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 Bradie Tennell, Olympian

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It’s not every day you get to talk to an Olympian …

Bradie Tennell has been making waves at the PyeongChang Olympics AND the #SPNfamily recently, as she mentioned her love of our Show in an Entertainment Weekly interview. This led to Misha Collins, Castiel, posting a photo of him, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles on Twitter, with a shout out to Bradie. I was able to catch Bradie straight from the PyeongChang Olympics – where, as an aside, it is 17 hours ahead – it’s tomorrow!

Tell us how you fell in love with Supernatural.

I fell in love with Supernatural because of the characters. I just love how the brothers would do literally anything to keep the other safe, and how that is both a positive and a negative in the storyline. I also have two brothers myself, so I think Sam and Dean remind me of them a bit. Plus, they’re just so funny.

How does being part of the #SPNfamily affect you as an athlete?

Being a part of the #SPNfamily is amazing. There really is no fandom like the Supernatural fandom, and the outpouring of support has just been incredible. I’m so grateful to be a part of it.

How long have you been watching the Show?

I have been watching the show since the end of season 9. However, I’ve been a fan of the show for much longer than that, but was too scared to watch it when I was younger.

Who are your favourite characters?

My favourite characters (besides the boys and Cas) are: Charlie, Jody, Donna, Benny, Bobby, Jo, Ellen, Rowena and Gabriel.

What is your favourite season/episode?

Picking a favourite episode is just way too difficult. There are so many good ones. The French Mistake, Yellow Fever, Heart, The Executioner’s Song, Fan Fiction, All Along the Watch Tower, and Lost and Found are just a few of my favourites.

What do you think of Season 13 so far?

I LOVE Season 13. It’s my favourite season, and I cannot get enough of the first 6 episodes. I know that’s a bit depressing, but it showed a sign of Dean that we’ve only had glimpses of before. And I also love the role that Sam has taken on, and I’m just really loving the whole storyline this year. Plus, Jack is amazing and I need more of him eating some nougat bars.

Tell us about your experience in PyeongChang so far.

My Olympic experience so far has been nothing short of incredible. It’s such an amazing opportunity and an honour to represent Team USA, and I’m so grateful to be here. This experience is something I will cherish forever.

What was it like winning Team Bronze for the U.S.?

Winning a Bronze medal for the U.S. as surreal. Skating is such an individual sport, and to be able to win the medal in the team event made it that much more special. I’m so incredibly proud to have been a part of the team.

Have you by any chance seen the #waywardBradie hashtag that one of the #spnfamily members started?

I have not seen that. That’s so cool. I haven’t been on social media as much over here, but I’m definitely going to check that out! (When I explained to Bradie what the hashtag was – getting her a guest star role on #Supernatural or at the very least a set visit, her response was nothing short of ecstatic – “OMG, NO WAY! THAT’S SO COOL!”)

What's coming up for you at the Olympics?

Up next for me is the individual events where I’ll be skating my short program and my freeskate against all the other girls. I’m super excited.

What was your reaction to THIS lovely tweet?

I actually screamed when I saw it. I had just finished working out and went to check my phone and it was blowing up because so many of my friends were sending the picture to me.

I thought it was so cool that they took time out of their day to post that for me. It literally made my week.

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"What a great interview! Bradie is awesome and I'm glad she's part of the SPNFamily." ~ Christina

"I'm so excited for Bradie! It's great that she was able to take some time out of her busy Olympics schedule to answer some questions for ! All the best to our #WaywardBradie !" ~ Gina

"I SO love that she is a true fangirl just like the rest of us who can rattle off favorite eps by title and mention small moments that mean so much and gets all excited when she gets a tweet from Misha! Go Bradie!!" ~ Janice

"OMG You got an interview with Bradie! I bow to your skills. The thought of all this leading to an episode where she could at the very least CAMEO is so exciting! (I didn't actually know about the hashtag, so I'll start using it, too!) *cheers Bradie and hopes for a medal in the Singles events*" ~ Hikari