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What's your LuciFan Heaven -- your favourite episode to rewatch? 



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Favourite episode to rewatch: Manly whatnots s1e4

Favourite quote: Please don't.


Favourite episode to rewatch: "Vegas with Some Radish."

Favourite quote:  Oh this is so haaard. Okay. Thinking about it. Dan showing up with the drill sadly isn't a quote. Cliché but the moment was so beautiful: "I've come to realize that perhaps bluffing is the same as lying and that's something I never want to do. Especially to you."

Kerstin #SavedLucifer's

Favourite episode to rewatch: "Highschool Poppycock." 

Favourite quote: Would you like to go to the prom with me?

Liat Levinson

Favourite episode to rewatch:  A priest walks into a bar.

Favourite quote:  "I thought you needed a friend."


Favourite episode to rewatch: 3x06 “Vegas with some radish"

Favourite quote: “Well, I thought since I’ll likely never penetrate you, I’d commemorate the one time you penetrated me.”


Favourite episode to rewatch: A priest walks into a bar

Favourite quote: I'm a much better piano player than you.


Favourite episode to rewatch: My favorite episode, as much as it hurts, is Weaponizer. We see a whole other side to this Devil we have come to love, a side most probably thought didn't exist. Can someone get this man an Emmy? Lucifer goes from confident, swaggering Devil at the beginning of their conflict to broken and full of guilt and remorse at the end. The emotion in his voice as he collapses into his mother's arms hurts!!!

Favourite quote: "What have I done."


Favourite episode to rewatch: S3 "A devil of my word"

Favourite quote: Well in this case is not a quote. Is one of the huge cliffhangers i've ever seen. When Chloe can see Lucifer's true face. And not to mention the battle before that awesome


Favourite episode to rewatch: The Pilot! This is where Lucifer and Trixie met. Have been hooked ever since.

Favourite quote: I love when she looks at him and says "like the devil" and his response to her name "that's a hookers name". I was hooked from there.


Favourite episode to rewatch: My favorite episode to rewatch is the season 3 finale because it's a very emotional episode and (spoiler alert) it's very interesting to watch Chloe slowly realising that Lucifer had been telling the truth the whole time.

Favourite quote: "Maybe I've been avoiding the biggest truth this whole time" - Chloe Decker


Favourite episode to rewatch: S1, Ep 4 - Manly Whatnots is a sentimental favourite for me. I stumbled across it as a Saturday night repeat and was hooked. So many fantastic, comedic moments, but also some bigger moments... Lucifer's vulnerability when Chloe tries to touch his wing scars and that he bleeds when Chloe shoots him.

Favourite quote: Lucifer: Don't, please


Favourite episode to rewatch: Season 2 Episode 9 Homewrecker This showed the first Deckerstar dance. They are so incredibly happy here and it’s easy to see that they are each other’s home. Lucifer finally begins to realize how deep his feelings for Chloe are. And Chloe starts to give in to hers.

Favourite quote: Lucifer: “Detective, does this mean you’re on my side now?” Chloe: “Lucifer, this is your home. I’ve always been on your side.”


Favourite episode to rewatch: 2x15, Deceptive Little Parasite. I feel like there is so much wrapped up in this little, unassuming episode. Trixie really gets to shine in this one, and her scenes with Lucifer and Chloe are hilarious and touching. We get to see some great development in Chloe and Maze's friendship, and some of Chloe's struggle with single parenthood, and then, in the end, we are treated to Lucifer opening himself up to very honest, heart-breaking emotion. It's a rollercoaster of an episode and it's one I never get tired of watching over and over again.

Favourite quote: "A foursome is not an emotion, Mum!"


Favourite episode to rewatch: The pilot is my all time favorite. Lucifer is at his devilish best

Favourite quote: Trixie: What's a hooker? Lucifer: Ask your mum


Favourite episode to rewatch: "Monster" -- 2nd season I believe. Maize and Trixie

Favourite quote: Sure, I'll take your offspring for a walk


Favourite episode to rewatch: One of my favorites is "Take me back to Hell" when Lucifer states to work with Amenadiel. We also learn how much Chloe means to him when after being shot he makes a deal with dad to save her.

Favourite quote: Dad I need a favor,, I will be the son you've always wanted me to be. I'll do as you ask. Go where you want me too. In exchange all I ask is that you protect Chloe.


Favourite episode to rewatch:  I rewatch these seasons all the time but if I had to choose one I would say "Til Death Do Us Part." Like most of there awesome episodes it just has so many great scenes and funny lines. Its a brilliant show all around but this one gets me laughing every time especially when Lucifer burst in on the drug dealers karaoke lounge.

Favourite quote: Chloe: "You can't just waltz in there in your three piece suit and say Hello Drug Dealers!"


Favourite episode to rewatch: Season 1, episode 1 - the Pilot-: Of course, there are episodes that are more emotional or funny but the pilot is still the key to open the Luciverse for me and it never disappoints me. By watching only a few minutes I fell immediately in love with Lucifer. I was captured by the filming, the music, the humor and the authentic acting of the characters. When I rewatch it, it always feel like coming home.

Favourite quote: Chloe:Lucifer Morningstar...Is that a stage name or something? Lucifer: God-given, I'm afraid.


Favourite episode to rewatch: 2X08. I must have watched it a thousand times. It's both dark and hilarious. Gruesome murders, supernatural elements, and funny lines are perfectly intertwined and that's what makes this episode so special to me. It's very entertaining to see Linda struggling during her first meetings with Lucifer, now that she knows he's the actual devil. I also love the way Ella and Lucifer interact and Chloe's jealousy towards them. As if that isn't enough, Dan's obsession with puddings makes this episode even more entertaining. In a sentence: it's 45 minutes of pure pleasure.

Favourite quote:  Lucifer: "Doctor, please,what delicious message was she sending me?" Linda: "What about Hitler?" Lucifer: "The sandwich is Hitler?"


Favourite episode to rewatch: The Pilot. It was the beginning of beautiful things to come😈

Favourite quote: But of course: What is it you truly desire! 😈


Favourite episode to rewatch: My favorite episode is 2x13 „A Good Day To Die“. What touches me most is that Lucifer goes above and beyond to save Chloe. Even though he just found out about how Chloe has been put in his path. In that situation he just doesn‘t care about it. And also the guilt that is keeping him from leaving hell. It‘s just so ... human....

Favourite Quote: The whole argument between Maze and Linda about who has to kill Lucifer


Favourite episode to rewatch: A Priest Walks into a Bar... I love Father Frank, I love watching Lucifer make a friend, and I LOVE when they play Mess Around together on the piano. I was so mad at Chloe for interrupting that moment... And despite the end, it always makes me smile 😊

Favourite quote: “Father HAS got soul!”


Favourite episode to rewatch: 3x13 Til Death Do Us Part. It's hilarious from start to finish. Lucifer and the chainsaw. Lucifer pretending to be a therapist. Lucifer taking the drugs at the precinct. Lucifer storming in to the karaoke bar shouting 'Hello, drug dealers' after telling Chloe he would never do that. Giving them the formula for the k-pop. Lucifer and Pierce pretending to be a married couple and ending up acting like a real married couple with all the bickering. Lucifer's party when he was trying to be an annoying neighbour. Maze's lust for Charlotte/the smell of Hell, and then Dan getting ridiculously flustered when Maze was suggesting a threesome between her, Charlotte and Dan. It's also the only episode that I actually liked Pierce.

Favourite quote: "Plastic plates? What are we, barbarians? Don't we have any china in there?"


Favourite episode to rewatch: Liar, Liar Slutty Dress on Fire. Season 2 episode 2. Highlighting Tricia Helfer as Mum and showing Lucifer reacting to his mother while fearing and fearing for her. Then too, there is Amenadiel who's reaction is priceless!

Favourite quote: Mum! You're naked!


Favourite episode to rewatch: The Pilot - because it was when I fell in love with the show and rewatch it make me feel the same way I felt the first time

Favourite quote: "It's okay, I like to punish people too"


Favourite episode to rewatch: My fav episode is God Johnson.

Favourite quote: Dr. Linda... you're trying to Parent Trap them???


Favourite episode to rewatch: Soo many to choose from but for the hilarious scenes with Mum my favourite episode is "Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire". The comedic timing of Tricia Helfer and Tom Ellis and Lesley Ann-Brandt is just amazing in this episode.

Favourite quote:  Mum referring to her supreme hindquarters: "No, they're quite sturdy. Here feel them."


Favourite episode to rewatch: S2 episode 13, 'A good day to die '. Lucifer dying and descending to Hell to save Chloe's life was everything I love about this series and more: passionate, breath-stopping, heart-breaking, harmoniously blending dramatic and funny moments. And a fantastic soundtrack on top of that.

Favourite quote: ''Look who is back. You didn't die after all. This makes one of us."


Favourite episode to rewatch:  I have to admit that 3x17: Let Pinhead Sing is one of my favourites. Lucifer trying to show his Father he doesn't care about Chloe. Chloe saying "you are afraid because we almost lost each other", the Lux scene when he got stabbed... The final scene..

Favourite quote: "It's not me I was worried about, Detective"


Favourite episode to rewatch: In the Arms of an Angel. It is Quintessential Deckerstar at the end because I waited such a long time to see a Deckerstar kiss and at least seeing Lucifer that he tells Chloe how he really feels for her. I love this scene. I watched it so many times on YouTube.

Favourite quote: No you're not. Not to me.


Favourite episode to rewatch: Monster is my favourite episode I can watch it over and over Tom Ellis is outstanding in it he has so many emotions and he pulls them all off in very different ways.

Favourite quote: Speak of the me.


Favourite episode to rewatch: The pilot, because it's where it all started and it reminds me of all the excellent episodes and storylines still to come. Although there are so many fantastic episodes that it's impossible to choose an out-and-out favourite.

Favourite quote: That would assume the devil is interested in your soul.


Favourite episode to rewatch: Season 2, "A Good Day To Die" So much happens in that episode. Great character moments for everyone. A lot of powerful scenes with Lucifer and Charlotte going to hell, Amenadiel blocking the entrance to Chloe's room, Maze and Linda trying to kill and revive Lucifer. It's everyone working together to try and save Chloe. Chloe still has no idea Lucifer actually went to hell and back for her.

Favourite quote: Trixie: Why is there bad people in the world? Amenadiel: I really don't know. There might be bad people in the world, but there's a lot more good people in it. Trixie: Really? Amenadiel: Like all the good people helping your mom.


Favourite episode to rewatch: A Priest Walks Into a Bar because we get to watch Lucifer fall into a friendship for someone even though he denies it. And the piano duet makes me smile EVERY SINGLE TIME I WATCH IT 😁 oh and the way Chloe calms him from killing the guy at the end. Watching his face while she talks him down is amazing. How he goes from RAGE to confusion to anger to sadness is a testament to Tom's brilliant acting 😁


Favourite episode to rewatch: That's easy, the Pilot Episode of course! It was love on first sight! The Characters and the Storyline catched me immediately.


Favourite episode to rewatch: The Angel of San Bernardino; Lucifer is tricked by Maze into thinking he sleep flying and showing up in people's homes. He then decides to stop this by no longer sleeping. The scenes of what he does to stay awake are pure comedic joy.


 Favourite episode(s) to rewatch: Several! Monster, They’re Back


Favourite episode to rewatch: Season 3, episode 11.... (City of Angels) in the beginning....interesting to wach his first days :-)