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June 9 Fan of the Week -- Lara, @Larrs9325

Lara from Pennsylvania is our second #SPNFamily fan of the week! Lara is consistently free with praise -- thanks for all of your kind words about @ChangingChanne1!

How did you become addicted … err, involved in Supernatural and the #SPNFamily?

Two of my best friends had been watching Supernatural for years. One of 'em had been since season one, and she had talked to me about it way back in the mid-2000s. But it was a horror show, so I knew I wouldn't be interested. Not my thing. At the time, I watched little more than comedies. Memorial Day Weekend 2016, I had exhausted about everything I wanted to see on Netflix, and the summer was just beginning. I figured maybe it was time to give Supernatural a try. I've been a fangirl of many other things for years, and I saw Supernatural mentioned online often (but was somehow not bogged down with any spoilers). I knew its fans were very passionate and that its cast was lead by three guys who seemed pretty cool. It was worth a shot, right? I admit, my interest slipped back and forth during the first few seasons, but I pressed on. I liked the relationship between these two brothers. Season 4 came and introduced Castiel. (I'd wondered and wondered where that Misha guy was!) Between Castiel and the whole angels/demons storyline, I was pretty invested through seasons 4 and 5. I found myself dragging off-and-on in seasons 6, 7, and some of 8, too. But I'd made it that far, so why not keep pushing forward? I was rewarded with seasons 9 and 10. (Season 10 being the last one available on Netflix at the time; I watched season 11 a few months later, and was watching season 12 live a week or so after that.) Overall, I thought the show was pretty good (and upon re-watching, enjoy all the seasons more now). But when I'd finished season 10, I didn't quite know what to do with myself. I'd been immersed in this world for five weeks. So, I took to YouTube. I started watching gag reels and convention panels. Turns out, my first impressions of Jared, Jensen, and Misha were correct. They were exceptional human beings. With every new video I watched, I adored them more and more. It was then that I truly knew I was in. I took to Twitter and talked about the show a little, but it was mostly like talking to an empty auditorium. I didn't really know many who were obsessed with the show, like I now was. And so much of what I'd seen around the Internet since I started watching was negative: people hating on one another or the characters or the cast and crew. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to fangirl about this show so badly, but I refused to do so with people who were rude. So, for a long time, I sat mostly on the sidelines--looking at content, but not interacting with anyone. And then, somehow, I got lucky. I found people who were honest-to-goodness lovely human beings who liked and respected the show, its team, and its fans. Networking with them, I finally found my place in the #SPNFamily.

What's your favourite episode and why?

Oof, I really don't know if I can pick an absolute favorite. The first one that comes to mind is "Who We Are," s12e22. Written by the very talented Robert Berens, we got glimpses of some of my favorite aspects of the show. There's so much about *family*--for better or for worse. Berens truly captured the essence of the series in those 42 minutes. He had me laughing and crying, hurting and loving. 

What are you looking forward to most for Season 14?

Since Michael has taken over the wheel, I'm hoping that we get some scenes with Sam and Castiel (and Jack!) working to save Dean. I'm a sucker for every member of Team Free Will (2.0) and beyond, but Sam/Castiel scenes are rare gems. 

What surprised you the most in Season 13, and what satisfied you the most?


Going into season 13, I really didn't think the nephilim storyline was going to be interesting. Sam, Dean, and Castiel would probably babysit this thing before they killed it after a few episodes. I figured that would be fine. I didn't want to deal with Lucifer's son longer than that. But then we actually met Jack, and my gosh, he found his way right into my heart. I never expected that. The fact that Jack was able to evolve and remain on the Good Side throughout the season--ah. Great TV right there.

If you could change anything about Supernatural, be it plot point, etc., what would it be?

Supernatural can get overly silly for me at times. Cringey, even. There are a few episodes/scenes (like "Dog Dean Afternoon," for example) that I can't make myself sit through. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy much of the humor in Supernatural, but sometimes, it's overdone. 

What question would you most want answered in Season 14?

What kind of mayhem will be cast upon the earth if Heaven is forced to close and souls come pouring down?

Who is your favourite guest star?

Ah! Again, this is so hard. I look forward to so many people coming (back) to the show. But if I must pick, I'll go with Felicia Day. Charlie's character is classic.

Do you have any other shows you love to watch, or any other fandoms?

I love me some TV. A few of my other favorite shows are FRIENDS, Scrubs, Cougar Town, Bob's Burgers, and Stranger Things. My biggest fandom for years was The Hunger Games. Still a part of it (always will be), but it's sadly quite dormant now.

Do you have any pets? If so, tell us about them.

I had a dog by the name of Maggie for 12 years, but she passed away a couple of years ago. She was the most beautiful being--inside and out--I'd ever laid my eyes on. She was a terrier mix. Blonde and shaggy. Silly and loving. I miss her and love her with every fiber of my being.

Last but not least, what does Supernatural and the #SPNFamily mean to you?

Interestingly enough, I got into Supernatural a few months after Maggie had passed. I was in a place so dark, I wasn't sure if I could make it out. But the show gave me something to hold onto. Its cast gave me hope and a sense of love and appreciation, even though the guys had no idea who I was. Regardless, I owe them so much for making me smile and feel in a time where I was numb or worse. And the #SPNFamily is an extension of that love. They are my friends, people who genuinely care about me and want me to be okay. Hell, better than okay--happy. They bring me joy every day just by allowing me to strike up a conversation with them. In my edge of the woods in the #SPNFamily, there is support and unimaginable kindnesses.

June 2 Fan of the Week -- Shann, @ShanLuciFan

Shann from Cumbria, which is northwest of England, is our very first #LuciFan of the week! Shann is also an artist, and her art can be seen on Changing Channels' #LuciFanArtFriday page!

What can you tell us about your day job? (If nothing, this is fine as well.)

I’m a student, but currently on a gap year to care for my grandparents

Do you have any pets, etc.? If so, tell us about them.

Do siblings count? Haha. Jokes aside, I have a 9-year-old dog named Charlie. She’s a cross between a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Whippet.

Are you up to date on the season? If so, what was your favourite part about 3?

Yeah I’m up to date. I have a few favourite parts. Lucifer and Pierce going undercover as a couple, Chloe finally seeing the truth…but the part that spoke to me the most was in Boo Normal (even though it was supposed to be part of s4). It’s when Lucifer went to see Ella and she started rambling and then realised and stopped, but Lucifer told her to carry on and sat down to listen her. I’ve re-watched that scene so many times and it still gets to me because people usually try and shut me down when I get excited and can’t shut up about something, so seeing Lucifer tell her to carry on was just a really touching, beautiful moment and I’m so thankful they did that.

What's your favourite Lucifer dream? (PG rated, please ;))

Except for the dreams where I’m rich and powerful enough to pick the show up (haha), my favourite dream is a cross-over with a character from one of my favourite book series by Ella Summers, called ‘The Legion of Angels.’  

Nyx, who is a Demi-God, the First Angel (highest ranking angel) and the leader of the Legion of Angels (a supernatural army that protects Earth during the war between Gods and demons) ends up being teleported to our universe and crash lands in to Lucifer’s apartment and after they figure out she’s not in her universe and she realises he’s not a threat they end up becoming friends and he introduces her to Maze and they get up to all kinds of (PG) shenanigans together. She then ends up joining Maze on a few bounties because Lucifer is too busy helping Decker and then Lucifer gets kidnapped, so they go to rescue him, and she realises a demon from her universe is behind it and that the Guardians (the beings that existed before the gods) must have sent her there to stop him.

How did you get started as an artist? What's your favourite medium, and how do you decide what to draw?

I’ve been drawing on-and-off since I was a kid, I used to watch my granddad draw a lot and wanted to do it myself. I mostly stick to cartoons, though. I hardly ever try portraits. I mostly draw for myself but sometimes I get commissions. My favourite medium is pencil. There’s just something about the way a pencil drawing looks that I find very beautiful. Deciding what to draw can be difficult. Sometimes I feel a random, overwhelming urge to draw a specific thing (I tend to get the urge to draw Disney princesses a lot lol), or sometimes I’ll see something and just think, ‘yup, I gotta draw that.’ For example, the drawing I submitted for FanArt Friday, that was inspired by a photo of Tom Ellis/Lucifer that was edited by @Lucifer_In_LA. It was stunning, and I just really wanted to draw it.

What's something about yourself that you wish people would know?

I talk to myself a lot because, funnily enough, it keeps me feeling sane.

Other than Lucifer, what other shows do you enjoy?

White Collar (that and Lucifer are my joint number 1 favourite shows), Bones, Miraculous: The Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, Criminal Minds, Mindhunter, Stranger Things, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, iZombie, Supernatural, Arrow, The Flash, Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, Agents of SHIELD, Daredevil, Teen Wolf, Vikings, Grey’s Anatomy, PLL to name a few lol (I’m not caught up with most of them though because I’ve been too hung up on Lucifer as you can imagine!)

What's your most "fangirl" moment? (If an actor liked a tweet, you met one of the cast, etc.)

I got a little too excited when Ildy Modrovich liked a reply to one of her tweets haha.

Have you met any of the cast? If so, tell us how it went -- if not, how do you think you would react if you did?

Unfortunately, I haven’t, yet. I’m not too sure how I would react. I did once meet one of my all-time heroes (Steven Gerrard – ex-Liverpool FC captain), and I was super excited but also crapping myself at the same time and could barely speak and then almost cried when I phoned my mum to tell her – so I imagine I’d probably react similarly haha.

Last one -- why do you think Lucifer should be saved?

Okay. For starters, because it was left on a major cliff-hanger and I am SO SICK of shows being cancelled smack bang in the middle of the story and not being given the chance to wrap the story up properly. But also, this show is just perfect in every way, and the type of show we need more of on TV these days. It represents LGBTQ+, POC, religion and faith, how friendships should be, it shows you that going to therapy and opening up about your feelings is absolutely okay and there’s no shame in it, how we can’t always blame others for what happens to us and that we need to take responsibility for our own actions…and the list of life lessons goes on and on. Another reason I think it should be saved is because this show has an incredibly large, devoted, fan-base despite having barely any promotion. This show has achieved what it has purely because of how amazing it is, and a show that can get people this passionate about saving it, literally to the point where thousands and thousands of people (especially us in Europe) are depriving themselves of sleep to support it (with it still having an average 1.5k tweets per hour, 23 days after it was cancelled) is definitely a show worth saving.

June 2 Supernatural Fan of the Week -- Rayra -- @Rayra_Win

Our first Supernatural fan of the week is Rafia from India, although she goes by Rayra. If you haven't checked out her art, available on my #FanArtFriday page, you definitely should!

How did you fall into watching Supernatural and becoming part of the #SPNFamily?

So, about 4/5 years ago, a friend of mine asked me if I watched “the show about 2 brothers hunting monsters” (he couldn’t remember the name), and I said, honestly, "No, I don’t think it is that interesting". In my defense, I was just starting to get into shows and I was kinda obsessed with vampires back then. But after a while, I tried to watch it, but as soon as I started episode 1, I fell asleep within 10 minutes. I tried it again after a few months and fell asleep again, so I gave up trying altogether. That is, until last summer (2017), my life suddenly started spiraling downwards, I began using Instagram a lot to distract myself. And often, I would see a Misha meme, some Destiel stuff or something painful about SPN here and there, but that was not what pushed me over. One day, I just came across a mini!Cas fanart, it was of tiny Cas being really thirsty and so he started drinking milk and then Cas was just lying down with a stomach ache. I don’t know what clicked, whether it was the cuteness of that art or the curiosity to learn about this tiny angel (I was wrong, the angel is not tiny at all). So I realized, maybe I should give it another chance, start from another episode. So I started from S2E1. I began skipping through episodes (went back to them later, of course) just to reach S4 and meet the angel. Because of Supernatural, I had felt truly happy in quite some time.

I then started watching convention videos, going through tags on insta, saw many posts on Tumblr and Twitter. I downloaded Tumblr first, but seriously I still can’t figure out how to use it, and then Twitter, and then saw how amazing some people were, how kind and caring the SPNFamily is. Of course, there are some bad apples, but the good ones outweigh them. So, although I’ve watched a lot of stuff in the past, none of them had been able to hold my interest for this long, I would soon get over those shows the moment something interesting came along. But Supernatural is definitely different, it is the first show that I have watched full panels of, for which I got twitter, and did something I never thought I would, JOINED GISH. I think SPN has totally consumed me!

Tell us about yourself. I understand you're an artist -- how did you get started, and what inspires you?

I began reading a lot of fanfics, like lots of them. I am not much of an artist, though I am planning on learning editing videos because damn there are such great editors in this family! I did start writing fanfic a while ago, but my first one had been so cringy I don’t even count that anymore. So right now, I just write short one-shots, hoping my writer's block would go away so I can finally start with what I have in mind.

What inspires me the most is how deep our characters are and how well we know them. We know enough of TFW(2.0) that we know exactly how they’d react in the situations that they are placed in. And the fact that there is so much more we could still explore with the character, by writing them in our own sense, we are still learning a lot about them because we start to understand them better.

What was your "holy crap" moment? The -- OMC, did that just HAPPEN? -- with regards to Supernatural?

I kinda have a different “Holy Crap” moment and an “OMC, did that just happen” moment.

My “Holy Crap” moment that I can think of right now would be when Jack said, “My father is Castiel.”. Let’s just say it took me a while to realize I had to blink as well.

And my “Did that just happen?” moment would be when Lucifer and God had a freaking therapy session with Sam and Dean being the mediators. I mean, COME ON!! That was just freaking amazing and I still find the look on people’s faces priceless when I tell them about this without much context!!

What can you tell us about your day job?

Still a student, though I am a part-time tutor in a school. It often gets hard being patient with kids or even teenagers when you’re having a bad day. Luckily, I am usually on twitter on the way to and from the school, so it distracts me a bit since I get to see new content from the SPNFam.

Are you up to date on the season? If so, what was your favourite part about 13?

I have several favorite moments of this season, but the part that hit me hard was the one where Jack was beating himself up for hurting people. It just felt too relatable. And, showed us the impact of everything that happened on Jack, who is still basically only a year old. We saw Jack being anger, someone who is eager to please, someone who just wants to redeem himself for something that isn't his fault, but we never saw him hate himself for it. The way he kept shaking when he saw Maggie’s body really showed how close he had been to breaking apart and that was the last straw. I am thankful for Jack’s addition to SPN and even more thankful for Alex playing him (always wanted to see more of him after Arrow).

If there was one thing you could change about Supernatural, what would it be?

The one thing that I could change about Supernatural would be to return Cas to his full power. It would be much interesting to the plot to see a fully charged angel learning the hunter ways, and for SPN to have a big bad of whom even the angels know very little about (again).

Have you ever met any of the cast? Been to a con? If so, what's your favourite memory? If not, how do you think you'd react?

Never been to a con. Don’t think I’d be able to breathe if I meet any of the cast. Pretty sure I would faint on the spot, or my mind would go blank. I mean, I always need several minutes to get my breathing under control when any of the cast like/reply to a tweet of mine…

What's your favourite Supernatural dream? (PG rated, please ;))

I don’t really remember clearly, but I once dreamt of being on a hunt with TFW, pretty common. Though I also had a dream that I met Misha and his eyes were the bluest of blue even in my dream, and I was getting my breathing under control after I woke up.

My favorite dream was a crossover between Lucifer and Supernatural!!! And damn it was a good dream, they were trying to solve a case in LA with Chloe. And Castiel was constantly confused by Ella’s hugs, and Destiel was also canon. Also, I am pretty sure Dean went undercover as a chef, and Sam and Amenadiel really hit it off.

Last one -- why do you think Supernatural is so friggin' popular? 

Probably because of the cast, and the fact that once a person falls into the SPN hole, they cannot come out. Also, having campaigns like AKF, IMALIVE and even GISH doesn’t really go unnoticed by the general public. Curiosity catches a person soon enough. Plus, I think everyone gets curious that how can a 13-season long show have an interesting enough storyline to go on, doesn’t take long to realize that it gets better with each season!

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