takes Mystery Spot

Interesting things are afoot at Gishwhes ... from odd tweets that are deleted almost instantly, to a name that gradually disappears to become an ellipsis ... yes, it seems our Misha is up to his old antics, yet again.

In recognition of Gishwhes, I'd like to hear what your favourite Gishwhes memory is, and/or what your favourite item was! (Photos can be DM'd to @ChangingChanne1 or e-mailed to carol@changing-channels.com.)

Up for grabs are these wonderful Gishwhes branded Band-Aids ... perfect for those Hunt-related injuries!


Gishwhes takes Mystery Spot


Favourite Gishwhes memory:  This past year was my first Gishwhes and hopefully not my last! My favourite memory was completing the animal yoga. I messaged my friend who has a horse, and she let me sit on his back and do some yoga poses. At one point I leaned back and accidentally touched his hindquarters, which caused him to start walking and I almost toppled over. All of which was caught on video, while laughing hysterically.

Favourite Gishwhes item: My favourite item I completed was the pancake art, I created Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night!


Favourite Gishwhes memory: My best Gishwhes reminder is to my team leader. I thought that due to my physical disability, I could not attend Gishwhes until I read a tweet from her. She encouraged people like me and asked for a place in her team. A short time later I signed up and joined her team "Gishwhesvirgins". Heather Thomas (@ ss7godess) helped me make Gishwhes a wonderful experience. I am still in contact with some of my teammates today.

What's your favourite Gishwhes item: To call my favorite item is extremely difficult. I couldn't do some that I liked (Cookies for the Firstresponders). But of those I've done myself, I liked the most where we joined forces to immortalize ourselves in front of a museum with a chalk quote (# 123). I suggested 'Love Louder' and my comrades all agreed. Also from this meeting further friendships have emerged. Gishwhes connects. My other favorite was # 206 even though it was raining heavily. I went with a sign 'Sorry Sweden' in front of our town hall and noted with joy that was a DeLorean meeting on the same day. Back to the future in my hometown !!! I was in heaven ... # 209 came in just before the end and I decided to rebuild a picture of Misha from cat food (yes, it was dry food) ... I miss Gishwhes.


Favourite Gishwhes memory: I've a lot of Gishwhes Memories, i participated last year and found some wonderful Friends. One of the favorite Items i did were Jack-O-Melons. I never carved a pumpkin before, but i love to make the melon one. So i made them. And you know what. I loved to carve the Melons. And because of that i carved my first pumkins for Halloween last year.

Favourite Gishwhes item: A favorite Item. Hmmm, can i make a list. Okay, last year it was the Gishwhes Online Game. So much fun to play it, even when i lost. 😂 But it was great to see how it looked like.