rich and famous.

At Dr. Linda’s office, ‘Dr. Keenan’ suggests they share information on their troubled patients. When Amenadiel turns on the charm, she agrees to a drink.

Chloe talks to Lucifer about cause and effect and the favours Lucifer does for people have consequences. This goes back to the pilot episode when Lucifer questions if his helping Delilah be a pop star also lead to her death. They question Yellow Viper who is teaching a graffiti art class to kids and the Latin Kings show up for revenge for Diego’s cousin. When the guns are pulled and Chloe and Lucifer are caught in the middle, it’s the first time Lucifer appears concerned to be in this dangerous and unpredictable situation.

Lucifer distracts the Latin Kings so Chloe can get the Yellow Viper and the kids to safety. The lights go off and Chloe pulls Lucifer to the ground, which of course he enjoys. Suddenly the Latin Kings are being taken out one by one. It’s Maze. Lucifer enthusiastically explains each injury Maze inflicts on the group until there’s just sounds of pain and injury. When everyone is down and Lucifer and Chloe emerge, Chloe punches out Dani to which Lucifer is impressed, even though Maze took everyone else out. An annoyed Maze says she saved Lucifer, but she wasn’t there to save Chloe.

As they arrest the gang members, Dan tells Chloe they found the same type of gun used to kill Paola Cortez in Yellow Viper’s bag. When Lucifer takes credit for solving the case and implies that it’s like she owes him a favour, Chloe tells Lucifer that she thinks he grants these favours to feel superior. She accuses him of having a God complex which is certainly not fond of hearing, then she angrily gets in the car. As they drive Yellow Viper to jail, Lucifer pushes Chloe to listen to her instincts and that the same gut feeling she had about Palmetto she has now because they think Yellow Viper was set up. They take Yellow Viper to see Benny and the truth comes out that in exchange for become Benny’s partner, Hector, his bodyguard, had to do all the dirty work including the shooting at the fashion show and killing Pig Diddy. It’s Benny’s lack of authenticity and his lies that angers Lucifer most and he shows Benny his devil face, who responds as they all do - with terrified screams.

As they watch the Lieutenant gives a rousing performance to the reporters about the case being solved, Chloe is chagrined that the woman will become Chief of Police because of Lucifer’s favour and that Lucifer is now an official civilian consultant to the LAPD. When Chloe pretends to flirt with Lucifer, he falls for it and she drives away leaving him stranded. (This is the business side of how Lucifer and Chloe truly become partners, although I think their partnership really began in the Pilot when Chloe and Lucifer have an honest talk at Lux - he volunteered to be her partner and she didn’t object.)

Back at Lux, Lucifer agrees with Maze for the first time about the danger and consequences. When he quips he almost got their pet detective killed, you can see the jealousy in Maze’s eyes because she knows he’s intrigued by Chloe. He says that Maze will always be there to protect him. And when she says she will even when he doesn’t see the danger coming, it’s a warning, but he doesn’t notice it. He talks about mortality, but is still taking it all in stride. The last scene is Maze watching Chloe sleep, her demon face visible in a reflection. She looks at Chloe with fascination, assumingly trying to figure out why Lucifer finds her so fascinating and also I’m guessing to size her up - that she’s an insignificant human and Maze could end her life in a moment. A startled Chloe awakens calling out if anyone is there, but she is alone. Great song choice here with Edwyn Collin’s 90s hit A Girl Like You.

Sweet Kicks isn’t one of my favourite cases, but even as a more standard, procedural episode, there are lots of fantastic character development tidbits. The humorous, rapid-fire dialogue between Lucifer and Chloe is always delivered with perfection. After all the talk of favours and consequences, it’s a devilish deal that cements Chloe and Lucifer’s partnership. We get to see the first meeting of Amenadiel and Linda. And we see Maze so concerned for Lucifer and his newfound mortality, that she betrays him by turning to Amenadiel to get them home to hell. It is a continuing theme that everyone’s actions do have consequences and this is especially true with Lucifer and Maze’s relationship.

Season 1, Episode 6 -- "Favorite Son"

by @sapphiremoon01 

When a security guard is murdered in the midst of a robbery, Lucifer deems the case boring and opts to pass on this one. Then Maze informs Luci the container that was stolen is actually his. Chloe is annoyed with both Lucifer and Dan, Trixie just wants cake, and Amenadiel keeps up his Dr. Canaan charade in an effort to manipulate Dr. Linda. It seems that at least half of this episode can be found in gif form, so you know it must be an important one. 

The episode begins with Lucifer playing piano and singing "Sinnerman" in Lux. If I had it my way, most episodes would begin with Lucifer singing and playing piano. Elsewhere, a security guard is killed and a storage container belonging to "Morningstar" is stolen. Uh-oh. 

The next morning, Chloe is interrogating Trixie in regards to chocolate cake. The kid's face is caked with cake but she denies it. Dan swoops in to play good cop and Trixie confesses, citing Lucifer as her inspiration. Lucifer says if you want to do something you should do it, and Trixie says she really wanted that chocolate cake. Of course this bothers Dan, he doesn't like Lucifer one bit and now the guy's influencing his daughter. Chloe is slightly pissed when Dan tells her he can't make dinner with Trixie tomorrow night because of work. I worry Trixie is compulsive cake eating due to the stress of her parents' separation, but I'm not Dr. Linda so what do I know. 

Back at Lux, Maze greets Lucifer with two hot Brittanies and is irritated when he chooses to go to work instead of participating in a foursome. Lucifer heads to the crime scene where Chloe tells him it's a robbery/homicide where a storage container was stolen and a security guard was suffocated. Lucifer quickly decides this is a boring case and tells a disgusted Chloe he's going to pass on this one. At Lux, Lucifer vents his frustrations about the boring case to Maze. Maze informs Lucifer that the stolen container is actually his. Luci doesn't seem all that bothered, he pours a drink and pretty much shrugs it off. Maze reminds him it's more than just the container at stake, it's his reputation. That if he does nothing about this, he's sending a message that it's okay to steal from Lucifer Morningstar. The contents of the mystery container may not matter much to Lucifer, but he can't let his reputation take a hit, so he heads back to the crime scene. 

Chloe isn't thrilled when Lucifer offers to help. Lucifer explains it's his container that's missing but refuses to reveal what exactly is in this container. This irks Chloe, not only because Lucifer is being unusually secretive, but because this warehouse is known for illegal activity. Lucifer knows of a guy who may have some information. He brings Chloe to a snow cone stand and proceeds to assault the vendor. Lucifer knows this guy is involved in the storage racket and after an ample amount of choking, the man points them in the direction of the Los Diablos motorcycle club. Chloe does not appreciate Lucifer's behavior or how little regard he has for the murder victim. She tells Lucifer he actually can't help her, since it's his stuff that's missing and his involvement would create a conflict of interest. Lucifer leaves for the time being and Chloe calls Dan to discuss the case and her concerns about Lucifer.

Dan goes to Lux to look into Lucifer's finances/books and figure out what he's hiding. He questions Maze, who kind of seemed to be flirting with him but Dan's still technically married and could not seem less interested. So Maze leads him to the room where they keep the records and knocks him unconscious. 

Lucifer is talking with Linda. He's upset Chloe kicked him off the case. They end up discussing who Lucifer thinks he's trying to become, but he insists he's not trying to become anyone. Linda keeps pressing on about his identity and Lucifer storms out. Amenadiel, who Linda only knows as Dr. Canaan, arrives. He asks Linda about this "Lucifer" guy and offers his assistance if she ever needed a consult on one of her patients. I love manipulative Amenadiel, he's so sneaky. 

Now we see Dan, waking up naked and confused at Chloe's place. He covers himself with a pillow and darts to the nearest bedroom just before Chloe and Trixie come home. He overhears Chloe talking to her mom, saying she wishes Dan would make a little bit more of an effort. Dan sighs and shuts the door. If you pause, you'll see a sign on the door that says: "Trixie. No boys allowed except Lucifer and Dad." This amuses me but I also feel kind of bad for Dan. Trixie wrote Lucifer's name first, and in larger letters. Maybe I'm just overthinking a sign made by an eight year old. Trixie walks in and asks why her father is wearing a pillow. She manages to extort a year's worth of chocolate cake out of Dan in exchange for her silence and some clothes. 

Dan arrives at Lux wearing a pretty pink tracksuit and an N*Sync tank top. Kevin Alejandro looks hilarious and I seriously give thanks every episode that they recast Dan. He asks Maze why she put his naked butt in Chloe's bed. Maze figured that would be enough to get the two of them back together, thus getting Chloe away from Lucifer. Dan tells Maze that's not how things work, relationships require effort. This speech gives Dan a Gregory House-like epiphany. Who would have guessed kidnapping a man and stealing his clothes would help him realize he needs to put more effort into his family life? Dan finally gets to see Lux's books, which are clean. Maze returns his clothes and faces no consequences once she points out how embarrassing it would be for Dan to arrest a tiny bartender for assaulting a cop. 

After Dan tells Chloe Lux's books are clean, she runs into Lucifer on her way to a biker bar. Lucifer apologizes for earlier, he wants his stuff back but he also wants to help. Chloe shows him a photo on her phone of a mark left on the victim's neck. The mark matches the Los Diablos symbol seen on one of the bikes outside the bar. Lucifer and Chloe enter, where Lucifer immediately causes a scene. He unplugs the jukebox and demand the thief come forward. and accept his punishment. One man named Renny, insults Lucifer by calling him Harry Potter. Lucifer basically calls Renny stupid and Chloe has to knock Renny to the ground to keep him from punching Lucifer. That's when Cutter, the boss of the club, appears and invites Chloe and Lucifer to chat in his office. 

Chloe tells Cutter about the murder, but he is of no help. Lucifer talks to Cutter and he admits this motorcycle thing is just exhausting. He's started a clothing line and is trying to go legit. Chloe presses him for more information, but Cutter refuses to answer any more questions without his lawyer. Once they leave, Chloe tells Lucifer she believes Cutter knows who robbed the warehouse and that he will lead them to the suspect. Lucifer isn't so sure about this until they spot Cutter leaving.

Amenadiel and Linda are having a drink in her office, discussing Lucifer. Amenadiel suggests Linda embrace this metaphor Lucifer insists on using. He wants to help her help Lucifer but warns Linda that Lucifer may not like what she has to say. 

Chloe and Lucifer are on a stake out, watching for Cutter. Chloe tells Lucifer she doesn't think he's being honest with her and she worries he's a criminal. 

Lucifer: "I have never lied to you. And I will never lie to you."

Chloe: "What was in that container?"

Lucifer: "Russian dolls." 

Before Chloe can react to that startling revelation, Renny arrives. Cutter confronts Renny about robbing the warehouse and Renny shoots him. Chloe calls for back up and rushes over to help Cutter. Lucifer takes off in the car to chase after Renny. He catches up to Renny and stalks him in a garage. Lucifer is undeterred by Renny's attempts to shoot him, he taunts him until they reach the roof of the building. 

Lucifer demands Renny give him back his property. Renny swears this wasn't his idea. He didn't know what was in that container, but he looked. He saw THEM. Lucifer flashes his devil eyes and repeatedly asks who stole them. After Lucifer shows Renny a quick glimpse of his devil face, Renny leaps off of the building. Chloe arrives just in time to see him jump. Lucifer tells her he couldn't stop Renny. Commercial break black screen, then we're back at the crime scene. Chloe tells Lucifer Cutter's going to make it. Renny didn't care for the new direction the club was taking. Renny robbed that warehouse on his own and killed the security guard al on his own. She then tells Lucifer they recovered his container. 

Lucifer and Chloe enter the large storage container where the only thing visible is a large chest. Lucifer opens it to reveal several Russian nesting dolls. Chloe is baffled and asks why he'd go through so much trouble for dolls. Lucifer tells her he has to keep some mysteries for himself. Chloe is over this container business, she tells Lucifer to enjoy his dolls and she leaves. After Chloe is out of sight, Lucifer hits something on a wall which opens a secret set of doors. Behind the doors is an empty wall. "They're gone." 

In happier news, Dan actually showed up for dinner at Chloe's place and brought Trixie a slice of cake. Chloe is pleasantly surprised, and Trixie is thrilled to have cake.

Lucifer tells Linda his belongings were not recovered. Linda says sometimes we have to lose something before we're able to recognize it's true value. Using the biblical knowledge Amenadiel fed her, Linda agitates Lucifer by bringing up his identity again and mentioning several different names for the devil. The name Samael really strikes a nerve. Lucifer tells her he doesn't use that name anymore. Linda insists the name is a connotation of God's love for him. It's a very intense scene and if you haven't watched this episode, you should at least see if this scene is somewhere on youtube. 

Linda continues telling an upset Lucifer that God didn't cast him out because he was angry. Lucifer is pissed off and Linda keeps piling it on. She says God cast him out because he wanted Lucifer to have the most difficult of jobs. It was a gift. Lucifer argues he was shunned and vilified, forever tied to acts of depravity. Linda continues telling him this was an act of love and he needs to embrace all that he is. An extremely upset Lucifer says he can't because "They stole them from me!" He punches a hole in Linda's wall and leaves. Linda is unsettled and perhaps she's realizing this wasn't the best approach.

Back at Lucifer's place, we see an angry Lucifer and two scars on his back. 

"Someone's got them, Mazikeen. Someone's got my wings."

Season 1, Episode 7 -- "Wingman"

by @AlexiaGIL7

Human or Celestial Being? It’s up to me!

Sorry for any mistakes. English is not my mother tongue. It’s also my first review so I’m proud for achieving it

The episode opens at LUX, with Maze, turning on a guy. She leads him upstairs in the hot tub. It turns out, it’s a trap, to question him about Lucifer’s wings. It’s the first time we really get into Maze’s demon side. We see how much she enjoys the game (Thanks to Lesley Ann Brandt’s amazing acting skills). Lucifer comes in and the guy, named Sergei Bok a smuggler might know where his wings are. He denies it and Lucifer realizes that maybe they are not taking the right angle and that he needs another kind of approach. He leaves the smuggler go, to Maze’s disappointment who wanted to hit him. I must say my devil side enjoys seeing Maze torturing humans.

Then we get to understand a little more about Dan and Chloe relationship. When she arrives to the precinct and learns that Malcolm’s family, the cop she accused of being dirty, will pull the plug, thus, the precinct will organize a wake for him. Dan tries to convince her to drop the charges against Malcom for corruption. She gets mad at him for not supporting her now and in the past. He finally tells her that she has 24 hours to find evidence against him or she drops it and let his family have the mourning they deserve.

We sense the tension between the two characters and we are starting to understand more what was wrong in their couple. As Chloe’s says he is always on everyone else’s side and put his reputation first.

Next, Lucifer being Lucifer, pops into Chloe house without being invited, to ask for help and see her staring to crime scenes photos. He suggests jokingly and tactlessly that it morose and that she should try knitting. The usual Deckerstar banter continues. Chloe says that she doesn’t have time for his ”Luciferness”. Lucifer notices (despite how new he is to the feeling thing) that there is something wrong with her and offers bluntly to talk or have sex. Our dear devil is relentless, but he means well. Obsessed with the Palmetto case, Chloe asks Lucifer for advice. Our independent Lord of Hell tells her that she doesn’t need anyone permission to investigate a case, that she should pursue it

Chloe then, helps him with his case telling him that if he’s stuck, he needs a pair of fresh eyes. She expects him to help with The Palmetto case, but he storms out before she can ask.

I can’t help myself to compare the Dan/Chloe dynamics with Lucifer/Chloe dynamics. Dan and Lucifer are both tactless with Chloe, but Dan is treating her like a bad little girl while Lucifer is actually giving her advice. He respects what she wants. He pushes her forward while Dan is helping reluctantly it seems...

The next scene is a conversation between Lucifer and Amenadiel. Our dear devil teases his older brother about “Dear Old Dad” and asks him for his assistance to get his wings back. They argue about Lucifer’s destiny. Amenadiel is insisting that his brother doesn’t belong on Earth and deep down, he knows that so that’s why he kept the wings. Lucifer disagrees so Amenadiel refuses to help him, saying that he has to take responsibilities for his actions

Consequently, he goes back to Chloe’s house and ask in own words for a “quid pro quo” She agrees but giggles when Luci tells her, he is looking for his angel wings. She teases him about “being into cosplay” but agrees to help if it is so important to him. Lucifer is delighted and, in return wants to help with The Palmetto case. He didn’t know though that, in the meantime, Chloe had asked for Dan’s help. Lucifer isn’t very thrilled about it and I can’t wait to see a little “ménage a trois” going on there

So, our dear trio or ménage à trois as I call it, reenacts the crime scene in Palmetto street. We learn a little more about that night and about what Chloe saw. According to Chloe who followed Malcom that night, he was making a cash deal with Nicolas Aoudi, a drug dealer the police was looking for. Suddenly, shots rang out and Aoudi and his body guards were dead on the floor, leaving Malcolm, barely alive. Lucifer, then, points out that if, Malcolm was indeed a dirty cop, then Aoudi had no interest in killing him. Chloe is certain that there was someone in that room. Problem…The place was searched; the cops didn’t find anything. But before, they can’t go further, they are interrupted by a phone call. The wings have been found in an auction “for all things divine”. The FBI, on this case, is planning a raid and Lucifer will have his wings back in 30 days. But why bother with the law when you are the devil right?

He drives off to the auction and, surprisingly meets with Amenadiel who wants to make sure the wings go back where they belong and that they don’t pose a threat to humanity

It’s funny to see Amenadiel and Lucifer interact, it’s the first time we can actually see them argue like brothers. For angels, they act a bit childishly towards one another. The golden medal goes to Luci when he refers to himself as “honey” and Amenadiel “vinegar”. They really have the usual competitive big brother/little brother relationship. They enter, thanks to Lucifer’s silver coin and Amenadiel is on full badass mode when the auctioneer threatens them with guns and doesn’t want to give the wings back while Lucifer just wants to buy the wings. (Who is the angry one now?) They enter the auction and Amenadiel discovers that his brother can bleed. They share a good moment where they joke about St Paul and Chloe arrive as back up to warn them about the FBI raid. She is swooning about Amenadiel and compare him mockingly to Lucifer. Does she do this this to annoy our Devil or does Amenadiel has something more that we don’t know about? Intriguing… Our Angel immediately understand the connection between Lucifer and Chloe. Another thing, which I find curious. He doesn’t seem surprised to see his brother care for a human. Lucifer is upset about it.

The wings, appear on our screen but the FBI are entering abruptly to raid the place. Amenadiel stops time to enable his brother to retrieve his wings but Lucifer realizes they are fake. Chloe realizes that they might have been a secret door on Palmetto street, she asks Lucifer to come along, he refuses. She leaves, upset that he doesn’t respect “their quid pro quo” promise. But Lucifer is ready for some devil’s work

We go back to The Palmetto crime scene with Chloe and Dan where they discover a trapdoor hidden. They find some LAPD police key. A policeman from LAPD was hidden there that night and probably shot Malcolm. But who was it? Dan promises he will help her find out who was there,

But something doesn’t add up here. Why is he so eager to help now, when he didn’t believe her five minutes ago? Is it because he wants to protect her, or does he have something to hide?

Finally, we get to see a little depth in Dan’s character and it makes me wonder…What has he done? That’s an interesting question.

Chloe shows up at the wake to announce that she is closing the case against Malcolm but this merely a decoy for her and Dan to investigate peacefully into the shooting.

Lucifer tracks the auctioneer who fled during the raid and arrives at his house. He finds his wings behind glass and discovers that the man had been tipped off by someone. He is still very upset and before “he deals with him”. (OOH real devil’s work here. I don’t know whether to be scared or excited). He demands to know who tipped him off

We’re back at the beach with Luci and his angel brother, where we finally discover that Amenadiel is the one who orchestrated the theft, in order to, manipulate his brother into wanting the wings and thus, the Hellish throne, that comes with it (Wow it makes my head hurt).

But Lucifer refuses to be a pawn in Amenadiel’s plan and burns the wings. From now one, he is the only one who decides who he is and what he wants to do next. He chooses his destiny (Hurray to free will!). He rebels once more. Amenadiel lets his rage out and punches Lucifer, much to his brother’s pleasure. Our dearest angel threatens Luci and promises that he’ll do anything to get him back to Hell (The angel is not so angelic now is he?…The plot thickens. Can’t wait to see what happens next).

Next  another scene at LUX, where Maze announces that she cleaned up Lucifer’s mess and even though she doesn’t like living on Earth, she says, she’s with him from now until the end.

The bond between Maze and Lucifer intrigues me, she seems to be loyal to him, to be ready to die to protect him and yet we know that she kept one feather from the wings. Why? What is her motives exactly? Is she working with Amenadiel to get Lucifer back to Hell?

We wrap up with Chloe’s arrival at LUX. Lucifer apologizes in his own way and Chloe giggles then, saying again that they are friends and if the wings matter to him, they matter to her as well. Lucifer, just brushes this off by saying the wings are “old news” (A way to say he’s moving on). Chloe is puzzled but accept this “old news”.  They share a toast to our “equally enigmatic future”. Lucifer has now something in common with a human

The episode finishes with Malcom miraculously waking up from his coma state and we see the devil’s brother walking down the corridor of the hospital.

My opinion:

This episode is clearly a turning point both for the character and their relationships. Past mingles with the future. We got to get a closer look to Amenadiel, Maze and Dan and they don’t appear as we thought they would be. Their personality is blurred. We don’t know their motives. We don’t exactly know why they are doing these actions. But it gives their characters more perspective, more to dig in as well. They ‘re far from being the stereotypes they were in the first episode. They become more human in a way, less easy to read. This episode leads also a new path for Lucifer, who decides of whom he wants to be from now on and for Chloe who might get the answers she was looking for? I can’t help but shudder at Malcolm sudden awakening. Was he in hell? Does he will go after Lucifer next? Is really a dirty cop? Anyway, a lot of questions. Can’t wait to see what Lucifer has in store next?

What did you think about the episode?

A few funny quotes:

Lucifer: Is this really what you do in your spare time? Do you ever think of taking up knitting?

Chloe: I really don’t have time for your Luciferness

Lucifer: I’m not one to get into the feels usually but you seem genuinely distressed. Are you okay? Do you want to chat or something? Of course, Sex is always on table

Lucifer (on the beach): This where I flip dear old dad the grandest of birds

Amenadiel (about St Paul): Paul’s wrist was too thick to fit in those chains

Lucifer: I know this man could never pass on dessert

Amenadiel (after Chloe departure): You’re sure you don’t want to chase after her. Maybe I can ask Father for some rain and make it a moment

Season 1, Episode 8 -- "A Priest Walks into a Bar"

by @FrodoCatsmom

In this episode was different from others as in this episode Lucifer finds friendship with a man of the cloth. In the beginning Lucifer and Chloe start looking at a youth center in connection to murder. During the investigation they interview a young man by the name of Connor and a counselor at the Youth Center by the name of Doyle. From the moment that Lucifer meets Father Frank you can see that he wants to make it his mission to tempt Father Frank with various sinful delights. Thus showing he really isn’t as righteous as he appears to be. What ends up happening is that Lucifer finds a kindred soul who helps him open up his eyes to the possibility that there are people who when their faith is tested they won’t budge. The episode also includes a piano duet by both Father Frank and Lucifer. Be sure to watch to find out who the real killer is if you haven’t already.

Season 1, Episode 9 -- "Et Tu, Doctor?"

by @sapphiremoon01

Jealously, corruption, and betrayal all factor into this episode which begins at Lux. Lucifer's throwing himself birthday party. Maze says he doesn't have a birthday. Lucifer has decided this is a re-birthday, celebrating the burning of his wings and how he can be whatever he wants. Chloe and Dan arrive. They insist Lucifer take a shot of whiskey with a pickle juice chaser, as it's a birthday tradition they do down at the station. He reluctantly participates but doesn't seem aa grossed out by it as expected. Dan and Chloe can't stay for long, there's a department thing they have to deal with. Chloe hugs Lucifer and wishes him a happy birthday before leaving with Dan. That department thing they have to attend to is Malcolm's welcome back party. Malcolm jokes around with Chloe and Dan but there's something sinister about him. 

Lucifer meets with Dr. Linda and tells her he may have been out of line during their last session. Linda says their last session was actually a major breakthrough. Lucifer wants to be rid of these inconvenient emotions. He tells Linda that Chloe has been spending more time with Dan. Anyone can see that this bothers Lucifer, and Linda suggests Lucifer may be jealous. Lucifer rejects this idea, he wants Linda to "fix" Chloe so she won't hang out with Dan so much. Linda tells him that's not how therapy works but Lucifer doesn't seem to care.

Now we're at a different therapist's office, but this one is a crime scene. Dr. Bernie Shaw is dead, head injury. Chloe believes it to be a crime of passion. Dr. Shaw specialized in counseling married couples. He had a very different idea on how to save a marriage; have an affair that your with you spouse's consent. With treatment like that, any one of his patients could be the killer. Chloe can't go through patient files on her own, they need a psychologist. Lucifer suggests Dr. Linda, but Chloe is against it considering Linda's behavior last time they met. It's out of her hands anyway, a judge will appoint someone. Cut to Lucifer hooking up with a judge so he can get Linda on this case. 

While Linda reviews patient files, Lucifer notices a new doctor moved in next door to her. "Dr. Canaan. How biblical." Chloe isn't sure about Linda's working on this case. Lucifer vouches for her and reveals Linda is actually his therapist. Since Lucifer is still claiming to be the devil, Chloe is doubtful of Linda's skills. Linda's awesome, Chloe just doesn't know it yet. Linda steps out of her office to tell Chloe and Lucifer she found something. A patient named Richard Kester had made death threats against Dr. Shaw over a year ago. He and his wife were seeing Dr. Shaw, she had an affair and they still divorced. Richard seems to be the only patient with motive. 

On their way to talk to Richard, Lucifer struggles to understand jealousy. He asks why Chloe and Dan separated. She says it's because work was more of a priority to Dan than she and Trixie. Though lately things have been different, and Dan has been making more of an effort. Lucifer is unimpressed. As they approach their destination, Chloe gets a phone call from Linda, warning them that Richard may be a danger to himself. Richard is actually on the roof of a building, ready to jump. Chloe looks up to see that Lucifer is now up there with him. Now, I love this show but this is one of the worst green screens I've seen in recent memory. Lucifer decides the suicidal man could possibly help him understand jealousy. He holds Richard over the ledge, demanding to know why he'd kill Dr. Shaw. Richard tells him he wasn't going to jump because he was jealous, he was jumping because of grief. Dr. Shaw was great to him and helped him through a lot. Lucifer unintentionally talks Richard out of suicide and they get down from the building. Chloe is able to confirm Richard's alibi. Richard is still distraught and wonders how Dr. Shaw's wife, Sandy is handling this. She was just planning a surprise for Shaw two days earlier. She was supposedly out of town and had asked Richard to keep her location a secret. This information conflicts with Sandy's previous alibi. 

Linda goes to Lux to meet Lucifer, but meets Maze instead. Maze warns Linda that sleeping with Lucifer won't end well, she'll end up discarded like the others. Linda notes how usually people are rude because they feel powerless in their lives and fear a lack of control, but she's sure that's not Maze. Oddly enough, Maze likes Linda. She walks away as Lucifer and Chloe arrive. Lucifer would like Linda's input on the developments in the case. They tell her about Sandy's botched alibi. Linda points out that notes on someone referred to as SS in his notes. Alexandra "Sandy" Shaw? Based off of Shaw's notes, it seems Sandy was stalking on of his patients, a patient he happened to be sleeping with. Chloe takes a call from dispatch. Apparently Dan's phone battery died but he needs to meet her at her place immediately. Sounds odd to me, but I'm not the detective here. 

When Chloe enters her home, she is greeted by Malcolm. He tricked her into meeting and broke into her house. Naturally, Chloe does not appreciate this one bit.  Malcolm tells Chloe they're on the same side. He knows she's still looking into the Palmetto Street incident, and so is he. He tells Chloe he was there to buy info from an informant. Malcolm thinks there's a crooked cop in their department. Despite this, Malcolm says he's done looking into Palmetto Street and advises Chloe that she let it go as well. 

On the way to Sandy's location, Linda offers Lucifer some insight that makes him feel she's siding with Chloe. Lucifer still doesn't see how he could be jealous and isn't grasping the concept very well. The three of them find Sandy at a parking garage. Chloe questions her and Lucifer draws out her true desire. She wants to throw manure at Tiffany, the woman she was stalking. Tiffany is the one Shaw was sleeping with, he had fallen in love with her. Shaw's colleague, Dr. Medina, unknowingly tipped Sandy off to the affair. Dan arrives to talk to Chloe. He's pissed about the stunt Malcolm pulled. Dan tells her they couldn't get any prints off the 999 key. Seems they've hit another dead end in the Palmetto case. Meanwhile, Lucifer has wandered off to the group therapy session where Sandy was going to poop bomb Tiffany. 

Chloe and Linda have no idea where Lucifer went. Chloe takes this time to apologize for underestimating Linda. She laughs and says she thought Linda may have been sleeping with Lucifer. Linda confirms that she is, despite the fact that it's highly unethical. There's just something about Lucifer, but it's time she put an end to that aspect of their relationship. Chloe doesn't think Sandy is the murderer. She and Linda realize Dr. Medina may have set it up so Sandy would find out about her husband's affair.

Lucifer is in a group therapy session, meant to give Dr. Shaw's friends and patients a place to mourn. Of course, he has given these people his own life story in an attempt to gain some insight on this jealousy thing. Dr. Medina confronts Lucifer that this session isn't about him. Lucifer does the desire trick on Medina who reveals he wants Sandy. An emotional Medina holds a knife to Lucifer's throat. He explains how Shaw was lying to his wife, cheating on her and yet Sandy still loved him. Killing Shaw was the only way to end it. Now Lucifer finally understands.

Lucifer: "You've just given me the perfect example of unbridled jealousy."

Medina: "I'm not jealous. I'm not."

Lucifer: "The woman that you loved was with someone else, someone you thought wasn't worthy of her. But no matter what you did she never saw you the way you wanted her to."

Medina: "That's, that's pretty accurate."

Lucifer: "You've just made me realize something. That my situation and yours are absolutely nothing alike. I was right! Not jealous!"

Whatever you say, Luci. 

Chloe shows up and takes Medina down. The weirdo bites her in the process. Luckily, he's not a carrier for rabies so all all is well. Chloe asks Lucifer if he saw any similarity between himself and Medina. He says no and she agrees. I think they're both in a special kind of denial. Lucifer asks Chloe about the secret case she and Dan have been working on. She says it's going terribly, Malcolm woke up and is claiming innocence. After telling Lucifer she used the police department's GPS to track Malcolm to Palmetto Street, Chloe realizes something. Malcolm's partner, Tony Paolucci, must have known where Malcolm was that night. 

Using GPS, Lucifer and Chloe track Paolucci to a bar. The bar is closed, but the door was unlocked. Inside, they find Tony Paolucci dead. Self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Other police arrive, including Dan. Chloe tells him that Paolucci confessed to everything in his suicide note. He was on the take, he shot Malcolm, and when Malcolm woke up he couldn't handle the guilt anymore. Neither Dan or Chloe seem all that willing to believe this. 

Lucifer meets with Linda, thinking she wants him to make a payment. He begins undressing but Linda stops him. Linda no longer wants THAT sort of payment and thinks their relationship should remain professional from here on out. Lucifer's completely fine with that. He leaves, but quickly returns. 

Lucifer: "Dr. Canaan down the hall what's he like?"

Linda: "Uh, thoughtful. Spiritual."

Lucifer: "Little sanctimonious?"

Linda: "I don't know. I suppose."

Lucifer: "Six-foot-two, black, voice like an angel?"

Linda: "Oh, you know him."

Lucifer: "All too well."

Cut to Chloe's place, where Dan has just put Trixie to bed. Chloe thanks him for having her back. They end up kissing. She tells him he should go. Dan apologizes, but Chloe says not to be sorry. Dan's phone starts buzzing and he leaves. Next, we see him meeting up with Malcolm. Malcolm congratulates Dan on finally closing that Palmetto case, and he pretty much confesses to writing Tony Paolucci's suicide note. Then he drops the bombshell that he knows Dan is the one who shot him. Malcolm's going to have fun holding this over Dan's head. 

Back at Lux, Lucifer confronts Maze. He knows Amenadiel was manipulating Linda. He also knows Amenadiel couldn't come up with such a sneaky plan on his own. Maze says she did this to protect Lucifer. Lucifer doesn't buy this for one second. 

Lucifer: "You betrayed me, Maze. And not for my own good. You did it for yourself. Who is this human world really rubbing off on, eh? Me or you?"

Maze: "Lucifer, I-"

Lucifer: "I don't want to hear it. 'Cause you and me, we're done."

Are Lucifer and Maze REALLY done? What is Amenadiel trying to accomplish? Can Linda quit that Luci-lovin' cold turkey? Is there hope for Chloe and Dan's marriage? Will Kevin Rankin (Malcolm) ever play a character who isn't a sleazy psychopath? You'll have to keep watching, or google it. Watching is far more fun. 


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