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 Jordan Robbins -- Jamie Plum


Jordan Robbins plays Jamie Plum, the manipulative young witch in Various & Sundry Villians (Season 13, episode 12). Jamie and her sister, Jennie, are wanting to use the Black Grimoire to resurrect their mother; but, they have to get their hands on the Grimoire, first ...

Tell us about playing Jamie Plum for Supernatural. What did you enjoy the most? What can you tell us about “the kiss?”

I really enjoyed being on set for Supernatural -- everyone clearly loves working together and is genuinely passionate about the series. The show is run like a very efficient, well-oiled machine, and it was a lot of fun to be a part of. Jensen and Jared are hilarious and welcoming, and it was sometimes hard not to laugh for certain takes because of the joking around in between. I also really loved working with Elise Gatien as my character’s sister, Jennie -- we got into a great flow and had an awesome time playing in each and every scene; the writers gave us a lot of fun lines and scenes to work with! As for “the kiss,” Jensen plays the part of knight in shining armour very well! It may have been the easiest scene for me to shoot, since it was so much fun to get to pretend to be his damsel in distress (in a manipulative way), as I’m sure you could understand.

Do you think Jamie and her sister were always “bad,” or do you think the death of their mother drove them over the edge?

Great question! I come from a psychology background, and the factors that make us behave as we do are always fascinating to me and a big part of how I get into a character’s mind. I think Jamie and Jennie are both very entitled and used to getting what they want, which is something they probably would’ve learned from having a beautiful and powerful witch for a mother. They’re well-versed in manipulation of the opposite sex and having fun while doing it, and they have a closeknit family of women that they protect and believe in above all else. I think this influences the way they act when trying to get their hands on the book, and I also think their fear of losing their mother forever drives them to be even more reckless and vicious than usual since they are willing to crush anyone standing in their way.

What did you do to prepare for the role?

It was always very important for me to have an underlying understanding that Jamie’s motivations came from a genuine place of love and grief over losing her mother, so I made sure to emotionally prepare in such a way that I felt empathy and understanding for her underneath those bloodthirsty scenes. It was also important for me to build a relationship to my character’s sister, because this episode for me was really about family and that sisterly bond. That said, these characters have a lot of fun and great senses of humour, so I put a lot of time into really connecting to Jamie’s sense of fun and sarcasm; with comedy, timing is everything.

Tell us about the filming process; how many days were you on set?

Elise and I were onset for about 7 days of filming, some of which were just us (and our victims) and some with Jared, Jensen and Ruth. We were also fortunate enough to have a stunt rehearsal to prepare us for that action-filled final scene of the episode, which came in handy on the day! We absolutely loved doing our own stunts and both Jared and Jensen are total pros which made our fight scene go very smoothly.

What was your favorite line/scene to film?

I’d have to say my favorite parts to shoot were when we mocked the shopkeeper at the hardware store (“Wow! Thanks for the reminder of how shopping works”/”Shut up Brenda”) and the opening scene at the liquor store with the sledgehammer death. Attacking Jensen’s character with a knife in the fight scene was amazing too. I’m not sure what it says about me, but I loved playing a character who is unapologetically ruthless and rude to get what she wants!

Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to share?

A film I did last summer, starring Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried and written/directed by the brilliant Andrew Niccols, will be up on Netflix shortly. I am also currently working on an exciting new series that I’m not yet allowed to talk about but I am looking forward to sharing with everyone later this year!

Photos: Vanessa Heins