Lauren German Appreciation


Our Chloe. Need I say more? What do you love most about Lauren?


"Lauren has a whole cinematographic and TV story, but Chloe Decker is, as Lucifer would say, different. German made Detective a character full of layers, and in each of them, fell in love more and more by discovering them: The Grumpy Detective, struggling for her space and recognition in her work; the lovely mother; The woman who was always ready to defend all who were in danger, regardless of putting her own life at risk; The Detective who often tried to mask what Chloe felt; The woman who falls in love, who has difficulty dealing with and talking about her feelings; The woman who has her heart broken. I think it all comes down to Chloe's humanity, which German had the talent not to leave unreal character. Lauren made me or any other woman feel represented!!" ~ @_heylorens

"I love the fact that she is so funny in real life but on the show she plays Chloe as a very serious character very well. She does a great job at portraying Chloe. The first time i saw her on the show i didn't think she is so lovely in real life, but boy was i wrong." ~ @Luciferpleas3

"I love her interaction with Trixie. He scene where she's reading her a bedtime story had me in tears." @melindacapecod

"I love her eye rolls. #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer" ~ @Lora Handlay10

"She is talented, beautiful, honest, down-to-earth and loving." @Lordas94

"She is one of my favorite actors; from the moment I first saw her she had me crying; I’ve never given up on her and I’m not about to start." @Liel_hadri

"She loves. Inconditionally And she gives us all her funny faces/eyes." Amanda Mattavelli

"Her eyes are so expressive, you feel her emotions. She's beautiful and brilliant." ~ @Grvyrdmama

"She is truly empathetic. Whether it be animals or people, you can tell she loves genuinely and with her whole heart. She is weird and nerdy in the most wonderful ways, and she’s not afraid to be her true self. She hilarious and she’s is insanely beautiful; nonetheless, gracious and humble, meeting everyone right where they are. She makes me feel better about being me." ~ @BeckyNBeck

Lauren German appreciation