Friday Funday

What do you think is the funniest moment in the past 13 seasons of Supernatural is?


Friday Funday

"The funniest moment of all time has to be in A Very Supernatural Christmas where “Sam” spikes Dean’s eggnog. Jared put REAL alcohol in the drink and you can tell how pleased he is with himself because he goes from being Sam to Jared in just a few seconds." ~ @CasgirlSam

"PARTY ON GARTH: My all time favorite moment occurs when Dean's failure to get a little girl to talk about the terrible monster she saw, results on a Garth and sock puppet, Mr. Fizzles interrogation attempt that is successful. Dean's frustration with the "odd sock/Hunter Garth" comes out in this iconic line..."Mister Fizzles is gonna go where the sun don't shine..." The video captures the moment better than my description." ~ @doris_helmick

"Crowley attempting to direct the two demons to act more like Sam and Dean in the attempt to gain information from Kevin. His direction on their characterization is great. "The Great Escapist" ~ @weekrockgirl 

"The WHOLE of Bad Day at Black Rock. Start to finish, Sam and Dean and the rabbit's foot? PRICELESS physical comedy. And I adore Bela as a savvy, dangerous antagonist. "I lost my shoe" is classic Sam. I hope they give Jared the opportunity to flex his comedic muscle again!" ~ @Quickreaver

"Teddy bear doctors. "Close the friggin' door!"" ~ @Riath84

"I lost my shoe." @Julia_sets

"I have so many favorite funny moments from the past 13 seasons of Supernatural. However, the one that comes to mind is in the episode Red Sky by Morning in season 3. The scene where Dean thinks the impala got stolen and starts freaking out and hyperventilating. It's one of my all time favorite funny moments." @jennafriedland

"Not necessarily the funniest, but Sam laughing after he glues Dean's hand to the beer bottle always makes me laugh and warms my heart. It's one of the first times we see him belly laugh like that." ~ @Saintlov

"One that I can think of right off the bet is Dean's outburst that there is no singing in Supernatural! He is just so offended at the musical's audacity in Fan Fiction." ~ @weekrockgirl

"Meanwhile Lily Sunder Has Regrets contain enough heavy material especially re: angel, human, and nephilim topic, I still rewatch it because the bantering and bickering between Cas and Dean is so amusing. I know how all we're started, but I can't help laughing at the ridiculousness of those two. I mean, Dean who's known for real threat upon people who care to harm his Baby, just almost crashed the car when Cas talked back to him sassily. Don't forget the iconic line, "if I plan to do something stupid, I'd nlet you know."! However, the episode is still full of feelings. For me, that eps was perfect combination of everything." ~ @belindarimbi13

"The scene that still makes me crack up just thinking about is the "Sparkle" death scene in "Just My Imagination." Sully's horror, combined with Sam and Dean's confusion and awkwardness, and the mother's complete obliviousness... "She's got Sparkle on her face!" It's too funny for words!" ~ @8thcyn

"Yellow Fever episode, when Sam opens the locker and the cat jumps out, but Dean screams his head off." ~ @Riath84