Supernatural interviews


Fletcher Donovan -- Sleipnir


Tell us about playing your character, Sleipnir.

I believe, if I’m not mistaken, Sleipnir was one of the first Supernatural auditionsthat I had in Vancouver, if not the only. I have been acting in Vancouver for a little less than four years so it was particularly interesting being it was my first encounter with Supernatural altogether. I very quickly, as any actor interested in making the worthwhile preparation, watched as much Supernatural as humanly possible. You being an advocate for the show can attest that with a show that’s run 13 seasons, with roughly 22 episodes per season, it’s pretty challenging to catch up. That being said, I did a ton of investigating into the general tone of the show and what exactly is being created in that universe by other actors on the show. One of the things that I love about Supernatural is that for the most part, they remain fairly factually accurate, and in the case of Sleipnir that was pretty much to the T. It’s a TV show, they can’t of course explain all the nitty gritty little details but a lot of it is verbatim, how you’d describe Sleipnir if you went and Googled his name.

Did you and the cast get into any “horseplay”? 

The camaraderie on that show is palpable and I think it’s a result of being such a long-running show. They do a good job of welcoming everybody that’s spending some days on the show and as a result there was joke telling and messing about pretty quickly. Jensen and Jared are both really great guys – and the entire cast and crew are a wonderful bunch of people to work with.

Are there any specific behind-the-scenes stories you can share?

Although I got to do most of my own stunts in the show, I did have a stunt double. You can only imagine what one person walking around in a suit like that will end up like. Now when you have two people rolling in that suit – I’ve got the pompadour that they’ve done to my real hair, but my stunt double – Matt Kennedy, had a wig on, his was all done up that way … we kind of looked like a couple of fresh-faced leprechauns rolling around and we’d strike poses on the floor, they’d take pictures of us in really ridiculous kind of Dr. Seuss-esque style … There wasn’t one thing in particular, it was over the course of two weeks, with five days on set, it was definitely a balance of both playfulness and lightheartedness with the other cast and crew, but also trying to make sure that you bring justice to the story. Me, Fletcher by nature, I am a pretty fun-loving guy. Love to joke, love to laugh … but Sleipnir is a bit of a contrast to that. There is a bit of an edge that you have to be sure to find when the camera starts rolling.

What was it like working with Rich as a director and Rich the actor?

That was one of the most fascinating parts to shoot; first before I get into anything else he’s an absolute stand-up guy. He’s there, and he’s living and breathing the essence of what everybody hopes to achieve on set, which is a true collaboration. I think every actor wants to get into this business because the sort of collaborative efforts that unfold on set, and he was a huge part of that. Any questions you had, any ideas, him and I both came up with some of the little bits – eating the carrot, eating the apple. He handed me a carrot when we were about to roll on the hallway scene and I said, “What about whipping it out like it’s some kind of blade, but it turns out that it’s actually a carrot?” He’d have that directorial advice, and then boom he’s stabbing me in the chest, killing me. I admire someone being able to have a dual role on a film set, and do it so gracefully and with such ease.

The “porn star” scene was very well received by the fandom – can you tell us about that?

Michael Adamthwaite, the actor who plays Narfi – he’s a really great friend of mine – we’re actually getting together next week to do some writing. We visited wardrobe separately so I had no idea what he was wearing – he had a pretty flash outfit when we rolled in on Gabriel and he was wearing kind of a tight turtleneck thing with a leather jacket over top … but I had no idea what he was going to be wearing when it came time for the porn shoot. Nor did I know that he was going to be getting rubbed by a super ripped. I think from a writer’s perspective you’ve got a guy as grizzly as Michael is and Narfi, there’s a brilliant opportunity to contrast that with the softness of that ridiculous velour matching track suit. And a dude giving him a rubdown and playing with his hair … I think there was kind of a bit of a way to contrast the gruffness of Narfi’s character.

Do you have any upcoming roles you’d like to share?

I just shot last week – I’m a part of a very, very special project called Unspeakable. It is a mini-series put together by a co-production of CBC and Sundance TV – it’s telling the story of the early 1980s blood contamination crisis when thousands of men and women were infected by HIV/Hep C through contaminated blood transfusions. It’s a really special project to be apart of. I’ve got close friends in the LGBT community … it was really a special role to play. I was over on the island in Comox last week.

CORRECTION: The end of the original interview should have stated, "If it’s of all use to you, there were murmurings, whether or not just in jest, but of bringing back Sleipnir, Narfi and Fenrir group, so … As is with the case of anything in, you never truly die in Supernatural. Hopefully they’ll bring us back … I think the fans will be stoked for that."

My apologies for any misunderstanding this may have caused.