Devilish Tuesday!


What Lucifer cast member do you adore? 


Devilish Tuesday


Who do you love: Tom Ellis

Why do you love 'em:  I love Tom’s acting as he is very versatile, is very precise and puts much thought in his actions and talking. I rewatch Lucifer a lot and have picked up many new things that I didn’t originally notice that were intentionally put in that adds to his character and acting, for example this one scene you can see how he shifts from happy to a bit angry in a moment. When he acts, he truly shifts into the character Lucifer and Tom is no longer there, they are distinguishable as to separate people, that’s great work. He also just generally does well to keep your attention & keep you entertained. 


Who do you love: Tom Ellis

Why do you love 'em: He's a great actor. He's so cute when he smiles. And i love the way he portrays Lucifer. Never thought i'd Love Lucifer till i saw Tom Ellos playing him.


Who do you love: Lesley-Ann Brandt

Why do you love 'em: I adore her portrayal of Maze, the tough as nails demon who is coming to terms with human emotion and how she is effected by the feeling of belonging and being loved.


Who do you love: Tom Ellis

Why do you love 'em: Because he is an amazing actor and i laugh a lot with his sassyness.


Who do you love: Kevin Alejandro

Why do you love 'em: The way he personifies his character, Dan. In all of the seasons, he feels like the one character that did a complete about-face. Kevin masterfully ropes Dan through all the human emotions in a way that is natural and streamlined.


Who do you love: Tom Ellis

Why do you love 'em:  He’s the most versatile actor I’ve ever seen. He has the ability to make you believe he’s whomever he’s pretending to be. He’s down to Earth, sweet, funny, talented, charismatic, and keeps proving time and time again how much he loves and values his fans. As a fan myself, I greatly appreciate this. I am SO glad we were all able to come together and save Lucifer. Tom Ellis deserves all the success in the World. 💜😈💜


Who do you love: John Tague

Why do you love 'em: Mr. Tague is so gracious and kind to all the fans of the show! He interacts daily with them and even embraced the nickname we [the Lucifandom] gave him of Grizzled Cop. Even though he was so briefly there he really fought hard with us to save our show and he has repeatedly expressed his joy in our triumph. Kind man with kind words and a soft heart.


Who do you love: John Tague

Why do you love 'em: In addition to being an excellent actor, a wonderful person, a good father, those beautiful blue eyes, he dresses very well, is very handsome, and the icing on the cake is since the beginning of the SaveLucifer movement he's alongside the fans, giving words of hope. So we all love him and we'd like him to be a permanent part of the Luciteam ❤️


Who do you love: Tom Ellis

Why do you love 'em: He's kind-hearted, kept us LuciFans so motivated and positive, during the entire #SaveLucifer campaign; despite his fame, he treats everyone as an equal; truly a beautiful soul!💙


Who do you love: Can't decide between John Tague and Tom Ellis

Why do you love 'em:  Tom Ellis is my favorite cast member from the first epsiode on but what John Tague did for saving the series is breathtaking in my opinion! He fought with all the Lucifans although he appeared in just one episode yet! I really hope he gets the chance to come back in season four!


Who do you love: Tom Ellis

Why do you love 'em: I love him because he's a down to earth guy. No matter his popularity he treats everyone equally. During the campaign to save the show he kept the fans motivated and positive a lot. I just love that he loves us as much as we love him.


Who do you love: Tom Ellis

Why do you love 'em: He's not only a fantastic actor but the sweetest real person. I've never seen a negative post from him anywhere. He's always gracious and treats everyone with respect. He is an amazing singer and guitar player. Not too hard on the eyes either 😁😈