Supernatural Episode Reviews

“Unfinished Business” -- 13 x 20

by @LillieMMorris

Episode 20 – Unfinished Business

First of all, this needs to be said: Unfinished Business, Episode 20:

Also, guest starring Richard Speight Jr as not one but two supernatural beings (we'll get to this later):

Richard is quickly becoming one of my favorite directors, his style is just a little bit different from the other the directors which I like be he gets some really good shots and some epic movements from the actors. This episode as a whole made me think of Stuck in The Middle (With You) episode twelve from last season that Richard also directed, that's mainly spearheaded by the music that is playing at the different fight scenes in the episode from the first fight we see Gabriel in to the three of them heading to fight Loki and his last son (Mexican standoff baby!) and added to the cuts scenes we get of Mary and Jack in the Apocalypse world.

Ok moving on from Richard's directing skills, I'm going to go over the stuff from this world first. I absolutely adore Gabriel's introduction scene at the beginning of this episode. First off, I wasn't sure if we were going to see Gabriel again till the end of the season or even not until next season after he left in episode eighteen Bring 'em Back Alive, but we didn't have long to wait and what an entrance it was. Starting off with the mysterious kazoo music, which you're not expecting to spell the death of the person in the first five minutes of the episode, and then moving to the dramatic calling out of said person's name by a very familiar voice then his walk out from behind the dumpster.

On a side note what's up with our fav angels getting trench coats?

Back on topic, our soon to be dead . . . monster? Fenrir Odinsbane, oh the myology nerd in me freaked out, cause we're talking the big ol' wolf in Norse myology that takes out Odin. Then I got to wondering how they are going to go with this because he is supposed to be a big wolf but he looks human, so are they going to make him like the werewolves?5

Yeah, not like the werewolves, and I'm loving it! Also, Gabe, honey, what's up with the wooden Japanese sword? (I think it's a Bokken, but if I'm wrong please tell me).

Next thoughts after that is why in the world is our newly found archangel going after Norse monsters? Isn't it more his style to stay hidden? So why . . .

Oh. He has a list, a kill list? (It's totally a kill list, he confirms it's to the boys later).

Next, we have Sam and Dean arguing in a motel room, why are we arguing in a motel? Oh, because we've been tracking Gabriel for two weeks (also there's a vibrating bed?). Not going to lie Sam kind of sounds like an obsessive ex or someone with an obsessive crush, just saying, and Dean's not feeling any of it. Seriously, look at what he says: "looking for some runaway, dumbass archangel who doesn't want to be found." Which is followed by a knock on the door and an injured Gabriel on the other side casually saying: "hey fellas, looking for me?" And if that's not the biggest example of speak of the devil (ha!) and he shall appear, but at least Gabriel knows who he can go to when he needs help . . . or is injured.

Gabriel what kind of trouble did you get yourself into? Also, there goes the door, thanks bad guys. It seems that all our favs have a knack for getting and finding trouble. These guys are Demi-gods??!?!?!? Are we actually going to see demi-gods instead of just gods and monster? Nope, jk, false alarm they are apparently god-begotten-monsters, which is a nice twist making them gods of sorts instead of just monster which is what they are in mythology, I like it. Also, I would like to say that Sam needs an episode where he doesn't get beaten up and kidnapped, he can dish just as much hurt out as Dean! Have we forgotten how he gets when Dean's in trouble?

Ok, this next part is a lot of Gabriel spilling his pent-up feelings on the boys. But we also found out how the "weakest" Prince of Hell (or Kentucky Fried b-hole) got his hands on an archangel like Gabriel. So, I have to agree with Scoutstiel on twitter about a lot of what she's said about Gabriel coming back and the reaction to him running away at first and then him being so pissed in this episode. Gabriel has been off the show for so long, (seven years not counting the cameo in the season with Metatron) and we've filled that void with all the fanfiction, and I mean all the fanfiction. I have nothing against the fanfiction, it's all really, well written and I've read a ton of them, but in reading them we've gotten use to that Gabriel the one who is "softened" or "changed" by staying with the boys (and most of the time being in a relationship with one or both of them) so when he did make his comeback it’s a little jarring because he really hasn't changed since the last time we saw him. And unlike the boys and Cas he's been kept prisoner and tortured for however many years and thus unable to deal with all of his feelings, and old wounds about his family. I personality like that he's still the same, but I do hope he gets a change to change for the better with the help of the Winchesters and Cas.

Ok, now let's talk about this:

Loki is Gabriel or is it Gabriel is Loki? Whatever it is, we finally get to meet the Norse god who gave Gabriel his face (literally) and helped him to be the trickster. And while I saw a lot of similarities between the two of them there is a clear line between the two of them, Gabriel gives off a mischievous, cocky, loner vibe while Loki gives off more a . . . mob vibe, I mean look at him:

His voice is also different, it's deeper, raspier? Either way you can tell they are not the same person by their voice. Richard did a beautiful job playing these two parts, also apparently Odin is the same no matter what fandom he's in (sorry Marvel's Anthony Hopkins) and Loki keeps a case of lollipops:

After the fight with Loki is over and he is defeated, we see Gabriel get in the Impala with the boys and go back to the bunker with him where both Cas and Rowena are living too, which fills so many fanfiction dreams that it's not even funny, so I hope we get to see the five of them interacting and living together before the end of the season with the addition of Mary and Jack of course. And to wrap up with this world, the last scene between Sam and Dean. We've already seen this episode has been a trip for Sam, but Dean basically admitting to his brother that he doesn't think his life is worth anything and that if he died it wouldn't matter as long as Sam lived, then Sam basically telling Dean that he is worth something and that if they died they'd do it together. I just, gah! My heart these two sure know how to pull on the heart strings, someone needs to wrap them in warm hugs and not let go (I've lost count how many times I've shouted that while watching this show).

Now the Apocalypse world time. Can I start by saying I wish there was more of this world? Like I love the bits we got especially between Mary and Jack and Kevin, but I need a little bit more. Jack was utterly adorable when we see him, so happy that he's helping these people, saving them and taking out some bad angels as he goes, but he's also naïve. Even after the time he's spent there and with Mary with him he still can't grasp that Michael might be playing him, that there is another reason behind Michael's actions. I'm mean look at him when he thinks he's scared Michael into retreating:

Even when Mary and the other veteran hunters try to say otherwise. He's just so earnest and straight forward, and pure, look how he looks when he promises to protect Mary and the others:

Let's also not forget Apocalypse world Kevin, Osric Chau did a wonderful job playing this stressed out, crazy version of Kevin. You can see the emotions he's feeling when he's rambling about being forced to do what he's done by Michael, you feel it when he talks about missing his mom it breaks your heart.

Both versions of Kevin deserved better, just saying. We also see Mary verbally adopting Jack as one of her boys as she tries to get him not to go after Michael stating she can't lose another boy:

and I just, there was lots of water works. And then when poor Kevin did the spell and Jack protects Mary:

Like I know that the two of them have to be close after all the time they've spent in this world together but to see it even just a little is awesome (I might possible be a big sucker for a group of loners finding a family with each other more than I am for romantic relationships, maybe. No, I defiantly am). Also, Kevin said something interesting about Michael heading to the south where the veil between worlds is the thinnest, and I just, they're going to New Orleans right? It's got to be New Orleans.

All in all, I really enjoyed this episode, it might not be one of my top ones but I liked it and liked what it set up for the rest of the season.