Jensen Ackles. Dean Winchester. Actor, dad and singer extraordinaire. Let's pass along some love to Jensen, shall we? 






Jensen appreciation comments, July 8, 2020

" I love that Jensen has come so far since the show started. He loves helping others and has been helping Jared with his own journey battling mental health. Jensen can be very serious and caring one second and be a giant goof ball the next. Jensen has a big heart."


Jensen appreciation comments, Sept. 2, 2018

"Mine is actually one that very few other people have heard, because he sang it at a jam session with Steve at NashCon 2011. It’s 'Colder Weather' by Zac Brown Band." ~ @SinnerforHire


Jensen appreciation comments, Aug. 19, 2018

"My favorite Dean scene is from 13x01. The scene where he’s preparing Cas’s body for the pyre. He has no words in this scene and yet you can tell how much it hurts him that his best friend, an important structure of the family he’s formed, is gone and he can’t bring him back. Everything from the tears in his eyes, to the way he can’t god himself, to his hitched breathing, shows how much Dean is hurting in his grief and it’s a shame this man hasn’t won all the Emmys for his acting yet!" @CasgirlSam

"There are so many to choose from! But I think Dean telling Sammy about being in Hell is one of Dean’s most powerful scenes. And Jensen is so talented he put his heart and soul into this scene and blew it out of the water while ripping our (and Sam’s and Jared’s) hearts out. 4.10 Heaven and Hell" ~  @Magdalena5880

"'I wish I couldn't feel a damn thing' - Heaven and Hell, season 4 episode 10." ~ rugaruhunting

"Its a toss up between the scene when he visits John's grave in "What is and What Never should be" and then "Regarding Dean" the mirror scene." ~ @Tantrenchcoats


Jensen appreciation comments, July 1, 2018

"When he confronts Mary in her mind. The I hate you/I love you speech leaves me in a pile in the floor every time I see it." ~ @catt_sue

"The one in “Regarding Dean” ( or something like that) where he’s been hexed and is slowly losing his memory and is looking in the mirror repeating what he knows." ~ @Notgabrielatall

"Well it depends on my mood. I adore him silly as in "Yellow Fever" manning the flashlight & screaming about the cat. But I'm gutted by him talking over Sam's body in "All Hell Breaks Loose Pt 2" every time. There is no easy answer to this question. His emotional depths shine through in every scene." ~ @AMckicat

"Hands down it will always be when he confronted Mary. He voiced how unfair it was that he was forced to parent Sam and sit aside his childhood and wants even though he was just a kid himself. It made me so proud of him for addressing it and Jensen’s performance makes me cry every time, even just thinking about it." ~ @chrisscross_87

"My favourite scene is the mirror-scene in "Regarding Dean". This intense look from Jensen because of the loss of Deans memories made this scene so believable. This scene is the key to the whole Episode and Jensen nailed it." ~ @woelfin261172

"I would have to say my favorite dean scene is in the episode changing channels when he’s talking about Dr Sexy. I will always remember that scene and how much I loved that dean was into a tv show like how I am with supernatural. That scene still makes me smile every time I watch it when that episode comes on TV." ~ @forever052016


Jensen appreciation comments, June 17, 2018

"I haven't gotten the honor of meeting Jensen yet, but, what I love the most is he seems to be so very genuine and that he cares." @BrandiniBee


Jensen appreciation comments, June 10, 2018

"I love that he’s so supportive of fan works. He’s always so joyful and happy to sign them, from physical copies of fanfics to even an entire blanket! He really loves all the creative talent we have. ❤️" ~ @Chrisscross_87


Jensen appreciation comments, June 3, 2018

"His deep wellspring of kindness and his warm, genuine smile. Jensen is a prime example of what it takes to be a great actor, husband, dad, and human being - a kind heart." @PlatinumRoseL

"There is so much to love. He is an incredible actor, the feels he can deliver. He is very down to earth, a great family man. And yes, he can sing!" ~ @jake315j

"The support he has for others: cast/crew/family/friends/fans. If you needed him, he seems to be someone who would show up without even thinking about it. I admire that love and loyalty." ~ @Larrs9325

"He can be silly, but he can also so thoughtfully answer questions in the most supportive and inspiring ways." ~ @kearsonistheone

"One of the things that I love about Jensen is that he's such a talented actor. He makes you feel all sorts of emotions through him. He is such a wonderful husband, father and friend and also wonderful to the fans around him. I also love to watch him laugh cause he laughs with his whole body and is just so wonderful to watch. He is a true and genuine person." ~ @PSchafhausen

"I love how sincere he is with his fans and basically anyone around him. His love for his friends and family is just beautiful. And when fans see him at the brewery, their stories show how kind of a soul he has❤" ~ @rayra_win

"It's really sweet how much Jensen loves his friends. It's easy to tell by how he interacts with them, especially Jared and Misha." ~  @samikitten

"His sense of humour and that he’s quick witted. He is a dedicated family man. He is an extremely talented actor and singer." ~ @wyldefandom

"His razor-sharp intelligence, tinged with nerdiness - the eloquence and obsessive detail when he gets talking in detail about the craft of anything, from music and art, to directing to the different kinds of beer he's brewing!" ~ @nataliefisher


Jensen appreciation comments, May 27, 2018 

"I love his sense of humor. It’s all puns and dry wit. I hope I’m half as funny as him when I grow up!" ~ @chrisscross_87

"He's willing to broke his own introvert shell to interact and engage more with fans. From that guy who hesitated to go to cons, let alone singing on stage, look at him now! His solo panels are amazing, and his musical performance? Top notch! He enjoys meeting fans and listen to them, to make fans happy meeting him. Despite the negative hearsay about him, Jensen is one of the most accepting and understanding person I've ever met. And when you meet him in person, his smile and fanfiction green eyes will definitely make your brain stopped working for a quick second. Okay, 5 seconds. Maybe more." ~ @siriuslyelmo

"He is always so kind to everyone and tried to make sure that those around him are happy." ~ @msmagsxspn

"He hasn't let 'fame' go to his head. He has stayed a humble human being." ~  @GinaTerry20

"He’s managed to stay true to himself and hold on to his principles while working in an industry designed to break them. He leads by example of how to be a good human." ~ @Sundogfl

"How when something/someone makes him laugh, he does so with his whole body. It's not a small, controlled chuckle, it's a hearty, throw your head back, or keel over laugh. And it's contagious. It makes you want to laugh with him, even if you're not in on the joke." ~ @KayRoseBee

"I love how supportive Jensen is of his friends. He is so kind and generous with his time and gives 100% in everything he does. There is a lot to learn from him and he constantly inspires me." ~ @Harpo1981

"He is so good looking yet so humble. He is so intelligent yet so patient. He is so talented yet so self deprecating. He is so caring yet expects nothing back. He's not perfect and makes mistakes but learns from them, grows and becomes better than perfect. He's the man, the myth, the legend, Jensen f*cking Ackles, brighter than all the Stars, Sun and Moon together, and deserving of only the best things in existence and better." ~  @2357silver

"I love Jensen's devotion to his family & the SPN family. Honestly, what's not to love about this beautiful, talented, awe inspiring soul?!?!" ~ @AMckicat


Jensen appreciation comments, May 20, 2018

"His genuine bond with, protectiveness for Jared warms my heart. Forever the big brother. And his beautiful love for his family is inspiring, especially in today's superficial world & entertainment industry." ~ @ReadstoEscape

"I enjoy the way that he can use just facial expressions and body language to convey what he's thinking. When he wants you to you can read him like a book. I also love his ability to play such depths of emotion. We're truly blessed to see these guys so often." ~ @realSaraWilson

"His unapologetic way of just being himself and his selflessness towards others shown in even the smallest things he does for people." ~ @carleymar

"He is a phenomenal actor! Was able to do a m&g with him. Beautiful blue eyes, strong man, beautiful man, sticks to what he believes & will fight for it. ... & his acting skills... always takes me some time when he is on something else to realize who he is... he is that good." ~ @Bridgetlkeller

"His love for life, his family, friends, and total strangers. He just glows with it." ~ @Jcar1017

"Jensen is a jack of all trades and a master of ALL! He is just so awesome at anything he puts his mind to. Sports, acting, directing, singing, beer making, and even being an amazing human being." ~ @chrisscross_87


Jensen appreciation comments, May 13, 2018

"I love his devotion to his character. His humor. To see him as a loving husband and father and as a friend with a big heart makes me proud to be a fan." ~ @woelfin261172

"He’s a great father who loves his family to the moon and back. And yet, he chooses to travel to cons all over the world instead of spending more time with them. He’s such a loving, caring person and it shows in everything he says and does." ~ @sinnerforhire

"I love that he’s the kind of friend that when someone needs help, a pep talk, they’re not feeling good, or they need steered in the right direction, he’s right there for them. He’s The Dad Friend and it’s a beautiful aspect of his personality." ~ @chrisscross_87


Jensen appreciation comments, May 6, 2018

"Jensen is such a spectacular actor. He is able to make you feel such a range of emotions, sometimes just from his intense facial expressions. He is a wonderful person and a great husband, father and friend." ~ @PSchafhausen

"Jensen brings so much to Dean's character. There's a depth to Dean that other actors would not be able to achieve." ~ @samikitten

"I love that Jensen overcame his shyness and now is comfortable on stage, both at panels and at SNS. Thanks to him, I've had the courage to put myself out there and start my own YouTube channel. Thank you, Jensen. Can't wait to see you soon!" ~ @Beaniejedi33

"How incredibly powerful he can make a scene without saying a word. Phenomenal actor, generous, kind, beautiful & loving. Amazing man." ~ @AMckicat

"His pure humanity. Inclusive of, and generous to, everyone." ~ @annamaria0802

"I love his commitment to his profession--whether comedy or drama, he gives 100%. Offscreen, I admire how much he cares for others." ~ @Cloudsetc

"Jensen is so soft, attentive, intelligent towards everyone, on and off screen his kind and lovely soul moves me so much in so many ways and he is who everyone aspires to be, i love him so much for the light he brings into all our lives and for his special talents and all the laughs, tears and good times he's brought to us :) i couldn't ask for more. I love you Jensen! there isn't enough that i could give back for everything you've given to us." @BlueBird1827

"I love that he has such a great sense of humor, and is able to laugh at himself and not take himself too seriously. And I love that his old modeling pictures are still on the Internet so I can make @deanwbear79 recreate them!" ~ @sinnerforhire

"In a nutshell? Everything! He is one of the best actors I’ve ever seen. The emotions that play across his’s hard to describe. You can ‘see’ what he’s thinking and feeling at every moment. You can’t not love him! Him being an amazing husband, father, friend and brewery co-owner...that’s all icing on the Jensen cake!" ~  @tmart444

“I love his ability to convey so much emotion without saying a word. It is an extraordinary talent. I also love the way he supports his fellow castmates.” ~  @kbelitsky

“Jensen has graciously shared himself & his family with us Allowing us to witness him blossoming out of his shyness shell to become our smiling, smirking example of a rock god He's accepted that we love him & genuinely loves the fandom back.” @readstoescape

"What don't I love about Jensen? Nothing! He is an intelligent, beautiful, golden soul. He takes the time to appreciate his fans, loves his precious family, loves and respects his co-workers, I could go on but it's all been said. How do you express your love for someone you have never met? I guess the fact that you can love and admire someone like Jensen and not really know him speaks volumes!" ~ @sheilacolley

"I'm never sure how best to approach the subject of Jensen Ackles. To be quite honest, he's a bit of a conundrum. On the one hand, he's Dean's bigger, less angsty brother, embracing Dean with all his baggage; all his drive to do the right thing for all the right reasons, yet, often following emotion when logic would best serve. Sometimes the character bleed is a soft wash of pastels, colored with laughter and silliness. There have been bright, sharp moments, however, when Jensen allows his "inner Dean" to take the wheel. And predictably, those flashes of conjoined personalities take, and command center stage. And that's where, IMO, Jensen Ackles gives his creativity wings. Never forget that Dean Winchester is a fictional everyone but Jensen Ackles...who breathed life into a pen and

paper construct. He formed a man from his own magic. He interpreted and designed his past, present and will take Dean Winchester into whatever lies waiting for him in the future. Jensen is a masterful craftsman, and though Dean's possible journey forward fills me with no small concern, Jensen will protect his alter ego, as a father does his child. Jensen/Dean, two completely separate and diverse entities inhabiting one human body. There is no struggle for dominance, as Dean is acquiescent, fully submissive to his master's voice. If you've ever watched Jensen morph into Dean, the concept of dominance is unquestionable...Jensen; then Dean, and there is no conflict. From the standpoint if his personal life, Jensen is a certifiably consummate family man. From all indications, family is his strength, his love, his hope and the foundation of his security. With his wife, children, and extended members of the Ackles clan, he is relaxed. He's Daddy, his children own his soul; he's husband, his wife has his heart. Perhaps, Jensen Ackles is just that complete human man, the guy who gets it right because he chooses that path. Indeed, he's a whole lot of everything, and he manages to accomplish it all with grace. Nice guys don't finish last. Jensen leads the pack." ~ @doris_helmick

"Can we just talk about that smile of his? If you're having a bad day, just look at a happy Jensen photo. There's something therapeutic about the way he smiles at his friends, family, and fans." @honeybadgerSPN

"He gives so much to the fans. His privacy has always been important to him, but we've seen him open up more and more as the years have gone by. That feels like an incredibly valuable gift he is giving us. We should cherish it and appreciate how precious it is. He's an amazing Dad and Husband, and a role model for all." ~ @Saintlov

"Jensen is the most down to earth person I’ve ever seen in the celebrity spot light. There is no one out there who is so utterly attractive (and knows it) that is still sweet and humble to everyone. His singing and acting skills are through the roof and he’s crazy modest and shy about both. I think if I had more time I’d be able to write a blabbery novel about why I love him. Jensen is the type of man I dream of having (I’m sure other girls all over the world agree!). He’s attractive, funny, shy yet outgoing, sweet, crazy about his fans and his family, faithful to his wife, and humble. Jensen deserves every ounce of respect and those who don’t give it to him need to reconsider their life values." ~ @stephaniejohn23

“He’s a phenomenal actor. Can make you feel so much with just facial expressions. The single tear gets me every time.” ~ @WyldeFandom


Jensen appreciation comments, April 29, 2018

"His versatility as a human. He's an excellent actor, wonderful singer, great business man, and always makes time for his family. And when he commits to something he gives it 100% nothing is half-assed." ~ @KayRoseBee

“Jensen is not just a talented handsome actor. He remains true to himself and his family, embraces those he meets with kindness, acceptance, and welcomes you with open arms.” ~ @4eternalbonds


Jensen appreciation comments, April 22, 2018

"He might not seem like it, but he listen/read what fans said to him. I've seen him made mistakes at con panels, and fandom was taken aback. We tried to tell him that what he did was wrong through his social media account, and not long after we could see that he made a change. He's willing to learn, and he seemed like he loved learning stuffs from the fandom. We're so lucky to have him as someone to look up to, and this really made me admire him so much. Another thing is how he loved to share his beautiful family with us, even though he was a very private person. He knew we love his family, and ... seems like he also love to give us cuteness, probably to see us meltdown on his mentions ...." ~ @siriuslyelmo

"The way he’s grown and opened up to us fans. He went from being so shy and scared singing up on stage for us, to being a badass rockstar singing Dead or Alive." ~ @emelieheater

"Jensen Ackles has the strength and courage of a lion for someone being so sensitive behind his stage mask. He has a great deal of love for fans and friends but once he considers you family he will move heaven and earth if you ever need him. I don't think he knows what hero is but if he could look through our eyes, for just a moment, he'd see it." ~ @HikingHeartone

"His smile is literal sunshine. It brightens my day." ~ @OKindleyU

"I love all the little things most about Jensen. The extra nod, look, or mannerism when he is acting. The little extra soul when he sings. He is always paying attention to the little things and it makes him a great performer." ~ @harknessbadwolf

"Jensen still keeps a positive attitude no matter how people treat him. His faithfulness to his family and friends are and example for all to learn from." ~ @4eternalbonds

"Goes with saying, his preternatural beauty and talent. Despite his fame and fortune he keeps his feet on the ground. He is a loving and loyal friend and family man. He is generous with his fans and SPN family." ~ @MaryAlbertson20

"He’s not afraid to let loose and have fun with his friends, no matter who’s watching them. He just has a lot of love in his heart for his family, friends, and the fans." ~ @chrisscross_87

"He takes responsibility, even when he's wrong. He praised and encourages others. Tells them not to be afraid to make a mistake, it's not a mistake of you learn step up and live life!" ~ @MaryRuthWeber2

"I love how he’s so open with his affection for his friends and family. Clearly every single person in his life is tied for #1 in the “Jensen’s favorite person” rankings." ~ @sinnerforhire

"I recently got to meet him in person and the love and warmth he has in his heart simply radiates out of him. We’re so blessed to get any part of him!" ~ @osospeical1

"His sense of humor. He's often, short, dry, and sarcastic (which is right up my alley), but then someone cracks HIM up, and he lights up with a force that is unmatched." ~ @Larrs9325

"I love everything about him so much! I love his unique talent in everything he does! Actor, model, director, rockstar, in all there is dedication and delivery! I love him with the family, always so sweet and dedicated to them ... I love how he gained confidence and feels comfortable with the fans to go up a stage and sing ... I love his smile, the one that wrinkles around the eyes, I love your look so intense and it always says so much! I love Jensen Ross Ackles." ~ @PorTiCR7JA

"His amazingly huge & giving heart." ~ @AMckicat

"We are just lucky for him to become famous so that we get to know this amazing person and even luckier he got over his shyness and bring us all multilayered character, talented kind smart himself without any pretenses, translucently." ~ @SevalKilic1991

"Jensen is such an amazing actor. He deserves all the awards." ~ @samikitten

"He’s an incredible actor, completely underrated. He is passionate and kind. His artistic vision is often overlooked but standing in FBBC it was beautiful, minimalistic, and screamed Jensen’s style. He made my 7 year old so happy after she was nervous meeting him, he just held her for several minutes, stopping the op line. Then when he saw her next he immediately dropped to the floor to high five her. Then he put her on his shoulder and I don’t think she has stopped smiling since." ~ @hollidewees

"Jensen is probably the most real person you'll ever run across, in my honest opinion. He's so incredibly passionate and professional, but is completely willing to break into a witty comment for a good laugh. He's humble, kind, gentle, but still maintains a "rugged Texan" personality all the same. He's the embodiment of what it means to be a Family Man, and he's made every single one of his fans feel like a part of HIS family." ~ @honeybadgerspn

"He is a such a amazing person in real life. Really cares about everyone!" ~ @def_lizzard

"What I like most about Jensen is his kind heart and his willingness to go the extra mile for fans." ~ @BlueSkyBrBa

"That he is an honest, humble and caring individual. That he is truly a family man and when he speaks of his wife and children you can see how much he loves them. That he really does consider the SPN family to be family and doesn't just say so to further his own popularity." ~ @GinaTerry20

"Jensen has an amazing voice. I mean he got to sing with Corey Taylor! He’s a rockstar." ~ @wyldefandom


Jensen appreciation comments, April 15, 2018

"Jensen is such a fabulous actor with making you feel all emotions. He is a wonderful family man, a friend, a brother. When he laughs his whole body laughs and he has a smile that can make you forget everything." ~ @PSchafhausen

"He's so genuine and down to earth. He loves his friends and family in the most beautiful way, and he cares for this crazy Fandom of ours deeply. He's an absolute ray of beautiful sunshine." ~ @OKindleyU

"I love how happy I feel when I see that he is happy. It warms my heart. This goes for Jared too. Besides, I love Jensens’ eye wrinkles when he flashes a big smile! 😁😁" ~ @classichassis

"I love everything about him. Jensen is SO talented and smart and his looks are the stuff of perfection. He is extremely intelligent. He is so caring. He has overcome so much. Basically he is just too good. I have talked about his emotions before, how he is an inspiration. This time, I'll speak about his intellect. He was going to study medicine to be a physiotherapist. THAT requires SO much brains. He earned the name of one-take Jensen in Dark Angel. And we all know his directing prowess on SPN. I've heard he used to be mute as a child due to debilitating social anxiety, now he rocks out with Corey Taylor. Jensen is just par perfect and beyond it even in everything. God is in us all, but shines brighter in the man, the myth, the legend Jensen Ackles. He deserves all the love and happiness in the world. May he keep getting better and reaching new levels of success in anything he ever wants." ~ @2357silver

"He's a full grown man! Not afraid to cry, will hold while you cry and will cry with if you need it." ~ @MaryRuthWeber2

"I love how much of a family man he is. Despite how busy the show and conventions keep him, he always makes sure he has time for his wife and children. He is also caring and loving towards his friends and coworkers, which is so important. The big thing on Supernatural is that family don't end with blood, and the relationships he has outside his family prove the truth behind that saying, and I think that's beautiful." ~ @KayRoseBee

"I already said that I love his laughter and his devotion to his role as Dean Winchester. But what is rarely mentioned is the respect that he brings to women. He explained at a con that he (as Jared also) considers women to be the stronger sex as they give birth to the children. He keeps explaining that Jared and he can do it all because they have two strong women at their side. Things are changing for the better for women these days also because oft men like Jensen Ackles." ~ @woelfin261172

"The person who was too shy to play the guitar on stage, rockstarred on stage with Corey Taylor!! That is what we call development, coming out of his comfort zone, that is one of the many things of him that inspires me and so many others. Despite wanting to spend more time with his family, he still attends cons and interacts with fans, giving them and his work everything he got. That guy deserves an Emmy at the least honestly." ~ @rayra_win


Jensen appreciation comments, March 27, 2018

"I love how Jensen loves to help making sure everyone is okay and goes out of his way to be kind and does whatever anyone needs for everyone around him and for all of us fans and he always tries to do his 100% best in no matter what he's doing, i love how protective he is of everyone and how he's like Jared's dad the way he gives him his coffee cup lid or something just to make him happy, he's such a darling." ~ @BlueBird1827

"What DON"T I love about Jensen? Seriously, he's so amazingly talented & professional, with such a huge heart. The love that he shows to the fans just blows me away. His smile & laugh can brighten up even the gloomiest day." ~ @TVFan201

"When I think of Jensen Ackles, I sometimes wonder if this person actually exists. Great actor, loyal friend, loving family man and husband. Of course, this man will have his corners and edges, but that makes him even more lovable. I admire how this man, despite this success and the pressure that goes with it, has remained so down to earth and still finds the time to devote himself to his fans. I hope he eventually gives up talking small as a musician. He is a wonderful musician. I have no doubt that Jensen has a future as an actor even after Supernatural. Because as loyal as he is to his fans, they are so loyal to him and will support him in future projects as well. He will not have to go the way of many actors who have been put in a drawer and no other roles have been offered. He is far too experienced for that: actor, director, musician, brewery owner. Although many cling to his looks, I find qualities such as loyalty, dedication and humor much more important. Beauty is transient..." ~ @woelfin261172

"Jensen as an actor is amazing!! I feel like we at SPNFamily are so lucky to still have him with us. He has the ability to make me cry and laugh and truly FEEL what his character is going through on the screen. Jensen as the person is very much the same. His laugh is contagious and can light up a room. He is kind and funny, and gives great hugs. I love that he has opened up so much in the years and allows us more and more sight into himself and his family. Also..BEER lol." ~ @Historychick29

"I love how adorkable he is. One of the things that sticks in my mind is him saying (at a con after J2 were introduced with Jared acting like a big goof on stage) "This ... this right here is why we're in our 30's and they still call us 'The Boys'." He tries to act like he's the sane one in the bunch, but we all know that at least 50% of the time he's the conductor on their Crazy Train." ~ @B2daItch

"The fact he acts like a grumpy old man but is actually a big goof and is just as much of a silly kid like Jared." ~ @emelieheater

"The man is a true performer. He sings, he dances, he acts better than most anyone else in the business, and he has an amazing relationship with his fans. Is there anything he can't do?" ~ @sarahsimmons712

"I love the fact that Jensen's role seems to be Team Dad backstage. Like he's the one that will let the silliness go on JUST long enough, and then he goes, 'Okay, let's start acting like grown-ups again.' And everybody listens!" ~ PlatinumRoseL

"I love so much, glad we have a lot of weeks. <3 So i can share every weeks something else i love about him. Do you remember all the funny scenes from the gag reels. He's so funny, sometimes even when he wants to be serious. Love that, and how he laughs. 😂" ~ @bettinabier

"Jensen is such an underrated actor. He has fine comedic chops, as well as the ones that bring us to cry (from both eyes). I think he sets the tone for the show, is intrinsically a fine fellow, with a core of decency that money cannot buy." ~ Patricia Mullis

"He’s really sweet and friendly. He might have that Dean Winchester persona, but he actually really sweet. He wants you to he comfortable when you’re doing photo ops with him, and he’ll be all smiles and friendly during auto sessions. And, of course, he’s a brilliant friend and a fantastic husband/father for his family. And, damn, he reminded me a lot to my big brother xD" ~ @siriuslyelmo

"Jensen is an actor that is able to portray and make you feel so much. He is an awesome friend/brother to Jared. He's an adoring father and husband. He's always giving so much of himself and so caring." ~ @PSchafhausen

"How awesome of a father he is, especially when he 1st had JJ, every daughter deserves a father like him & not everyone gets one. Oh! And he is gorgeous!" ~ @bridgetlkelle

"He’s unapologetic about who he is. Take it or leave it. He doesn’t bend to 'peer' pressure." ~ @JCar1017

"First of all what is NOT to love about Jensen, but I love his kindness, his generosity, his talent whether it’s acting or singing, the fact he’s not afraid to be himself and how protective he is of everyone around him." ~ @Nicolesfandoms

"I think he's one of the most underrated actors of his generation, and by far. We're gifted with some of the best ones in Supernatural, and because of the very nature of the show, they will never celebrated and their performances will remain overlooked by academies. But we need to celebrate them, because they're as good as those who walk out with statues and whatnot. Jensen is incredible at being both the funniest and the one that will squeeze your heart until there is nothing left of us but tears and (exquisite indeed) pain. He can be the most convincing dog we've ever seen, then have a heart to heart with god in the most devastatingly honest way, and launch a prank war with his brother and he'll be equally good in all of those. The level of honesty and realness in his interpretation of Dean is what makes him the iconic character that we all love. He's not cheating with any of Dean's emotions, everything comes from the deepest part of Jensen's emotional capacity and he's not keeping anything restrained or muzzled. He's just giving his whole self to the character, and at times, it's just almost too much to take. On this season's premiere, the "punching a wall" scene left me breathless and in tears, unable to digest the intensity of that unanswered prayer. That this man has never been nominated for any award is something, frankly, beyond me. Also, let's be honest : put that man in a tuxedo, give him an english accent, and you have the best James Bond ever. #Jensen4Bond" ~ @Aaaahhhxy

"I love how hard he has worked to come out of his shell. I went to some of the earliest cons where he seemed to be a lot less comfortable and natural on stage, so seeing him now, how playful and funny and exuberant he is when he’s onstage with his best friends, is just such a joy. I’m so happy for him. It gives me hope that someday I could make that transformation too." ~@sinnerforhire 

"I love his singing and how much he loves music. He's a fantastic performer." ~ @samikitten

"I love Jensen ackles he is a amazing person with the most kindest heart he is always there for his family and friends and his fans he is amazing father and friend he will always be Dean Winchester." ~ @witchykrissy

"His laugh. He doesn’t try to hold any of it in." ~ @wyldefandom

"I love absolutely everything about Jensen. He's a very talented man. Beautiful inside & out. He's a comic genius.... His facial expressions are hilarious.... But most of all I love how protective he is of his friend /brother.... Our Jared ♥️" ~ @debbiejayneuk

Jensen appreciation comments, March 14, 2018

“Jensen is just supernaturally wonderful ! I like his spirit family, I love when he drove baby in Supernatural. And above all, I love his kindness and timidity.” ~ @sudsalento

“He's a genuinely sweet man who despite being actually a bit shy, still shares so much of his time, and himself, with his fans. He's a family man, loyal and loving to his friends.” ~ @kannbrown

"Jensen isn't afraid to let us see he's a regular guy. Sure, he's better looking than the majority of the world, but he doesnt see himself that way he's a family man 1st. A genuinely kind man who's a fanboy himself, & understands our fanness. He cares about SPNFamily & doesn't look down on regular ppl as less than him He deals with his shyness, insecurity & wanting to make ppl happy, just like everyone else, and he obviously adores his family He's what you'd look for in a friend, a brother, a father I'm glad he's shared himself with us :)" @Readstoescape

"His humbleness & twinkling eyes that express so much emotion ~ love, empathy, devilish humour. His dedication to bringing Dean to life and making him whole and someone I care about. His voice, both singing & spoken, it’s like velvet and calms me & makes me smile even on my darkest of days." ~ @AniRobb

"Everything! He’s funny, gorgeous, talented, giving, a rock star, and a hard worker. His talent and passion for Dean Winchester are what I love. Dean started off in Season 1 as that good looking bad boy.... and through Jensen’s portrayal he has evolved to be so much more than what you see on the surface. Sometimes I just watch the awe and am in awe of his talent." ~ @tiffanyshope1

"There are actors and there is Jensen Ackles. When his character expresses emotions, it is credibly represented emotions. In close-up shots you can see in emotional scenes that his eyes shimmer red with tears. I like his warm and open nature. The dedication he devotes to his family, friends, job and other projects is inspiring." ~ @woelfin261172

"He is hardworking person. He could solely rely on good looks to gain a place in tv and provide himself and his family. But instead, he handpicked projects and characters that have substance and he committed to be a GREAT actor. Needles to say, he succeeded and I am proud of him." ~ @sevalkilic1991